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The Original Ripoff Report Title:. / DomainSystems, Inc. / / / Monte Cahn Internet Fraud / Domain Name Hijackers / Deceptive Trade Practices / Breach of Contract / Misrepresentation / Bad Faith Pompano Beach Florida.

The Original Ripoff Report Text:. These people run Domain Name Auctions, but they are not to be trusted as they are deceptive, do not abide by their own Terms and Conditions as publicly displayed on their website, and will not honor their Exclusive Right To Sell Agreements, and are bad faith actors. Their Escrow and Auctioning licenses should be suspended, or revoked, for deceptive trade practices and breach of fiduciary responsibility. ICANN should also investigate their practices and, as result, suspend or revoke their Registrar status.

On May 23, 2008, through one of their auctions, representing themselves as the new /img/avatar6.jpgs of a domain they purchased from me for $16,500, $14,025 net to me, they had sixty (60) days to make payment and transfer the funds to me. Despite several Notices sent to them subsequent to the contract expiration, receipt which were acknowledged, to either extend in writing their Exclusive Right To Sell Agreement or make the required payment, as called for in the Agreement, they have refused to do so. They have hijacked my property!.

I have identified another transferee for the domain, but I am being financially damaged by their refusal to release my domain from their Escrow Account. Monte Cahn actually made the outrageous claim that there is no time limit on their process, contrary to our written Agreement, and what anyone would view as a violation of Federal, State, and Local Business Law Statutes.

In good faith, as they had requested, I promptly transferred the domain to their Escrow Account, and they were supposed to also act in good faith and transfer the funds to my personal account. Although their website clearly states that the Seller is protected because they "guarantee" that the Buyer has the funds, this is a deliberate deceptive misrepresentation to lure Sellers into their scheme of hijacking domains, as what has happened to me.

Additionally, they do not act or communicate in good faith or in a timely manner. In my opinion, they are bullshitters, plain and simple, and are forcing me to seek legal recourse in order to have payment made to me for damages, plus fees and costs for recovery.

Do Not Do Business with these companies. Do Not Place Your Domain Names in their Auctions. You will be exposing yourself to unnecessary risks. They are not to be trusted, and, like me, you may very likely be RIPPED OFF!..

Comments (6)

I recently became their victim for a .BZ domain :-(..

Comment #1

I've long been publicly skeptical of Moniker in regards to "security" and "service"; many registrars do better.

The OP mentions licenses ...

Last I checked, Moniker itself is not a licensed auctioneer ... though, I assume, contracts with licensed auctioneers to conduct their live auctions - if not, they're likely in violation of the law ... live auctions in most jurisdictions must be performed by licensed auctioneers.

In regards to escrow, from my understanding and past correspondence with Monte himself on forums, Moniker is not a licensed escrow agent; in many jurisdictions, escrow licensing is not legally required ...

What is far more disturbing is how Moniker conducts escrow - for example, a discussion came up (I think on DNF) about what happens if say a buyer funds with credit card, but later it turns out to be "stolen" ... Moniker had stated they would likely reverse the transaction and take the domain back - that goes totally against what escrow is all about ... escrow is about security for seller (getting "secured" funds) and buyer (getting the item they paid for) with the escrow agent assuming the risk in regards to the funding (and in the case of Moniker, also the domain itself) - heck, that's the reason people pay a premium to use escrow.


Comment #2

Signed up just to post from that blackmail/shakedown site.

Has anyone collected the reward for locating the guy who runs rip off report yet?..

Comment #3

I think Moniker is a great registrar but like any business when you move away from your core you run the risk of marginalizing what you do. I wouldn't use them for auction, parking or escrow. I prefer a company that is dedicated to each.

The whole domain auction process is ackward imho and hasn't yet found a reliable player.

Btw I question the allegations of fraud. Yeah..right. There are obviously people pissed at him and want to sue him. He is giving internet users a valuable service and unfortunately that means he is subject to frivalous and constant litigation. I don't blame him for hiding. You can't sue what you can't find...

Comment #4

As has been discussed in the other lengthy moniker thread, their terms do claim basically unlimited right to sell your name unless you follow very strict timing to cancel their "rights"...

Comment #5

Keep reading about that guy, Dave.

The "valuable service" of allowing anyone to post anything about any company, whether verified or not, and then charging various fees for allowing that company to respond? Hmmmm.......

Comment #6

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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