Medifast success tips you wish you knew?

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Hi all,.

I'm new to the program. Just started this morning..

Anything you know now that you wish you knew starting off?..

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Welcome! I've been on Medifast for 8 weeks. My advice to you is to stick with the plan, stick with the plan, stick with the plan! Also, I became obsessed with weighing myself (like ten times a day!) and I've come to the realization that this is really a bad idea. If you can, weigh only once a week so you don't get discouraged with the water fluctuation & your weight. Good luck to you, keep a positive attitude, and just know, (at least for me) every day it gets a little bit easier! PS, the ticker being posted is not an updated version for some reason. I am actually 270.2 at this moment...

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Take measurements, and weigh yourself and do before photo's....

Clear out your house of all the foods that are not on plan if possible....

Get a health coach if you dont' have one..

Figure out how the Medifast program works for you, for example I can't stand shakes or oatmeal or pudding.... I do mainly bars and puffs....

So do what you like...

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Hello and Welcome! This is my 12th day. I wish I knew that making slushies out of the shakes was such a treat! Just add ice to the packet directions and blend. Yum! Enjoy!!..

Comment #3

Thanks ladies!.

Have any of you tried the fruit drinks they offer?..

Comment #4


I am in week 2..

I learned to let the soup soak for hours. I like the shakes with some ice and made in the blender..

I ate out twice the first week and went off plan and it cost me big time. I reflected on what I ate and what I could have said no to and it would not have mattered. I could have been a lot smarter...

Comment #5

It's okay Sks. Just keeping pushing and trying..

Right now I am trying very hard to ignore how hungry I feel. I hope this goes away soon...

Comment #6

Hey Dark,.

It's okay... it's day 1.... try not to think about being hungry. Keep yourself busy. Do anything to keep your mind off food. You have to get through 3 days and it will disappear...

Comment #7

Welcome! I wish I'd known how much it was going to change my life and how much easier it has gotten the longer I'm on it (just my personal experience). I would have started a lot sooner and had less nerves about it. I was so skeptical and nervous, and now I can't believe I ever felt that way.

Good luck!! Just stick right to the program and it does the rest...

Comment #8

There's a thread in Medifast Connection about "Things We Wish We'd Known When We Started". It's fallen to page 19 or 20 but well worth looking for. It's full of great information..

Good luck!..

Comment #9

Hey Darklullabye and GiGi!!.

I just bumped that thread so it should be at the top again. I read about week 4 and wished I had read it week 1 - it's great!!..

Comment #10

I wish I would have known that I'd be so obsessed with keeping busy that my house would always be spotless ... I'd have started this WAY sooner lol..

Comment #11

I'm on day 4 and days 1 and 2 were the worst. I really look forward to the lean and green. It does help to soak the soups for several hours. If you purchased scrambled eggs, definitely cook them in a pan like a flat omelette. You will feel much better by day 3...

Comment #12

Thanks everyone for the small notes. It goes a long way in making someone feel like they're really not alone.

On a happy note, day 1 is over and 4 lbs. have disappeared off of me. Day 2 is going great so far. Just keep thinking about what the scale might say next...

Comment #13

Hi! I'm new too. Thought I'd jump in as I spent a good part of the day yesterday lurking and just not knowing where to start. Do I join a group, just butt myself into a conversation? People seem friendly enough but WOW! Kind of more intimidating than trying to figure out where to sit on the first day at a new school. I seriously contemplated starting a thread called, "Will you be my Medifast friend?".

I just started yesterday and so far so good. Yesterday afternoon/just before dinner was the roughest part of the day. When my bf texted me to say he was going to be about 45 minutes late last night I wanted to scream. I was all set to have dinner on the table when he walked in the door. I survived though! I didn't cheat and I was home all day. I think once I get back to work on Wed it will be a little easier as I will have more to occupy myself with..

Just wanted to say hi and thanks for starting an "I'm new" thread.


Comment #14

Hi Holly!.

You know generally I'm a lurker too. But this is far to important for me not to participate in every way I can. In all the threads I've read I've never seen anyone be anything but nice. Don't be afraid to just jump in and say hi! You'll never meet anyone any other way..

I sent you a friend request. Maybe we can help each other out since we started the same day and are going through the same "pains". It was nice to meet you...

Comment #15

Cool! That would be awesome. I'm still getting the hang of this discussion board business so bear with me for a bit.

Doing great so far today. I read through the "Things I wish I had known" suggestions and they were super helpful. I ate one serving of green with my lunch today to see if that helps with my hunger. How are you doing today?..

Comment #16

I actually started Medifast 1 week ago. I'm still learning the 'ropes' of these discussion things. I, like you, Holly, had no clue where to jump in, or how. It sounds like you guys are off to a great start! It was much easier by day 3..and by day 4, I found that my energy level had increased. I've kind of been going around and reading various threads to figure out how to work "the program" all of the way. I haven't figured it ALL, but I can't wait to start seeing more weight drop off! Good luck to you both..we'll all make it and love the results after...

Comment #17

I'm okay today Holleigh. Tired suddenly as the day has worn on. Just splashed some cool water on my face and that seems to have helped some to perk me up again..

I too went and read the topic. I ordered some of the tropical punch mix so I'm going to try the suggestion of mixing it with some sprite to see if it makes a nice treat at night for something different..

I tried the chicken soup today. It wasn't too bad. A little bland. I added just a tiny bit of pepper to spice it up and that made it doable.

You hanging in there?.

How about you JoJo?.

You two been experimenting at all with the food options? So far I've just done the chocolate shakes until the next order comes in with the topical punch stuff. From there I may try some of the crunch bars, and see how it goes...

Comment #18

I'm actually doing a lot better in my 2nd week, but only because I think it's a learning experience. I'm learning what is ok to do, and what will slow down progress. I've also learned that signing onto the discussion boards during the day (if you can) are a huge source of motivation and keep me wanting to stay OP..

My 1st order was the month supply, which had pudding, oatmeal, shakes, scrambled eggs, and bars. ( a variety of each). I've figured out that I do not like the oatmeal because of the texture..the choc & banana pudding are pretty good for something different (not tried vanilla), I like the choc and vanilla shakes (the choc shakes kinda taste like choc milk to me), the eggs are pretty good ( you may wanna put just a bit of pepper,etc on them), and I like all the bars. Someone at work let me try the honey mustard pretzels and they were really good (kinda helps you get in your snacking fix). I have honey mustard pretzels, chili, & cheese puffs on order. I'll let you know how they are...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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