My weight is 195lbs. How many Nutrisystem points am I allowed/day?

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My first question is My weight is 195lbs. How many Nutrisystem points am I allowed/day? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another question... Happy Snowmageddon!.

Or at least that's what they're calling our blizzard here in KC!.

I hope everybody who is within the path of this storm stays safe & warm. I am working from home today - really didn't want to risk the ungodly commute I would have had either way, not to mention how dangerous the conditions are..

So far this morning I've only had a cup of coffee with fat free creamer & Truvia sweetener, but since I'm home I will probably make breakfast here shortly..

Everybody stay warm!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

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Well, here in Blue Springs, we already have about 4 inches & it is also blowing as well. I just put on my snowboard boats to walk out to the mailbox & drop of business mail & I almost took a header twice because underneath the snow is a nice slick layer of ice. Snow is still falling at a pretty good clip & I can see it blowing off the roof of the house & onto the deck..

KS & MO have declared a state of emergency but that doesn't seem to stop people from going anywhere. They have all said to stay home. It's a damn shame that businesses really don't give a rat's ass about their employees enough to tell them to either stay home, send them home or close shop. And I include my business in that list. I advised my company yesterday that I would not be in today & we actually have 1 employee who told me to bring clothes like she does & stay the night. Yeah, sorry, I guess I'm just not that dedicated & I really like my home life so I like being home at night. My career is my career, but it's not worth my life to get there & back...

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I forgot about started a new thread every month. I posted in the last one on the 1st..

That awful weather is the reason I left Wisconsin nearly 7 years ago!! I was a State Trooper there. The last year I lived there I was hit by a car and my last winter living in the cold was brutal. The past few years have been have been miserable up there..

So, I moved to Florida to be closer to some of my family, especially my grandmother. She raised me anyway, so I wanted to be close to her for the rest of her life. If something happens to her, she is just a car-ride away..

It has actually warmed up considerably the past few days here in Florida, been in the mid-70's during the day and upper 50's at night. Since I work nights, that is a blessing. My joints won't ache as much!! They sure can feel the weather changes! A little cloudy today, so I am going to have my breakfast and head off for the gym!.

Enjoy your Thursday everyone!..

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Hi everyone. Still on the slow my own fault though right now. I've been sick for the last week (sinus infection I think) and found out I have another abscessed tooth and have to have a root canal. So I haven't felt well enough to keep on doing my Jillian Michaels video and I was feeling in need of some comfort last night and broke down and had some real pizza. It wasn't too terrible though since it was Papa Murphy thin crust hawaiian. Lesser evil in my mind then Dominos. So I am now up 3.5 pds from last weeks weigh in....ughhh.....

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Take care of your ills, first. You can't fight off infections when you are struggling with other things as well! Just drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest!..

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OK I am getting extremely frustrated. I have been on Nutrisystem for 4 weeks. Have eaten what I am supposed to eat, the Nutrisystem meals, which frankly seem to be nothing but sugar and salt and I did not eat that much sugar or salt before starting Nutrisystem. I have not lost a single pound. I already exercised regularly on the eliptical machine 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes each time. I have kept that the same. Help, what am I doing wrong...

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Welcome to our little group! I'm sorry to hear of your frustrations, trust me, we've all been there. Now, in the other threads they'll ask you to post what you're eating so they can tell you that you're not eating enough XXXXX or too much XXXXX & some will advise to call NS. That's the one I agree with. I think that it's in your best interests to contact one of theNutrisystemCounselors so you can both go over what you're eating every day. Sometimes you may find out that you're not drinking enough water to flush the salt out, or because you're exercising you may need an add'l protein, or you're not eating enough of the add ins. The counselor will definitely help you..

That said, our little group is here to support you, not blame you for what you may or may not be doing & offering support when you need it. We are realists here & I don't think any of us has been part of "I startedNutrisystemtoday & I've already lost 7 pounds!" club..

Don't give up, call a counselor & go over your daily menu & come back to this thread & let us know what the result was. We will help you any way we can!! Don't be afraid to come back here!..

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Take care of yourself Chelsea! And don't worry about the pizza - you're HUMAN...

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Welcome, Carol!.

I would agree with Apache Jenn. However, there was obviously something in your life that made you want to joinNutrisystemas opposed to another weight loss system, or something in your life "wasn't quite right," in order for you to start. Am I correct?.

Re-examine everything, get your balance to match your body and work-outs, and you will see a weight loss. You probably need to seek the advice of a counselor. But, if you are not taking in enough calories, your body goes into "starvation" mode and it may be thinking, "this is too much for me, I can't let go of this fat, I need it to survive.".

Good luck and we will be here anytime, even if it just to "talk"!..

