Medifast Fast Food Salads??

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Hi All - newbie - getting order next Monday. I don't mean to be lazy but also feel.why reinvent the wheel.if someone has already researched this and compiled a MF-friendly fast food salad list. Has anyone compiled a list of drive-thru, fast food meals that will work? Much appreciated!..

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Fast food is never going to give you a full 5-7 ounces of lean. So they don't really work on this plan for your L&G meal. Since you have to make up for what you can't get at the drive through anyway, why not just pack salads at home? I make 6 salads on Sunday, and I have one for every day of the week...

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Hey Freya...great idea! How do you make your salads, do they stay fresh and crisp?..

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Fresh and crisp? Well, lettuce lasts as long as it does. I'm not as picky as some might be. For me it's worth it to have a little loss in freshness to be able to eat salads for cheap..

I buy the spring greens from Costco, so they're pre-washed and dry, and don't need chopping. That helps them last longer for sure..

I put 55g of lettuce in each tupperware. I top it with 1C of whatever veggies look good to me that week, usually tomatoes, cucumbers, or bell peppers. Then I put a lean: 5-7 ounces of fish, 6 ounces of grilled chicken, 3 ounces of chicken + 2 ounces of cheese, etc. I salt it instead of using dressing. If I were a dressing person, I'd wait to dress it until the morning I was going to eat it..

Grab and go!..

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Always be careful with fast food salads. I know for a fact that some McDonalds add sugar to their salads. It's sad, but true...

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When I've been imprisoned by trial or traffic, Jack in The Box Grilled Chicken strips were my only choice (nothing survives 100+ heat in the car) ... I don't have any fat condiments or healthy fats on those days, as I suspect there is a little oil on the grill...

I get the Side Salad. No Cheese..


One time I got the Grilled Chicken Salad and the greens were too old & soggy and didn't stand up to the hot chicken. Smarter to order separately...

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I'm really looking for some safe, FAST choices for when I'm in a crunch and trying to avoid making a bad decision...

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I guess I need to get a grip and buy some chicken breasts to have on hand constantly. Have anyone created a shopping list for newbies? THANKS all...

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@Freya11 - why didn't I think to do that! Great idea to package salads for the week.

@rawhide - I have been on Medifast for and I haven't thought about fast food. I know a lot of people suggested that you should always have bars and shakes and water with you. Then, you will not be tempted to go to fast food when hungry. Even healthy food on fast food menus are unhealthy...

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I dont know if any of you have a Coyote Canyon restaurant near you, BUT, I have to tell you I eat there several times a week. They have the freshest salad bar and hot grilled 5 oz steak that is YUMMO! Also have a good grilled pork tenderloin. This is an all you can eat buffet place but they have take out available. You go get the divided foam container Fill the large area with all your veg/salad stuff and go get a meat fresh off the grill. Take it to the cashier and they weigh it...$3.99/lb. My L&G is almost always around $3.00. Can't hardly cook for that...

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Dang.Coyote Canyon sounds GREAT.and unfortunately I don't have one close. Those are the types of restaurant hints I'm looking for though - ie - when you go this.don't eat that...

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I make my salad fresh every night. I use grape tomatoes, I have cucumber already sliced up. I just measure everything, put it in a bowl and top it with chicken or have it as a side. Very easy this way. Freya's way is good too, but I find that sliced cucumber can wilt the lettuce...

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