Missing the old Medifast cinnamon pretzels??

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Kay's Naturals Better Balance Cinnamon Toast Pretzel Sticks taste exactly like the "old" pretzels that many of us loved. Unfortunately you'll have to wait until maintenance to eat them, but the ingredients are nearly identical. They have 10 more calories per serving but 6 less carbs than Medifast pretzels. They have nearly the same amount of protein, but not nearly as much of the vitamins...

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You can order single bags from netrition. I will bet money they are the manufacturer. They are nearly identical. Just weigh out the correct amount and the nutrition matches. The honey mustard pretzels are slightly more spicy. Parmesan chips and nacho chili cheese chips.

Right on. Plus they have cinnamon almond cookies. YUM. I tried it all. And a BBQ chip mix thingy.

I am so mad at Medifast over the pretzels. I just had to look elsewhere!..

Comment #1

Thanks I am going to look at them.

Kay's Naturals Better Balance Cinnamon Toast Pretzel Sticks: I found them for 53 cents !!!..

Comment #2

Just remember that these are most likely not appropriate as an Medifast meal replacement...

Comment #3

I'm on maintenance and I use kay's pretzels, the cinnamon and jalepeno honey mustard are daily treats for me. order mine through I agree with you john, they must be mfg by the same folks because they taste just like the "old" Medifast cin pretzels. the stats are the same, the only bugaboo is the bag is actually 1.5 servings compared to a Medifast bag, and i'm cool with that - I know how to weigh and measure only wish I could find a big bag of them, rather than the individual ones. it would really be even less expensive that way.....

Comment #4

They would be a Medifast meal if measured properly..

Way to go catfarmer..

Comment #5

They have them at amazon for 9.25 for 12 packages that weigh 1.5 ounces. Free shipping as well...

Comment #6

Not without the vitamin pack. It's not just about the calories and carbs. It's also about protien and nutrition. But you guys can do what you want. Kurtie was the smart one in suggesting you wait until after 5&1 to eat them...

Comment #7

Wow! RedRockLobster that is a deal. Thank you for sharing the info. Have you ever heard the very fun song "Rock Lobster" by the B52's? That is what your name reminds me of...

Comment #8

Yes! That's the inspiration. Your name cracks me up! I always tell my husband that I'm happy as a clam, and he's always confused. Are clams happy?..

Comment #9

Soooooooooo, everyone else is stupid?! honestly, you can be so rude..

Comment #10

Catfarmer thanks for saying what I was thinking .....I just stupidily went to Amazon and ordered me some...

Comment #11

We will come and bail you out of medifast jail I am starting the car now.....

Comment #12

LOL...........thanks I've been waiting for the knock on the door for them to come take me away, but it hasn't happened yet. LOL..

Comment #13

How can you possibly take De's comment about someone she believes has made a smart decision to be a rude thing to say? She obviously is pointing out that someone else believes as she does. She did not say ANYTHING about anyone else being stupid. Good heavens...

Comment #14

I know cat very well, and this is the first time I have ever seen her react this way, so I respect that she felt something negative about the post...

Comment #15

I took it as someone who does a lot of research before she makes a change and jumps off the plan giving her opinion. I did not see where she said anything about someone not having a brain...

Comment #16

I dont really think it was rude. My impression of that comment is that Hersch is talking to posters like they have no brain like she has to oversee the situation because they have no ability to know what she knows...

Comment #17

Just let it go sl....

We know De and we know that she is one of the most supportive people here. We also know that there are some people here who do not like honest and truthful commentary but want every comment to feel good, look good, and taste good. That's just not real..

De is...

Comment #18

Ah Nor, I am going to let it go. I just had to stick up for someone who has a lot of wisdom and shouldn't just be thought of as rude because she voiced her opinion..see ya in chat...

Comment #19

I think it came off as rude because she/he said someone or other was THE smart one in the thread, which certainly insinuates that the other people in the thread are not smart. Why is it that whenever s/he makes a comment that offends someone and they get upset, a bunch of old timers come out of the woodwork to back her/him up? I'm pretty sure s/he can stand up for him/herself quite nicely.

Newsflash: some people don't like it when they are condescended to. And those people may or may not complain about it...

Comment #20

FWIT My comment was not intended to be rude, but rather to point out that the original poster hit the nail on the head with her comment that these were more appropriate as post Medifast fare. If you look for rude, you will certainly find it. It is most often found in posts where people don't agree with your opinions. As I said before, these are most likely not Medifast replacement appropriate, but people will do what they want to take it however. Pointing out information. Not being rude...

Comment #21

Thank you! that is EXACTLY what it's about. i'm not usually one to say anything, but I spoke up, for the first time, and see where it got me? LOL! a bunch of slapdowns by "old timers" oooh well, let sleeping dogs lie, or lay, or go eat their pretzels or whatever it is they do. as for me, i'm having a great day and will continue to do so! i'll see you, my friends, in a more positive place as kip would say (napolean dynamite) peace out!..

Comment #22

Just thought I'd interject that I still have ONE box and THREE packets of "old" cinnamon pretzels left, and every time I eat a pack I get a little misty-eyed.....

Comment #23

I am convinced these pretzels threads are encoded conversations about politics. What else could cause such a stir)))).

On a fun note my dog has a new toy that squeaks. He is squeaking everywhere!!!.

Sort of like buying your a child drum set..

Comment #24

Happy that just made me laugh out loud with nobody in the room. Thanks for that. You should check out Amazon for their hysterical chicken squeak toys. they make me laugh too...

Comment #25

I hear they're going for a lot of moolah on the Medifast black market...

Comment #26

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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