GoDaddy user reviews : Suggest I pick GoDaddy?? name and surname of famous people

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Hi, how legal is to take names of famous people or people that is going to be famous?.


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If it is a name that you are registering 100% because of that person then that is blatant cyber squatting. You have no proper legitimate use for it.

On the other hand if for example you share the name then that is a proper use (as long as you don't use it as a site about the other person of course)...

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Very bad idea. It's best to stay away from first/surname combinations altogether unless they're your own.

A person doesn't have to be "famous" to challenge your claim to it.

If the complaintant is an independent contractor/freelancer, etc. where their brand is often their name, they might be able to form a case against you, claiming you registered the name in bad faith and interfered with their right to fair commerce. However, this in itself doesn't satisfy all the requirements for a decision for the complaintant and I don't think there have been any decisions setting this precedent (yet). Hopefully we'll see decisions favoring the complaintant in situations like this because it is cybersquatting...

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I asked this because I a saw a lot of site... that at simple eye you discover that are not owned by the legitimate person, they have adsense and all use and paste information about the famous people...

Thanks to answer..

Comment #3

DNQuest might violently object to that.

Usual question applies, jackdomain: why?.

Let's just say if you put any hint of commercial use in it, expect trouble...

Comment #4

I want to take that name sincerely to earn money with adsense and increase and similar forms...

Other thing is that in some names ... "i can be a fan" but...

How someone can see the diference of a fan site with no ads but hosted in a free server with ads that a site with ads...

Thanks to answer and I really want to know if... for example I take a name of a famous person and then I make a site with the biography,videos and photos from the available free resources... Just a site "promoting" that person... but with adsense. What can happen? I will lose the domain... or I can have more problems?.


And if I park?..

Comment #5

[QUOTE=Dave Zan]DNQuest might violently object to that.


OK, whose arse do I need to kick?????.

Don't you think "violently" is a lil strong?.

As is now customarry on my behalf, the first thing I will say is "Read my sig" and follow it closely, it will help you a lot.

Many issues here...

1- just because everyone does it does not make it right. Can I tell a cop "Everyone drives 10 miles over the speed limit"? They will not care. Just beucase someone is not challenged does not mean they are legal in what they are doing. There is no TM police, the TM holder must be proactive and protect their TM. Or maybe the TM holder just doesn't care adn has no interest in going after the infringing sites.

2- Intent and usage plays a huge part in TM battles (esp with "fansites"). Right now, I see you are just looking to score, so I will just call you a cybersquatter at this point. But I do strongly believe (as opposed to violently) that true fansites should be protected. That means, you person who owns the domains does not bring in every one penny (or yen, or peso, etc). It is a labor of love and the "Fan" bears all the costs.

3- penalties - it has been steated repeatedly on this site, once you follow my advise above (the "read my sig"), you will see what can happen. And it is not a pretty sight. If you are going to be in this business, you need to read up and learn. And I hope you come to realize there are 2 different businesses addressed around here, domaining and cybersquatting, there is only one we support...

Comment #6

Thanks for the answer and this next week will follow your lines.

This forum is so big and finding the right answers sometimes can be a very big big problem.

Thanks again..

Comment #7

It can be, that is why I say what to look for, it will narrow it down greatly for you In this instance, look up fansite and celebs first...

Comment #8

That problem might be better than the one dealing with a TM holder...

Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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