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I have this domain parked at sedo. It is getting some pretty good typin traffic. The content that sedo is placing on the parking page has to do with finances and stocks. Since this is a nasdaq stock I was wondering if I could do an investment site without getting into any issues from the /img/avatar6.jpg.

Any thoughts?..

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I don't see any problem with this. While ticker symbols are unique identifiers for companies, they are used only for investing and I can't find anything that affords them trademark status. And if you're using the domain for an investment site, then I can't see how you could be violating any laws.

You might be better off creating a general investment site and then just redirect the traffic from the above domain to that domain, because then you can purchase similar domains that get investment traffic and point them all to the main, generic domain. Plus, it'll look a lot nicer if you submit a general investment domain to search engines and directories...

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Well, first off, you have MSN on your site, Second, you are offering it up for sale. Third, it is only a parking page.

So far, it sounds like you have no interest in the domain and have done nothing to show you have rights to the domain. So this begs to ask, why did you register this domain? I would easily assume it is to steal traffic menat for Microsoft. Though MSFT is not a TM, MS can show that this is how thier company is identified in the financial world and argue you registered the domain only to steal traffic.

You can make up any story or have plausible explainantion to make yourself feel better, but just by your posting, we all know it was registered in bad faith. This is how is could possibly be conceived if challenged...

Comment #2

And if a party who can establish trademark rights to the term is smart enough.

To capture screenshots of what the site was displaying that time, you might.

Have a pretty tough time convincing otherwise, airwav...

Comment #3

Well, like the poster before you said, MSFT is the ticker symbol for Microsoft shares.

If this is turned into an informational site about Microsoft's finance plus tips I don't know if it would really encounter any problems. It's not like it's a typo...

Comment #4

Ok, I am going to do a little rant here, but I am doing to make a certain point (but I am not being serious in the matter that it may be perceived, just want to stress a point)...

Read the OP, or original poster, he has already shown bad faith. It does not matter what we can do with the domain, what matters is how it is actually being used. If MS sees this, you be sure they have screenshots of the site before they contact the domain owner. The courts and UDRPs have seen the evil squatters enough times to know we are unscrupulous and don't care about anything except money and we will lie and cheat to get ours.

This is exactly why we are at a disadvantage off the bat in a challenge. This is the perception we domainers have (though sometimes, it is true).

So if you decide to infringe on a TM, make sure you have a plan already to develope. Parking it is never a good idea. Use the domain for good, not eveil so when a challenge arises, there are no black marks agasint you because we are a disadvantage going into a challenge. This is the reality of the domain game.

Rant off.....

Comment #5

DNQuest, your words are understood. Thanks for the input...

Comment #6

Well, as far as I can see there are only two TM's for the the term "MSFT" and both of them are dead.

Doesn't really pose a serious problem...

Comment #7

So you are saying that the only way a TM (or a claim of a TM) is valid as if it is registered?..

Comment #8

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