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I am just starting MF. Boy was I naive, I went to a center near my house and the cost was over $700. Then I thought I could just buy some food to get me started but you need to be a client to pick up food at the center. So I guess it is the online version for me. I can buy a lot of bars for $700.

I'm placing my first food order and was wondering if I could get some input on good products to purchase. Any tips or tricks would also be welcome. Thanks for your support.


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My personal faves: Mint Chocolate chip bar, Peanut Butter bar, Brownie (only when I cook it in the microwave for 1 min exactly and then stick it in the freezer for 20 minutes), Lemon Meringue bar, Dark Chocolate Antioxidant shake and the Banana & Chocolate puddings.

I also like the pretzels (even though they've just changed the recipe, and I haven't tried the new ones), & the puffs (both flavors).

I like the chili & chicken and wild rice, but some people don't.

I do NOT like the vanilla pudding or any of the oatmeals. *shudder*.

Hope this helps! Good luck!..

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Thanks that helps. I'm placing my order tonight. I'm sure it will all be hit or miss. Cap...

Comment #2

I'm currently addicted to the smores bars and I like the scrambled eggs I make them in a skillet not the microwave. I also did not like the oatmeals. If you get something you don't like don't give up hope there are a lot of awesome ideas on how to spruce up some of the meals! Good luck on your weight loss journey..

Comment #3

Sign up for VIP auto shipping, but make sure customize your orders or you will get a lot of a small number of items to include the dreaded oatmeal and a lot of shakes.. Then you will get 2 free weeks worth of food, just be sure to turn the items around via the exchange that you don't like as exchanges take 2-3 weeks to process once received. Also order you second order while you have 2 weeks of food left, so you don't run into any problems with not having your food in time, it is getting to be winter here in the East..

I just my second shipment, and I really like to Puffs and HM Pretzels and I have not found a bar that I don't like yet, most people like the brownies (I have them but have not tired them yet).. They also sell readymade shakes (I ordered these too)... Myself Grab and Go food works best , the least amount of preparation time the better for me (i.e. Soups, shakes, pudding, etc don't work for me during the week)...

Comment #4

Everyone is different and your tastes will change as you go along. I started with variety of foods, bars, shakes, puddings, puffs and oatmeal. I probably would do the oatmeal your first order, most people are not fans at first. Good luck..

Comment #5

Don't be too worried about buying the wrong thing. Your tastes will change in a few weeks or you can find a way to modify it a bit. Have an open mind and get a little of everything. You can order samples packets if you place the order on the phone and I think if you order through a health coach if you're really worried...

Comment #6

Although YMMV, my personal favorites are currently:.

Hot Cocoa (YUM).

Chocolate Pudding (YUM).

Brownies (YUM) - I make mine in the microwave with just a little bit of extra water and cooked for 90 seconds, then popped into the freezer for 20 min.

Dutch Chocolate Shake (do you sense a chocolate theme here?) made in my Ninja as a iced slushy..

Cherry Pomegranate Antioxidant Shake (Tastes totally unlike any other Medifast product I've tried, and I enjoy it once every other day or so as a nice change of pace)..

Cinnamon Pretzels (I preferred the old ones, but have grown to appreciate the new ones too)..

Parmesan Cheese Puffs.

Chocolate Mint Bars (more chocolate? Shocking!).

I also enjoy an occasional serving of:.

Chocolate Mint Soft Serve.

Chocolate chip pancakes.

Cream of broccoli soup.

Banana shake (smells like laffy taffy!).

Banana pudding.

Plain pancakes.

S'mores crunch bar.

Beef vegetable stew.

Chicken noodle soup (never before exercise - it repeats on me something terrible!).

Orange shake.

Cream of chicken soup.

Peanut butter soft serve.

I have not enjoyed the following items at all:.

Vanilla anything.

Anything with coffee (I don't drink coffee - so that's why).


Chili nacho puffs.

Strawberry anything.

Oatmeal (because of the texture, not at all because of flavor).

