Medifast Chocolate cupcake with icing recipe??

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While on the internet a few days ago, I saw an ad for Medifast. There was a chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing and it read: Does your diet taste like this? Where do I find the recipe for that cupcake? I love the brownies and I think that if I put it in a cupcake cup with some icing it might look something like that ad. Any related recipes?..

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I think the implication is that if what you are eating does look/taste like cupcakes, then maybe it is time to begin Medifast...

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I have heard others talk about using cream cheese with a bit of splenda as icing on a cupcake/muffin made with the pancake batter or oatmeal. I just think that the brownie would be such a better partner to that icing. I was hoping that someone had already worked out a recipe. I must say, that if Medifast doesn't have a recipe to go with, they really shouldn't use the picture. Although, I have dug around a little more and they said that the picture implied that Medifast food tastes as good as a cupcake. Well, if you have stayed on plan and not let "other" foods slip in, then the brownie, to me, is as delicious as a real cupcake and made even better because the residual guilt is gone.


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I have a concern and I wonder if people would want to talk about it. If we make things like cupcakes and icing and pizzas and cakes - are we learning to continue to eat cupcakes and pizza, etc. after medifast???? - and then what happens?? I see so many people who have done medifast and then gained it all back and more. My personal hope is that by doing Medifast, I will learn to not have these things in the future (except rarely and small pieces, not whole thngs.) What do other think?..

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I actually did make a cupcake to take to work when my office was having cupcakes for a birthday party. I put the chocolate chip pancake mix into a paper cupcake wrapper and heated in the microwave for 1 minute. I let it cool and then put cream cheese on top. It was the perfect treat and I got to celebrate with my coworkers without going off plan!..

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Even people who eat "clean" have an occasional treat. How much better to have a low cal/low carb occasional treat in your arsenal. Sugar is a trigger for me, but I will not live my entire life without an occasional yummy something. So, "make do" recipes will have to suffice. I've been at this weight loss effort for 7 years, and except for last year when I gained due to medical problems, I have experienced a steady decline in weight.

I have not tried making the brownie in a glass bowl to make a cupcake, but I don't see why it wouldn't work. Also, the low fat cream cheese with some splenda would make a great frosting. Bon appetit!!!!..

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An occasional treat is ok, it is when you have a treat 4 times a day that it is an issue..

I wish that I could have the brownie but it is not gluten free so I have to make do with the chocolate and vanilla pudding tricks. They are a great dessert especially when mixed with ice...

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I agree with Chippy. I don't bother making the chocolate chip pancakes into pancakes. I mix with enough water to look like pancake batter, pour in a little muffin-sized ramekin and nuke for a minute. Super portable for work that way.

I know I've seen somebody post a recipe for chocolate icing made from the hot cocoa, but a Tbsp of cream cheese + a little splenda + a splash of vanilla would be really good on them, too. Maybe some PB2?..

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I think I agree with you. If the goal here is not only to lose weight but to learn new, healthy habits and effect a lifestyle change, then having a cupcake with icing probably won't help that process. That being said, I do find using low fat PB on a brownie a real treat but I won't do it every time and it will have to stay a treat and not become a habit and I will not use it (or anything else) as a "reward".


Comment #8

Thanks for all of the suggestions. I too have been up and down and around the weight loss/gain trip a few times. What I have had a problem doing is the all or nothing way of thinking. That is why I have really enjoyed the brownies. I only have one as the last Medifast meal of the day, that way it limits the triggers that sweet treats bring on (this is a tip for low-glycemic eating too). About once a month I have a strong urge for an additional chocolate treat during the afternoon, so I will have two on that day.

Others can be around me with their sweets and treats and I don't feel deprived because I know my treat time is coming later. I really believe that I will likely want to use these brownies once I am at goal as a part of my regular day. They fulfill my evening sweet tooth without creating problems for me...

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You mean things like the brownies and cheese puffs and pretzels and puddings and crunch bars that Medifast already has and that many successful veterans of the plan still use in their every day diet?.

I think, for some people (me included lots of the time) it's definitely better to just eat the food prepared as directed, but if coming up with a few creative ways to mix things up a little once in awhile (staying within the plan guidelines, of course) helps make this whole trip a little easier? So be it...

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I think you have a point: Medifast brownies, for example: I have no idea how someone could somehow make a brownie recipe from scratch that's actually not bad for you, but who knows? There may be recipes that actually have managed to accomplish this. But if not, while in maintenance, if you want to have a brownie every day you'd either have to continue buying the Medifast product or at some point give up eating brownies each day if you planned to keep the weight off. Granted, I love those Medifast brownies, but no, I don't want to buy a big box of Medifast food each month for eternity, so brownies are something I can do without once I hit maintenance if need be..

The pizza, however, is a different story for me. Now granted, of course if pizza is a trigger food, stay away. But if pizza is something you enjoy the taste of but can't stand the fattening nature of, I genuinely believe that the cauliflower pizza is a fabulous recipe. I like it so much that honestly I'm happy if that's the only type of pizza I ever eat again. I like to get sauce, cheese, and a crunch without all of the negatives that come with the ways pizzas are typically prepared. It's like the day years ago that I learned that you don't have to sprinkle six spoons of sugar on top of a cup of strawberries to make them taste good: they're good as-is.

