Medifast shipping from Texas?

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Is anyone getting shipments from the Coppell, TX distribution center? I had one a few months ago but all of my shipments after that have been coming from Maryland. I was hoping for quick shipping since my shipping address is in Coppell....just down the street from the distribution center. I'm still getting things quickly (ordered Monday, shipped Tuesday, will be here Friday) but it doesn't make logistical sense to ship across the country when there is a closer distribution center..

I sent customer service an email asking about this last month but no one ever replied. Was just wondering what everyone else is experiencing...

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Last two from Maryland. One before that from Texas...

Comment #1

Last 2 from Texas but then I live in Washington State so Texas makes more sense than Maryland. Why they would ship from Maryland to Texas is beyond me. Maybe they would just let you go pick it up and save themselves the shipping...

Comment #2

All mine are now coming from Texas-in about 2 days!! WOOHOOO!!!..

Comment #3

Now, this makes no sense whatsoever!!.

Since 2006, Medifast has always shipped to me, to TEXAS, from Maryland..

And I have always tracked my packages via online, so I know..

Go figure!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #4

That's what I can't figure out. I'm in the same zip code as the Texas distribution center but it still ships from Maryland. I probably wouldn't mind so much if they would use UPS but they keep shipping FedEx Home Delivery to my business address so the driver always tries to deliver in the evening or on Saturdays when no one is there to sign for it which delays the actual delivery by a day or two...

Comment #5

I live in California and my order came from Maryland... 10 days after I placed the order. Makes no sense...

Comment #6

Yeah, the home delivery drives me bonkers, too, as I also have packages sent to work. This last time I called UPS and told them our delivery hours 2 days before it was due to be delivered. It worked!..

Comment #7

I am in Houston Texas and my last two have come from Maryland. I would love for it to come fromTX. Why oh why??..

Comment #8

Mine comes from Maryland, which being in Massachusetts, makes me happy. Takes me about 2 days to get my order...

Comment #9

West coaster here, still getting my shipments from Maryland...

Comment #10

I guess not! My first two orders did and I got it in the week shipped, Now it takes like 4 days longer for me. Not Happy!..

Comment #11

I'm in Houston, too, and my last two orders have come ssssllloooowwwwllllyyy from Maryland. The one before that came from Coppell and was FAST. :-(..

Comment #12

I'm in upstate ny, both my roommate and I order separately.

Mine come from maryland and come fed ex and come within about 36 hrs of ordering they are here..

Her's come from maryland come ups and take forever.... 5 - 7 days.

We both are on the be slim club both get auto shipped so go figure.....

Comment #13

Kae, I think FedEx has a form on their website that "waives" the need for a signature and allows the driver to leave the package. You leave the form out for the driver and he will take the form and leave your package..

Of course, you would want to switch delivery to your home instead of your office if you were going to do this..

EDIT: Here is what FedEx's website says. This is for HOME delivery:.

"If your package was shipped with the Indirect Signature Release option, you may leave a signed and dated handwritten note on the door instructing the driver to leave the package at your door. "..

Comment #14

Washington state here. I got one shipment from Texas a couple of months ago. It has gone back to Maryland since then. Can't really complain about the shipping time though, I just make sure I order with at least two weeks worth of food left...

Comment #15

I live about 45 minutes from Coppell. Got one delivery from there, and the last 3 have been from MD. I assumed it was because I ordered something that was out of stock in Coppell, but now I wonder....

They did upgrade my shipping to 3-day so it got here faster than it had before from MD, but still not next-day like the Coppell shipment!.

I wonder if they're not fully stocked in Coppell yet or if maybe they are still working out kinks in the fulfillment process (i.e. routing of orders to the correct warehouse, etc.)..

Comment #16

One of mine came from texas now I am getting Fedex from Maryland. Huh!..

Comment #17

Ditto plus they are taking an extra day to ship the order. I order every other Friday at about 6:30 am PT. Orders are now shipping on Monday and arriving Friday. The one that came from Texas was placed at the same time shipped the same day and arrived on Tuesday one day early. I'm not doing VIP or TSFL, so mine comes UPS. They have better service to my area and can manage to actually deliver a package to my building.

It's mind boggling...

Comment #18

Yeah I have been getting my mine from tx!..

Comment #19

Shipping is MF's kryptonite, IMO. I accept it, but I don't see why I can get shoes overnight, but my food takes nine business days. However, I have a store where I buy locally. I don't get the discount, but the convenience makes up for it..

Have a good night!..

Comment #20

I'm getting mine from Texas.. Never more than 2 days.

I wonder if your method of ordering determines your shipping location. Once I switched my MIL from to TSFL, her shipments shifted from MD to Texas. She lives in Texas as well. Ahh.. who knows?..

Comment #21

I live in an ungated apartment complex so the last thing I want is packages left in the hallway where anyone can take them. I can't have them left at the apt office because they close before I get home from work and I would have to wait until the weekend to be able to retrieve them..

Thus, I have them sent to my work. I have asked Medifast repeatedly to mark my shipping address as a business address in their system and to use UPS consistently but they won't. Some shipments come UPS, some come FedEx. It's the FedEx driver who suffers. The ground drivers are independent contractors so it costs him money to have to make repeat trips to try to deliver the packages because the shipper keeps choosing the wrong service options...

Comment #22

Received 2 orders from Coppell, this last one came from Maryland. I think it's due to lack of stock as well. I'm sure they will get it up and running smoothly by Jan 1st...

Comment #23

I'm on the TSFL-BeSlim order was placed online on a Saturday, processed on Monday, shipped on Tuesday from MD and received the following Monday via UPS...I live in NE...hmm...who knows...seems like there is so no method to the madness...anybody brave enough to call customer service and ask??..

Comment #24

My first order, I did just through the site....did not do VIP or anything. It came from Maryland and took almost a week (???) to get here. Just placed my second order through TSFL and joined the Be Slim came from Coppell and arrived in two days. I thought maybe it made a difference between the method you used to order it when I got it today, but after seeing some of these other posts, just don't know. A Medifast mystery!..

Comment #25

Ok, I just got off the phone with Medifast customer service. (A shaker jar was missing from my most recent order....gasp!) I asked about the inconsistent shipping and was told that they ship according to the inventory levels at the distribution centers..

As someone who works for a logistics/supply chain/shipping company, I would guess the following is happening:.

1. They choose to not keep large inventories because food products have expiration dates and they don't want to have a lot of spoilage..

2. Demand is outstripping the supply. They can keep up but can't really get too far ahead. (Anyone remember the delays on brownies when those first came out?) Going more for a just in time inventory flow rather than a huge reserve. This is probably why they like the VIP gives them a general feel for the timing of product needs.

As far as the carrier inconsistency, it just depends on what they decided to do at the DC that day. I was once told that they use more FedEx when they have fallen behind because (they feel) it's faster. FedEx is either the same or a day slower for me so that theory kind of falls apart. Oh well. We have 3 scheduled UPS stops at my office each day so it would make sense (on my end) for my boxes to end up on one of those trucks since the drivers are already coming out. They said if I want to call in my orders each time, I can specify the carrier..

Like I mentioned earlier, I've never had any real problems with their shipping. This is the first time something was left out of the box and it's a minor issue. I was just replacing a shaker jar that I ended up throwing out after making a shake and forgetting about it. I found it in the back of the fridge at work a few days later and decided it was too close to a science project to want to use that shaker again.

Now I know there is a method to their shipping madness even though I may not be able to see it...

Comment #26

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