Melted Nutrisystem food

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Summer is here with a vengeance, and the whole country seems to be going through a heat wave.

I am in the food service business and NEVER have anything shipped to me over the weekend (dont think Nutrisystem does this) and it ALWAYS has a cold pack or two. In fact my vendors will not ship without taking extra care of the product in summer.

Received my Nutrisystem shipment around July 7. Have just started eating it - had food left over. Well, all the chocolate melted and then resolidified during shipping. Not so great! Called the Nutrisystem hotline and was not impressed with the Nutrisystem response. The operator offered to replace the items for me, but I said no, no not necessary (they will probably melt this time too). However, the reason I am calling is that I think Nutrisystem needs to take extra care with their product when shipping in summer.

The lady said that basically they take care of the problem by replacing the food. What a waste of food! Why not take care of the situation by using cold packs in the boxes. Not just the chocolate will be affected by the heat, but it could have an affect on the rest of the food. I mean this is food after all..

This call left me with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. I have been totally satisfied with Nutrisystem up to this point, however, if they have so little concern about how their product (which is food someone will eat) is shipped, then how much concern do they take in the production of their product?.

This will not cause me to depart from Nutrisystem completely (I have reached goal and am starting to transition to a maintenance plan), but it has put a big question mark in my mind...

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Your question was: Melted Nutrisystem food.

I agree, Sandy. We get free shipping (with AD) because they do not overnight it. Can you imagine the charges if they did. Those boxes are heavy!.

I have never seen a cold pack that lasts very long unless the item is also has special packaging...again, huge additional cost..

I just make adjustments to my order depending on projected temperatures...which is still not fool-proof. I've been very lucky. However, most people do say that it tastes the same if you just throw it in the frig or freezer when it arrives to firm back up...

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It sounds to me like it would be an incredible waste of money to ship shelf-stable food with ice packs, especially since the food may be in transit for days. There's no way the company would be absorbing that cost themselves, and I'd prefer not to have to pay the higher prices that would result from that "service". I've not had any chocolate items arrive melted - and it sounds like you haven't prior to this, either - but if they did and I was bothered by it, I'd probably just order other, non-melty items instead...

Comment #2

My shipment yesterday was completely melted too. It's not a really big deal with the chocolates but I'm afraid that the cheese for the pizzas might have melted too. We'll see when I have one for dinner tonight. Hopefully not.

I'd think that Nutrisystem would want to do something about the problem too. I don't mind too much eating a deformed chocolate bar, but I know that (especially at work) whenever people see me eating Nutrisystem food they start asking how I like it, if it works, and other questions. If anyone sees me eating this melted chocolate bar today for lunch, all they're going to ask me is what the heck it is!!!! It just makes Nutrisystem look bad, which is a shame because I really love the program...

Comment #3

I wouldn't worry to much about the pizza cheese....if a 500 degree broiler can barely melt that stuff, I doubt a stuffy UPS truck will!!.

Seriously, though, I've been through a few summers with Nutrisystem already and, even though some of the chocolate items get a bit deformed (I didn't know the nutrichocolates weren't just a block of chocolate until 3 months into the plan!), they taste just fine once they've re-hardened. Chocolate is pretty resilient that way. The rest of the food is packaged to endure varying temperatures since it's soft cannedI wouldn't worry to much about it..

They only heat-related casualties I've ever seen were chocolate items..

Congrats on making it to maintenance!..

Comment #4

Yep the chocolate things may take on new shapes but they still taste the same after resetting. TMS nailed it on the pizza cheese if my oven set to 450 convection cant melt it a heatwave doesn't stand a chance, it's indestructible! :-P..

Comment #5

I never worry about as I would not want chocolate that did not melt. I doubt cold packs would work since orders take a week to get to you at times. My last order did. Either do not order the chocolate in summer or just put in the fridge or a cool place to harden back up..

Comment #6

I'm ok with the chocolate re-hardening, but it's a little undignified licking all the chocolate off the inside of the wrapper!..

Comment #7

It always amuses me at how many people that are surprised that chocolate melts in the heat. As for the rest of the food not being able to handle the heat - you'd think that, after how long Nutrisystem has been shipping out this product, if there WAS an issue with the heat it would have been discovered by now...

Comment #8

How do you know they didn't find an issue and just haven't emailed the information yet?.

ETA: btw, as Gianavel knows, I'm teasing! There is no issue with the heat and the Nutrisystem food...other than melted chocolate!..

Comment #9

I absolutely love Nutrichocolates! But I know now is not the time to get them so I changed my order for the next few months to accommodate! No big deal...I'll start ordering them again soon enough because I know they will not survive the trip on the UPS truck...why complain? Just use a little common sense.....

