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Because I've had a little too much coffee this morning and I'm running round the house not able to slow down I'm going to post twice today:.

How did you come to your goal weight #? I'm almost there and I'm not sure if I should stop at 160 (just under a 24 BMI for my height) or push is to 155 or transition and see if I lose more weight while doing so? I'm just confused. My fat brain is still in full effect so I still see the same ol' me in the mirror.

So question: How did you all come up with your goal weight and will you adjust it or keep it the same? Thanks friends! Sarah..

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I consulted with my doctor and the nude pictures of myself. The doctor set the range and I took a nude pic of myself each weigh in day until I was happy. My doctor agreed and that was it, so my goal number changed a few times before we stuck a marker in the sand. Even so, I'm now three months after I hit my goal number and my body seems to be happy maintaining at 2 pounds under my goal weight. I can't afford to lose more than a pound from here but it does give me a nice upper end buffer if I gain a few pounds on vacation...

Comment #1

When I was too thin, I weighed 120-125. I looked good around 135. I changed my goal to 145 assuming I will probably still drop a few pounds during transition. If I end up at 140 I will be perfectly happy with that...

Comment #2

My goal weight was determined by my pre-pregnancy weight and size. That would put me at a size 8 (I used to be a size 6, but I'm not too consumed with that notion)...

Comment #3

I chose a weight that was realistic for my height and age, and the knowledge that in the past when I dropped much below 150 I began to look gaunt and unhealthy. While my goal was at the high end of the healthy BMI for me, I felt it would be a weight I could maintain and in the end I was happy with the result...

Comment #4

Good question! I have been thinking about this, too! If you've never been skinny or if you've never weighed yourself, though, you don't have strong point of reference. In case you don't pick up on it I am talking about myself, lol..

I am wondering if it would be a mistake to "play it by ear"?.

It seems everyone has long term goals in mind and that this is the best way to approach MF..

If it is a mistake and you should set a goal, do you just rely on the BMI? Not sure this jives with me as I know plenty of ladies who look GREAT, but the BMI tells them they are overweight. What are some other ways to set a goal if you don't have a historical point of reference for yourself?.

Does this post even make any sense? lol..

Comment #5

When I was thin I was at 125, so that was my original goal weight.. but then I remembered I still felt pretty chubby (i have a small frame, so that's still enough chub) so I lowered my goal to 120 and going to see how that looks on me..

Comment #6

I started with a weight from my past I was comfortable with. Then didn't feel done when I got there so at that point lowered my goal by 15 pounds which puts me smack in the center of my healthy BMI. The second goal seemed to come quicker for me I think because I was so desperate to get to my first one but didn't feel the panic getting to the second one...

Comment #7

T/J Three months already MT? Wow time does fly.

End T/J..

Comment #8

I just want to add, I've never been thin. I've been heavy for as long as I can remember. So taking the nude photos of myself on my cell phone really helped my self image. What I saw in the mirror was still fat me, but the photos helped me see reality and I could delete them right away, no chance of anyone else seeing them.

I know! I can't believe it either...

Comment #9

I set my goal at 150 because it has been a very long time since I have been there and I thought I would be happy if I could get to that weight. As it got closer (actually hit goal today ) I found that I think I should keep going. I was very thin and happy at 140 (and 20 years old) so at my age (almost 52) I think maybe 145 would more realistic. So I am going to go for another 5 and see if that suits me!..

Comment #10

I chose 150 as a starting weight.I think technically it's still 0.2 overweight lol. I don't remember weighing less than 160 since I was like 17 so I figure I will get there first and then adjust based on how I feel. I am not fixated on a specific number or size, I just think once I get there I will know it. I *think*know I will always need to be on the higher end of the BMI chart just based on how I am built, but you never know.

If I lose to 150 and stay there though, I am also happy with that... however it will only be temporary as I plan to TTC soon..

Comment #11

I chose 140 because it would officially make me "normal" in BMI land! I know that I really should aim for 130 though, but if I can get to 140 I'll be happy and then will try to keep chipping away at it!..

Comment #12

The healthy BMI range for my height is 144-189, I also have a large frame, so I wanted to get in the upper range of healthy so I don't look sick. Plus, I'm curvy too. Frankly, I'm almost certain that I will wind up stopping before I hit 185 and then switch focus to more toning/strengthening as I go through transition, but that will be a judgment call the closer I get.

My father and I are close to the same height and he had gastric bypass a number of years ago. He had originially set his goal weight at about 180-190 but his doctor told him to stop losing weight when he hit about 210. He's more muscular than I am, so I'll probably go a bit lower than that. I figure I'll just look in the mirror one day and say to myself "Yep, it's time for transition."..

Comment #13

I picked 165 because I know what I look like at that weight and liked it. But in looking at pictures from that time, I can see that a little thinner might have been better. I'd be pretty surprised if I don't lower my goal weight when I get there. I can tell you, though, that I'm not changing my ticker goal until I get there; I don't need to make it any further away than it needs to be.

I told my husband I want to be willowy, but I'm not sure I can pull that off at 46...

Comment #14

GGRobin, I'd love to be willowy too but at 5" 1', I'm more stumpy than willowy...

Comment #15

I chose my goal weight based on my age, my Dr and Nutrisystem advice, we all agreed I needed to be able to maintain and not try for skinny mini status. I have been maintaining in my range since July. Do not count on losing in transition, most do weeks 1-3 but then gain a little or stabilize week 4 and beyond. I am at the top of my range now so cut back to 1200 cal from 1600. T&M teaches you how to control yourself and how many cals work for you. The mind set takes awhile. I still think of myself as a fat person but have trained myself to remember that Hey I'm a thin person now!!! Check the mirror and your clothes size lady if you don't believe it!..

Comment #16

I just chose a weight in the middle of the BMI range. I haven't been a healthy weight...uh who knows what I'll actually look like at 145 (5"7). I'm still young so it doesn't seem crazy to want to lower it below that and be able to maintain it. I'm not fixated on any number really, I'll just stop when I feel like it...

Comment #17

Bottom third of my BMI range. Thin, but still healthy...

Comment #18

Thanks guys! I think I will hit that 160 and then see where it goes. I want a 5 lb. or so cushion, so I might go a little lower just to be safe. I like curvy, I'm broad shouldered and medium framed, so going too low might be difficult to maintain. I guess I'll just see how my body does. Since I haven't been 160 since 6th grade, who knows? haha. I loved reading all the replies, though! Thank you again!..

Comment #19

Like a lot of others have said.... I just sort of picked a number for now because it's still a ways off. My goal of 150 still has me overweight, but I dont ever remember being less than about 170-180, so it sounded like a good initial goal. I'm pretty sure that once I hit 150 I will lower my goal as necessary, i'm thinking maybe to 135 to give me cushion in the healthy bmi range. But then again, I may decide I'm perfectly happy with myself at 160 also. I think you'll know when you have really hit goal...

Comment #20

I looked pretty good when I was at 160 (23 BMI), but still felt like I my tights were too big so I've set my goal at 145 (20.8 BMI)...

Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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