Medifast oatmeal tastes disgusting

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Seriously, it wasn't even the taste (or lack thereof) that bothered me about the oatmeal I could always fix that up if I wanted to use some condiments/healthy fats it was the TEXTURE. What the heck? Are there even any oats in there?.

I was really disappointed, I'd been counting on relying on the oatmeal as a filling breakfast..

I made it by boiling water, pouring over the oatmeal, stirring, and letting it sit for about ten minutes.

Any better techniques out there, or is this as good as it gets?..

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I make it up before hand put it in the frigde and eat cold. I will sometimes put SF vanilla creamer ( for your coffee) on it.. May sound gross but it is much better that warm!!..

Comment #1

I made it that way until I stumbled upon putting cold water on it and mixing...THEN microwaving - then chopping it up a bit - that makes it a lot more like real oatmeal and less like wallpaper paste. A tbsp of half and half as a healthy fat helps a lot, too!..

Comment #2

If you prepare it as the package suggests (microwave) and add a teaspoon of ground flax seed it gives it more texture and feels more "oat-ey". I take mine out of the micro after 1 1/2 minutes, stir in the flax and eat right away. I know it's been said before, but it does get better with time...

Comment #3

I reduce the amount of water called for, add it cold to the cereal (don't mix it at this point) then zap it until it starts to boil, pull it out, stir and let it sit for a bit before eating. I try to get in a few glasses of water while waiting..

Comment #4

I just don't eat it. Bars & shakes FTW!..

Comment #5

I'm such a freak - I have eaten oatmeal for breakfast almost every weekday since I started Medifast and I still like it. I add too much water then microwave for about a minute. It comes out liquidy and I call it my gruel. I like it, and eating gruel makes me feel like an orphan in some Dickens novel, or better yet, the musical adaptation of some Dickens novel...

Comment #6

I'm with Kate. I have tried all different flavors, prepared all different ways. It is just plain not good. You do not have to eat it! I would be interested to hear how you feel about the soups when you get around to trying those (you thought the oatmeal was bad!)..

Comment #7

I have long thought that one of the biggest mistakes Medifast ever made was in calling these products "oatmeal". I don't know about you, but when I think oatmeal, I think Quaker Oats, satisfying deliciousness. I think most of us expect it to be similar in taste and texture to the QO sugar free instant oatmeal, or something similar. When it's not, we are disappointed (I know I was!) Perhaps if they had named it "hot cereal" or something similar, we wouldn't go for it with expectations that are too high.

Chinakat - As oatmeal, you've probably made it the best way. I always found it easier to get down if I did it that way rather than nuking it. Eventually, the only way I could eat it was in pancake form. I was very happy when my last packet was used. Never ordered it again...

Comment #8


Unless you absolutely know it's one of your trigger foods, don't be afraid to try all or many of the Medifast foods. The boards are full of comments about foods that weren't so good in the beginning, but when tried later on, people loved them and some even became favorites. We all have strong opinions about what we like and don't like, but don't stay away from the food just because we may not like it. And, there are usually a few ways to prepare the food (without going off plan) that may suit you better. Cheers!..

Comment #9

I was astounded by the awfulness of it, until I added only 4-5 tablespoons of water, formed it into a round cookie and nuked it for 1:30. It's not like it turns it into a Mrs. Fields cookie or anything, but it takes away all the bitterness that I can't stomach in the regularly prepared oatmeal. And it's filling which is pretty much what I'm looking for...

Comment #10

The taste will grow on you. I loved the oatmeal from the very beginning even though so many people hate it. There are a lot of the other foods that I couldn't stand though but now I like or can at least tolerate them...

Comment #11

Thanks for the advice on putting flax seed in it. I like the oatmeal and never expected it to be like REAL Oatmeal...

Comment #12

I found oatmeal awful. Read that someone made a muffin-and it's pretty good. Add small amounts of water to oatmeal and stir until the consistency of cake batter. Pour into cup sprayed with Pam. Microwave for 2 minutes and check. If not done, cook at 30 sec increments til done. Careful not to over cook!..

Comment #13

LOL they should TOTALLY call it gruel that's exactly how I felt about it when I was eating it!!!! I think I might have even called it that when DD asked what I was eating.

It truly is *nothing* like oatmeal, a food that I typically enjoy.

I am going to try the cookie technique. I refuse to waste a single packet of this friggin food, it was too expensive for that!!!.

For what it's worth, I actually think the soups are okay. I make them on the stove, the night before, and then reheat them for lunch. I add some seasoning because they're pretty flavorless. But at least they feel like SOUP in my mouth, lol...