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I love this thread! I am starting my third week of Nutrisystem tomorrow and haven't had the drop I've expected but as long as week over week the numbers are going in the right direction I'm learning to manage it. I'm also going to start doing weekly measurements and see if the changes are showing a bit more there. Look forward to many more conversations with you ladies!..

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I think I belong in this club! I am losing, so that is great, but I think I will be a tortoise and not a hare..

I am rounding out week three, and at my last weigh in on 2/2, I'd dropped a total of 3 pounds. I am not complaining, but I certainly am not dropping pounds like hot potatoes or anything. I am going to weigh in early this week because I have to travel. Let's hope tomorrow moring the scale gods smile upon me...

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Hi everybody! You all seem like a nice bunch. Hope you don't mind if I join in on your thread! I'm relatively new to the program and just need some extra encouragement/support as I'm learning to stick with it. I'm in my 4th week..

I lost 6 pounds in my first two weeks by following the plan letter-perfect, but it was REALLY DIFFICULT to manage because it just didn't work with my schedule. I'm not getting much support from the people in my life now that I've made a few slip-ups on the plan (resulting in no loss over the last 2 weeks, but my pants ARE getting looser). I think my non-scale victories should count for as much as my scale victories, but one person in my life is making me feel bad about it.

I'm learning from my mistakes (Lesson One: Don't go to the grocery store after work! I'm always stressed out and buy ice cream!.

), but people seem to think that once I signed up for NS, I should be following the plan 100% perfectly from the get-go. Well, that's just not me. I have to take the time to learn how to make it work FOR ME. Otherwise, it can't be a long-term solution..

I work a 12 hour shift starting at 6am 3-4 days a week and have a radically different schedule on my days off, so I'm also experimenting with how to arrange my meals throughout the day. I'm on my feet almost all morning at work, so I found that I was STARVING by 9am if I just ate breakfast and I certainly didn't need both dinner and dessert when I get home from work and go to bed about 3 hours later. On days off, I'm barely out of bed by 9am, so the same eating plan obviously isn't going to work..

So I'm still trying things to figure out what DOES work. I'm ok if I don't lose much (or even any at all) while I'm figuring it all out over the next couple weeks. I just have a mini-goal to be down 20 pounds from my initialNutrisystemweigh-in by my trip to Paris in June!!.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!..

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Hi Kerstin,.

Welcome!! I can totally relate to your lack of support. I too have individuals in my life that make me feel bad if I'm not following the program 100% in their eyes. Heaven forbit they actually see me eating "off plan"! Hang in there and we will do this together. I'm going to Greece in June and would like to be at least 10lbs. lighter by then. Here's to thinner selves in Europe this summer!!.

Karen in Az..

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Welcome to our newbies!! We will be your support if those in your lives can't be or think it's better to point fingers when you go off plan. WE ARE HUMAN &Nutrisystemisn't designed for you to eat that for the rest of your lives. For me, I find that non scale victories are better. I have a love hate relationship with my scale. Don't weigh in every day, every other day or even every 4 days. I do it once every 2 weeks now.

I just weighed in this morning after 2 weeks & thought about flinging it out the window. It's beyond frustrating. I just started exercising again yesterday & in 1 day put on TWO pounds despite eating on plan since being back from vacation. Right now, I REALLY hate my scale & I'm getting frustrated because even though I'm eating on plan every day, I'm gaining weight..

As far as structuring your eating goes - I work M - F 8 -5, but I love my sleep so on the weekends my butt is sleeping in. When I'm at work, I usually don't have myNutrisystembreakfast until around 9:30 or so. I have water & my coffee & then I eat. Around 10:30 I have my protein (usually FF string cheese) & then around 11:20 I have my fruit. I eat lunch between 12:30 & 1:00 & start w/my protein. Then I have my salad or vegetable & then I have my entree.

Since I don't get home until 6:00, my evenings get weird because I also work a PT job for a non profit from my home on some nights. So I have to choose which nights I'm going to work vs exercise (since I just started getting off my lazy ass to do it). Last night, I exercised & then ate. By the time I'm finished eating everything for the night it's usually 8:30 or so. On the weekends, I don't eat quite as structured because I'm either running errands or I'm up riding my horse.

Whenever I go to the grocery store, I bring water with me so I can drink while I shop & I don't make decisions based on hunger. It does help. My biggest help has been to just make sure I have a bottle of water with me whenever I'm not home. I slice my apples & put them in a container because they're more portable & easier to eat because I have no core to toss, I can set them on the floor of my truck (between the seats) & just reach down & grab a slice while I'm driving & they take longer to eat & are less messy then eating a whole apple. Portable food is your friend!.

