Medifast taste bad - does it ever change?

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How long does it take to stop hating the Medifast food? Whether it tastes bad, or bland or I'm just getting bored of it, I feel like if I can't get over the horrible taste of all the food and that I'm not going to be able to keep doing it. Yesterday I actually ate the right number of meals and by the time it was dinner time my stomach hurt I felt so hungry. Some days the meals fill me up and other days it feels like I haven't eaten anything. And I don't like any of the food. Even things that people on here say that they like, the cinnamon pretzel sticks I think are gross, and the brownie isn't that good either. I need to somehow make this work though. It's only my second week, I didn't want to feel this discouraged already I think I did pretty good my first week, but instead of it getting easier, as most people say it does, it's getting harder...

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Hi Andrea,.

Hang in there just a little longer. It takes a while for your body to forget what all the sugar and other unhealthy things taste like. You've spent your whole life up until these last two weeks "spoiling it" with things it really didn't need. We're all here for that on one level or another..

It's rough at times, and there's not a single person here who I think will disagree with that. You're in the one place where we can all say that we've been there and we know how it feels. Only you can make the choice to see it through though. Wonderful things are ahead of you. A healthier body, marriage,'s coming sooner than you think.

You can do it!..

Comment #1

I'm not sure I love the Medifast food even now 6 months later. I don't hate it and there isn't anything I cannot make work. For me in order for it to get easier it was my mindset. I knew I wasn't going to be eating gourmet food however L&G comes pretty close alot. We make some really tasty stuff.

Have you tried eating more of the meals that do satisfy you. You may have to play with the times you eat. I eat all my Medifast between 8-4 and have my L&G around 6. That seems to be the schedule that helps me feel the most satisfied...

Comment #2

I can totally relate. Nobody mentioned the yuck factor. I am only on my third day and have tried three different shakes, two different soups, three different oatmeals and five different crunch bars. I cannot bring myself to try the eggs and have not had a chance to try the pudding yet. However, after reading a few suggestions on this site, I think I can make things work better. Soaking the oatmeal and soup makes an enourmous difference, as does adding boullion to the soup.

So far, I do not mind two of the shakes and two of the bars; they are actually okay. I figure after I try everything and then maybe retry in another week as suggested, at least I have a couple of things I can use regularly and stay on the program. Every meal pretty much has the same nutritional value so I feasibly could do just shakes and bars along with my lean and green and be okay. All I can say is thank you for the lean and green - my daily savior. Suffering over a little dissatisfaction is better than suffering with being fat...

Comment #3

Paraphrasing something I have seen....

To get something you haven't had, you have to do something you haven't done..

Is the dissatisfaction with the meals unbearable? Or just difficult?.

Choosing to wait for what you want (healthy body) is more difficult than choosing to get what you want right now (good tasting food) but will be more satisfying in the long run...

Comment #4

First, ask yourself if you are doing this for you or some one else or something else? Just knowing it is for you and all about you will help a LOT! I know I am doing this for me and me alone. I want to live a long time. I decided I don't want to die young and I want my quality of life to be GREAT.

Second, the food takes a LONG time to get used to as the after taste can be nasty. That sample variety pack they sent was just ridiculous. My mom and I signed up together and we were ready to drop out if we had to live on shakes & bars. The oatmeal made us gag and we had to throw it out - ended up returning it all. That was before we found the Medifast online community and learned you can turn those into other things - cake, waffles, pancakes, cookies... Some people are SO creative!!! My mom thought I was NUTS when I logged in after not even a week and ordered MORE food - we ordered pretzels, puffs, snacks, basically every single item and tried them ALL.

Third - the hunger while your stomach shrinks and you change your lifestyle is tough the first few weeks. The first 2 weeks were pure hell for me - I LOVE to eat and I am a stress eater. If you are planning a wedding, and experiencing stress, you may be driven to eat more. So know your triggers and devise a plan to deal with them. I found the Honey mustard pretzels to be GREAT for stress eating. Also the chocolate crunch bar has become a substitute chocolate bar for me (helps me feel like I am cheating a little bit!)..