Comment #14

I agree. It is disgusting. Even on week 3- yucko! I was never so happy as when I got my next order without it. I tried different varieties to no avail.

I just don't eat it. I tried a muffin with it, a waffle with it- still yucky. To me personally it has more aftertaste of artificial sweetener than most of the Medifast meals, so beyond the texture it tastes bad to me. I only want to dress it up so much and use condiments and such, so I don't eat it...

Comment #15

I never liked oatmeal period in the "real" world (lol), but I ordered it with my 1st Medifast order... read the reviews and saw people said to make it into muffins. My first day I thought I couldn't get through it (though IMHO it was better than the chili). I didn't touch the oatmeal after that first day. A few weeks later I read a post about turning them into bars and I thought to give it a try... now, I'm hooked! I have an oatmeal bar everyday!! So your taste buds DO change and there are things to do to make them better.

Mix it with 4-5 tbls of water.

Add 1 packet of splenda and/or seasonings of your choice (i.e. cinnamon).

Spray round dish with PAM (I use the Medifast brownie trays!).

Add mixture in and form into a bar.

Nuke in micro for 2 mins... warm and good!.

FYI - in the beginning I used the splenda and cinnamon to help, but now I've omitted them out and just add water. I don't like using my condiments up on the Medifast food and I've found I don't really need it. You could also toast the bar when done and spray with some ICBINB for more of a scone/toast thing going on, but would need to subtract that from your healthy fat (I believe...).

Take a break from the oatmeal and come back to it, you just might surprise yourself like I did.



Comment #16

Thanks. I will definitely try this technique, it sounds promising. I definitely think I can figure out how to doctor the *taste* if I want to blow my condiments/fats on this meal, but the texture is what I'm looking to resolve.

So, basically, use less water and cook longer = not so much of the wallpaper paste texture. Good to know...

Comment #17

HAHAHAHAHA!!! I knew when I saw the thread title this was about the oatmeal!.

How long have you been OP? It tastes better after you've been on a while, trust me. My very first Medifast meal was the oatmeal and I made it with boiling water as well. It was blueberry oatmeal SOUP. Microwaving works better. Apparently so does soaking it beforehand. I don't soak, but I nuke it.

But at first I was like "what the heck IS this?" cuz it did NOT have the texture or taste of those cute packets you get from the Quaker dude!..

Comment #18


It's only Day 3 for me today. I am skeptical that I will ever find this to taste *good* but I will settle for *tolerable*!.

On a positive note, I ate my gruel almost 3 hours ago and I'm not even remotely hungry. Dickens would be proud...

Comment #19

I add more water than the packet calls for, stir well, nuke for 1:30, stir really well again (break up any clumps, will look rather like gruel at this point), wait 5 minutes it thickens up again..


Comment #20

Alas my poor maligned misunderstood oatmeal. How slay thee the slings and arrows of outraged MF'ers? One of my few comfort foods OP, yet you suffer libel after libel quietly. Hurting none, helping the digestion of others, you work on uttering no complaints and offering no Hollywood style mitigating circumstances. Mayhap one day the masses will understand you oh strong silent one. Morning mainstay of my on-plan-ability, know that there are those who appreciate your unsung virtues. So stay the course and feel our gratitude. Though it would be nice if you had more texture, can you work on that?..

Comment #21

I find the oatmeal borderline discusting at best. The maple one is the only one I find close to tolerable. I use more water like those have mentioned and add a packet of stevia to it...

Comment #22

Here's how I make the oatmeal. It has worked every time I have made it. Open packet, mix with water, microwave, stir, take one bite, gag, wash it down with water, scrape the rest of the bowl into the garbage., fix something else to eat...

Comment #23

Actually, I found the opposite to be true. I actually was able to eat it with no real problems for about a week. The longer I ate it, the worse it got This and the Crab soup (which is BY FAR the most vile stuff I have ever had) ugh!..

Comment #24

I LOVE IT!! Sounds like my poor husband, a misunderstood english/european history major with his purple prose...!!.

I eat the oatmeal only when I have to...

Comment #25

I dunno why anyone would PURPOSELY order oatmeal now that we have pancakes!!..

Comment #26

Lol Lyn! I'm used to "camp oatmeal" so for me it isn't really that far of a stretch!!! Believe it or not when we go camping and my family is eating peaches and cream oatmeal I feel like I am joining them with mine. Did you just shudder???..

