Medifast Cheese Puffs, Brownies and Bars?

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I was wondering if any MFs have just eaten the Cheese Puffs, Brownies and Bars and lost weight at the same rate? For some reason I always thought it was faster to drink the drinks but I think I am mistaken as the foods above have the same nutritional value?? Your thoughts please..

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All the Medifast meals have the same nutritional value (other than small variations) and are completely interchangeable. If you wanted to eat nothing but brownies you would lose at the same rate as if you ate a variety of foods or all bars. Just be aware, the bars give a lot of people tummy problems. So, I don't advise you to eat all bars or you may have tremendous gas pain...

Comment #1

They're all interchangeable. Some people eat nothing but bars, or pretzels 4x/day. Eat what you like..

The only exception would be that some people have obsessive relationships with "junk" type foods, and they make a decision to practice a more normal routine with the foods. Something like oatmeal for breakfast, a shake for snack, soup for lunch, and just one desserty thing for dessert. They do that to practice structure and moderation..

But everyone's food issues are different. If you want to eat bars or brownies all day and it feels okay with your food issues, enjoy!..

Comment #2

I rarely drink shakes and I've lost between 2.5-4 pounds each week. For one of the weeks, I ate cinnamon pretzels 4 times a day for the entire week and still lost 3 pounds. Boy, do I miss those pretzels!..

Comment #3

Some people swear they lose faster when they drink the shakes more. The meals are basically the same, the only difference I see that could impact weight loss rates for people individually is the different carb content of each item. I know some people lose weight faster when they stay closer to 80 carbs and some do better in the 90 carbs range..

The Dutch Chocolate 55 shake as 13 carbs.

The brownies have 15 carbs.

The eggs have 10 carbs.

You can see the nutrition profile of everything here:

Comment #4

I haven't had a shake in months. I eat bars, puffs and pretzels almost exclusively. I'm down 110.5 lbs now in less than 11 months, so I'd say that's a pretty good rate of loss...

Comment #5

Oh yeah, I haven't eaten any shakes in months either. And I seem to be doing fine...

Comment #6

The meals are supposedly nutritionally identical. (How they have different calorie amounts perplexes me but this is what Medifast nutrition support says.) I think they are made to be delicious "fun" snackish foods on purpose...

Comment #7

I think you just have to do what suits your life style. If you are on the go a lot, and can't mess around with shakes, and soft serve and pancakes and the like, then eat the more portable things. I try to maintain some semblance of a real structure as Freya said, and do breakfast food, then soup for lunch, a bar or shake in the a.m and p.m., then my L&G at dinner, followed by soft serve or a brownie at night. If I'm on the go, all bets are off, and I grab what works. I haven't seen any difference up or down if I eat the snacky things all day. There is beauty in flexibility! Works for me!.


Comment #8

I know that the company line is that they are all interchangeable, but that doesn't mean they are exactly the same. Five shakes a day is 450 calories and 65 carbs. Five pretzels a day is 550 calories and 75 carbs. That's a sizeable difference over the course of a couple of months. Is it enough of a difference to choose your foods based on it? That's up to the individual, but it is harder to keep your carbs in the optimal 80-85 range if you're eating mostly the 15 carb meals...

Comment #9

I've never tried a shake. I knew that drinking a meal wouldn't work for me. And I ate puffs and bars almost exclusively...

Comment #10

I survive on the nacho puffs, s'mores bars, and oatmeal/pancakes..

I have the chocolate and orange shakes when I want a change, but that's only in the mornings as a breakfasty thing. I learned early on that I hated the strawberry and vanilla shakes: GROSS!..

Comment #11

I wouldn't survive one day on this plan if I drank all shakes!..

Comment #12

I LOVE THE SHAKES, and don't know what I'd do without them. I have at least two a day; it just works for me. I also have pancakes every morning, sometimes swap out for the occassional oatmeal. I found that having my L&G as my mid meal is a huge help in not being starving by 5pm. Then I follow with another shake or two, and sometimes a brownie or bar. I try to take it easy on the "junk" Medifast foods, or what I consider junk as that's my downfall when it comes to real food; pretzels, brownies, puffs. I'm learning to stay away from sludge and sugar and am afraid those foods could continue to be a trigger for me...

Comment #13

At 183 pounds down, I don't think anyone can argue that puffs and bars don't work. Holy cow, woman!..

Comment #14

It was fun to read everyone's responses to this question! Just goes to show we are all individuals and that this plan can be used in endless combinations! Part of why it works so well. I personally have found that the "hot" foods like oatmeal and soups help me to feel more satisfied for a longer period of time. And I also eat the more breakfasty things in the morning etc. It helps me to feel like I am eating more "normally"...

Comment #15

I've lost the majority of my weight on bars and puffs....

Not because I love junk food but because I do not like the shakes or the drink products....

I can eat the soup, but the bars and puffs are more convienent for me....

As you can see i've not had a major issue with wt loss..

Comment #16

One thing about those items is that I don't feel the urge to add condiments when I eat them, like I do with some other meals. If I have a lean/green that is good with just the fat, then I can go the whole day without the added calories of the condiments...

Comment #17

I found that for me, too many bars is not good, ie 1 is ok, 2 is iffy, and 3 is a BAD idea. My body apparently is not ok with the maltitol that is used as the sweetener..

I also do better if I watch the carbs, which is why I drink more drinks, since they tend to have the lowest carbs..

I also do better if I balance the soy, because it gives me a rash if I have 4 soys a day (I am also on Synthroid, which means my first meal is always non-soy, and I try to do my second, but I don't tend to worry about that one as much), and I prefer to keep it to 2 soys if I can..

So my advice is to eat what you enjoy, and if you find that it's not agreeing with you, try to figure out why It's also good to log your meals so that you can see if there's anything there to help spot ups and downs in your weekly losses...

Comment #18

My take on things.the puffs are my least favorite.and unfortunately I have many to chomp through. Shakes.I like. Cocoa and Cappucino - use only out of desperation. Preztels - not my thing.(more bags to go through as I've ordered many). I do best with bars.I've finally learned. It's a journey...

Comment #19

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