My godaddy website?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: My godaddy website?.

My 2nd question is: You won't believe this...

I discovered an incredible, unregistered

I type it into Moniker, and get to checkout, only to get an internal processing error...

I think, 'Shit' I'm probably going to lose it now. I keep my cool and try Dynadot (my backup account).

Dynadot is down. Here's me thinking well I've definitely lost it now. The only other account left to try is at GoDaddy and their system doesn't update in real time, not to mention the occasional swiped name. But I have no choice...

So to GoDaddy. Unbelievably, against the odds, the name is available so I get to checkout and elect to pay with my existing PayPal. I don't bother with a bonus code as every second counts and the HostGator is worth much more anyway. I lose more valuable time though when the page hangs. I'm panicking. I switch to credit card and then have to manually type my card details, even though they are on file...

I finally get the order confirmation message. I hold my breath, hoping and praying that the HostGator will appear in my account...



It must have taken me 10 minutes to finally register that name, even though it was probably the only available around.

And the name?.

Yes, what was all the fuss about, you're asking right?.


Now, at last, I can relax....



Comments (25)

Your question was: My godaddy website?.

You had some luck my friend. It doesn't happen often...

Comment #1

Damn the tension !!!.

I couldnt stand to read the whole thing, wanted to know quick if you got it or not!!!! Sure glad it was a happy ending !!.

Wohoo things like these give the absolute high !!.

Congrats for the catch..

Comment #2

November 2nd. It was very exciting for those who were awake to witness the last names going (not me). Check for more info...

Comment #3

Nice! Now, for that to happen with an LLL.....

Comment #4

Lol. Thats sweet bro quite a way to get the name...

Comment #5

They could turn this into a movie... they did after all turn "snakes on a plane" into one...

Comment #6

Nice way to describe, lol.. my heart was pounding till the end..

Comment #7

I'm such a tart I still scan them daily!.

Hey ya never know....anything's possible...isin't it..

Comment #8

There are 456,976 LLLL.coms somewhere. They will always be somewhere. The real question is will they ever amount to something for the individual holder other than just being a collectible just-in-case HostGator to have?.

A while ago I bought because I wanted it to stand for Fixed Wireless BroadBand. Nobody cared but me, so it is still sitting idle and making me no money. That said, the domain, other than one that actually spells out a word, is only worth what you put into it and what others get out of it.

On a closing note, I have no crystal ball, but I'd suspect that many of the 456,976 domains will continue to drop daily for the same reasons that other domains drop - people give up on or forget about them. So keep looking for them...

Comment #9

Congrats on the pickup, well worth the reg fee..

Comment #10

I am dazzled....

Tear-dropping story, glad you got your gem in the end! Do not resell it yet..

Comment #11

Hey I was checking out on the same time you were you beat me by 1 second. Damn, no just kidding, yeah good catch, congratulations.

But I think we all hear have something in common, we all here know your feeling and it sure is a buzz that no-one else besides a true domainer would understand..

Comment #12

Matt Damon should play you in the movie.

Cameron Diaz can play the godaddy girl who ends up being your love interest.

Yes, Steve aka etab, you can play yourself as the Namepros guy...

Comment #13

How much are LLLL.coms worth? Cause I wouldnt imagine there would be a rush to buy up a remaining

Comment #14

Min Wholesale ~ $15 (99%+ of LLLL.coms would sell for this range or higher, with a few 4x bad letter falling in the $12-$14 range currently).

A name like is $30+ any day of the week. A great find!..

Comment #15

I was holding my breath!. was available because it was dropped right?..

Comment #16

LLLL.coms are really picking up..ive got 2 offers for a one premium letter but because the other 3 is the same non premium letter. but I am holding on tight to it now till I geta better offer..

Comment #17

Im pleased that you got it, I bet that your heart was beating like crazy that whole time...

Comment #18

I'm amazed that I got it after all that.

Moniker is still not working for me today so I've just shot them another email.

Thanks for all the posts. I was obviously meant to get this HostGator.


Comment #19

D A Z F.

Domainer Against Zombie Footdragging.

Well I guess we shouldn't expect to see this one in that old "$12 sale" thread ...! Nice catch...

Comment #20

How did you know that '' was available for registration?..

Comment #21

I didn't.

I run lots of scans in the hope of finding some available names. The drop catchers occasionally miss a good one that I'm only too happy to pick up.


Comment #22

Can't you just bulk register every dropped from the past week?..

Comment #23

Yeah if you can mess with the drop catchers and convince every other domainer that names aren't worth anything.

But seriously,'s are so hot at the moment that only a very few that drop aren't automatically picked up. If the drop catchers don't get them, the scanners will. That's why it was so incredible that I was able to get this one even though it took a full ten minutes after I found it.


Comment #24

Congrats on the great find, Matt! Enjoyed reading that very much...

Comment #25

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