My dog is on a raw Dukan Diet but his breath now smells like nasty chicken?

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First question I have is My dog is on a raw Dukan Diet but his breath now smells like nasty chicken? Many thanks for any answer. Another question on my mind: I eat a lot more of the pudding than the cake, which is probably where I made my mistake. I accidentally added 4oz of liquid instead of 2oz to my cake last night. Of course I didnt want to blame myself.

And figured that it was either a bum package or maybe too out of date (it was from Big Lots). Well, silly me I then realized I added twice the recommended water. What I did, specifically, was mixed in 2oz of water.


2oz of DaVinci SF cinnamon flavored syrup..


... it looked awful, like something from our sons diaper, my husband said. I hate to waste food, so I kept nuking the mysterious watery mixture until it looked somewhat gelatinous (probably about 2 min, 30 seconds total), stirring once or twice, flopped a dollop of cool whip on it YUM! One of the best things Ive had in quite some time. It was like some sort of warm, gooey, chocolate cinnamony gelatinous heaven..

I dont recommend this to anyone who is timid about new textures, or anyone that isnt willing to potentially have to dump your dessert (because it's just too darn weird for you), but if youre in to experimentation and have the extra desserts to play with, Id go for it! I know I will definitely be having it again!.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably know..

Comment #1

Ohh yummy!! Like a chocolate pudding cake!!.

A note about this cake, I found that I don't care for the nourish one, but I really like the advance one! Has anyone else noticed a difference in the 2?..

Comment #2

When I can find the Nourish cake in Big Lots or wherever, I always make it the same way, so I'm not really aware of a difference in taste... I think this recipe was posted while you were busy giving birth.

And I don't have the original poster's info, but this is my variation and it's amazingly good. You mix the cake with 1 egg white, 1/4 tsp baking powder, 2 oz FF milk, 1 tbsp WF chocolate sauce and 1 tbsp Splenda, put into a Pam-sprayed single-serve dish, and bake at 350 for about 15 minutes. Add a little Cool Whip, and I swear it tastes like a chocolate souffle!!! I do this with the Advanced cake as well, but with the Advanced cake, I make it other ways as well, like this undercooked, too much liquid recipe!!..

Comment #3

I am going to try that Judi. Sounds good.

Chris, I have notice a diffrence and all I have is the nourish from BLs right now but have had a couple of the advanced and they are a little tastier...

Comment #4

I love to make my pudding with milk instead of water and to let it sit in the fridge for a few hours before indulging. It becomes like mousse...

Comment #5

Great ideas, everyone!.

I've made my pudding with milk before, but it's never crossed my mind to try it with the cake. Mmmm......


Comment #6

I was always affraid to pick up foods from Big Lots because I thought it was just old. I guess I should try it, certainly could not hurt!.

By the way does anyone know if PB2 is still counted as a fat given the stats?.

Thanks Tamara..

Comment #7

I always get the cake & pancake mixes, and I have no fear about how old they might be, because I just don't think they'll go bad for a really long time!.

As for the PB2, I don't think it should ever have been counted as a fat, regardless of what other people have posted, because the stats for a fat serving are 45 calories & 5g fat. You need that 5g fat to keep your body functioning well, and to get 5g of fat from PB2, you would be eating way more than 45 calories! I still have 1 jar of the old formulation left, so I haven't checked the stats for the new one yet, but I honestly can't see any way it would count as a fat. JMHO!..

Comment #8

I've been seeing DaVinci sf syrup in a lot of recipes and on the boards. What exactly is it? And can it be bought anywhere?..

Comment #9

I keep forgetting to get DiVinci syrup. I know I believe you can get it online. Does anyone have the site?..

Comment #10

I Put Skim Milk Applesauce The Chunky One And 1 Equl,,pure Heaven.and Ff Whip Cream..

Comment #11

You can get Davinci or a similar brand at Walmart or TJ Maxx. It is in with the coffee at Walmart and in with the olive oil and foods at TJ least here..

As far as Big Lots Nourish food...I was never on the Nourish line and I definitely notice a difference. The mac and beef that I got there does not taste as fresh and the chocolate graham bars are not as good. JMO...

Comment #12

A quick note on old pancake mix. It has been known to actually grow mold spores if it is beyond it's expiration date. This isn't a myth. I am a physician and just want to look out for my fellow dieters...

Comment #13

What is Pb2? where can I get some and where can I add in on the program?..

Comment #14

Loredana posted a recipe similiar. I think she used a packet of SF swiss miss hot chocolate..

I did that and instead of the water added coffee, 2 tsp of eggbeaters, the baking powder, splenda and a dab of WF chocolate..

It tasted so good-.

Here's what made it great! I sliced it down the center and got a tiny cup of SF pudding and put a small amount in the center like a layer. Then put a little cool whip on top..

I'm not recommending this because I didn't add the calories up. But it sure tasted good...

Comment #15

It's simply flavored syrup with no calories. It's yummy and you can add it to soooooo many things!.

Is where I buy it, since it's not available in any stores around me..

As I said, I haven't checked the stats for the new formulation, but if you use less than 20 calories' worth, which is probably just over 1 tsp, that's a free food. And 4 tbsp counts as a protein & a fat (a protein is less than 100 calories, less than 3g fat and more than 7g protein, and a fat is 45 calories with 5g fat)...

Comment #16


When you order directly from the company, they offer a discount at a certain price (around 12 bottles, works out to be 1 free) plus they have seasonal discounts. Right now it's $1 off caramel, vanilla, french vanilla, lemon, strawberry & raspberry syrups as well as the caramel sauce. Just be careful when ordering that you're getting the sugar free as they make regular syrups too. I always split an order with my boss so we can get the discount, works out great...

Comment #17

My supermarket carries it where they have the chocolate syrup and ice cream toppings...

Comment #18


Thanks for the info. The PB2 is new to me but I'm really excited about using it. Does it taste like regular PB? I placed an order for two of the original and two of the new choc. flavor that's coming out since you can't just order 1 or 2. What category would it fall under?.

Does anybody have any recipes, I'm not as creative as Christina is? I saw her Snickers recipe and can't wait to get my order so I can try it...

Comment #19

According to the booklet that came with my start up kit, BP2 is ok as a fat, but only 1 TSP...

Comment #20

I hear everyone talk about Da Vinci syrup, but have never seen nor heard of it before NS. Where in the store is it usually located?.


Comment #21

That is for regular peanut butter, not PB2. PB2 is made from defatted peanuts, so it doesn't have the amount of fat in regular peanut butter..

I can't find it in any of my grocery stores (I buy it online from, but I think they are found in the coffee section, since they are used as sweetners for coffee by the general public!..

Comment #22

Day 4 and we had microwave chocolate cake today. Hubby and I both had 2 extra fruits leftwe were too full to eat salad or fruit with the veggie fajita dinner. So, when we got hungry enough later, I cut up 2 bananas in 2 ramekins and poured the cake mix over each one. I cooked them one at a time for the normal time, and let them sit five minutes. the centers were still a little gooey, but the bananas under the cake were spectacular. Big thumbs up. Oh, and because I forgot to say so on the fajita page, I saw Christina's site last night, and all your recipes look amazing! I can't keep away from the recipes forum! This place is addictive...

Comment #23

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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