My review of the Medifast pretzels

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I HATE THEM!!!! I did not think that there was going to be anything that I dislike worse than the pancakes....good job Medifast you were able to make them worse!! I will choke down the TWO boxes that I ordered, but I will not order them again....

Ok, my rant for the day is over...going back to my least I will get in 4 glasses of water with my afternoon meal!..

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Really enjoying all the new pretzel reviews, keep 'em coming..

Comment #1

Yep they are horrible. I am shocked at how few like them and how many hate them...

Comment #2

90% of the posts about the old ones were negative. It's really no surprise, and it's pretty much the same thing...

Comment #3

The old ones were freaking awesome- the new ones are stale, crushed, tidbits...but that's just me.....

Comment #4

The old ones could break not only teeth, but could be used as bits in power drills!..

Comment #5

They're real bad. Bring back the old ones please!..

Comment #6

I feel like they do not inflate the bags enough to account for the fact that the new pretzels are more fragile. I had the new pretzels the other day and only three of them were unbroken - the rest were crushed. I have gone from ordering 6 boxes of pretzels a month to debating whether it's worth it to order even 1...

Comment #7

I do miss my cinnamon candy-coated drill bits. I hate the dried up crap they're trying to pass off as pretzels to us!..

Comment #8

I guess I'm one of the few that loves the new pretzels. To each his own...

Comment #9

I posted a similiar question on the Nutritional Support forum. I wanted to know why they changed the pretzels..I got a very vague , generic answer. Oh , well at least I'm not the only having issues with crushed pretzels...

Comment #10

Just got my very first box of the new honey mustard pretzels. Just opened one packet. Just took a bite. Each one WAS broken but only a few were crushed. They do not have as much flavor as the old ones. They are hollow and not as hard as the old ones.

I like the old ones better but I can eat these...

Comment #11

After my first day on MF, and consuming the 5 first meals, I learned then and there not to have expectations. I don't expect anything they sell to taste like what they are pretending it is. If I can get it down, down it goes. So far the only exception to that is the Cappucino. They only thing I can think that could possibly make that taste better is perhaps paint thinner.... on second thought, I may just take the paint thinner straight, maybe on the rocks..


Comment #12

Glennbo: I didn't like the cappuccino at first either but now I blend it in the blender with about 12 oz. of coffee and pour it into a mug and reheat it in the microwave. It is now one of my favorite meals..

I do the same thing with the hot cocoa...

Comment #13

I'll have to give that a shot. It certainly couldn't make that mung taste any worse! (LOL). Thanks for the tip..


Comment #14

The new pretzels are bad, the old pretzels were bad. It's all bad. None of this MFing food is good. We don't eat it because were gourmands, we eat it because we're fatties that need to lose some weight. We all need to find satisfacton someplace else, not from food..

Comment #15

Yep we are fatties that need to lose....but I do really like some if it:0..

Comment #16

I liked them a little better than the old ones. More like regular crackery things, less like shotgun blasts going off when I chewed. I feel I could actually eat these during class. They had a less intense flavor, but I liked it just fine..

And mine were pretty close to all whole, very little breakage. Again, MF's quality control is a little random. They must have separate assembly lines - one populated by delicate polite people, and the other by rampaging club-wielding Huns. It all evens out, though, right?..

Comment #17

I totally agree. The cinnamon pretzels use to be my top favorite, now I can't even stomach 2 bites. Which is not good since I ordered 4 boxes worth, thinking they should be better then great since they were improved upon. I guess I will be calling medifast to see if I can get a refund for my pretzels. I hope and wish they bring back the old version...

Comment #18

The older version of the pretzels must have been really good..I have no problem with these ones and they have just the right amount of cinnamon and taste like card board...How does one know what card board taste like? is card board part of the diet? I hope not because I don't want to eat it....

Some of you talk about them being all broken up, but I don't see that when I open my bag maybe one or two are...They are dry, but I haven't met a pretzel that wasn't dry..Oh hold on the big soft pretzels..LOL...

I am like everyone else...our tastes are different.....

Comment #19

Search the forums, it was filled with the same stuff. Everyone complained they "broke their teeth"...

Comment #20

If they are all broken or crushed, then you really should be calling up Medifast and telling them that. Complaining on the boards about it doesn't really do anything to get stuff like that fixed. And MF's customer line seems to be fairly decent. I had a packet of capp that was only .2oz (less than 1/5 of what it should be), and they sent me a new packet (not a box, but hey the other 6 were fine) with the order showing up online for that packet in minutes..

