Medifast Week 1: Disappointing loss!

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After following the plan religiously the first week, I was anxious to see Abigail number. Unfortunately, I didn't. At least not what I would have expected considering other experiences I have read about. I lost 3.8 lbs. I have 90+ lbs to lose so it isn't like I only have 20lbs to lose. I feel like I could have gotten the same results with calorie counting and exercise.

I'm frustrated but I am trying to stick it out another week hoping it was just a fluke..

Any encouragement or advice would really be appreciated. What was your first weeks loss? If it was lower than you hoped, did you make it up in the second week?..

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The number one thing I could recommend is drink all of your water. 64 ounces is the minimum required amount of water. But, ideally you should drink half your body weight in water. For example if you are 200 pounds, you should drink 100 oz. of water. Give your body time to adjust and you will definitely not be disappointed.

Read the discussion boards, stick with the plan, and your body will catch up! You can do this!..

Comment #1

Jts I have been on for about 1 year and I think I lost 5 or so the first week. Don't be discouraged I would kill for 3.8 week. Good luck ask lots of questions. The people on this site are great...

Comment #2

Oh wow did you really? I have been discouraged because I lost 8lbs my first week and have made it to 13lbs...but when I look at some of the other people I feel like I must be doing something wrong.....

Comment #3

I can totally understand how that must be a bummer even though it really is a great number. The best thing about Medifast is you were able to be religious about following the plan, it's fool proof. You may not to get to eat "real" food all the time, but for many of us having lots of "real" food options all the time is the reason we have repeatedly failed and sometimes not even get through a full first week.

I had a slow week last week (my third), but I decided I'm not just on Medifast to lose tons of weight quickly. Its easy, black and white, curbs my hunger and I feel empowered having less anxiety about making all kinds of choices/I can concentrate more on the emotional stuff. I say give it a month of all you've got, if after that you decide it's not the plan for you then try something else. Good luck this week and do your very best!..

Comment #4

Be happy with 3.8, I gained 1.5 my first week and totally blew it and am having a hard time getting back on plan..

Comment #5

Don't be discouraged! Everyone's body is different, just follow the plan. I started after a friend of mine told me she lost 70 lbs in the course of about 3 months. I am only losing about 2 lbs a week, but it's progress, and I'm happy with that..

I look at it this way....if I get discouraged and sad, I have a tendency to eat, and I'd gain more weight. Any weight loss to me is a positive because I'll be that much lighter!..

Comment #6

Just keep trying. I lost 8lbs the first week but exercised for 1/2 an hour every other day. The past few weeks I have had progressivly slower losses (1.5, 2, 3, etc) I have now lost about 14.5lbs at the beginning of my fourth week. Keep it up and it will happen for you. Don't give up, there are real results here! See if maybe your clothes are fitting a little looser, and watch your carbs, don't go over 100 a day, aim for 85 a day....and the 5 medifast meals contain about 62 carbs. xoxoxox..

Comment #7

I have over 100 lbs to lose and I lost 3.2 lbs the first week.

We are all unique!..

Comment #8

Welcome to Medifast! this to me it best life change ever. Tips for the meals.

#1. soak all soups, I got Ziplock 2 cup bowls with twist lid awesome micro ready and no bhp.

#2. Make your drinks ahead of time. I like the hot cocoa made with coffee it is better cold so it the Cappuccino. it is ok caffeine to have some caffeine.

#3. I had spice to bring some the soups up, like cayenne to the chili, chix noodle, asian five spice to the wild rice with drop of sesame seed oil just a drop sprinkle of garlic to them too.

#4. brownie, I use 4 tbsp of water(some time espresso) 58 seconds in the nuke-machine I like my chewing, fridge it 2hr before eating.

#5 they all taste better few days when your body adjust with having all that other crap in todays common food. the fat and sugar.

#6. Make your house skinny first, it be alot easy to cross over when you not sitting in a crack house.

#7. if you cheat, make sure it only and only once, this is your life remember, or do like being fat, this case then you need to go see a pro for your mind is ready to be skinny.

#8. research ways to make the food exiting again, spices, for my fav, spicy brownie, dash of cayenne, chili powder, and cinnamon 4 tbsp of water or coffee, 48 seconds so there moist on the inside.

#9 if there a trigger, repeat "EAT TO LIVE , NOT LIVE TO EAT" if you catch yourself chewing on something bad, don't swallow, catch release, and this doesn't mean you try foods and spit them out.

#10. diet soft drinks keep them to one a day, if can't drink straight water then you better learn, all that fake crap makes you retain water, and tricks the body to work like it getting the real thing, use this if you can't drink your water, bite or sip of food, a drink of water and repeat this get more water in you.

#11. make sure you listen to your body, I take supplements to help out look into it may help you.

#12. read this has many time you need to.

Motivation, maybe crazy but it works.