Also, to get your veggies in, V8 is equal to 2 servings of vegetables & also portable. I LOATHE the stuff, but I am forcing myself to drink it because I don't have time to cook vegetables or buy them all the time & it's just easy. I'm also really hoping that my taste buds decide they like it one of these days. It really is difficult for me to drink, but I'm doing it in the name of losing weight!..

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Thrilled that I have found this thread! I am "in the dumps" today, because at my 4 week weigh-in on Tuesday, I am only down 3 pounds. The first week I gained one pound, the second week I lost 2 pounds and third and fourth week, only lost 1/2 pound or less - SO, only a total of 3 pounds in a month. The worst part is, I am also feeling like I have put on some weight in the last few days because my clothes are fitting tighter and I am uncomfortable just as much as before those few pounds were lost..

I stick to the program and started walking for an hour 5 days a week, three weeks ago..

So frustrated! I just want to cry when I see fellow bloggers reporting huge losses every week/month - HUH??? I would be happy for just 2 pounds a week, so how are folks losing 5, 6 or 7 pounds?? My body just seems to rebel against me..

Sorry to whine, but I need to hear from others that might be able to shed light on this. I am trying to lose 20 and was not much of an eater before NS. My weaknesses were alcohol drinks after work and on weekends and not consistent exercise. I was thinking just giving up the alcohol and stepping up my power walking would aid in some more pounds off, but no deal. I get my proper food in every day (may miss the afternoon snack sometimes) and feel FULL by the end of the day - almost like I have gorged compared to the eating I did prior to NS. Is it possible that I should reduce the calories a bit to see if that works for my body?.

Thanks for being here on this thread and for listening to folks like me who really want to make this work despite feeling like I will be this same weight no matter what I do on the program!!..

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Try not to get discouraged. It's hard when you read others threads of people who have just started & have already lost 10 lbs in ONE HOUR!! Please. I just stay out of those threads. I look at at it this way - I don't have a lot of weight to lose in comparison to many people posting in those threads. I am also not willing to give up things that I love for the rest of my life in the name of weight loss. It's called moderation, folks, not complete deprivation.

And no, I'm just not willing to kiss those things goodbye forever. What I am willing to do is enjoy them in moderation. Since the beginning of the year, I have had 7 beers. And most of those were consumed during my vacation last month. Yes, I KNOW this affects my weight loss, but I'm OK with that.

I find that when I flex & eat regular food, it kick starts my body & I lose a pound or two. When I am 100% on plan, I barely budge in the weight department. How's that for frustrating? So, I have to find a balance that works for me. I think that for many of us in this group, finding that balance is the answer..

I stay out of the other threads because I don't feel like being berated because I choose to enjoy a beer or glass of wine every great one in a while, or we're having dinner with friends & I am eating off plan. And that's one of the reasons why this group was formed. You can make the program work & you will have to find the balance that works for you..

Keep your dinner entree trays so you can re-use them for "regular" food & serve yourself the right portion. They are a great tool to keeping your portions under control when you're eating off plan..

Stay with it, exercise & pay attention to how your clothes fit, not what the scale says. And come back to this group often for support!!..

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Hey Jenn....sometimes when you work out, your muscles will hold on to fluid, so you may be heavier the day after a big workout. Drink plenty of water and wait a few days before you weigh again...

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Apache has the right idea. Having not lost any weight in 4 weeks tells me that something is out of balance. Discussion with your counselor will help you. Good luck...

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Hello to all of our newcomers! I had a good week up until yesterday, had finally lost two pounds! Then, I had a bad day at work and had to have some REAL chocolate!.

I see Apache Jenn put her "eating habits" out there, which is interesting, because we are not all "9-5"ers. Most people are, lucky for them.

Personally, I don't get up until noon, normally. But, I work until 4 am, I work 10 hour nights. I have breakfast when I get up. I go to school online, full-time. I work out about two hours before I go back to work, then I have a "light" lunch usually just a salad or just theNutrisystemlunch, no extras. I eat my dinner about 2-3 hours into my shift and bring a snack with most of my "extras" in my lunch box to eat during the night.

One of biggest downfalls was having cappucino mixed w/ coffee at night during the chilly nights..

I drink less water at night, so I try to get as much in during the day. I drink a minimum of two 16 oz bottles while I work out and try to drink a 32 oz bottle while I work..

My biggest problem is cravings on my nights off. When watching TV with DH. He loves popcorn. I guess the snacks could be worse..

I am not "grossly" overweight by any means, I am always struggling with approximately 10 pounds. Just like yesterday, I have a day that I completely fall off the wagon and talking about it just helps! Thanks everybody!..

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Congrats Jenny!! Don't sweat having real chocolate - like I said, we'renot made of stone here..

On the mornings when I have off site meetings w/a vendor, it really screws with my eating!.

I usually don;t get to my office until 10:30 so I have gone 4 1/2 hours without eating & only drinking water & coffee..

Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks too, so I buy regular popcorn, pop it in my air popper & melt 1T of butter & pour it over. I get my popcorn fix & my fat. My air popper has really been a blessing...

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I could not believe it, but I am down 1.5 lbs from last week! I almost wasn't going to get on the scale because I FELT heavier. I went out to dinner with a friend on Thurs - does anyone know how long it is before a "cheat" shows up on the scale?.

To share my eating plan....I do not eatNutrisystemfoods anymore (but reserve the right to go back in the future!) but I do eat like I am on the program. For breakfast, one serving of cereal, 1/2 a banana, one scrambled egg. For a snack, either 1 cup of carrots or a 90 calorie granola bar. For lunch, a Healthy Choice soup plus 1 serving of veggies plus one serving of protein (usually turkey or tuna). For snack, 100 calorie yogurt and 1 fruit. For dinner, I eat a little of what the family is eating, BUT if is a fattening dinner (like Steak ums) I will have a Lean Cuisine or Healthy Choice entree and lots of veggies.

Love the double choc chip! Hard to eat just one bag, though. On weekends, I enjoy one or two glasses of wine with my dinner..

That's my story. It's working, for now. However, I want to stress that other than a glass of wine on weekends, while I was trying to lose my first 20 lbs (which was my original goal, I have since lost 6.5 lbs), I did NOT deviate from theNutrisystemplan. It took me 14 weeks to lose that 20 lbs. Now, if I lose 1/2 a lb or maintain, I am OK with that. I want to put that out there, because unless you are totally willing to count calories, until you reach your goal, you do need to follow theNutrisystemplan pretty darn closely to see quick results...

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Congrats!!!Nutrisystemhelps teach you how to eat so that's great that you've met goal & continued to lose!! I applaud you for weighing yourself when you were having an "I feel fat" day. I hate those days!.

I will probably take myself offNutrisystemwith this last box just because of the money, but like you, reserve the right to get back on it when money is better!.

I did my grocery shopping on Saturday & stocked up on bagged salads, V8 juice (in the cans for my work week & big bottles for home), bagel thins for breakfast (100 calories), Special K protein snack bars, FF cottage cheese & some Lean Cuisine frozen lunches. I also bought a bag of Deli Flats which I made myself a turkey sandwich on for lunch today & cut in half. I will have the other half for dinner along with a glass of V8 & a salad. And I continue to make sure I drink ALL of my water during the day!..

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Hi Jenn.

Thanks for keeping this thread going. I know I'm a very slow user. My husband and I have been traveling this Winter. First to TX, then to Miami. It's a wonderful time, but of the 9 pounds of lost I've gained back 4, then lost 2 of those. Roller Coaster.

Doing the best I can do on the road. Take Care and Thanks!..

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Hello everyone. I really don't like to whine, but I am very frustrated. Today marks 7 days on the program and I have not lost much. I've resisted Pizza Hut my boyfriend ordered the other night, brownies my stepmother brought over, a box of chocolates a coworker gave me, and Hardee's biscuits and gravy (my favorite) my boyfriend brought home Sunday morning...all in ONE week. Ugh. The only cheat I had was 5 pieces of vegetable sushi yesterday.

Seeing other people's posts of "I lost 7 pounds in the first week" sucks..

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Good Afternoone everyone:.

Apache is full of great ideas. Saving the trays to use later is a good way of measuring meals when not using NS. You are such an upbeat person you would make a great counselor...

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Just stopping inSo far I am losing weight but I always seem to plateau after 20lbs and stop losing no matter what I am doing. Right now I am just startingNutrisystemand keeping up with my Dr visits (Thyroid issues) I hope to get the portions under control and keep the weight comming off for a while..

With regard to not losing weight, I have found that there are several issues which affect women more than men and they are Salt (water weight), Monthly hormonal fluctuations and excersize (muscle weight vs fat weight). A monthly vs weekly weigh in is much more telling..

If you are not gaining you are good....

If you are gaining what is the reason? is it food intake,hormones or actually that you are getting in shape..

Do not give in or be discouraged ; just get on and contact a counselor for ideas on how to rev up your metabolism...

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It's not that I'm not happy for all the people that are losing 10lbs in the first week, but since the scale refuses to move, I'm slightly irritated. I've been on the plan for a week, I'm following to the tee and exercising, and nothing..

So, please is there a secret or something that I'm missing. Any advice would be appreciated..

Your fellow "slow loser",.


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Stacey - have you called a counselor? They will go over your food choices and help you out..

I am a little miffed about my loss (or lack thereof), but I know exactly why..

Tomorrow marks 4 weeks on the plan and I have lost (pathetic drumroll, please) 3.2 pounds. I think that falls into the category of SLOW loser..

However, I can tell you why I am not losing:.