4th - if you are still that hungry - if you are experiencing headaches, nausea, weakness, etc. maybe try the diabetic version - 4-2-1 - check that out. I switched after 2 weeks after seeing it on the online community boards. WOW! I immediately dropped weight - I think my body had gone into starvation mode and refused to loose weight. Now I eat MORE calories but less carbs (again - the online Medifast community helped me understand important things such as ketosis) and am loosing weight..

Keep reading the support groups and you will be amazed at the recipes..

Good luck with your program and wedding plans...

Comment #5

Thank you guys! It definitely helps having the support... and seeing that I'm not the only one who doesn't like the food, and I may never love it, so that's something I'm not going to wait for. Where can I look up the 4-2-1 plan? I have been getting blood work done earlier in the year and it said I might be getting diabetic (something that I clearly would like to avoid), and then the next time I got blood work done my blood sugar number was lower, so they need to check it again, so I don't know if I am diabetic or not, and I may also have a hypothyroid problem, the numbers have also been fluctuating with my blood work. So I think I'd like to look into the 4-2-1...

Comment #6

It also helps to split your lean and green. You can have a small salad and half your protein earlier in the day and eat the rest for dinner. I sometimes have 1/2 cup of scrambled egg beaters for breakfast with a few sauteed veg, like an omelette, and reduce my l&g dinner by 25%. I like the shakes if they are blended with ice. Have you tried that?..

Comment #7

Search forums on 4-2-1 and read what comes up. Do you have the book that came with your initial order? read through that on the diabetic 4-2-1 version. I have (real) eggs (sometimes w/ a little cheese) for b-fast and my L&G for dinner. Makes a HUGE diff on my entire day and ability to not eat my way through the day. still a major stress eater, but pretzels & puffs & crisps have helped - as have the chocolate crunch bars. 100 calories and all the nutrition of a full meal.

I am doing what works for me so I can lose weight...

Comment #8

When you order your food, don't get their sample pack. Get what you want and order individually. I love the brownies, pudding, dark chocolate shakes, and beef stew. They have about 60 different foods to try. And soak the soup for 3 hours before you cook it. The ingredients will be completely hydrated and large.

Some folks prepare their soup and put it in the frig until the next day..

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels! This program is not a diet to do to lose a few pounds to look better. It is a life changing thing and will change your relationship with foods.

It is very important to drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water EACH day. Crucial......and it will certainly keep you from hunger..

Just do it! You got some great advice on here, so listen to them all..



Comment #9

In my first batch of food, I received a wide variety of different foods since I opted to get the three weeks worth of food free and automatic shipping. I did not like the oatmeal. I did not like some of the soups. I did not like the shakes (ANY of them) so I placed another order two weeks into the program and ordered the things that I did like (CN soup, tomato soup, broccoli soup, bars, etc.). This helped me to continue with the program. I saved all of my dislikes for later (after my initial "This is hard work" phase) and found recipes on the boards to make sure none of my Medifast went to waste.

I made chocolate pancakes, blueberry pancakes, etc. I was able to salvage my cappuccino with SF syrup. IOW, If there is a will, there is a way..

FYI: Adding things to any of the Medifast foods to "make them better" may slow the weight loss process down a bit so when I did finally eat the things I disliked, I ate them once a day or every other day depending on how the weight loss was going. I am a daily weigher and kept track of it that way..

I am CajunWe can spice up anything, add more fat, and make any food betterEven after my tummy was used to this way of life, I made the program work for me. It is all in the mindset. It requires a lot of commitment and a lot of sacrifice. If anyone told you it would be easy, they lied. Was your mind/body really ready to begin this journey? Are you ready to lose the weight, be healthier, wear smaller clothes? If so, it will take courage and a lot of commitment. It will not be easy.