Comment #27

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the oatmeal - have it every morning for breakfast! Add a little cinnamon, and I think it tastes fantastic. I did in the beginning make the cookies off the recipe on the side of the box, and liked those too, but I truly love the oatmeal, fills me up and keeps me filled up - oh so many different taste buds on MF! Just had to put in a postive comment on the oatmeal, because as CallOfDuty said it is so maligned! I ordered three boxes of it last order! Now the chili - cannot handle, looks like what my dog regurgitates sometimes!..

Comment #28

My Suggestion: Skip the oatmeal and make a warm brownie instead...

Comment #29

I add a little less water, mix it up, microwave it for the 1 1/2 minutes, stir it and then place the cover for my bowl on it loosely and let it sit for about 5-10 minutes. Then mix it up again. It gets really thick that way..

I didn't order any oatmeal or pudding this time, I'm just finishing up what came in my variety pack. I love the soups, the bars and the shakes...

Comment #30

I like oatmeal, but it needs a little "help". I add the water and shake it in the shaker jar - pour it into a bowl and add a teaspoon or so of flaxseed meal (super good for you anyway), heat it and then let it sit..

The flax REALLY improves the texture - makes it less goopy and more texturized. It's not too bad that way...

Comment #31

I, too, expected some of the taste of Quaker Oatmeal which I ate daily prior to Medifast and now eat daily in maintenance. I gave 3 flavors 2 tries each and managed to get them down. But I put the rest on eBay. Horrible stuff.

I agree with the poster who said that Medifast needs to call those packs something other then oatmeal. I don't think there's one oat in there. Is there one little oat floating around? Did anyone find an oat? LOL.

I stuck mainly with the vanilla shakes and added sf ff flavors to them. I enjoyed 1 bar daily. Even the soups were difficult for me. The best was the wild rice with tiny bits of real chicken in it. I finished my soup boxes, but then it was "bye bye" soups. I'd make shake cakes on occation with the shakes and soft serve with the puddings.


Comment #32

I will report that there was nary an oat to be seen in my breakfast this AM...

Comment #33

And here I was jealous you all could eat the oatmeal......alas it's not gluten free. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise. Seriously wish I could try it. I love hot cereals...

Comment #34

ChinaKat - I'm with you on this! My first Medifast meal was the oatmeal, which normally is a food I like, but I could not even choke this stuff down. And then it dawned on me and I thought, "This MUST be why people lose weight on this diet! The food is inedible!!!" Not to be deterred, I put my Medifast oatmeal in the back of the cabinet and found other things I liked BUT I have to tell you NOW I eat the oatmeal almost every single day but not as traditional oatmeal. I enjoy them as oatmeal "cakes/bars" like music_gal suggested. I don't add any condiments - just 4 TBS or so of water and nuke it for about 2 1/2 minutes. I also found a recipe for the oatmeal as waffles and I have to tell you that I eat the waffles almost daily! Here's what I do: oatmeal, 1/8 teas non-aluminum baking powder, 1/8 teas. cinnamon, 1 TBS eggbeaters, 3.5 TBS water.

As soon as it's ready, pour batter in and viola! yummy waffles. I drizzle them with a little Walden Farms Pancake Syrup and enjoy them very much!!!..

Comment #35

Definitely add some cinnamon and sugar-free syrup... or get some Capella flavor drops I think it helps the taste a lot...

Comment #36

Yup!! Works like a CHARM! Lately, I've been eye-balling my water and getting it to form a (just) wet paste consistency, and then nuke it. I find it comes out pretty moist and the texture is SERIOUSLY improved! Dare I say almost "bread" like.....

Comment #37

I add 1/8 tsp of baking powder, 5tbsp of water nuke for 1.20 and you got a moist yummi bar..

Comment #38

I never got any oatmeal, since I don't like the regular kind. I had Medifast soup nearly every morning. I love the beef stew, chicken/rice and chicken noodle. I never really ate soup much before Medifast and I love it..........

Prepare the soup and let it wait for 3 hours until your next meal. THEN, nuke it according to directions. Also, I had the Medifast wheat crackers with it. I divided the crackers into two parts, seven in each part. So I had soup twice and day, along with 1/2 the crackers. The crackers were my snack when I had a soup day..

Many folks tell me to put away the oatmeal until your 4th or 5th month and then your taste buds will have changed enough that you will like it..



Comment #39

I couldn't stomach the oatmeal! What are they thinking? The texture is nauseating, and the flavor is nasty! They need to do away with the oatmeal and make a dry cereal or something that we can pour milk over..

