Moldy Medifast Pretzels?

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I opened a bag of my Cinnamon pretzels and started noshing while driving....AACCKKK!.

They tasted like MOLD.

I couldn't see anything on them (didnt look too hard) but I was STARVING when I dove dissapointed.

Anyone else run into this issue?.


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Yes, I have had two bags with one moldy tasting pretzel in each bag. Frankly, it concerns me a little that this could even happen at all. If it happens again, I am going to call customer service. I should have called before. They can't fix what they don't know about...

Comment #1

Yes, almost all of my bags of pretzels have one moldy tasting pretzel. Just one. How weird is that?..

Comment #2

I think I've tasted that too and to me it tastes more like the sesame flavor is coming through too strong - like maybe there isn't enough cinnamon on the pretzel(s) to mask the flavor. It is a musty flavor, but I definitely know that it is sesame I'm tasting and not mold...

Comment #3

Hmmmm, I suppose it could be a strong sesame flavor but I'd enjoy that. What I have tasted is a moldy taste...

Comment #4

I've had that in several of my bags of cinnamon pretzels too.. seems to just be one per bag, but it sure is yucky! What a shame, because the rest of the bag is tasty! I have never had that problem with the HM pretzels...

Comment #5

Me too! It's only one pretzel in an occasional bag, and I don't keep the boxes until all the bags are gone so I have no reference # from the box.


Comment #6

Haven't tried the pretzels and now I am scared too... darn!..

Comment #7

Yes, I have had one pretzel in a bag taste moldy, from both cinnamon and honey mustard flavors. I always wonder if it is just my imagination since it is only one pretzel in a bag, but this kind of confirms that something else is going on. And it is definitely not sesame I am tasting. Especially not in cinnamon pretzels!..

Comment #8

Oh Luv2scrap do not be afraid to try to pretzels. I have not any any problems with them, but I must say I absolutely LOVE the Honey Mustard pretzels. Give them a try!..

Comment #9

Yeah, I've had it happen with HM for sure. I've only eaten a couple bags of the Cinnamon and I don't remember if it happened there..

What the heck? Do they have a saboteur in manufacturing who carefully places one off-tasting pretzel in each bag? Weirdness..

I will say that it hasn't discouraged me from eating them. It's just one pretzel after all. And I never get sick from it...

Comment #10

I am with the "I eat them anyway" crowd - it is just one pretzel out of a bag, and not all the time (I eat pretzels a lot). I haven't ever run into it with the HM pretzels, and I eat a ton of those - way more than the cinnamon..

It has never made me ill either...

Comment #11

So wait, are they moldy or do they just taste like it?..

Comment #12

Funny you should mention moldy taste - one of the reasons i'm considering never ordering the choco pudding again is for the same least one out seven has tasted moldy to me...

Comment #13

You mean has someone cooked up "moldy taste" in a lab, and manufacturing is carefully adding one drop of Moldy Taste Extract to one pretzel per bag?.

They are not *visibly* moldy. But I don't know how you'd get moldy taste without being a little moldy...

Comment #14

Theres a "Moldy Jelly Bean". Next to "Barf" and "Booger"...

Comment #15

Eagle, I'm deeply sorry to disappoint you, but barf and boogers are not OP. And you can only have mold if it's provided in a MFin' packet...

Comment #16

Well, I have a theory..

I used to work in Quality Control in a food processing factory (not MF). Sometimes, there is food buildup on the lines. Imagine great big conveyor belts with food moving up, down, and over them, and shields hanging above them so the food falls into a bin or to the next line. Now, they are *supposed* to stop the lines and clean those shields and belts and all the nooks and crannies every so often. But they are not always thorough. Sometimes they can't climb up and hand wash the shields; they just spray a hose at it.

Gross, but that's life in food production.....

Comment #17

I just ate a bag of the cinnamon pretzels today and didn't have any moldy taste. That's my second bag with no problems. And I even bought mine off of Ebay! Love the HM ones, too..

If I even had a hint of mold I'd be calling customer service for as much as this stuff costs! I bet they'd send you a new box!..

Comment #18

You may be onto something there. That is the only explanation that really makes much sense. Still customer service needs to know. I mean this is the food we are eating pretty much exclusively and paying for. And ingesting mold could be a real problem for someone who is allergic to it. Quality control is really important when a business is selling food that is billed as wholesome. If I got moldy tasting food at the grocery store, I would take it back no matter how it got that way...

Comment #19

Thanks for all of the responses! I know now that I wasn't just being overly sensitive. My package had 2-3 that tasted moldy, so I got nervous to try the rest of the box.

