Medifast Cinnamon Pretzel

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Ok, so I got my order today and well, I ordered these again and well it's been like forever since I had these and they are delish mmmmmm....haha..but my question is.....

Did any of you notice that they may have come with more? or are they supposed to be this many in the bag? I dont know if I should eat the whole bag, or if it was this much before.....kinda confused about this LOL..

(sorry it may be a dumb question)..

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I've never gotten them so I can't compare. Maybe they made each one smaller so there are more in the bag? Do you have a food scale? I would weigh them if I were you - there should be a relatively consistent weight to the package...

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There was another thread about this as other people noticed the same. I saw there were more but considering it was the first time I ordered them I thought there was just supposed to be more in cinnamon bags than honey mustard (didn't cross my mind to weigh them)...

Comment #2

Yes, I have a food scale and that is a good pointer lol..

Also, yes there are more than the mustard ones, so maybe you are correct on this matter, but Im going to eat the whole bag and see what happens by this weigh in on Monday!.

Thanx for answering!..

Comment #3

If it is, then it would be the first time.

Since a post a few weeks ago about the size of bars, I have checked mine several times. I've had them as low as 23 grams and as high as 32, but never over. I only eat one a day so it's not a big deal for me, but people who have several a day should be aware that they aren't getting the proper number of calories, carbs or basic nutrition..

Interesting how you can buy a box of Fiber One bars and they won't vary by more than a gram, but the Medifast bars can be light by nearly a third.

I contacted Medifast and they assured me that they have a very strong quality control process in place and perhaps I have a problem with my scale. They weigh the same on two different scales so I'm thinking it's not me...

Comment #4

Gigi, they told me the same thing when I called them. I just got another order of bars yesterday, green wrapper and the chocolate mint ones are way, way short of the "supposed" package weight. Just ticks me off that we are getting shorted, and paying for it to boot...

Comment #5

Nope, not always. I had a bag in the past that I could have sworn was double. I actually ran into another bag like that just 3 days ago and this time I weighed it: 59g!!! It was the first in a new box so of course I pulled out all the others - it was a rogue "twin bag." I just figured I got 8 servings for the price of 7, but apparently this does happen occasionally...

Comment #6

Wow, really I havent really noticed this about the bars at all, and I havent ate any in about a week or so, and I do have some bars left, and well I was just going to wait until it gets cooler out for my shipments here in tx that wayI dont get "mush" lol for bars! Hey thanx for giving the heads up!..

Comment #7

Well, just for the heck of it I'm going to eat another bag of the cinn pretzels and see how much is in that bag! I know that things do happen, like me getting shorted on food lol, but I guess Ill see what happens with this bag I'm going t o open!..

Comment #8

So what's the word, Steph? How much did the pretzels weigh tonight? :-D Now I'm going to be a Daily Weigher of food, too! LOL..

Comment #9

Not to take it a bit off topic, but "really strong quality control"...seriously? My biggest complaint about Medifast is their horrible quality control. I have been doing this for like 16 months and in that time half of my orders have had something wrong with them, and things like the envelopes not being sealed all the way spilling powder over everything do not make for quality control..


Comment #10

According to the order site, both the HM and cinn pretzles have a serving size of 32g listed...

Comment #11

Interesting.... I just went through one box of bars and they weighed consistently 31, 33 or 35 but none were 32! hahaha..

Comment #12

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