Medifast Day 2: Food not tasting so good!

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Hi all - day two and sad. Food is not tasting that great. I'm not hungry but feel like I am eating slop (oatmeal). I'm sure this is some kind of crazy sugar withdrawal. What foods do you recommend that are sweet (I like the bars) and filling? I know I'll get past this but today I want to sit down and cry..

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Welcome! You WILL get past it...especially when you see the weight melting away. You'll get used to the food, too.

For now, make the oatmeal into bars. They're much more tolerable that way. Put one packet into a glass bowl or use a Medifast brownie tray, and mix with 4 to 5 TBSP water. Microwave for about 1 minute 15 seconds. (No need to grease the bowl.).

As far as sweet and filling, I love the shakes made in a blender with about 6 oz. water and lots of ice. I also make the hot cocoa, cappuccino, and puddings this way sometimes, as shakes. The pudding "shakes" are VERY filling..

Also try the pudding made as "ice cream." Use a magic bullet type blender or an immersion blender and mix the pudding with 1/2 cup water and 1 cup ice..

Best wishes on your journey!..

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Jhill7 - just want to encourage you also. I was on this board on day 3 of my journey and without some of the support from the boards I never would have made it past that day. You are going through withdrawal, your body is making it miserable for you so that you feed it - don't give in! Within a couple of days you will feel so much better I promise! In my first week I did shakes, they were more filling, and as Linda said do them in a blender lots of ice, and I would always used diet soda instead of water, and/or SF syrups. My shakes were huge and took me awhile to drink, helps with the filling up issue. Just get through this first week, things turn around after that...

Comment #2

Thank you - drying my eyes and moving forward - nice to know there are people out there who have gone through this successfully. You start to think you are the only one who is struggling,...

Comment #3

Have a tall shake! When I am feeling deprived, I have the soups too with a little added meat. Or take one of your chocolate puddings, make and divide into two containers and add half a choc. mint bar, crumbled into each..

For a VERY filling Lean meal, make egg beaters with veggies and cheese, you can make half for lunch and half for dinner since one Lean serving is 2 cups of egg beaters. Just omit some of the egg beaters so you can have cheese (I do 1 3/4c beaters and 1 oz RF cheese for a full Lean), add in all your veggies, use some seasonings and you can even use some Light margarine to cook it. I have attached the recipe I use alot..

Hope it helps! The food is something you will get used to, the sweet stuff does start to taste better with time. Everything is sort of bland at first. Especially the oatmeal...speaking of that. Try the Oatmeal muffin recipe too, I have never done the microwave oatmeal bread, I'll have to give that a try....

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Thanks - just tried the eggs with lots of garlic powder and that was delicious!`..

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Hi jhill! I am only on day 3 and I had a rough couple days too. I kept lurking the boards for encouragement and that helped a lot. On my 2nd day I had to take some Advil - my head hurt terribly which made my whole body feel like it was hurting. I decided to take some Advil and in about an hour all was well with the world again!! PLUS it seemed to get me over the hump and I have not had a headache at all today! Yeah! Such a relief..

I also recommend making the oatmeal into pancakes. I did the Maple & brown sugar oatmeal with 1/4 cup egg whites, 1 Tbs water, 1 packet splenda & a bit of cinnamon and it was warm and yummy! I also like the shakes put into the blender with a lot of ice..

Hope that helps a little. Hang in there. You can DO IT!!..

Comment #6

I found that the oatmeal was FOUL until I discovered Walden Farms sugar free maple flavor syrup and added a teaspoon or two stirred into the oatmeal. Makes it almost tolerable...It counts as a condiment though. I'm going to try the making it into a bar thing..

I don't like the chocolate brownies as much as everyone else does, but I can stand them if I add a tablespoon of SF rasberry syrup. Overtime you get accustomed to the nasty flavor of some items. I find the soups are much better if made with broth, more than the amount that is called for, and you let them sit about 1/2 hour after microwaving, then reheat..

I just love the cinnamon pretzels too...

Comment #7

My first couple days were awful even though I wasn't hungry. Felt really run down and bummed. Having gone off sugar before, I knew this would happen. Hang in thereyou're doing great.

One thing I learned right away was to eat the bars really slowly. I can take 15-20 minutes to eat a bar, just breaking off a little at a time and really savoring it, putting the bar down between bits, that sort of thing. It helps me anyhoo!..

Comment #8

Hello! I've only been doing this for a week but what you are saying is very familiar! I also noticed a strange after taste from day 1 to about day 3. I am now on day 8 and it is long gone. Hang in there - it gets easier!..

Comment #9

Thanks everyone! I tried the eggs with some garlic powder in it and am renewed! It was pretty good, warm and tasty. Thank you all for getting me through this day!!!..

Comment #10

The first few days or even weeks are the hardest in terms of adjusting to the new flavors and textures of the medifast foods. But, like everyone else has said - just hang in there! It does get better. You're taste buds will adjust and you'll find ways to dress things up to make them taste better..

