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Hi! On day three of Medifast and really trying to understand it all!.

This question is about keeping a food log.

One of the main reasons I decided to give Medifast a shot was that I could eat without having to obsess about what I'm eating. I like the idea of not having to count calories, carbs, points or whatever. In the past it has drove me to the point of insanity and I've always failed. But I've read on this forum from many people that logging your food is essential to success. Is this the case? Or is this something where in the beginning I can rely on the 5/1 plan to be my guide and maybe down the road when my weight loss may stall a bit I can start logging..

Any thoughts?.



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When I first started I carried a copy of the L&G Meal plans around in my purse until I knew them like the back of my hand. I only used the medifast meals (5 a day) and one Lean & Green by the book. I didn't count anything or keep track of anything other than my water which I had no problems getting in me since I was already drinking buckets of that anyway (I started in June and it was already hot out). I didn't use condiments until I had the L&G down pat. Then I expanded to condiments and then I checked out the meatless options. I did baby steps because it was easier for me and I didn't have time to log or think about much.

It's a personal choice but I feel as time goes on you will find logging some things to be useful and not difficult. It's all personal and what works best for you. Start out by keeping it simple FOR YOU and doing what you can. Don't will do great.

Congrats on getting started! You should be over the hump (first three days) now and as time goes on it DOES GET EASIER!! Hang in there..

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Hi Mary.

I agree with you - one of the things that is really attractive about the Medifast plan is the lack of thinking and counting. Having said that, it is suggested and I do follow the suggestion that you log your meals. I typically do it at the end of the day as I can't do it during the day. It has helped me tremendously when it comes to the lean & green part. Knowing that I am staying on program and that I am balanced helps a lot.

Welcome to Medifast and wish you the very best!.


Comment #2

I've been logging food since I started. For me, it keeps me on track and helps me vary what I eat so I don't get bored. It also keeps me aware of what I'm doing without obsessing on it and the food log works well with the 5/1 plan...

Comment #3

I do the log on the MY PLAN page because I think it's kind of fun and it helps me keep track of my inventory of Medifast Food. I do it at the end of the day, when I'm reading posts for inspiration. It doesn't take long.

I also like to look at the nutritional chart at the end of the day, and I like to see the graph that shows weight loss and calories. However, if I am away from the computer for a few days (like on vacation) I don't log or even write anything down. I don't go back to days I missed, but if I'm doing it I try to do a complete day because if I don't it looks like I have a very low calorie day when I didn't. The beauty of Medifast is just as you said, no thinking about what you will eat all day.

Do what seems best for you. For me it's more of a treat to see it than a chore..

Congrats on getting started. You will find lots of support here...

Comment #4

I like the fact that at the end of the week I can print a weekly report. I have printed 3 of them so far and I will keep them just so I can look back and see where I goofed if I have a week with a low loss...

Comment #5

I log everyday. It's fun to see how close to the total carbs I get. It helps me to determine which lean and green I have. It's also a good tool to use if you hit a plateau and wonder if you are doing anything wrong. You can look at the last few days and see what the total nutrition score is for each day. When I'm on vacation or out of town, I don't log. Do what works for you!..

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I logged every day on Daily Plate. It teaches us how to do T&M, I think. I'm in maintenance for 5 months and not gaining back the weight. I log every few days and weigh daily now..

The problem, as it was explained to me at the Medifast center where I go, that you will not be hungry and you will NOT get enough to eat. Then your body will shut down and stop losing. So please log your food so that you will get good nutrition and stay healthy..



Comment #7

Mary - 5&1 is simple. Very true. I do believe that logging food is essential to success. Especially if you are using some of the recipes you can find on this site. It helps you track where you might need to make changes if you hit a plateau. As you get into t&m, it helps you learn the impact adding new foods into your diet can have.

I used to do my log every morning and plan out all my meals for the day. If you get into the habit now, it will be easier when you enter transition and maintenance...

Comment #8

I log my foods every day and I like keeping track of my inventory that way. Also, I figure that once I am in transition and maintenance I will need to keep track of my calories and keeping track now is creating a habit that will help me for the rest of my life...

Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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