Medifast v Weight Watchers

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All my friends and co workers are running to a meeting this week to join and get in on the new program...

So interesting... WW finally thinks eating more whole foods and less junk food is the way to lose weight....

I wonder though how much money they will lose on their cakes, breads, etc....

I say no thanks... maybe for maintence, Please God let me get there, but not now... now I will stick with THE best way to lose the lbs... MEDIFAST..

Comments (30)

I hope WW works for your friends. For me, it was a bustI was always starving and would lose 1 lb or something a week. Didn't work for me and I'm excited about MF, too!..

Comment #1

I started this journey with Weight Watchers. Even though I started Medifast in January I still go to WW because it's the cheapest group therapy around. Alot of the discussion is on learning how to change your mindset from a fat person to a thin person. I also have a great leader! She knows that I'm on Medifast and still motivates me along with everyone else...

Comment #2

I always lost weight on WW and I think it is a great program. But I got to a point that there was too much wiggle room on that plan for me. I needed (need) the structure of MF. I didn't want to think about what I would eat and whether or not I should eat it. Medifast has taken away my cravings and given me the the mindset that OFF PLAN FOOD = NO! The absence of alternatives has freed my spoiled brat mind to focus on something besides when I would get the next megaflavor eating experience...

Comment #3

Cellis: I just had an "Aha" moment reading your post. Not only on Medifast am I not hungry (That is amazing enough), but I just realized I haven't had cravings for anything. Now that is an earth shattering revelation here in Glenn Land! Thanks for the kick start into realization!!.


Comment #4

Glennbo: Amazing isn't it? It has taken away all my cravings. I think it because it has simplified my palate and reprogrammed my brain to not expect and then endeavor to make every meal to taste like the best meal I ever had. It has also leveled out that blood sugar thing where I would eat sugar, feel good, feel bad, eat more sugar in a never ending cycle. For that business to be gone is a big time blessing...

Comment #5

Before I started MF, I realized that I had an unnatural relationship with food. With the perspective that I have now, it was a true physical addiction to bad types of food. Being able to reprogram my body to not crave the bad stuff has been a miracle to me. I stood at a tray of Christmas goodies and watched my manager eat forkfuls of vanilla fudge today. It didn't bother me a bit. The fat girl in me occasionally thinks that having a little taste of something would be OK, but the control that I have found says no, and there's no second thought.

On WW, I'd be on my 3rd skinny cow by now.

So, congrats, Glenn. Here's to your continued success!..

Comment #6

OH Yes. The Skinny Cow that helped turn me into the Fat Cow...

Comment #7

I love WW and have had success on the plan 3 times before and between my pregnancies. However, I use my points for EVIL. I am probably completely malnourished during WW because I eat at least half my points in junk..

I love Medifast because my nutrition is balanced, my blood sugar is very steady, and I am actually not hungry!.


Comment #8

I did WW before and lost quite a bit of weight then regained about half. This time I found that WW didn't work for me for whatever reason. I think that "choices" had something to do with it. Medifast has choices which gives me variety but is much more regimented. As for cravings, with Medifast they're gone - thank goodness...

Comment #9

WW never worked well for me because all I ever thought about was FOOD and what I was going to eat next. Plus I really don't like food prep at all. The regimentation and restrictions of Medifast seem to be a natural fit for me. And I can still get dressed up and go out to eat with my husband several times a week!..

Comment #10

I think WW is a great program....however, it doesn't work for me. I've done the diet before and lost weight, but I am one of those people that got caught in the loop holes of the program. Basically, I tried to follow the rules and still cheat the program. And...the reason I really believe Medifast was successful for me and WW was not was because Medifast was so highly structured. I'm a rule follower...always have been...and following the Medifast rules made it so that I had to FACE the fact that I am an emotional eater. I couldn't use the WW rules to hide it...and pretend it wasn't there.

WW allowed me to continue to comfort myself with food...and tell myself I was still working my program..

However, I do think their new program where they encourage more fresh fruits and veggies and less 100 calorie pack fantastic. It reminds me a lot of what I eat in maintenance..



Comment #11

I too, was on WW right before I started MF. I can't beleive the difference in my life, between the two diets. Like what everyone else said; I obsessed over food all the time when on WW. What was I going to get to eat next, what I couldn't have because I used up all my points. Etc. I would get so very frustrated when I worked the diet down to the letter and only lost .5 lbs, onlce.

With MF, Idon't even think about food. The cravings are gone and the schedule and regimen fit in my life so much better. I lost 7 lbs on WW the first and only month I was on it. When I switched to MF, going into the first week of my second month I have dropped 21 lbs! That is enough to convince me to always trust the Medifast program! I really love how Medifast really sets you up for success, in that it redirects your focus; It helps us learn and reprogram Our thought processes and our relationship with food..



Comment #12

When I first started WW in 1996 the program was much more structured. The program back then had dietary exchanges-I had to eat a certain of protein, fat, fruits, veggies, and grains, and had a little bit of wiggle room for other things. I wasn't hungry on the program and lost 30+ pounds. However, once they came out with the points program it became more of a struggle since I made crappy choices. Fats, salt, sugar, and alcohol instead of lean meats, whole grains, etc... I lost some weight staying in the points but really, I didn't follow the dietary rules and struggled with hunger because of that...

Comment #13

I think I must be the only fat person in the world who never tried WW. Right now in Outer Mongolia there's a fat woman trying to figure out how many flex points she has left. I should get an award of some kind...

Comment #14

Love your comments! I can just picture that poor fat woman in Outer Mongolia........

Comment #15

Can I join your club? I've never done WW..

Although I've done a ton of other programs! LOL..