Remember you can add spices to just about anything. Just be careful about adding salt. Only a smidge or you'll retain that 1/2 gallon of water you drink everyday!.

I have found the puddings made into shakes to be much more satisfying than the real shakes. I have an emersable blender and it whips into a smooth creamy "just like ice cream" shake! Especially the chocolate! Crushed ice and water - I never measure - just eyeball it in the mixing cup that came with the blender. If you like it really sweet add some splenda. If you like it really rich add some vanilla extract or sf syrups of your liking..

I haven't found any way to eat the oatmeal - I find it vial and disgusting! Everytime I get a free one I give it away to another mf-er.

My taste buds are changing and the bars are almost too sweet for me now. In fact, even adding splenda to my green tea is a bit to sweet! I don't crave cakes or pastries at all anymore - and the thought of having all that shortening-y goo in my mouth makes me ill. I bake a lot for the family, but don't have any trouble avoiding cleaning my fingers or the spatula with my tongue! My hands and the utensils go to the sink for a washing..

So........ all this is to encourage you to stay the course and know that in time things will change and it will all get easier..

Happy losing!..

Comment #11

Good on you with the eggs, jhill7!.

Hmmm...perhaps I need to be more careful with the salt. I've been pretty liberal with it in my soups...

Comment #12

I'm with Enesvy, my first days were horrible with the sugar and caffeine withdrawal. They do get better, and life is so much easier since I don't need to grocery shop or wonder what is for dinner. Choices in life are important, but I am enjoying my vacation from them for a few months! Hang in there!..

Comment #13

The first week is really, really tough. I've often thought that the usual reward programs people set up are all wrong. Instead of waiting til you've lost ten percent of your body weight to reward yourself, it seems like you should set up a really nice reward for each and every successful day of the first week. Once you've lost ten percent of your body weight you are getting a lot of very positive reinforcement just by looking at the scale!.

The biggest challenge and the biggest accomplishment is getting started. Its the very very hardest part. Just get yourself through it, whatever it takes. If it was as hard as the first week all along, no one would make it long term. Hang in there!.


Comment #14

I'm on day 3 and just cried too because it's been so hard. I feel so weak and have a constant headache...even after having my L&G. I was really tempted to just quit. This is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be...

Comment #15

Just picked up the chocolate pudding yesterday and followed MerryHeart's suggestion to try the pudding made as "ice cream." "Use a magic bullet type blender or an immersion blender and mix the pudding with 1/2 cup water and 1 cup ice." I added a slight amount of Kahula sugar free syrup. Nice texture like a milk shake...

Comment #16

I am only week 6 starting tomorrow and that first 3-4 days sucked and everyone told me it would and that it would get better and to just hang on and get through it. Everything they told me was 100% true and I did get better and I even have favorite Medifast foods now. I come everyday to the boards and find wonderful ideas and advice and ways to make the food more interesting. This is so doable and I am finding one of the easiest diets to follow. Keep up the good work and keep coming to the boards and ask for help when you need it.........I do ! We are learning. Good Luck..

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Tommorrow it will be easier. I just went through all that and now Im on day 6 and I feel great. It is much easier now. Hold on...dont quit..its gonna work. Be strong!!!!..

Comment #18

Don't give up. It will pass. There are so many good ideas here. And you see the support you get from the Medifast community. We are all in this together and we can do this...

Comment #19

Thanks so much to all! Today is day three and feeling so much better about it today. Light headed, but past the 'jumping off the cliff' phase I think. I guess that shows me how much junk I ate every day to have such a withdrawal. Who knew I was a carb junkie :-). I am very very grateful to all the kind people who took the time to support me. What amazing people!..

Comment #20

Glad you're feeling better! I had headaches and lightheadedness the first few days too..

I am halfway through week four and have to say the first three weeks were hard. Much harder than I was expecting. Halfway through week three I cheated. But I didn't quit. I keep reminding myself of that. I didn't quit.

Week four seems to be a turning point for me in that I don't really even have to think about it anymore. This is just what I do now..

So keep hanging in there. I find reading these boards and blogs and looking at the photos really help and inspire me. We're in excellent company here, it's amazing how many people are so successful and really changing their lives. I love it!..

Comment #21

Remember that things you may not like now, may taste good in a few weeks. Your tastebuds will change. I didn't care for the oatmeal in the first week or so but now 8 wks in I love it in the morning! You may not feel the same about oatmeal but all I am saying is you may want to revisit some of the foods in a week or two. Good luck, it does get easier!!..

Comment #22

You can do this, don't give up. You are worth it The first week was hard for me as well. Tired and headache. Come day 4 the headache went away, Day 5 was amazing. I had energy that I haven't had in years. I am now on my second week and I still have the energy, no hunger pains, enjoying food I thought I never would, and all around feeling great.

Once your body gets use to it, you will see a change. I was told the first week is the hardest. Just rest when you can and take it easy..

Good Luck..

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