To find that motivation, reach down grab that *O' So happy belly fat and there it is that is your motivation. Nothing taste better than skinny, stop beating yourself up for not doing and just go do it, this may easy to write but I do it every day, there nothing like looking at the amount of fat I need to loose get this fat butt in the gym, there isn't food that want that is only going to ruin what I want, I want to healthy! *This where you need to put your mind and need to stay there till you are at your goal. There will be plenty of life after you are skinny and healthy. If not save your money and get fat and lazy like the other that graze around the world get fatter and fatter, their sheep and I don't you to bee a sheep right.*.


Eat to live, and not live to eat*.

Hope this helps it helped me.

*i wrote on some blog I think I need to post it for every body to see*.

I am so crazy that all I got to say, no more wuss puss'in around this world*.

Good luck kicking fat out.


Comment #9

Please don't get discouraged. Everyone loses differently. Look at my losses. I was on plan 100% of the time but I'm in transition now. I was every other diet before this and I never lost a thing after my initial 30 pounds on WW. Best of all, I lost not just weight but inches! All the belly fat is gone.

A "front butt" as I called it. I now have a belly. A womanly pooch belly. All that fat I always keep in my butt, thighs and front butt melted. On weeks the scale didn't move at all I found I lost inches.

It's merely a tool. You could, on this plan no weigh yourself at all and if you follow the plan 100% you will lose weight without weighing yourself and get to your goal body. Truth...

Comment #10

Maybe you were not carrying much water? Some of us carry more water from the sodium-laden foods we were eating previously. If that was not you so much, then what you lost would be reasonable.

I have seen many on here who did not lose so much the first week, then rebounded the second.

Try and hang in there like suggested a month. If you are still not happy then and believe you can do it with diet and exercise and "real food" then have at it. I cannot. I need the structure of this program really bad to keep me moving forward. I like not having to think about my choices except one lean and green. Honestly, I wish I would never have to think about food again- it is like crack to me...

Comment #11

You aren't the only one who didn't have a huge loss the first week. My first week I only lost a pound. The next weigh in, I went up 2! BUT I feel good and I am not bloated like I was before. I don't know why I haven't had the loss that other people have, but at some point I have to. There is no way in the world you can't!.

One of the things I have started looking at my calorie index at the end of everyday to see wheat my Protein/carb/fat ratios are. I have noticed that even if I am on plan, that my carbs to protein ratio can be too high. You may need to play around with the types of carbs you are eatting...

Comment #12

Thanks so much to all of you for your replies. I don't feel alone anymore with my frustration and I see that maybe it is a fairly typical weight loss for week one. I was just hoping for a really big number to keep me motivated to eat this stuff..

The nice thing is that I haven't been hungry, ever on this plan which I have never had on any other diet...but I do find myself longing for "real" food. In particular, the twizzlers my daughter was snacking on this weekend. But I resisted..

I have been doing more searching for recipes and I found and made a great one for oatmeal muffins so that lifted my spirits yesterday. And this morning I added some SF raspberry syrup to my vanilla shake, that was yummy!.

So I'm getting day at a time as they say....

Any other suggestions for simple, (cannot stress enough how much I detest cooking) EASY recipes, please feel free to post them!! One thing I have had a hard time doing with some recipes is all of the calculations to figure out the equivilent of each ingredient to the plan. Like how much does 2 Tbsp of egg beaters really equate too??..

Comment #13

I was 100% my first week and lost .8 lb my first week back - not one cheat or deviation. Not even a one pound loss. But I know this program works and am going to stick with it through my second week. Let's do it. There are other factors at play here....mind over matter...

Comment #14

Just weighed myself mid-week and I have lost 2.2 lbs in since Monday so I am feeling much more optimistic!!.

Tried the cauliflower pizza yesterday too and that was yummy!.

I am sorry about your first week results roachie, I see that I should have and could have been much happier about mine now. Good luck to you!!!.

BTW, I love that people add their ticker and their week to week loss records to the bottom of their posts, how do you do that?..

Comment #15

Jts - go to EDIT MY PAGE, then edit ticker. Once you make your ticker it will show you a code (BB code I think). Copy that code - then go to edit signature (top left of discussion board page) and paste it in signature box. You can also put any other info or messages in your signature. Preview signature and if looks okay make sure to SAVE signature. Hope this helps and wtg on your first week!..

Comment #16

OOOOPS It's edit profile/settings - then choose edit signature...

Comment #17

Jts - yep you did lol - wtg!! keep rockin the program you are doing great~!..

Comment #18

Just want to say how much I enjoy reading everyone's encouraging posts! We are all from different places both in location and "life" - but we all have one thing in common. It helps me stay focused and motivated everyday when I come to these boards and read the words of wisdom and encouragement! Thanks!.

Getting healthier together~!..

Comment #19

Okay trying out this new signature thing to see if it works! here goes!..

Comment #20

Tomifast, when did you start on MF? Congrats on meeting your first goal!..

Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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