But I will, and if they aren't good I will notify CS..

Y'all Rock!.


Comment #20

Definitely notify Customer Service!!!! I remember once, I got a box of MFin Chicken Noodle soup which tasted odd....kind of like bacon. I called MF, they told me to send the box back & they'd replace it, free of charge. I wound up eating the soup tasted like BACON after all...LOL..

I eat tons of cinnamon pretzels & I haven't noticed a moldy taste to any one of them. I have noticed other oddities though....pretzels that are hard as stone, burned to a crisp, too much cinnamon/not enough cinnamon....the puffs sometimes have globs of flavorings bunched up in a rock hard ball....UGH....the quality control here is, ahem, what shall we say? Not the best? LOL..

Send em back girls...we pay for a product to be in edible condition. A moldy taste is unacceptable....a glob of puffy weirdness is not in the same league as mold..



Comment #21

Hmm I bet if we asked Nutrisystem they might say we could use 2 tbsp boogers on occasion... seems like almost anything goes these days...

Comment #22

Very weird indeed. I haven't noticed any yet, but I always eat a couple at a time, so maybe that one is getting lost amongst the others. I guess I should be eating them slowly anyway...

Comment #23

This has been my experience - I've eaten tons of pretzels! LOL! Thankfully no moldy flavored ones..

Comment #24

Keep in mind that 83% of your meals in a day come from MF. I'd reckon if you ate 83% of your meals from any company, you'd find some issues over time.

I highly doubt it is mold. It's probably a lack of or too much of one or more ingredients.

If you call and notify them I'm sure they would be happy to help...

Comment #25

I've never had a problem with the pretzels - either honey mustard or cinnamon. I'm sorry you had that - gross!.

I LOVE the pretzels! Actually, on here this morning so I can order more!..

Comment #26

After your first post with that signature, I thought it was funny ... 4 posts later ... ok, ok, I get it!..

Comment #27

PHEW! Thanks for straightening everyone out Eagle!!! I'm relieved to know that 83% of the time I'm eating 100% properly-made food!!! Only 17% of what I eat is tainted! YAYYYYYYYYY!!!..

Comment #28

Hmm I just ordered the pretzels yesterday. I guess I'll find out LOL..

Comment #29

All this talk of mold, one thought comes it no mind. How much mold have you eaten to distinguish that it is mold you taste? I eat them one at a time to make them last and never noticed anything odd in the taste. I probably look like some sort of chipmunk nibbling each stick down. I guess on the bright side, if it is you would be free of infections...

Comment #30

Eaten enough to distinguish the taste. Doesn't take many mold eating experiences to make an indelible impression. And of course there are many more mold smelling experiences (like opening the bread bag) and smell and taste being so closely linked makes the taste even easier to identify. Hopefully, it is penicillin mold we are tasting.....just think about how healthy all us Medifast pretzel eaters will be this winter...

Comment #31

For my pretzel experience it was only one in the odd bag and a very slight "did I just taste mold?" followed by another pretzel......fine, and another........ it's fine too.... I must have imagined it...

Comment #32

Yup, that's it exactly! I thought I must be losing my mind. Although I did say to a friend last week "there was the moldy one!" It's great to hear other people have experienced this...

Comment #33

The other 17% of the time we're too uptight to care...

Comment #34

I just had my first moldy pretzel (cinnamon) it was so awful I had to throw away the bag. Luckily I have the box so I can notify CS and if there is a batch problem they'll know. This is my 3rd bag from the box and the first one with a problem so I hope this is an isolated problem...

Comment #35

I'm glad you said it because I was like... I wouldn't know what mold tasted like! I know what it smells like, but tastes like ... nope. I will say that some bags there is something off... now whether or not it's mold... IDK. But eww if so...

Comment #36

Just got another one yesterday. It's weird because it is just one in the bag. I've had three bags like this but not in the same box. It's been in the corse of two or three boxes...

Comment #37

Rant on!.

I had one yesterday. Tasted like ssa. I am so sick of Medifast and the crappy quality control. My bags are never 32 grams. Always over..

And yesterday I forgot to check them before I left the house. Got to work, I had at least a double bag. No scale to check. I was so ******. I skipped a meal later to make up for it.

I just started on the pretzels. I am thinking that the 37-45 gram bags (yes I weigh them) are the reason for my slow down. I don't think I should have to weigh out 32 grams myself each time, but apparently Medifast isn't going to bother to do it, so I should..


Rant off!..

Comment #38

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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