Comment #16

Me too, me too! But I did do South Beach and some thingie where you ate no fat... They worked great until I felt good enough and stopped... and then that was fine until the next horrible breakup...

Comment #17

I did WW too, but got tired of paying for meetings when all that was discussed was how many jelly beans or Fig Newtons you could have for "x" amount of points. I am back at Medifast now after I discovered that I have a gluten problem and part of the reason I gained back most of my Medifast weight loss was because of it. Several weeks before coming back to Medifast I went gluten free and surprisingly, all of those cravings went miraculously away. I think part of the reason I did so well on Medifast before was because of the lack of gluten in most of their products. I never was much of a bar or pretzel eater when I was on Medifast before..

This time I will properly transition...without gluten... and expect great results..


Comment #18

I was gaining weight on WW. The most I lost was 1/4lb in one week. Too much planning, prep, weighing measuring etc. I was ALWAYS hungry and ALWAYS thinking about food.

I am so thankful for Medifast!..

Comment #19

I was gaining weight on WW. I could not even lose 7lbs in one month! I would have been thrilled if I had lost 7lbs. At the end of the first month, I weighed MORE!.

I decided to try Medifast and lost 13 lbs the first week. I was HOOKED!!!!..

Comment #20

FIVE TIMES!!! Five times I tried WW and five times I gained all the weight back plus. I always ran out of steam fairly quickly and found myself not staying on plan. I was not a fan of the support groups either.

Jenny Craig - 3 times... same thing. So many other variations of diets as well. You name it. I've been on it. In the case of JC I even started to binge on all my brownies, cake, whatever they had.

Granted.. all of these other times I never made the real congitive/thinking changes that needed to take place but I also don't feel like those programs gave me any advantage or bought me the time to make them. I'd also always sabotage myself by the time I got to goal or close to goal thinking I could eat like a "normal" person once I was off the diet and not look back...

Comment #21

At first I was skeptical about MF. I thought it was too easy!..

Comment #22

I have done weight watchers and done well. I got to my goal weight watchers also. I was most successful when it was the CORE program. Than they changed it to the Turnaround and I didn't do as well. I know that they recently did those other changes..

I plan on doing WW for maintainance because I do think it is a good thing. I also have a serious problem with food addiciton. Until I get this food addiction fixed there is no diet, surgery, product or pill that will fix it. It is my head. Well I could super glue my lips shut because wiring my jaw I could still have shakes etc..

I also have a gluten allergy. I eat gluten free and my losses are consistent, which is why the CORE program was so good for me...

Comment #23

I think WW is an excellent program for people who don't decide to start changing the plan whenever it is convenient (aka ME). Also it didn't really help me address or even realize a bigger problem. I organized my life around food instead of taking the focus off of food as a central activity. It was way too easy for me to tweak all situation to still be totally about food. In the end I was still the foodaholic trying to restrain instead of change myself...

Comment #24

I've done WW 2, or is it 3, times. And yeah, all I ever did was think about food, about the food I was trying to still fit into a "healthy" eating plan. At first it was great (still is for alot of people) but like Diane, I noticed the conversations at meetings was not about the week's subject but about how to tweak the program to keep eating the foods that made you fat in the first place. But on MF, like so have said, I am NOT craving those foods. (on WW I lived on 100 calorie packs of anything) Because I have broken the cycle of needing those foods, I won't buy them or bake them again, so they are no longer a problem..

As long as this forum is around, I don't need WW - there is more knowledge right here...

Comment #25

I figure different programs may be a good 'fit' for other people, and I don't judge that. When I started MF, my sweet Daughter in Law (who lived with me )needed to lose weight as well. We figured out fast that Medifast would NOT work for her. She could not stand the Medifast products or doing without 'food'. (in her words) She would have given up in a week. However, 3 weeks later she joined WW for the first time.

She has been in the WW program for 9 weeks and hit the 30 pound loss mark tonight. I am so darned proud of her! Yes, she does make poor choices with her points some times. But, she is also learning the workings of a budget. Whether it is points or $, that is a tough learning curve. I see her making wiser food choices and really liking being in control of her eating.

Accountability is everything. She has done this during a very stressful time, remodeling and moving into a new home. Following her plan gave her the strength to work through those stressors. So I work my program and she works hers and we both support and celebrate each other. We will be healthy together! Violet..

Comment #26

I was on and off the WW wagon for about 3 years, I yo-yo'd like crazy. I also ended up just buying a ton of their pre-packaged meals and desserts, so it was VERY expensive. I didn't find it as user friendly as MF, I never knew what to also did not help me with my Diabetes, since I could basically eat anything within a point value. With Medifast I finally have control of my blood sugar, and after only 3 weeks!.

WW just didn't work for me...

Comment #27

"IrememberU"...... YOU are one wonderful mother in law, your daughter in law is very blessed !!!!..

Comment #28

I just went back to WW to reclaim my lifetime status. I was down 30 pounds since I last weighed there. I paid $11 and now I'm free again so long as I weigh each month. I lost 86 lbs on WW but after a couple years, all my bad habits crept back in because you can eat everything and anything. That is my downfall. Now that I'm on Medifast my cravings have stopped and I'm eating as I should.

I will continue on Medifast and go to the meetings but I won't divulge to anyone but one close friend that I'm still on it. I just don't relish the idea of counting points again. I do find it interesting that WW now is watching protein and carbs, something they have worked on for three years. I gotta wonder if they aren't a bit worried about MFs great success, cause it sure is!..

Comment #29

I love it! I agree about using points for evil. There Is this amazing book I am reading about change called SWITCH - I see that WW gives me too many choices. Too much choice paralyzes us and prevents us from taking action. That was an insight of the book that I totally agree with...

Comment #30

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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