So in my case, yes, I guess I can say that I'm learning to continue to eat 'pizza' after MF, just not in the way it sounds like lol...

Comment #11

I have made my brownie with the cream cheese frosting before. It is really good and does get rid of the cravings for cake...

Comment #12

I'd like to hope that we're all working on a different mindset after MF..

I have a friend who is about to join Medifast with her husband and she said, 'I want to be able to eat a Cinnabon when I'm done. Am I going to be able to do that?' I said to her, 'I hope, just speaking for me, that when I reach my goal weight, whatever that is, whenever that is, that I won't FEEL THE NEED to eat a WHOLE Cinnabon. How many calories is that? I eat less than a thousand calories now. Perhaps, I'll be able to share it with 2,3 or even 4 people. That's how important this weight loss is to me. I don't mean to be high and mighty while saying this, but RIGHT NOW at this moment, I don't want to eat a WHOLE cinnabon and ruin everything that I've accomplished.'.

Yes I do like to turn some of the shakes, puddings, soups and eggs into muffins, bagels and cakes. But I do it for variety and as a treat, just like I would in the "real" world..

We all have a lot to learn, not just about eating but about our mental health around food, when we're hungry, when is it mental hunger, what to eat, HOW MUCH TO EAT..

Let's hope we're all learning those lessons, so that a year from now, 2,3,5,10 years from now, we're cheering others on and offering encouragment, not saying we're back for another round of weightloss..

Just my two cents. :-)..

Comment #13

I think Medifast meals should be ate the way they are until you on maintenence the object of this diet is to not only teach portion control but also to make it as easy and uncomplicated as possible to prepare your meals and eat them. If we start taking forever to prepare something and then we have to split it or count it as two or three meals well kind of defeats the purpose for me. I also have to cook for a family so I don't next extra time consuming recipes to add to my burden that is why I choose this Diet grab and go there is plenty of time later to experiment. Just my opinion and what works for me !..

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As far as eating the sweeter Medifast foods go, I think it's OK and isn't running counter to helping us make better decisions. I love sweets and pastries and all that stuff. The thing is, even before MF, I cut out so much of that already because there was a stigma associated with it that I was too embarrassed to even put it in my cart in the grocery store (even if intended for my husband). I mean, look at the doctor's thread where one doctor told his patient to stop eating cake and candy and chips and etc. OMFG REALLY!!??? UGH, I already cut out so much bad stuff, avoid high fructose corn syrup, cut out so much sugar, eat organic meat and vegetables, I just want to scream...screw all these know-it-alls, yanno?.

So for now, I look at Medifast as giving me a choice. I can have a Snickers bar (1 bar=2oz) with 266 calories, 11 grams of fat, and 37 grams of carbs (28 grams of sugar), 5% protein, 5% iron, 6% calciumbasically all empty calories, or I can have a peanut butter crunch bar (1 bar=32g=1.13 oz) with 110 calories, 3.5 g fat, 13 g of carbs (3 g sugar), plus 20% of a slew of vitamins and minerals. It's a no brainer. Now the PB crunch bar is slightly more than half the amount of the candy bar, but even if I double it, it's STILL not as much calories as the Snickers, and no where near the fat and carbs. And it's a lot easier to eat one PB crunch bar and call it done than it is to eat half a Snickers and put the other half away for laterand there's still all those missing nutrients, hence why they're called empty calories.

So right there, when I choose the PB bar, I've already made a deliberate, healthier decision. Not only did I choose something that will satisfy my sweet tooth, but I chose something that was a more appropriate portion for controlling weight..

We're learning to make better choices (e.g., use cauliflower/zucchini to make a pizza crust instead of flour) with our L&G, learning to treat the Medifast food as fuel, so if not absolutely decadent (why should it be) then at worst it's gone in three bites at best it's pretty darn tasty..

It's downright cruel to tell someone (fat, skinny, in between) that they can NEVER have a piece of cake or a slice of pizza or pint of beer. That's what defeats us and why I think anyone who diets (not just MF, but any of them: Atkins, South Beach, liquid diet, phentermine, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers. weight loss surgery) and doesn't remain mindful of the choices we make and the sacrifice we have to make for those sometimes bad choices ends up gaining it back..

I had someone tell me that she didn't think Medifast would be good for her relative because of all the sweet stuff that was offered. I wanted to bang my head on the table because it's exactly FOR people like her relativeshe CAN have something sweet and perhaps get a sense of fulfillment there instead of reaching for the bag of Reece's Pieces. It also is great for those folks who are more savory-minded and maybe not so tempted by sweets: soups, eggs, puffs instead of reaching for the Doritos or the pizza..

I have a feeling that I won't ever really be off MF. Mostly because since I am so tempted by sweets, I think having the option to make an icy shake or eat a crunch bar will satisfy the temptation, and then I can have the willpower to avoid the Snickers...

Comment #15

Eating the brownies and pancakes while losing weight is helping with the cravings for those types of items. Now I'm craving figs. Go figure!!! My inner brat is contrary...

Comment #16

Leesa: GREAT post!!!.

The temptation is ALWAYS choosing the Medifast foods you are already choosing better...when I reach goal...I will know PORTION I will still be able to eat brownies, cakes, cookies and pizza...THE REAL STUFF...but I'll know how to portion maintaining my weight will be a LOT easier....

Also: for the could probably try making a shake-cake with the cream cheese icing...yummo!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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