My weight is 140lbs. how many Nutrisystem points can I have per day?

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My 1st question is: My weight is 140lbs. how many Nutrisystem points can I have per day? Many thanks for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... Http://

After you click that link and it's playing.... scroll down to continue..

....The Only Chance we get, we've got to take it. If we don't do it now, we'll never make it....

All I know is that I want to be broken out of this stagnant place I'm in. I'm yo-yo-ing in a 6 pound spread and I keep trying..

I'm not giving up. Are you?.



You start doing things right, everything is going great and then, subconsciously you do something from your old habits. And then another. And then another. Before you know it you are back where you started..

And that is certainly not a good thing or else you wouldn't be here in the first place now would you??.

For those of us that are serious, I mean.


Serious... okay, maybe not boot camp serious, there's a thread for that.

Lol.... We should pair up and do accountability partners. If you are interested... raise your hand. We'll give it all weekend for those that may not be here everyday..

PM me or Aeri with your main deterrent, what derails you the most.

And the best way for your accountability partner to get a hold of you. If there is any other info you want to include just go ahead. Then Aeri and I can review and match everyone up. We can see how it goes for a couple weeks and then get some feedback..

Just remember that you are being accountable for someone else so if you don't help them, you are not only hurting your success but possibly there's too..

And that's not cool..

So let's break out of this weight problem and head for our healthier selves!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

Comment #1

It's okay... wasn't so bad really..

Poor Kama! smh Wish there was something we could do to ease the pain... Ooo! Maybe Mikey'll share his with you..

I hope you are staying home recouperating!.

What a great song! I love Tom Petty!.

I agree, it is definitely good to be alive!.

Woohoo!!! That's 2..

Comment #2

Time to check out for a short while..

Aeri... if I don't see you... best of luck with your cleaning! I am sure your house will be perfect btt they show up. Have fun this weekend!.

I'll see the rest of you in a little while...

Comment #3

Grins I love how she throws me into her evil plans LMAO ... thats my girl.

I taught her well hahahahh .. but she or I wouldnt do it if we didnt care and shes right maybe some of us have taken a more of the easy road lately *raises hand* tho I been working out like a fool, I havent been eating real well ugh... and it takes BOTH definately to make it work so find me a drill sargent and sign me up could you make him sexy wearing black combat boots and tight C.F.M. type shorts buldging thighs and a 6pack that'll stop traffic? am I asking for to much?.


Grins gmorning cutie patootie ... I will partner up to watch your back for you.


Have a great day ... let the cleaning commense ... OYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY..

Comment #4

Holy crap I cant believe how much I'm sweating I feel like I'm in zumba class it's just pouring down me lol I guess thats what I get for doing a "spring" cleaning eh?.

Ok so almost everythings dusted and sweapt gosh is that a word? lmao and Im getting ready to polish the floor ugh ... dougs out shopping lol while Im slaving.

Just as well I like a nice quiet house when I'm cleaning and no one in the way ... even the kids are gone. keep your fingers crossed DS1 is going with friends to ride 4wheelers over spring break and Im a wee bit hesitant n worried but hes 17 sink or swim kinda thing gotta let them FLY at some point rite ? sighs ... guess Im just not ready for it ... I'm prolly gonna way have empty nest syndrome bad LMAO .. ya think? hahahahah.

Anyways ... off I go ... candles are burning house smells a yummy peppermint!..

Comment #5

Sorry Rick... for your day..

Sorry Japan... for your quake & tsunami..

I, on the other hand, have had a great fantastic day... many reason to smile today!.

I hope you all have a great weekend!.

Prayers for the Japanese!.

Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today..

Mikey out...

Comment #6

Friends are 1 hour away YEAHHHHHHHHHH I'm all purdied up in my new outfit .. jeans are too big.

Ffs I dont have a belt.

And they are a bit long lol or I'm a bit short.

But I look cutesy..

Comment #7

Lol You let me know where you get one of those and see if there are two..

Of course I'm throwing you in! lol You're the founder.

I'm going to be doing that myself tomorrow.

Lol It'll all be worth it! You are probably having a blast right now! And I'm sure Doug is doing an amazing job helping out..

Don't worry (too much) bout him... you've got to let him fly on his own at some point. How else will he learn? Maybe he'll even surprise you.

Sorry to hear that Rick. Wish I could help make it better..

I agree!.

Glad your day is going well. Love the Mantra of the day..

WOOHOO for jeans being too big!NutrisystemVictory! I'm sure you look great..

Comment #8

Where was everyone today?.

I couldn't get a chance to get on today. SO busy at work. I didn't even leave till close to 9.

But it's work and I always end up there late on Fridays. Kind of sucks but it's not like I have other plans, ya know?.

Tomorrow on the other hand....

House is getting a complete clean. I think after the main chores are done, I'm going to go back into the pool hall and clear it out more. need to get this place in order before Leia arrives..

Speaking of which... the guy said he'd call me in a couple days. That was on Monday. I haven't heard a word!.

I called him this afternoon and left a message and still nothing. And he's supposed to pick her up Sunday! smh I'm calling again in the morning..

Oh and just an update.... Tim made it safely to FL. He didn't have internet in the hotel he stayed in or else he said he would have popped in. Not sure if he has internet now or not.... I was working when he called so I didn't get a chance to talk to him. He did say he was on his way to a stock car race..

What a surprise. lol..

