Medifast recipe for Peanut Butter Cup Brownies-HEAVEN!!?

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I had the yummiest dessert tonight I hope you enjoy itsure hit the spot for an OP day!.

Peanut Butter Cup Brownies.

1 pkt Medifast Hot Cocoa.

1 1/2 tsp Cocoa Powder.

1/4 tsp Baking Powder.

1/3 c Water (-1 1/2 T).

1 1/2T SF DaVinci French Vanilla Syrup.

1 large egg white.

2T PB2 + water (see instructions).

Preheat oven to 375. Measure and set aside PB2 in small bowl. Place all dry ingredients-except PB2-into a different bowl. Place SF Syrup into 1/3c measuring cup and then fill the rest of the way with water. Lightly beat egg white then add all wet ingredients to dry ingredients and mix well..

Spray 3 regular size muffin tins with Pam. Fill 3/4 full each. Set aside. Do not bake yet..

Mix PB2 with just enough water to get it to stick together-it should have the consistency a bit thicker than toothpaste. I think I used about 1-2 T of water per 2 T of PB2 but it should be like the center of a Reese's PB Cup-real thick, but spoonable..

Eyeball the PB2 mixture to divide evenly among the 3 muffins... Place ball in center of each brownie mixture muffinit should almost sink. Bake for 15-17 mins until it springs back when you press on it. Most likely the PB2 will be goneswallowed up by the brownie.

OMGosh!!! When you bite into it... HEAVEN AND A HALF! All 3 are ONE Medifast MEAL!!! Also... I don't see why you can't use chocolate shake pkt instead of Hot Cocoa..


Comments (26)

I'm kinda new, so I've never heard of PB2...Is it a peanut butter substitute?..

Comment #1

Mmm yum- I love peanut butter anything! But I'm scared, the regular cocoa powder- doesn't that have alot of sugar by itself or carbs or something? 1-1/2 tsp doesn't seem like a ton but I think there is another brownie recipe on the board that doesn't add the extra cocoa powder. It just uses 1 pkt of the Medifast hot cocoa?? Not to dis your delicious recipe mamajama!..

Comment #2

K, this is what I found and I'm sure you can doctor it up with yummie PB2 as well!.

I use the Hot Cocoa for Brownies.....

1 pkt Medifast Hot Cocoa.

4T water.

3/4 tsp non-aluminum baking powder.

Mix dry ingredients well. Add water and mix. Spray bowl with pam if needed (I use a plastic bowl I dont need to do that with) Microwave 1 1/2-2 mins until done but not burned-depends on your microwave..

ENJOY!!! I also add 1T of PB2 occasionallyit is yummy like that too...

Comment #3

Okay, this sounds fantastic, and I'm dying to try it...but as a newbie, I don't get the abbreviations. What is PB2 short for? A magical calorie-free peanut butter? Can such a delightful thing exist??..

Comment #4

It is a magical peanut butter that is 75% less fattening then regular peanut butter! It still has calories and fat- but wayyyyy less. Only to be used as a treat- not everyday though! So good, you cannot tell the difference. I told my little cousin and she could not tell at all.....

Comment #5

Ahh, pb2 looks great! but you have to buy 3 jars at once? do you know the shelf life?..

Comment #6

Its powdered- and I think you have to buy 4 jars at once actually...I'm not through my 1st jar yet- Not sure about shelf life! I can look it up for you when I get home tonight I think you would get through it though. I put it in my chocolate pudding the other night and totally felt like I had died....yum..

Comment #7

That sold me! I just bought 4 jars of it .. how many tablespoons are we allowed a day or does it count as condiment? oooh I can't wait to put some in my pudding!..

Comment #8

I heard awhile back that they put the unopen jars in freezer till ready to use. It does not hurt them because it's powder...

Comment #9

We're allowed 1 serving/day, as prepared per the directions. It counts as a snack...

Comment #10

Hmmmm, I tried this recipe this evening and for some reason, mine came out very runny in the middle and soft. I wonder if the chocolate shake mix would work better for this recipe instead of the hot cocoa. anyone else have luck making the brownies?.

They sure SOUND delish i'm sure it's something that i'm doing wrong!..

Comment #11

Oh man, I am so totally ordering this...powdered peanut butter...who knew?..

Comment #12

You must have added too much water. The PB2 should be thicker than peanut butter. I am sure you probably could use the shake but wont make it any thicker..

There was also a question about Cocoa Powder and carbs/sugar. It is unsweetened and very good for you in this form. It adds that brownie taste to the Hot Cocoa. I use Hershey's Unsweetened Cocoa Powdermakes it heavenly..

Hope This Helps!..

Comment #13

This looks awesome! Can't wait to make it tonight!..

Comment #14

On this website you can buy one jar..


Comment #15

Standard unsweetened baking cocoa doesn't have sugar, but it does average (varies with brands) 3g carbs per tablespoon. So for this recipe, it would be 1.5g carbs and, as I understand it, would count as 1.5 condiments for the day...

Comment #16

I tried this and also was runny (but I don't think it was the PB2 mix consistency). I think I probably didn't cook it long enough or maybe the 1/3 cup water (I use like 2 tbsp when making a shake cake for example).

Also didn't seem like it filled up three muffin tins very much. Should they be 'muffin' size when done or small like a peanut butter cup? (mine were really small.)..

Comment #17

I'm gonna try this tonight too..

But I don't have PB2, do you think Nutrisystem will allow a little normal PB?.

Or maybe I can just put FF cream cheese in them..

Comment #18

Mmm I made Daphnes very simple recipe with the hot cocoa and it was sooo yummy! I have to put it in less than a minute bc mine spilled over. Definitely going to have this again. Nicer than just having a hot cocoa...

Comment #19

I just got my PB2, I bought 2 jars and one of the choc. PB2, it is sooooo good! very happy I ordered it! I have one jar at home and one at my office!..

Comment #20

I just found a site , where you can buy pb2 buy the jar. I bought 1 jar for $3.99 plus s+h. I never tried it and wanted to try 1 jar first..


Comment #21

I received my first PB2 last night...I mixed some with chocolate pudding and H2O and a drop of mint was chocolate penut butter fudge after a rest in the freezer!!! OH So YUMMY!!..

Comment #22

All I can say is LIFESAVER.

My sons birthday is today, and he wanted me to make brownies for him, (he is 27 by the way) I was doing OK but then just had this overwhelming desire to have some brownies. Ran to the board, ran a search, found this recipe, and MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM heaven. This is the first time I've got a cake type recipe to work, and this turned out really well. AWESOME thanks...

Comment #23

These are wonderful. Made them today and took them along to Hoss's for my dessert, so as not to be tempted to go to the dessert bar. Everyone was looking at me when I pulled them out of my purse, but who cares, I stay OP. Linda in Pa...

Comment #24

Hi, my name is susieq. I would like to know if anybody has tried the pb sub. from walden farms. bellplanation pb has 16 calories per 1 tsp. plus some carbs. and fat.

No carbs. and no fat. am new to the medifast profram 2 1/2 monts. love pb and would like the bast option to get. thanks to all that post..

Comment #25

Personally I wouldn't touch the Waldens Farm one, I have some in the fridge, it's not good, going to try mixing some PB2 in it and see if it improves things any..

Comment #26

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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