I'm sure your tastes will be different than mine - it is one of the best parts of MF, that we have so many options :-).

Best of luck on your journey!..

Comment #7

Thanks for the responses. I will modify my next shipment. I guess right now I was feeling a little overwhelmed but I'm ready to jump right in. Love the support. Thanks again! I used a $50.00 coupon code but will upgrade to the VIP next month. I didn't order oatmeal but because it has gotten such mixed reviews I will just have to try it~..

Comment #8

Oatmeal is my Medifast favorite! Love it the most, then it would be the Choco mint crunch bars and dark chocolate antiox shakes. I could live on just those three items...

Comment #9

Don't be, there are a lot of choices at first, and the first couple days can be challenging, but stick to it and by the end of the week you will be over the hump and on your way. Obviously individual tastes vary. Example, I disliked the chili so much I gave the rest of the box away. For what it's worth though, here are my favorites, what I stock up the most on....

Scrambled eggs (garlic salt and fresh ground pepper).

Swiss Mocha and Dutch chocolate shakes (better in blender).

Chocolate Mint and also the Caramel crunch bar.

Chicken noodle soup with multi grain snack crackers added.

White Cheddar and Apple Cinnamon soy crisp snacks.

Both the chili nacho and parmesian cheese puffs (these seem to fill me up more than other meals)..

Comment #10

I like the oatmeal - try to keep breakfast the one normal meal of the day. Oatmeal every day alternating flavors - one day a week I have the eggs. cook as directed but add a little lo fat cheese in the mix from my l & g. My favorite all time food is the chili nacho cheese puffs - yum...

Comment #11

I like the chai latter, hot cocoa, puffs, lemon and oatmeal crunch bars, eggs (cooked on the stove), chicken noodle and chick wild rice soups (have to soak these for a couple of hours), puddings, dark choc shake and the soft serve (made as a shake). I only like the brownie if I make it with some peanut butter and most days I don't want to do that. I don't really like the pancakes (unless I doctor it with a ton of condiments), chili, oatmeals, or the pb or fruit and nut crunch bars.

I really like the maintenance bars, but they have 50 extra calories and some extra carbs, so I have to watch the rest of the day carefully if I have one...

Comment #12

I love the chili with a little added protein (ground buffalo or turkey, about 1oz per packet) and some spices (chili powder, garlic powder, cumin and onion salt). I usually cook 7 packets at a time and divi it up and put in tupperware. I keep some out and the rest in the freezer for an easy grab and go meal...

Comment #13

Speaking up on behalf of the oatmeal I make it into bars and nibble while sipping coffee.... I am out of oatmeal til my next shipment and very sad... The apple and blueberry flavors are my favorites, but I enjoy the others too. And I"m not a huge oatmeal fan in general. I just found it very filling and convenient and satisfying... I didnt have it the first few weeks due to the bad rap it has, but then it became a favorite...

Comment #14

I enjoyed just about all the food as time went on. As others have said, your tastes will change as time goes on and also remember you will want variety. There are ways to "doctor" up Medifast meals from time to time but be careful to not do that too often if you notice your weight loss slows. I'm on maintenance now and still use the oatmeal for breakfast pretty regular and use all the other foods during the day to help keep me going. You will find you really do enjoy feeling better and the simplicity of having something so simple to grab and go..

Good luck!..

Comment #15

DON'T try the new pretzels if you liked the old ones! Check out the thread started by Medifast called New and Improved Pretzels....

I would NOT start with oatmeal...a lot of people do. If you like oatmeal, wait a few weeks then try it. By then, you'll be more adjusted to the taste of the products..

I love the dark chocolate shakes, the dutch chocolate and vanilla ones, and the coffee soft serve. Also the soups. Tomato, chicken rice, beef stew and chilli (though you may want to spice them up a little) are great on cold days. But the hot cocoa, the cappucino, and the chai are really satisfying....

And yeah, the brownies aren't bad either, or the chocolate mint bars....

I couldn't stand a lot of the products when I first started, but find (despite my rebellion) my tastes did change, and some of them are now my favs...

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