Medifast Day 3

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I am now on my third day - and I must confess - I am a daily weigher! It is so hard not to be.

I was hoping to meet some new friends to go through this journey with!..

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I am on day three as well. How are you doing so far? What foods are you liking?.

I weigh daily (down 2.5 lbs so far). I'm not feeling so great today (hungry and tired), but I'm hoping to be past that really soon...

Comment #1

Hahahaha... I'm a daily weigher too (and I'm not even OP yet!). My husband gets on me about that, but it's a habit I'm trying to break...

Comment #2

I am doing okay thus far! The shakes and oatmeal are good - I am not digging the soup that much! I am down 2.5 lbs too - hoping to be at least 5 in week one.

I am hoping that I can withstand my cravings~..

Comment #3

I'm really liking the brownies, parm. puffs, choc mint crunch bars. The lemon crunch bars were pretty bad...

Comment #4

Day three - that's awesome! it got a bit easier after day three for me. I'm a daily weighter.. although in the beginning I was jumping on the scale like every hour, LOL. I was amazed how fast the weight came off. I'm glad you are doing well, keep up the good work- stop by my page and say HI when you get a chance..

Comment #5

I have been on Medifast since May 17. I have lost over 17 pounds so far. I weigh daily also. I also lost 14 pounds before Medifast on another program so my totals are 31 pounds. After the first couple of days you will notice a huge improvement in how you feel. I am loving this program and I think you will too! Good luck!..

Comment #6

Howdy new friend! Yes, we have a lot of daily weighers here and well there is nothing wrong with that if you can hang into the stress of that devil "scale" lol....

I used to be a daily weigher, but heh..havent been lately once a week is enough torture for me lol.

I wish you luck on your journey!.

I started may24, 2010 and well here it is now and Im 31 pounds down..

Comment #7

Day 1 for me and I do not like the scale! Well, I don't like the scale today...

Comment #8

Its day 2 for me and Im really nervous about this. Tried it before and actually gained some weight thru the winter. Spoke to the consultants who have me realizing I truly didnt follow program as I didnt eat enough!! I guess my body went into a starvation mode so Im following all this carefully as this is VERY important to my life right now. I like the medifast concept and love the idea of a quick weight loss.

So I'm curious...whats your idea of a rapid weight loss???..

Comment #9

My opinion is that rapid weight loss is an average of more than 2 pounds per week over time...

Comment #10

I have almost finished my first week! I had a mini breakdown on Monday, when I was staying at a friend's house, but it wasn't bad. Just didn't eat the Medifast meals, but didn't eat much of anything. I try to daily weigh too, I'm currently down 3 pounds from start weight. So, a tenth of the way there? Not bad..

Comment #11

Hello I am mary. today is day 2 for me but I have a question how do you battle the hunger.

??? I am soo hungery and want to eat anything and everything... keep an eye on small animals I have done medifast before and lost like 35 lbs in 45 days.. it works great but is hard to get on the wagon.. I am looking for friends for support..

Comment #12

Hi everyone, I am by no means a newbie...I am actually in Maintenance but I wanted to say WELCOME to the Medifast family! The first few days are very tough for some and just stick it through...the ultimate key to success on this plan or any other plan is determination so once you mind is set, nothing will deter you from your goal Wishing you all luck on your Medifast journey. Stop by my page if you want to say hi..

Comment #13

I just placed my order a few days ago and should be receiving it soon. I did Medifast for a week over a year ago and lost 7.5 lbs. but then went away to a class the following week and never really got back into it. Periodically, I would eat one of the meals but not on a regular basis..

My weight is higher than ever, and I am determined to get down to a healthy weight. In October I'm going to Europe for two weeks with my two skinny sisters who keep their weight down by chain smoking instead of eating. That's not a route I want to follow, though.

I'm trying to convince a coworker to join, too, so we can support each other each day at work.

Best of luck to all of you who are sharing this weight-loss journey!..

Comment #14

I plan to restart Medifast this week and am also a daily wiegher I lost 20lbs last time I was on it and need to lose way more and really stay committed...

Comment #15

I'm daily weigher too...its hard not to weigh every morning when I wake up.

Still confusing, because I gained 1.5 lbs in last 3 days....but I stay with positive thinking !..

Comment #16

Second day on the plan. Whats this I hear about brownies and cheese puffs? I really dont think that the dvd that came with my order was very informative. I want to make sure Im eating enough. I am also concerned about going into starvation mode and slowing my metabolism. I gained 95 pounds with my pregnancy. My baby boy was born on April 22, 2010 and I have since lost about 30 of it. Still have about 65 to go...maybe even 70...if I can...

Comment #17

Today is my first day. I am a daily weigher but am determined to just do it once a week so I don't get discouraged daily. I have never tried this so I really hope it works for me because nothing else has. So is it better to create your own package because the one they sent me didn't seem to be enough breakfast and lunch type stuff. Mostly shakes and bars? I am 212 right now and would like to go down to 155 which for my size would be about a size 6/8 for me...

