Medifast PB Soft Serve...yuck!?

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I had such high hopes. Maybe I did something wrong... but gross! I used my bullet and the directions clearing said to grind 1/2C of ice and then add 1/4C of water along with the packet.... I had to spit out the first spoonful. I guess somethings are meant to just be left alone... it was sooo funky...

I know... but I was hoping to like it enough to use 1/2 of the ice cream with 1/2 a brownie and have a reese's moment every now and then.

CodyJo.... a pb recipe, please!..

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I haven't tried the PB soft serve but I had the mint chocolate today, and it tasted like heaven!! Sooo yummy. I used a little bit more water than the instructions required, and it was perfect..

Good luck with the PB, maybe you could add some flavoring or something?..

Comment #1

I only like it as a shake in the blender with lots of water and ice and a bit of vanilla sf syrup...

Comment #2

I like the soft serves (except coffee). I make them into a shake. The extra water takes some of the aftertaste away for some reason. 1 cup of water, half a tray of ice. Sometimes I add two tablespoons of half-n-half to make it a little creamier (counted as one of my healthy fat servings)...

Comment #3

I love the chocolate mint as a shake... but thought the pb as a shake may be too much... but I will try again......

Comment #4

Try again. Later. Like months later.

The first time I tried the choc mint per directions, I didn't like it. But now I find I actually crave it as a dessert shake, so I only let myself have one once a week or once every other week...

Comment #5

I absolutely love the PB soft serve! I don't follow the directions to make mine though. Mine is probably more shake like too...

Comment #6

I dont follow the directions on any of the soft serves. I use about double the ice and double the water. (honestly dont measure, just till it looks right). Not only does it dilute the taste, it reminds me of a Wendys frosty consistency and you get ALOT more...

Comment #7

The PB soft serve doesn't take like peanut butter... it tastes like those peanut butter kiss candies wrapped in black and orange wax paper wrapper at Halloween. Once I thought of it that way I kinda liked it. Haven't become a big fan of the soft serves yet... even though I need more soy-free options...

Comment #8

I haven't touched my soft serve since the first one, it was horrible. I will try these shake suggestions. Maybe I haven't wasted my money after all. Thanks for the posts...

Comment #9

Waiting a month is a great suggestion. I liked the soft serves best as shakes, but I'd mix one half and half with a dark chocolate shake, and then make with about 14 ounces of water and 3 big handfuls of ice...

Comment #10

I like to add about a tsp of walden farm marshmallow dip to the shakes the pudding and the soft serve. Makes it very creamy and yummy. No cal and no carbs...

Comment #11

Was hoping Tiffers would have left her recipe. I just bought 4 a little nervous to try. How 'bout it Tiffers?..

Comment #12

I absolutely love the mango soft serve. It's one of my favorites. It's nice to get something fruity for a change! I can usually taste the protein powder in everything, but the mango soft serve just tastes like fruit flavored frozen yogurt to me...

Comment #13

I used to hate it and yes, I stepped away from it for a while. Now I love it. It's fabulous in fact. To get the ice into snow I use a big hammer lol- my blender just can't chew up the cubes very well. Also, a good recipe is this: 3T. of water and 1 pack of PB soft serve- mix together to form a paste.

Take 3T of water and 1 pack of hot cocoa- mix together and put on top of the pb drops. freeze for 45 mins or so and then eat and enjoy. Makes 2 Medifast meals (6 drops per meal)...

Comment #14

Another vote for PB soft serve shakes and stepping away for a while. I don't have a blender that will crush ice fine enough to make true soft serve..

FWIW, I think the puddings make the best shakes. Banana + strawberry syrup = yum...

Comment #15

Wow! I love the idea of making the soft serve into a shake. I don't mind the tast, but the consistency is odd. so a shake would be awesome! Thanks one and all!..

Comment #16

I kind of eyeball it, but I start with about a cup of water, a cup of ice, blend, then add ice or water as needed. The consistency usually ends up similiar to a Wendy's frosty, like a previous poster said. I still pour mine into a bowl, rather than drinking it like a shake. Soooo yummy! I've been out of PB soft serve for a while (have mango, but really not a fan). Sadness! I really need to order more!!..

Comment #17

I wish some clever person would figure out how to make peanut butter cookies out of it!..

Comment #18

I love my PB soft serve as a pb, chocolate and banana shake...Pretty rich but yummy to me...

Comment #19

I've added a TB of PB2 to get it more peanut buttery. I've also used the WF chocolate syrup on top as a sundae. I also add diet coke or diet dr. pepper for a float. I also made four batches at once and spooned out into little one cup containers and froze, and then I just grab and go. This making one batch at a time is a pain in the butt.

I'm sure that's fairly similar to me adding diet soda...