And I'd bet that the new recipe is in response to all the people who complained that the old ones had an occasional one that tasted "moldy." Personally, I have yet to experience that, and I've eating probably 5 boxes worth now of the old ones...

Comment #21

I never had a chance to try the old ones. I guess that's a good thing, since I have nothing to compare them to. My son said they tasted like dog biscuits..

I hated them at first. They sat & sat, until this past weekend when I almost ran out of my Medifast food & they were all that was left..

I was forced to eat them all weekend & guess what...they're gone & I miss them! The thing about this Medifast food is that I have to retry stuff over & over. Things I hated, now I suddenly like...

Comment #22

I thought the old ones were like eating rocks. I like the new ones much better...

Comment #23

The new pretzels have no artificial sweetners in them which I very much enjoy. I am also losing better on them, they have more fiber, and less carbs. The flavor I am getting used to, I view them as much more of a "medifast meal" than a snack which in the past had awakened my snackiness.

I love them, and I eat them almost exclusively. I plan on taking only pretzels on my cruise next week...

Comment #24

Hate the new ones. I wish they would tell us why they made the change, instead of the politcally correct answer that if we don't like them we can return them. WHY????????? is what I really want to know...

Comment #25

I do miss my old cinnamon pretzels... I can stomach these ones now, but they are not my favorite. I do find the new HM ones better than the new Cinn ones, but c'est la vie. They are more animal cracker like then pretzel... the part that makes me not care for them too much is the artificial sweetner taste on them. Yuck! If they removed that taste and replaced it with the old cinnamon sugary coating... it'd be a hit in my book!..

Comment #26

So true, last order, I had two packages, one all the boxes were nice and neat, and it had pamphlets, and a sample, and a nice little packed for you by sign. The other, the boxes all looked like a really angry three year old threw the boxes around for awhile before packing them, and stepping on them to make sure they were in there good and tight...

Comment #27

A corporation usually changes things that mess with profit margins. So either enough people weren't purchasing the old formula to keep them in production. OR the cost of production increased or was otherwise too high to keep in production. Of course, I don't know the real answer... but they are a business making business decisions. They are not trying to make unhappy customers..

Another possibility is they received enough complaints on the old pretzels to necessitate a change. Even though it seems like the vocal posters here who don't like the new formula are in the majority... that isn't any real indication of the actual percentages of people who like vs. dislike them, eh?.

Who knows, there could have even been a health concern with one of the old ingredients (this is pure speculation... not a real guess ). The possibilities for the reasons are probably too numerous for any of us to actually make a complete list. :P.

It's amazing to me how many people have taken the pretzel change so much to heart!.

Regardless, they are not obligated to explain, no matter the reason..

Sorry for long-winded musings. Trying to kill some time. LOL!.

P.s. I just tried the new cinnamon pretzels, and I like them...

Comment #28

Why not call or PM them directly and ask? No one here on the boards has the answer, but perhaps if you went directly to the source you could get the answer you (and everyone else it seems) are looking for..

(And no, Sassy, I'm not telling her not to voice her opinion )..

Comment #29

This was on the Bulletin Board.

We want to hear from you! Complete this brief survey to tell us what you think about some of our newest Medifast Meals..


Comment #30

I hate the new pretzels - I usually ate a pack of the old ones once daily. Have been losing alot of hair and I also wondered when they changed to the new ones if it had anything to do with a health concern with any of the ingredients. Hair loss is not uncommon - attributed to weight loss on the board, but it would be interesting to know if the people who lose alot of hair were eating more of some of the meals.......

Comment #31

Yes!!! I don't try to return anything. In a month or 5 I'll love it, whatever it was...

Comment #32

Same here. I ordered them because I heard they were gluten free (which I need) but the new recipe is riddled with wheat...

Comment #33

They didn't even HAVE the pretzels when I was on 5&1 and I still lost a considerable amount of hair. We had shakes, original maintenance bars, the hot and cold drinks, soups and oatmeal and the snack options. It's not because of the product, but a side effect of rapid weight loss and can be experienced while on any program where you lose as much and as fast as you do on MF...

Comment #34

I never had the old ones but I liked the new ones ok. Way better than the chili I haed for lunch. Does anyone have secrets to make the chili tolerable?..

Comment #35

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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