Week 1- Friends in from out of town, out to dinner, although I made decent choices, I still had wine!.

Week 2 - Different friend in from out of town, out to dinner, although I made decent choices, I still had wine!.

Week 3-4 - Traveled for work, so had to eat out for dinner 3 nights and had wine or beer each night (not a lot, but any is not "on plan"). Once home, had a birthday celebration for 3 friends. Ate pretty well, but had 2 light beers..

So, the only person I have to be miffed at is myself. In total, I have been "off plan" about 7 days out of 28. That is 25%, and probably the 2 pounds I should have lost that would make me feel less like a "bad loser"..

My challenge for this week is that I have a friend in from out of town on Thursday who wants to go out. If I can manage that night with minimal straying, I will be set for a while! Fingers crossed that I behave...

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Slow losers group..i love it...lost 3.4lbs and then stopped losing...are we supposed to weigh ourselves every day??..

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Hi I'm Birgit...I would like to join your group. I started withNutrisystem3 years ago for about 3month then stopped and now I'm back on since Jan2. First I started losing about 1lb per week but now my total is only 6.5 lbs...I feel like a total slow loser. I weigh in every day, and prob shouldn't but can't stop myself. I reached the point where a little support could help. Thanks..

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I have been a slow loser since 11/10. Nine pounds. BUT...I've been traveling with my husband for the Winter. First to Galveston, TX and now Miami. What I like aboutNutrisystemis it's working with my traveling. I eat out most meals, butNutrisystemguides you through that fairly well.

So, I'm really net 7. I'm just hanging in there and know that the plan works, whether I use the food or not. Just a different perspective. Patience helps too. I'll be home from the Winter travels on Saturday.


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Hi guys........... would you welcome a new member into your group ? I startedNutrisystemin Jan of 2007 and did great at losing 60lbs then hit a plateau and could not seem to get off of it. Finally the enthusiam just dwindled away and I droppedNutrisystemafter 2 years. I need to get back on track. My daughter is getting married in May of 2012 and I have about 100 lbs to lose..

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Welcome to all our newbies! All are welcome! Check in with us daily & let us know how you're doing, if you feel discouraged & need some support - we're here for you all. We're all in the same boat here & together we can support each other & get through our slow losses. I have to look at it this way - slow loss is better than none at all & it's definitely better than gaining! Like I said before, we're realists here & we're not going to berate you for eating off plan - you can't stay onNutrisystemforever so you'll have to eat normal food at some point!.

Like Debbie, I go back & forth - I find that when I eat off plan I lose more than when I'm on plan 100%. Like I'm shocking my metabolism into it! WHen I eat out I try to make good choices, but eating 1 fried mushroom (and ONLY 1) satisfies my need for something "bad" for me & I can go back to my salad & not feel guilty. I truly don't believe that 1 glass of wine or 1 cookie is going to ruin your weight loss, the key is MODERATION..

Stick with it & check in with us here & we'll give you whatever support you need. And no need to weigh in every day or even every week. You weigh in when YOU want to!.

We're not strict around here - ask anybody in here...

Comment #33

This article was posted by Pam. I think it's relevant to at least some of our new members in this group..

Click here: Obesity on 700 Calories Per Day.

Here is another good one:.

I happened across this article when I first started my NutriSystem journey in February, 2006, and found it very enlightening and helpful. I post it here often for others to enjoy. Hope it helps you, too. Pam.

Why Scales Lie by Renee Cloe, ACE Certified Personal Trainer (reprinted with permission:.



Weve been told over and over again that daily weighing is unnecessary, yet many of us cant resist peeking at that number every morning. If you just cant bring yourself to toss the scale in the trash, you should definitely familiarize yourself with the factors that influence it's readings. From water retention to glycogen storage and changes in lean body mass, daily weight fluctuations are normal. They are not indicators of your success or failure. Once you understand how these mechanisms work, you can free yourself from the daily battle with the bathroom scale..

Water makes up about 60% of total body mass. Normal fluctuations in the bodys water content can send scale-watchers into a tailspin if they dont understand whats happening. Two factors influencing water retention are water consumption and salt intake. Strange as it sounds, the less water you drink, the more of it your body retains. If you are even slightly dehydrated your body will hang onto it's water supplies with a vengeance, possibly causing the number on the scale to inch upward. The solution is to drink plenty of water..

Excess salt (sodium) can also play a big role in water retention. A single teaspoon of salt contains over 2,000 mg of sodium. Generally, we should only eat between 1,000 and 3,000 mg of sodium a day, so it's easy to go overboard. Sodium is a sneaky substance. You would expect it to be most highly concentrated in salty chips, nuts, and crackers. However, a food doesnt have to taste salty to be loaded with sodium.