Comment #20

Someone posted posted a recipe about two weeks ago for a cooke made out of soft serve. I think it involved a pinch of baking soda and enough water to make a paste. spray the pan with cooking spray and drop into cookie sized drops. Bake at around 350 for 15 mintues.

I tried it. I wouldn't call it a cookie. More like a pastry puff. And I tried it with the chocolate mint. It was an interesting alternative for the times you don't feel like grinding up all that ice, which is my only deterent to eating soft serve. Don't know why my Bullet doesn't work so hot on ice!!..

Comment #21

I would agree to make it like a shake or maybe use it in the Medifast fudge recipe. Making the Mint Chocolate Soft Serve into fudge is what I ended up doing...

Comment #22

OMG Just finished the PB soft serve made into a shake! SOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOD! I will be buying more of these now!..

Comment #23

So... a shake it is... might make one tonight......

Comment #24

I guess I'm weird again - I make it normal and I love it. I put a little dollop of LF whipped cream on top and chow down!.

I'm sorry you don't like it - maybe later on when your tastebuds change?..

Comment #25

If you want a "Reece's moment", try spreading your 1 Tablespoon peanut butter snack on your warm brownie...

Comment #26

I agree with tracymaruska - I tried the chocolate mint soft serve with SUCH high hopes and I was SO disappointed at how gross it was. I think I'll try the shake idea ... maybe NEXT week!..

Comment #27

I still vote for the pb/chocolate bon-bon recipe I posted I had it tonight for 2 meals and my only complaint is that *tear* there was so little. lol..

Comment #28

There are so many mixed reviews, I've been really wary about trying to PB soft serve. I've tried two soft serve flavors so far. I can't stand the mango - it has such a weird flavor to me, not at all like anything remotely resembling mango. I've tried it diluted, made into a shake, and even mixed in a shake 1/2 and 1/2 with a vanilla shake to mask the flavor - didn't help, still hate it..

Coffee soft serve, on the other hand, is something I could eat daily. I love it, mixed according to the directions. There is a really good coffee flavor, that helps mask all the "healthy" stuff that is in there...

Comment #29

I add 1 T of WF Choco Syrup to it before blending for Reese's soft serve. I'm totally in love with it!!!..

Comment #30

I love the peanut butter soft serve!!! I couldn't figure out what it reminded me of, until tonight...a butterfingers bar! So, I guess if you like those as much as I do, you might like it?.

I bought the new Cuisnart compact portable blender & I love it!! It crushes ice in seconds, which makes making the soft serves super easy. I do also like them as shakes too...

Comment #31

I have made the soft serve following the original directions, but once someone put out a recipe as a shake I gave it a try and it's a winner. 1 cup of water, 1 cup of ice, the packet of soft serve and it looks like a smoothie/milk shake. I made the coffee today and it gave me a headache so I will never order it. It was a free packet with an order. Wow, it was good, but must have a lot of caffeine in that I'm not used to and I drink coffee once a day..

Anyhow, I highly recommend the shake version of the soft serve. That's going to be my breakfast all week this week for a change...

Comment #32

When I first got the PB SoftServe...and fixed according to was horrible. I tried a second one and it wasn't any better, so I put them aside. Then I tried this..

1 Package of PB Softserve.

1 Package of Splenda.

3 tablespoons of water.

Mix till consistency of toothpaste, Spoon 3 tablespoons of mix onto aluminum foil, spread with spoon until the size of a medium cookie, Freeze for two hours. HMMM.

Now the PB softserve is going to disappear.....

Comment #33

I forget if I've posted on this post yet but the way I solved the soft-serve problem is that I use a mallet to hammer the ice cubes into snow (i just leave the ice cubes in a bag and hammer the bag). Once it's snow I put it in the magic bullet.

I used to hate it too but now I adore the PB ice cream.

Also, Here's a link to the bon-bon recipe I make out of the ice cream which I absolutely LOVE. If you don't like the ice cream as-is or if you're looking to try a new Medifast food, give it a shot!:..

Comment #34

I got the pb soft serve as a free sample with my last order. I thought I liked it for about the first half.....then......ewwww it started turning my stomach. I wish they would make just a plane chocolate soft serve..

Comment #35

I usually have to meals to eat after my L & G. So I Take a chocolate pudding and a PB Ice Cream and make a huge chocolaty Peanut buttery frosty deal. Start with about a cup of ice and 10 oz of water or so, crush them together in the blender. Add the pudding. Then blend till all the ice is broken up. should be pretty soupy.

Will tighten up and if you can wait long enough put in the freezer for a while! YUMMY!..

Comment #36

This post is a Medifast saver!!!!!!! I'm just bout out of all food and waiting. My shipment should b here in a day r two. But I had a lot of soft serve I just couldn't bear to eat. Lol made the coffee one yesterday and just bout died. Lol but gonna go make a shake now. Lol thanks this should get me until my order gets here..

Comment #37

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