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Ok i`m planning to make a website were people can go and download mp3` if they make an account. Now the thing is that I want accounts not to be free, to cost like 2 bucks a is this legal?..

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Do you have the distribution right? If no, it's still illegal to distribute copyrighted songs or music even if you charge your members a fee...

Comment #1

Are you kidding?.

Those artists don't mind you distributing their music without their permission AND making money off of it.

Of course it is illegal...

Comment #2

I wouldnt of thought it would be legal because look at all those music sites which have been shut down over the years for sharing music..

Comment #3

Ok, so it`s not legal to share mp`s, but if I place a disclaimer stating: "You must delete the files after 24 hrs from download" ?

Comment #4

See, there are these things called copyrights. And they are what keep the small man down.

Now as long as the music is copyrighted, unless you have full permission by the owner of the MP3, you CANNOT distribute it in ANY way. Doesn't matter if you give it away for 10 seconds or 10 years, you cannot distribute the music to ANYONE.

It doesn't even matter if they pay you, unless you have permission, you can't do it.

So to be honest once again I think that selling MP3's is "out of your league"(especially as a 14 year old, although you changed your profile birthday after I pointed this out...) , however an alternative would be to find smaller artists and ask them if you can upload their music for free. Most of them will agree due to the fact they need all the exposure they can get.

I personally wouldn't tred in the MP3 sharing arena as the RIAA is dropping illegal distributers like flies...

Comment #5

There is a loophole which keeps some websites afloat. But if you want to know how that loophole works contact a lawyer. Its something about the songs not being on your server or something...

Comment #6

I am not 14 years old, and even if I was, that`s not any of your buisness, I just asked a question and if you want you can answer, if you don`t wan`t you may not answer...You don`t need to remind me i`m 14 years old for 2 reason`s.

1. I`m not 14.

2. If I was 14 I knew and didn`t need someone to remind me..

Comment #7

You certainly type like a 14 year old plus your display picture is eminem o.O..

Comment #8

And you don't have a clue what you are talking about either...

Comment #9

Anyways as people have already said, you'd be crazy to go through with this idea. Not only is selling (even by membership) other people's copyrights illegal, the RIAA is the worst to go up against.

Not only will they shut you down permanently, they'll also sue the crap outta you. Somewhere in the region of $XXXX PER ILLEGAL DOWNLOAD. That's not just everytime there is a file on the server that you are breaching the copyright on, that is for every download.

Then when they've worked out a realistic figure ($X,XXX per downloaded song) they'll double or triple it and claim that is the damage you've done by illegally "selling" their products.

So to recap, your operation will be shutdown, you will be relieved of all your money AND you will be in debt for $XX,XXX - $XXX,XXX+.

Cut a deal? Maybe, probably not in this case though. P2P file sharers get hit at around the $4k mark, this is far more damaging to the RIAA because you'd be selling memberships so they'd probably settle for much more than that.

Oh, and don't use the phrase "I haven't got the money, I'm broke". The RIAA are a law unto themselves, they'll make you pay.

Try asking unsigned artists, but they'll probably say no if you're selling memberships (and most people can find their songs on MySpace anyway)..

Comment #10

That's what gave me the impression his profile wasn't lying...

Comment #11

This forum's full of 'em.

Whatever your real age is, hell-knight, you'd better listen to them. You don't.

Want to find out the answer the hard way...

Comment #12

Do Not Even Bother Going Into File Sharing/Downloading Of Copyrighted Materials.

Forget all loopholes and the legal stuff I honestly think it's too much hassle and will result in nothing but negatives.

And I have never see someone say 14 so many times in a post disputing 14, thought it was kinda funny/.


Comment #13

I'll say the number 14 again - you'll get at least 14 years in the big house if you ever try to steal and sell music on the net, kid. Plus I for one can guarantee that you do NOT have permission to use any music ever done by a certain sizzling show band out of Chicago known as... da Blues Brothers...

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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