The more highly processed a food is, the more likely it is to have a high sodium content. Thats why, when it comes to eating, it's wise to stick mainly to the basics: fruits, vegetables, lean meat, beans, and whole grains. Be sure to read the labels on canned foods, boxed mixes, and frozen dinners..

Women may also retain several pounds of water prior to menstruation. This is very common and the weight will likely disappear as quickly as it arrives. Pre-menstrual water-weight gain can be minimized by drinking plenty of water, maintaining an exercise program, and keeping high-sodium processed foods to a minimum..

Another factor that can influence the scale is glycogen. Think of glycogen as a fuel tank full of stored carbohydrate. Some glycogen is stored in the liver and some is stored the muscles themselves. This energy reserve weighs more than a pound and it's packaged with 3-4 pounds of water when it's stored. Your glycogen supply will shrink during the day if you fail to take in enough carbohydrates. As the glycogen supply shrinks you will experience a small imperceptible increase in appetite and your body will restore this fuel reserve along with it's associated water.

These fluctuations have nothing to do with fat loss, although they can make for some unnecessarily dramatic weigh-ins if youre prone to obsessing over the number on the scale..

Otherwise rational people also tend to forget about the actual weight of the food they eat. For this reason, it's wise to weigh yourself first thing in the morning before youve had anything to eat or drink. Swallowing a bunch of food before you step on the scale is no different than putting a bunch of rocks in your pocket. The 5 pounds that you gain right after a huge dinner is not fat. Its the actual weight of everything youve had to eat and drink. The added weight of the meal will be gone several hours later when youve finished digesting it..

Exercise physiologists tell us that in order to store one pound of fat, you need to eat 3,500 calories more than your body is able to burn. In other words, to actually store the above dinner as 5 pounds of fat, it would have to contain a whopping 17,500 calories. This is not likely, in fact it's not humanly possible. So when the scale goes up 3 or 4 pounds overnight, rest easy, it's likely to be water, glycogen, and the weight of your dinner. Keep in mind that the 3,500 calorie rule works in reverse also. In order to lose one pound of fat you need to burn 3,500 calories more than you take in.

When you follow a very low calorie diet that causes your weight to drop 10 pounds in 7 days, it's physically impossible for all of that to be fat. What youre really losing is water, glycogen, and muscle..

This brings us to the scales sneakiest attribute. It doesnt just weigh fat. It weighs muscle, bone, water, internal organs and all. When you lose "weight," that doesnt necessarily mean that youve lost fat. In fact, the scale has no way of telling you what youve lost (or gained). Losing muscle is nothing to celebrate.

The more muscle you have the more calories your body burns, even when youre just sitting around. Thats one reason why a fit, active person is able to eat considerably more food than the dieter who is unwittingly destroying muscle tissue..

Robin Landis, author of "Body Fueling," compares fat and muscles to feathers and gold. One pound of fat is like a big fluffy, lumpy bunch of feathers, and one pound of muscle is small and valuable like a piece of gold. Obviously, you want to lose the dumpy, bulky feathers and keep the sleek beautiful gold. The problem with the scale is that it doesnt differentiate between the two. It cant tell you how much of your total body weight is lean tissue and how much is fat. There are several other measuring techniques that can accomplish this, although they vary in convenience, accuracy, and cost.

If the thought of being pinched, dunked, or gently zapped just doesnt appeal to you, dont worry. The best measurement tool of all turns out to be your very own eyes. How do you look? How do you feel? How do your clothes fit? Are your rings looser? Do your muscles feel firmer? These are the true measurements of success. If you are exercising and eating right, dont be discouraged by a small gain on the scale. Fluctuations are perfectly normal. Expect them to happen and take them in stride.


Comment #34

Thanks for posting that article, TiredofWork! It is a great guide..

I know I was happy when I stepped on the scale and saw two pounds gone after my disappointing weigh in, but who knows if those two pounds are gone or not. What is a more tell-tale sign is that I saw an old friend from college today, who gushed over how much I looked the same as I did in school. Granted, I am still about 20 pounds heavier, but I am toning up and feeling good, which is more than the scale shows!.

Hope all of the folks on this board appreciate how much good we are doing for our bodies!..

Comment #35

One of those neice called me this morning and told me my cousin passed away from a sudden heart attack. I could have chosen comfort foods but decided I have worked way too hard for that so resisted the candy at work and am pleased that I did..

Apache I love your posts...they help keep me positive and motivated..

Welcome to all newbies from a two week old newbie.....

I KNOW this program works cause I went from a size 14 to a tight 12.....

Hope everyone has a successful day........

Comment #36

So, I hurt my knee last week and have been unable to do my usual activity (bootcamps, personal training, running) and have seen more lose in the scale over the last week and a bit then the first three weeks where I was doing food and exercise. Anyone else noticing this? Losing more weight when not exercising, and less weight when you exercise?.