Comment #9

I was so busy at work it was yucky. Me and Ricky were having the same kind of day..

Sorry Rick. Hope your weekend is soothing..

What does smh mean?.

I'm excited for you Alie for the arrival of Leia. We need to move the table in the kitchen, to make room for the puppy pen, we go tomorrow at 11 am to pick up our little Gaiden..

Older DS and DIL coming later today. So Dh and I need to go do some errands, come home and clean. Move kitty's food and litter box to another location..

Aeri - too small jeans, woohoo go girl! Enjoy your friends visit and tell us all about it tomorrow.

Mike - love the Mantra..

I'm glad Tim made it to Fl - hope he's having fun..

Our prayers go out to the people of Japan...

Comment #10

Puppy time!!!!.

Don't forget.... lots of pics!.

Sorry your day was sucky too..

Shakes My Head..

Comment #11

Good morning Gang!!!!.

Busy, busy day. I'll pop in thru out the day...

Comment #12

Well, got half my list done... It's nice out here. A little breezy, but nice..

Think I'll run out and stop by my mom's..

Hope you are all having a great day!..

Comment #13

I felt good in them I just gotta find a belt now lol ... I heard from DS1 last nite said he was having fun so hopefully today goes well and he is safe.

Lol tim and stock cars lol like a kid in a candy shop.

Morning darling stop working so hard yanno it makes me look bad..

Comment #14

Well hello there family n friends .... xoxoxo hows you doing today? Happy to report my friends made it safely and we had a great great nite!.

Doug had made some appetizers for when they got here and then spent the entire time cookin in the kitchen while we were able to just sit and catch up with our friends. It had been 5 years since we had all been together I didnt realize it was THAT long!!!! Gosh it was SOOOOOOOO good to see them!.

Anyways, Doug made a glorious dinner and we had lotta drinks and sat round talking and laughing and having n amazing time last nite! they crashed here at the house thankfully and debated staying tonite too cuz they wanted really bad to go to the bar w/me tonite but they were on a schedule and I knew that, and decided they had to get back on the road today .... I appreciated them dropping down this far outta their way to come see us anyways so 1 night was good enough for me..

It amazes me how astute my gf was she cornered me in the kitchen and really cued in on things she saw and said she could feel and I was just shocked that she picked up on the things that she did ... I spose thats when you really know you have a good friend that will take you aside and say ... HEY you need to think about yourself for a change before you make yourself sick lol I told her I would work on it and promised her to take some time to myself maybe like this AUgust I'll fly out to see my mom for her birthday alone just to get away..

Maybe it's just too much testosterone in my house lol that is killing me lol. But she can relate too cuz shes got 2 boys a few years older then mine and has gone thru almost the same **** yanno? Shes such a good person and I appreciate her speaking her mind and loving me like that ... good ppl indeed I'm super lucky so many ppl care aobut me including all my zoner friends..

Anyways ... almost nap time woooopieeeee then work tonite.

Ya'll take care see you soon..

Comment #15

Ok gang .. got nap in.

And I'm all dressed n ready to rock n roll tonite my new fav song is called jar of hearts freeking killer song!..

Comment #16

Good Morning Zoner's.

How is everyone's weekend going? Aerie had a fun reunion with friends. Alie is working to hard. Kama, I hope the weekend is making your crappy Friday a distant memory. I know it is working for me. Mikey I hope the back is better. And there was a Robby sighting last week. If only we could get Steffie to drop in!!!!..

Comment #17

Lol Sorry!.

I've got to get the house done & set for puppy arrival..

Which, btw is a whole different story..

I am SO glad you had a great time and that she did that for you!.

Love that song! I'm sure you did an amazing job!.

Hi Rick! I agree... would be cool to see her again and hear what she's been up to..

Guess you're having a good weekend then..

Glad it's better than Friday for ya..

Stopped for a break, going to go get that treadmill moved now. Everything else is done!..

Comment #18

Happy sunday zonies!.

Can't wait to see all kinds of puppy pix!.

Glad to hear Aer's visit was fun. It's always great to reconnect with people that know us well..

Sorry about Kama's nerve tests. My hubby had them and I'm pretty sure I never ever want that kind of test. Sure hope you can get some relief sweetie..

And glad to hear Mikeys back is on the mend..

I didn't miss that hour at first but now I'm noticing it. Why don't they spring ahead on a Monday in the middle of a work day? Stealing an hour from the weekend is rude! But at least daylight will last longer. That I look forward to...

Comment #19

Lmao You should start a petition for that!.

I would sign it!.

Leia should be here Saturday..

I'll definitely get pics!.

Kama... where's your pics????..

Comment #20

OKay so as usual I had a weekend full of non-stop stuff. Yesterday morning I made my self an Accomplish list..

Things that needed to get done this weekend before I didn't have time. There are only 3 things I didn't get to, 1 will be done when I finish posting. Filing can wait and Mopping I will take care of Tuesday. And just a little note, "shower" meant to clean it for all the smarties..

But I managed to get the treadmill set up and DH tested it out.

Can't wait to get on it for a walk tomorrow night!.

But for now, it's getting the kitty box cleaned, garbage to the curb, showering and then some work while I watch a movie..

Have a great night everyone!..

Comment #21

I did I did.

That list looks alot like mine did friday LOL .... did da puppy make it? the pics are great of your W/O area!.

Im so jealous.

Omg I'm so with you on the weekend spring forward crap.

Ugh I hate it..

Comment #22

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