Medifast Chili Puffs - Less Flavor??

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I hadn't had the Chili Puffs in a few months - since they first came out actually. This week I've been having them again. I remember they used to be very flavorful, but many people complained they were a bit spicy (myself included). I notice they are much less spicy now, which I appreciate - but more dry and less flavorful as well, less cheesy. Do you think it's just this batch, or has anyone else noticed this as well?.

ETA: DId they also change the Parmesan Puffs? Do they have more flavor and are they less dry? Does the powder stick to them better? I remember most of the powder used to fall off...

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I can't compare since I just received my first box but I thought mine were really good. I have eaten almost the whole box already. Which is the reason I waited almost two months before ordering what I consider treat type things...

Comment #1

Oh, I still like them. I just remember them tasting differently. And I prefer them how they are now to being spicy, because they used to be at the edge of my spice tolerance level. I just wondered if they'd changed the recipe or if my batch was different..

Very smart idea to hold off on the "treat" meals - my first go round I did that and it really helped me stay motivated by giving me something to look forward to. The first week I had only shakes, then the next week I could have one oatmeal a day, then the next week one bar a day. They didn't have puffs then, and the bars they had were only allowed once a day. (Gosh I feel old.) This time around, though, I want it all right away LOL...

Comment #2

I love the chili puffs! I like the parmesan also but the chili, in my opinion, are more flavorful. Can't compare to anything since I only started in December. They are definitely a life-saver for me when I am needing something crunchy and a little more filling. I use them as 'croutons' in soup, chili, salad...YUM! I hope they stick around...

Comment #3

I just ordered my first order and it's here although I have not tried it yet. Definatey will have too but I stayed away from them actually for so long becuase people used to say they were so spicey and I'm not a spice person...

Comment #4

I'm never sure how much food changes, or if I change, but.

When they first came out the Nacho puffs were awesome, as Nightowl says, they were right on my spicy tolerence level, but they were also in that finger licking good thing, where the coating made your fingers orange and you had to lick it off, and if you were me you had to either split the bag open and lick that, or run your finger around the bag to get all the bits of flavor out. At the same time I thought that the parmesan ones were kind of tasteless..

Now the parmesan ones actually taste quite good, and the nacho's are just OK...

Comment #5

Hmmm, now I'm going to have to try the Parmesan Puffs again. But I am disappointed with the Chili ones. Grateful for a savory option, yes, but I do wish they were cheesier...

Comment #6

I just got my first box and I think they were kind of bland. I also got a box of the parmesan puffs and didn't really like them. They aren't quite as bland, but there was something about them I wasn't fond of. I'm thinking of trying them out as a breading for chicken or something. I don't really like chicken either, so I'm trying to find a way a way to tolerate it..

I should point out though, I usually don't like cheesy things alone...

Comment #7

I have noticed a change in the flavor of the chili nacho cheese puffs. When they first came out they had more flavor. I haven't had them in 6 months and just ordered them two weeks ago. When I tried them this time around I did notice they had less flavor. I still do like them, but just not as much. They went from my favorite item to one of my top choices. Right now the brownie is at the top of my list!..

Comment #8

I'm just kicking myself for ordering so MANY boxes of them based on what they tasted like before. Oh, well, lesson learned!..

Comment #9

Well I am sitting here eating my Chili Puffs and I have to say they are just OK, kind of bland to me. Nice for a crunch however, I wonder if they will ever come out with BBQ flavor or Sour Cream and Onion.

Anyway, like I said nice crunch, just an OK flavor, I'm sure I'll order again...

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Would it help you think If we said please.




Comment #11

Opinions please,.

I need to order som puffs. Which have the stronger flavor: the parmeson or the chili nacho?.

Thank you mucho..

Comment #12

I find that the chili nacho puffs are very inconsistent from box to box. Some boxes have virtually no seasoning & I end up sprinkling with mild chili pwd. And some batches are just right. The parm puffs have gotten much better, it's almost like they are somehow glazed to keep the flavor on them...

Comment #13

I notice that not only do they change with each box but upon occasion they change with each individual package. by the way, I love them spicy..

Comment #14

I personally like both of the puffs. But I find that the chili nacho are quite better than the parmesan. The chili has a lot more flavoring to it! Yummy! I always look forward to eating my puffs..

Comment #15

Thank you sam_ski! I ordered chili again. Others have also said that the chili have more flavor. I have just been so curious about the parmesan, but I also need lots of flavor...

Comment #16

I just tried them for the first time and they were way spicy for me! I'll get them down but I would like less spice and less cheese. Maybe the puffs are the same, but your taste are changing?..

Comment #17

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