And I know some people say 'muscle weighs more then fat' but then how come some people lose 5lbs a week when the combine working out andNutrisystemfood, vs 2lbs when they only do the food. And I am the opposite. 0.5lbs loss if I excersie and doNutrisystemfood, but only 1.5bls if I only doNutrisystemfood...

Comment #37

Hi All,.

Having a hard time getting "back on the wagon" after quite a fall over the holidays. I have some sort of mental block going on about eating theNutrisystemfoods again. I just didn't like that many of them, but I still have a ton of meals left. I seem to be back to my bad emotional eating habits again and it's hard to stop!!!!.

Any suggestions?.

Thanks for listening,.

Karen in AZ..

Comment #38

Your muscles hang on to fluid when you exercise so try increasing your water intake to flush it out on the days you are exercising. I drink between 4 - 5 20 oz bottles of water a day & when I exercise, I add an extra bottle. BUt, don't give up! I'm like you - my body loses more when I don't eat all theNutrisystemfoods & eat real food & when I stay onNutrisystem100%, I gain. It;s finding the right balance that works for you. We also have to remember that a lot of people have way more weight to lose & they tend to drop it fairly quickly in the beginning when they start exercising. All of our bodies are different & as I've said in previous posts, I just stay the heck out of most other threads on this board because I'm not a person who loses "10 lbs in an hour" & quite frankly, I hate reading it all the time..

So, to keep from getting discouraged & thinkingNutrisystemisn't working for me, I stay out of those threads & we started our own group..

Stay with it, find your balance & you will start to lose weight again. Stop weighing yourself so often. I have to weigh every 2 weeks or else I go bat**** obsessing over the weight fluctuations...

Comment #39

Hang in there Karen! I have discovered that I only like a few lunch entrees & breakfast entrees so those are the ONLY ones I order. I like them enough to not care that I'm eating the same ones. I like more dinners than the other stuff, but honestly I just stick with what I like to eat. You can also change it up by eating Lean Cuisine meals - just watch your sodium intake & make sure you're drinking enough water to flush that salt out. Have something different to break up the monotony for now, but make sure it's a healthier choice. You'll get back in to it, I promise! We're here for you!..

Comment #40

Hello, everyone! Welcome again to all of the newcomers!.

Tired of Work and Apache Jenn bring some wonderful points to the table and are just there for all of you. As am I. Just a note on myself, I stopped ordering the food quite some time ago, but I have three boxes of it. I had family members who started and quit for various reason, most personal but one maybe of interest to some you....

My step-mom, Pam, started early last year (2010) because her and my dad were going to join us on our wedding cruise. She saw how well my husband and I did onNutrisystemand she had put on a considable amount of weight since I moved to Florida in 2004. When I first started NS, I lost the average, about 4 pounds a month, but I was not grossly overweight, I only needed to lose 20 pounds. She needed to lose 100 pounds and wanted to lose 30 to 50 by our wedding in May which gave her 5 months to do it..

When the wedding arrived, I had moved to the Flex/maintenance plan and my husband and I were sharing food. Pam lost about 25 pounds. Not quite where she wanted to be. She tried to do well on the cruise, but it was hard..

When she got home, she went back on it strictly, and was not getting the results she expected, and was having "other" issues. Her IBS was acting up, she wasn't feeling quite right. Come to find out she has a low gluten tolerance. Not to the point of Celiac disease, but she has to watch her gluten intake. Guess whatNutrisystemis FULL of? She also found out she can't eat salads, most veggies have to be steamed or juiced..

She sold me the rest of herNutrisystemfood at a low price and works with a nutritionist with a low gluten diet and has lost another 50 pounds!!.

I now use the food a number of times a week, mostly for maintenance because I will always struggle with that last "5" pounds! But, my trainer at the gym said it is good to have those last 5 pounds, because it gives you a reason to work...

Comment #41

I checked back here a couple of days ago and I was the last post. I am here again, and still the last post. Did everyone give up? I certainly hope not!! I am so tired I just want to take a nap right now, but I am going to drag my butt over to the treadclimber and get in a 1/2 hour!..

Comment #42

I haven't given up Jenny! Just had a busy weekend!.

And I have hit the treadmill everyday since Sunday to exercise. My weight hasn't budged in weeks & I know it because my clothes fit terribly, but I'm still eating healthy & drinking tons of water. It's aggravating as hell, it really is, but I'm hopeful that ONE of these days it will pay off & I'll actually break the 140 mark...