Comment #10

I guess I don't even think twice when things melt since it is hot here so much of the season. I ordered some cupcakes from Harry & David, two day delivery, they came in a silver insulation pouch with two large ice packs and all that was packed in styrofoam. They arrived completely warm. So there is no way Nutrisystem can even begin to fight the heat with some ice packs, it would be a total waste of time. The food is fine, I haven't gotten sick yet and am finishing my second month. My chocolate melted and is out of the original shape for many items but the flavor is fine, the hardest part is peeling the wrapper off of it.

Just be grateful you don't have melted food 9 months out of the year like I do!..

Comment #11

I find that if you let them cool, either overnight in the kitchen, or in the fridge, they still taste the same and are just a little wonky. I still eat them and they are still great! I love my peanut butter bars when they are slightly melty anyway XD..

Comment #12

FWIW everyone. I live in the Deep South and know heat and things melt for sure. I have not, however, quit ordering my CHOCOLATE. I have my shipment held at my nearest UPS Customer Center for me to pick up - that way it does not sit on an un-airconditioned truck or on my porch in the heat! I have had my last two shipments done this way without any complications OR melted/melting objects. If you live in a hot climate area, do what I do during those wicked months. When you next delivery is shipped AND assigned a UPS tracking number, call Customer Service to have you package "held for you". Simple...

Comment #13

Wow, what a great idea! I can honestly say that this never would've occurred to me...

Comment #14

But what about when that truck sits somewhere inbetween? It takes my food 3 to 7 days to get to me...

Comment #15

Just as FYI. None of the UPS operations locations are air-conditioned. So the only advantage of having it held is that maybe they will hold it at an air-conditioned customer pick up location and the chocolate will have had time to solidify in the few hours before you pick it up......

My DH manages the folks that load UPS trucks and I know this one for a fact.... :-)..

Comment #16

Ah well, it was a nice idea. I would be far too lazy to go pick up my stuff from UPS anyways when it could just be waiting for me at home, but it woulda been cool if there was an easy solution for those who don't enjoy previously melted chocolate...

Comment #17

I know... I was thinking this last night as I was licking chocolate off the wrapper of the rainbow delights last night... lol......

Comment #18

I'm not ordering Rainbow Delights or NutriChocolates until at least October, but I don't mind putting my other chocolate things in the freezer. Just takes longer to eat them, which is not a bad thing. I wish the UPS shipping time didn't take as long as it does, but I'm happy for the service. Ice packs and special packaging wouldn't make any difference in the Tx heat, I'm sure. And as far as I'm concerned, there is absolutely no such thing as dignity when I'm eating chocolate. Just gotta have it!..

Comment #19

I just toss the chocolate in the fridge............. works for me..

Comment #20

I'd rather put it in the fridge then do without it!..

Comment #21

Cold packs do not do enough. They would have to use dry ice. I have had orders from Netrition and Pizza Fit'n Free that use ice packs and coolers and the food has arrived warm. On the other hand, Holey Donuts uses dry ice and the food arrives cold. Apparently Pizza Fit'n Free is slowly switching over to dry ice and I hope Netrition will do so as well..

Being in Florida, it doesn't really matter what time of year it is, it's always hot here. I used to get melted Nutrisystem chocolate even in parts of fall and winter here...

Comment #22

I had this problem with my first shipment this week. I called the 800 number. The lady was really nice. She offered to replace or exchange anything that melted. She said I could do that once a month to replace damaged items. No charge...

Comment #23

If you put it in the fridge, it's easier to get the chocolate off the wrapper with your fingertip Undignified?! I don't care Ain't nuthin' gonna keep me from my chocolate..

Comment #24

So you're going to replace your melted chocolate items with more melted chocolate items?..

Comment #25

That may or may not be true, but from my experience at my UPS center, none of my chocolate showed signs of melting or resolidifying. Plus, my center is less than 1/4 mile from my office and it is very convenient for me to go get it...

Comment #26

I just had my first experience with melted food... My food was delivered yesterday at 5 in the afternoon so I believe the UPS guy was driving around the city with my package in his truck on the hottest day in St. Louis! 103oF!!!.

ALL my desserts were melted and half of my lunch entrees (I get a lot of the bars).

Put them on the fridge but I don't know how it is going to be. All my Nutrichocolates turned into a big slob. I could drink them from the package when it was delivered..

I'm not happy......

Comment #27

Do not worry about it. They will be fine. Just not sure why people think that a UPS truck going across country does not get hot. If you do not want the chocolate in a glob, do not order in hot weather.

I always melt my Nutrisystem chocolates in the microwave anyway and spread on wax paper and stick in the fridge. Then spread some PB2 on the top...

Comment #28

Well, because if I can't have my chocolate every day my diet won't work!!!!! I've tried that before......

Comment #29

Just pop the melted chocolate in the fridge and let it solidify........... it is still good........ it's the best you can do..........

Comment #30

Yeah, I don't care if it's melted, it's chocolate!!!..

Comment #31

I melt my nutrichocos and dip my strawberris and fresh pineapple in it. Very tasty...

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