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I am halfway to goal and I am stalling. Up and down 1-2 lbs for about 3 weeks. I am very happy that have lost 20 lbs. I feel great! Happier, healthier, free. I am at the high end of a normal weight for my height. But...that wasn't my goal.

I am lighter than I have been in over 10 years. And I feel good so I start to think maybe this is good enough. I want to loose more but I am not as determined as when I first started.

My family has been supportive. At first my husband said things like, "you're just meant to be thick" and "I like you curvy and voluptuous" and "as long as you don't lose that booty and the (@) (@)." This was usually followed with a flirty pat on the bottom or a squeeze on my hips. At first I thought he was saying those things because he didn't want to seem excited about me losing weight. Or, I thought he was being kind just in case I didn't lose any weight. But, this morning I told him I was lagging in my weight loss and I needed some new motivation he just shrugged his shoulders and said..."I like your vouluptous-ness" I am starting to think he is really serious. I know he doesn't mean to but, it's kind of messing with my head.

So between feeling satisfied with my loss thus far and my husbands kind words...I feel like I am mentally sabotaging myself!!! Has anyone else gone through this???.

Thanks for listening!..

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Can you tell us *why* you want to get to mid/lower healthy for your height? Is that because the charts suggest it's better? There is a LOT of variation in the human body, and plenty of people here have had their docs suggest a high-end goal weight for their health..

So, if you're just being attached to a smaller number, I say transition now before you fall off by accident and gain it all back..

If you have other reasons, then maybe you tighten up your plan and wait it out. Like if you're not happy with how you feel, how you look in clothes, etc. If you've got something else you want to see looking back at you and you feel like your physical self (NOT the NUMBER) is still disappointing, then hang in here and ignore the happy hubster..

Congrats on your success!..

Comment #1

I was struggling with the same thing for the past 2/3 months. I was about 185, exactly half way, and at my college freshman weight (which was 15-20 higher than my high school weight). I had started to look and feel normal again, and since school (i'm in law school) had started up again, I saw most of my friends who had last seen me at 235. To say the least everyone was very impressed that I had shed so much weight, and the attention felt good. Combined with getting more attention while out partying, and fitting into skinny jeans, I got really lazy and almost OK with stopping at 185. I looked great, felt great, was getting compliments and fitting into great clothes...and like you, I've always liked my "thickness" and have no desire to be a stick thin, straight as a board, woman.

That led to 2 months of self-sabotaging, and my weight bounced from 185-180. I've recently realized that while I'm happy now, I'll be a million times happier in 30-40 pounds when I'm at goal. My new-found motivation has been hunting for the perfect new year's eve dress (*&Mppg=0). Based on how I gained weight, I should have a pretty flat stomach within the next 10 lb, and look good enough to wear it. And working in small increments, with mini-goal rewards for the extra motivational push to continue, really helps get through the day-to-day boredom. Plus, I've recently dropped to a new all-time low (176.4!), and that's motivation to continue because it wont be long before goal!..

Comment #2

I guess I feel that it is still too close to being overweight and if I want to be at my healthy-best I should get further away from being in the overweight range.

Glad to hear that someone else has gone through a similar situation!..

Comment #3

I can relate in a sense.....I have passed my original goal, but my "real goal" I still feel is another 5 - 10 pounds. I have been maintaining for months now pretty much, not wanting to go into transition, but not ready to give up the dream. I'd like to go down a size as well and give myself that extra cushion being only five feet. Since I have been feeling much better about myself though, I let my guard down and not been as diligent although remaining OP on Medifast to push it to those last few pounds hanging on..

This has changed now starting this week. I told myself January is transition for me, extra pounds off or not (I am also scared to transition) so I need to ***t or get off the pot and GET ER DONE! I'm going for it because I want it for me, regardless of those that tell me I don't need to lose any more weight, including my DH. I did explain how I felt to him and he understands. The bottomline is it's my struggle, my journey, my body. This is a decision imo only you can honestly make...

Comment #4

Thanks for the feedback ladies. I needed it. It's so great to have a support system like this one in place. It's nice to get things off my chest and hear that others are going through the same stuff!.

JoBeth-you are is my decision. I have to make the right one for me..

Stayed 100% OP yesterday. I want to go farther!.

Thanks again!!!..

Comment #5

Health is not determined by a number on the BMI chart. BMI is for describing large groups of people, not individuals. It is a rough guideline that applies very well to some people and not well at all to others (muscular athletes for instance). Just saying that if this is your entire basis for your goal you might want to think a bit more about what health means to you - being able to run faster? Having a leaner physique? Less weight on your joints? Etc...

Comment #6

Of course I was generalizing or maybe simplifying, if you will. It means a lot of things to me. If you'd like I can list some of them:.

1)smaller breasts means less pain and pressure on my back and neck.

2) Less weight on my joints, especially my knees that have started to pop and crack lately.

3) I have had gestational diabetes which puts me at a higher risk to become diabetic as I age and gain weight.

4) Hypertension runs in my family, I don't have it and I want to try to decrease my chances of getting it..

5) Because I want to look HOT when we go on a cruise in April 2011..

Those are just off the top of my head...

Comment #7

Of course #5 has nothing to do with my health but it is a motivating factor :-)..

Comment #8

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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