For me, eating is no longer something to celebrate. It is just sustenance for the body, PERIOD. Even now, 15 months after MF, the only time I let myself go (still within reason) is on vacay because I figure if I only vacay twice a year, I can afford to gain a couple of pounds during those times since losing a couple of pounds will only take a couple of weeks (now that I know how my body works and what I can and cannot do).Commit today and your scale will smile for you tomorrow.

Mmc99 ~ My recommendation for the eggs is that you cook them on the stove. I tried the microwave and I did not like the texture. Cooked on the stove, there is no difference between Medifast eggs and eggbeaters..


Comment #10

I actually am noticing certain foods that I'm liking more. The first time I tried the brownie, I guess since it smelled just like a regular brownie, I was thinking it would taste like one. But I just made my second one and knowing that it wasn't going to be as good as a regular brownie, I like it much better. The shakes are also hard for me to use because I don't always get to use my blender, sometimes I leave it at home, so usually I really only drink the shakes on the weekends. Or if I'm staying at my fiance's house I don't always remember to bring it, which is tough, I try to keep the puffs and bars in my car in case of that happens, but I"m going to have to try different recipes for the shakes. I definitely hate the soups though, I've tried to let them sit, I don't like it maybe because the chicken doesn't even remind me of real chicken.

I don't think I could do it without this board...

Comment #11

When you don't have your blender with you...try shaking it with ice. I've realized that I only like the Dutch Chocolate shakes..and it has to be ice cold. I put mine into the shaker w/ some water & ice...and SO much better. Like everyone has said, you have to kind of experiment with certain things..also, just because you don't like it now doesn't mean you won't like it later. This is only my 2nd week and already I can tell a difference with the way I taste things. What I thought was horrible on day one, I only think is a little terrible

Give it some time-looks like you're seeing great results already. We just have to get ourselves out of the mindset that the salty, sugary stuff is good...when in turn it has no nutritional value. Sometimes it's hard work, but it will be SOOOOO worth it!..

Comment #12

Good motivation to stay OP and get the weight off as fast as possible??..

Comment #13

I just tried using my braun hand blender in the cream of broccoli soup and it did wonders. It frothed up - got rid of all the usual clumps - and then I added some shredded cheese - about 1/4 cup and nuked. Very yummy. I actually felt OVER full! for a change!..

Comment #14

I love the shakes, with any of the chocolate-y ones being my faves, but I like the fruity ones, too. Being a volume girl, I'm always adding club soda to the fruity ones and leftover coffee to the chocolate-y ones. With the shakes make sure you start off with ice cold water. I bought two small blenders. One for home, one for work, so I always have easy access to my shakes. I never use the shaker jar, only the blender.

One is the maple/brown sugar oatmeal. Soaking does help. I don't know why I hated it initially but now I love it. Soaking the chicken noodle and the chicken/rice soups makes all the difference, too. I have not tried every Medifast product, but the only thing I've tried that I really can't stand is the tomato soup.

At first glance, when I received my first order and I saw how teeny the bars were, I was like "You gotta be kidding me. That's a meal?" But now it seems normal to me. My sense of portion control had completely abandoned me, for almost a decade, until I started Medifast in March. Until then, a portion was whatever I could get away with. Rice? A whole plate full.

Now I don't eat those foods at all and I do not miss them at all. I am very content with my Medifast packets and with the portion control...

Comment #15

My son says "hunger is the best spice" but so far it hasn't helped with some of the Medifast food. Some of it is fine and that is what I will be ordering next time but Thank God for the Lean and Green!..

Comment #16

I remember when I first started ....the first lunch I took to work was the chili cause I do love chili! I remember my son (works for me) standing in the doorway, arms folded, waiting for me to eat it. I felt like I was the child. It was SOOOOO nasty I was spittin' little bits ino my napkin each time he got a little distracted. I promptly returned the other 6 chili. Fastforward 11 months......smelled something delicious when I walked into the office. One of my coworkers was seeing huge success with MF.


Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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