My last order got filled wrong and I didn't get the pancakes........ I was so disappointed. I've been having a shake in my morning coffee for so long and was looking forward to a change.... now I have to wait until next month.

Oh well food is for nurishment.... it doesn't have to be satisfying. Palitable yes, satisfying no...

Comment #40

I add cold water, stir, and let sit for at least one hour (up to overnight in fridge). I then nuke it for 1 minute, stir, and nuke another 30 seconds. I add splenda or SF pancake syrup for more flavor. I love peach and blueberry the most...

Comment #41

Hmm I like the oatmeal. Guess I am in the minority!..

Comment #42

Almost all oatmeal is not marked "gluten-free" because it is presumed to have picked up wheat molecules during the manufacturing process in non-gluten free containers. Oatmeal itself does NOT contain gluten. I have been GF (by MD diagnosis) for 4 years and eat oatmeal every day with no problem/symptoms. I prefer organic but, oh well - -. Some of the "gluten-free" Medifast foods contain brown rice syrup which is made with a gluten containing ingredient. I think the reason is because the gluten content is <10 ppm.

Good luck, fellow MF'er!..

Comment #43

I can only handle it in muffin/cake form..

Now that we have pancakes - I am happy to put the oatmeal far, FAR behind me!!..

Comment #44

I love it! "NARY AN OAT" has been reported by chinaKat. And so, Ladies and Gents, the word is out. "Nary an oat."..

Comment #45

Stop maligning my precious oatmeal! If you all keep up with this Medifast will put you on the "Banned from Oatmeal" list and when you inevitably realize how awesome oatmeal is Medifast will not let you order it due to your prior slander! Then you will be sorry!.

Just kidding - there is no banned from oatmeal list. There is a banned from cream of tomato soup list though. I'd know. I'm on it...

Comment #46

I am in the OATMEAL LOVERS camp! LOL! The very first time I ate it, I realize while it may not be my old fashioned oats, it wasn't really that bad. Over time I've perfected it to adding more water than called for, nuking for longer than called for and I've got my hot breakfast cereal..

Comment #47

I'm also in the minority that likes the oatmeal. It is my daily go to breakfast. I'm going to try it with the flax seed added! Thanks for that tip!..

Comment #48

OK, I'm back. I mustered up the courage to try it again.

I added just a few tablespoons of water, until it was kind of pasty, added a bunch of cinnamon, and smooshed it all around into the bottom of a bowl. Then I microwaved it for two minutes, took it out, and let it cool.

It was basically a rubbery oatmeal cookie. (With no raisins. This food sorely needs raisins!).

I ate it, it was tolerable. Better than vile, anyway. The texture still wasn't great, but it wasn't as bad this way as it is with the gruel.

Maybe if I put it in the toaster oven it would be less rubbery? Anybody ever try that?..

Comment #49

I love the oatmeal, especially the peach oatmeal.

There is a recipe for muffins made from the oatmeal somewhere in the recipes section that was pretty good...

Comment #50

I found the oatmeal pretty much inedible, too. *GAG*.

But these little packets are too expensive to waste, so my suggestion is to try bread pudding. You can do a search for it in the recipe forum. It is ... maybe not *delicious* but it did make me order more oatmeal..

Good luck!..

Comment #51

The best thing about the oatmeal is if I can get it down I don't feel like eating the rest of the day. I don't care for the blueberry but I have started liking some of the others. Haven't tried peach yet...

Comment #52

I could never eat oatmeal before MF. It's a texture thing. The Medifast oatmeal is delish, IMO. I actually make it with less water and eat it cold. It probably sounds disgusting, but everyone likes something different, right?.

It does have more of a Cream of Wheat texture than cooked oats, so the misnomer can cause disappointment...

Comment #53

Music Gal is right on with the bars made in the brownie cups. I usually add a tbs of sf syrup -or- dust with splenda when it's done. Another great recipe is to make chocolate pancakes out of them. How?? One packet oatmeal, one packet eggs and one packet chocolate pudding. It makes 3 servings.. so split it up evenly. I have the full recipe on my page..

Comment #54

Ok I HATED the oatmeal at first but LOVE it now. I literally eat it every day for breakfast. I put the packet in a microwave safe mug, add 1/2 a cup of cold water (not 3/4 like it says on the packet) stir and nuke for 30 seconds, take out and stir again, then nuke another 30 seconds and then take out and let sit for 5 minutes, then stir again before eating. I love it, and it tastes like oatmeal! Try it!..

Comment #55

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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