Comment #18

LOL, dont worry I am too sometimes but heh..kinda broke that habit a little..

Also wish you great success on mf!..

Comment #19

Hi Karina! I see our Sw & GW are similar. I just began yesterday. We ARE going to make it back into our size 6"s and 8's! I cant wait to share in the joy of losing with you. Best of luck. We can do this..

Comment #20

I'm on day four and I just weighed myself. I haven't lost any weight what am I doing wrong. I'm not cheating. Help Please...

Comment #21

I'm on day 3 as well! I'm actually a little worried because I've felt great from day 1, so I'm waiting for that brick wall to hit me...

Comment #22

I'm on day five and am also a daily weigher I am finding this to be pretty easy. This is my first day without a headache and I feel great! As for hunger, I haven't experienced much. I do look forward to my daily lean and green though!..

Comment #23

Its day 6 for me. I am daily weigher too....... I have lost 4 pounds till now. I am not liking the soups. I like the bars & shakes...

Comment #24

I think any time you can lose more than the medically recommended 1-2 pounds per week that is rapid weight loss. Anything more is usually just water/bloat unless you are really working a plan. The more weight you have to lose - the higher your caloric deficit - so it can seem like you are losing rapidly, when in fact, you may be losing at the same rate as a % of total body weight as some one else at a much lower weight..

My mom and I are 100 pounds apart and doing this together. I lost more pounds than she, but the % of weight loss for us both is around 10%.

I have been averaging around 5/week the first month and 4/week this second month (now in week 8) and I consider those rates rapid. I don't do enough exercise yet - but when I add that in, it will help, I hope, keep the weight loss rate going strong...

Comment #25

Hi everyone - welcome to MF. I have only been on Medifast since June 1 - but have lost 22 lbs. I started out as a daily weigher but was wayyy to hard on myself when I didn't see daily results. Weighing in once a week provides me with greater reward rather than seeing the weight go up and down every me! The brownies, parmesan cheese puffs, choc crunch and choc mint bars, and shakes are by far the best food that they offer (in my opinion). For those of you that are on days 1, 2, or 3 - stick with it! This type of plan really does work if you stay on cheating. Good luck and keep us updated with your success..


Comment #26

I'm on day 3 and down 3 lbs. I weigh daily but it's better than what I was doing which was 2 or 3 times a day. The soup is yuck!! But the shakes, bars and brownies are pretty good. I feel like the oatmeal fills me up the most so I like those too. I feel a little run down today but the 3lb loss is helping to keep me positive...

Comment #27

I'm new also. Just started today. I'm also looking to meet new friends to go through this journey. I know I can't do it alone!!!..

Comment #28

OK, So it's a day later. Day 4 for me now!.

I love this program... And it works!!!..

Comment #29

Have you really lost over 9 pounds in 4 days? Wow, I thought my 5 pounds in 3 days was good. That is awesome!..

Comment #30

Hi there! This is day 2 for me and I am struggling a bit but trying to stay optimistic! I definitely want to lose this weight! I catch myself wanting to reach for a snack or something to eat all the time. That habit is going to die hard! I've been mostly eating the bars and had some lean ground beef. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully it gets easier! Good luck!..

Comment #31

Hi & welcome! I am into my 4th day on Medifast and I was also hoping to connect w/others on here to go through this together! Welcome and congrats on making this step. I know I couldn't wait another day!..

Comment #32

I'm on Day Five, and it's a big adjustment for me. I normally work out regularly, but my energy levels are so low this week. I'm looking forward to my body getting adjusted to the lower caloric intake so I can get back in my routine. I am a Friday weigher if anyone wants to join me, LOL. I keep telling myself that this is a re-calibration of my habits, and it helps me through the hunger/headaches/fatigue/etc. Have a great day!..

Comment #33

Yes I really did lose over 9 lbs in 4 days. I actually jumped up and down on the scale to make sure. I didn't beleive it either.

Now I have officially been OP for a full week, my 1 week total was 11.5. I am totally floored by this program. I will stay on until I make goal and thru transition and maintenance. This will be a way of life for me now!.

Congrats on everyone for their WL victories!!!..

Comment #34

Congratulations to everyone for their loses so far! I'm restarting today and looking forward to seeing the numbers go down on my scale too. Keep up the good work everyone!..

Comment #35

Hi! I'm new too, and am also on Day3. I've been VERY strict and have really just followed it precisely, but haven't weighed in. I plan to ONLY weigh once a week because I don't want to de-motivate myself. Plus, I think I'm a bit scared that the scale won't move..

But it is nice to see another newbie here...I'm happy to be your new friend!..

Comment #36

Hi Swint Gosh, reading your post is like I wrote it! I am also very good at exercise and working out, but my eating habits stink. So I am finally hoping to get my food intake under control. But, I am SOOOOO tired! I am usually able to run 5 miles and yesterday, I could only half walk/run about 3.5 more walk than run, too. I'm hoping that part of it gets better...

Comment #37

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