Comment #43

V8 Update - So, I bought the little 6 pack of the low sodium V8 so I could get my vegetables in & I also bought a large bottle for home along with a bottle of the V8 Fusion for fruit & veggie intake. Something is clearly wrong with me because I'm suddenly able to drink the regular V8 (the Fusion is easy) without holding my nose & gulping it! It's like my taste buds have decided that they like it a little more now. It still isn't great, but I don't loathe it anymore. And since the little cans are so small, you can really get those down in like 3 sips. So, I guess my taste buds are maturing or I've fooled them into liking it! And it makes getting in all my vegetable servings way easier..

Just thought I would share that!..

Comment #44

Count me in this one too! I am a slow loser and I am following the program to the T! I work out 4-5 times a week. I think I need to call theNutrisystemCounselors in the next day or two to find out what I am doing wrong. I have lost a total of 10.5 lbs in the last 2 months. Only 3.5 lbs since I started eating theNutrisystemfood 3 weeks ago...

Comment #45

Welcome! Well, I started in September & have really barely lost weight. When I follow the plan to a T, I gain weight or don't lose at all so I tweak the program to make it work for me. Hang in there - we're all in this together!..

Comment #46


Just checking in. Have been MIA. Still losing slowly but hanging in there. I actually ate a cookie last weeknot theNutrisystemkind. It did not even taste good. The desire was all in my mindcertainly was not worth the calories.

Must be truetaste buds do change...

Comment #47

About two years ago I tried weight watchers and was following the program perfectly and could not lose any weight. I gave up. I have been on thyroid medicine for years for an underactive thyroid but my doctor told me that I was at the right level. I went to an endrocronologist and he told me my medication had to be raised. when he got the level right I started ns and have being losing...just a thought... if you havent had your thyroid checked it could be that......

Comment #48

Hi everyoneI'm still strugglingneed a pep talk I think...

Comment #49

Hi gang,.

Just a fly by. I was a slow loser but am now at goal. 5"2 1/2 lost 54 pounds.Nutrisystemworks!.

Best to all of you...

Comment #50

I am feeling the same way. I have been doing this for 11 days now. I thought that I would see a pound or two gone by now. rrgggg!! I need to see results in order to stay on track!! But, that is why I am reading the boards today, to get re-inspired and a new sense of purpose...

Comment #51

I hear ya!!! Just try to keep plugging along. Remeber, short and bathing suit season is just around the cornor!.

Karen in AZ..

Comment #52

Hi Ladies!.

Well, my weight hasn't budged lately but I had a NSV when I put my jeans on the other day & noticed that while I do still indeed have a muffin top (mine's more like blueberry cobbler top), it wasn't as bad. It's still there & I won't wear my low rise jeans because of it, but it's not AS bad. Small victories are victories, so PLEASE let's all remember - don't go by that damn scale! Mine would have met an untimely death by now, trust me. Stick with it & start moving as well if you can. Just a simple walk to start. And I hate to exercise.

But I force myself into walking on my treadmill & I always do feel better after I'm done..

And today I discovered that my health care plan offers discounts onNutrisystemas well as several gyms. Wish to hell I would've known that back in September, but just another reason why our benefit person at my office sucks. My co-worker was also shocked to learn about the discounts it offers. So with that knowledge, I switched my plan from flex (I was trying to save $$) to Basic + Select because it's offered at a FANTASTIC price plus I get my health care discount through United Health & I am soooo excited to finally try the frozen food. Right now, that plan is offered at $259.99. I am really looking forward to my next delivery..

WE CAN ALL DO THIS!! Don't be discouraged - we're here to help you through the bad days & celebrate your good days!!.

And tomorrow, I will start a new thread for for our group for March...

Comment #53

Yay! great reply Jenny.

"When she got home, she went back on it strictly, and was not getting the results she expected, and was having "other" issues. Her IBS was acting up, she wasn't feeling quite right. Come to find out she has a low gluten tolerance. Not to the point of Celiac disease, but she has to watch her gluten intake. Guess whatNutrisystemis FULL of? She also found out she can't eat salads, most veggies have to be steamed or juiced..

She sold me the rest of herNutrisystemfood at a low price and works with a nutritionist with a low gluten diet and has lost another 50 pounds!!.

I now use the food a number of times a week, mostly for maintenance because I will always struggle with that last "5" pounds! But, my trainer at the gym said it is good to have those last 5 pounds, because it gives you a reason to work. "..

Comment #54

Hi all. Just found this thread. Been reading everyone's posts and glad to see it's not just me. I lose one day and gain the's frustrating. I started my 4th week yesterday. Have lost only 3 lbs.

I have to admit though I cannot make myself exercise and I don't drink all my water. Wish I could get motivated to move more...

Comment #55

Welcome!! We are here for you. Check out our March thread. It's "Slow Losers March". I used to hate exercise too. Then I found Zumba. It is so much fun.

It may take a while, but don't give up!!!.

Karen in AZ..

Comment #56

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