Medifast and wisdom teeth

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I had a consultation today with the oral surgeon. I have to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth out. Luckily, I have a little over a month before I have to have it done. Getting my 5 Medifast meals in those first few days won't be a problem, I can have shakes and soup. I'm concerned about getting in my L&G. He told me it's going to be probably 4 days that it's going to be rough.

The top teeth aren't so that will be a breeze. Needless to say, I want easy stuff to eat. Does anyone have any ideas for easy to eat L&G meals?..

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When I had my wisdom teeth out, my teeth didn't hurt much after the first day or so, but my jaw muscles just hurt like heck, especially when I tried to chew! I would definitely advise food that doesn't take lots and lots of chewing... I'm not sure about how to advise for the protein part (except to definitely avoid tough meat like steak...maybe stick to eggs or string cheese).

For veggies...maybe making home-made tomato juice? Nutrisystem doesn't recommend V-8, and they say not to rely on it as a veggie, but for a short term option, it might work.

((HUGS))) to you as you recover!!.

Oh, and hey! Make sure none of your family records you as you come out of anesthesia...or...if they do...share it! One of the funniest videos on You Tube is of the little boy on the way home from the dentist..

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Scrambled eggs? Maybe try that recipe for faux mac and cheese using cauli? A softer protein is ideal... so maybe even something like a meatloaf? Steamed broccoli is pretty soft. But you still have to chew. Being sick or healing is always a hard time... I hope others have better ideas for you! I know that eggs 4 days in a row is asking alot...

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Put tomatoes in the blender for green. You could also add cucumber, bell peppers, garlic, onion, jalapeno, cilantro, etc. Call it "gaspacho" and enjoy..

For lean, you could slightly melt cheese, or just let string cheese get room temp - it's all soft and squishy. Or egg beaters seem very not-requiring-chewing, or regular eggs. Fish is pretty mushable, especially a fall-aparty white fish like cod..

I'm pretty sure I could drink 1.5 C of tomatoes and eat 4 soft cheese sticks, even after having my wisdom teeth out. Good luck and hope recovery goes super fast!..

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OMG Cat and I are like the same person. Simulpost of the same suggestions...

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For me personally, I would have to eat extra Medifast meals for a few days (pudding, oatmeal, soups, shakes) L&G is soft unless you puree the veggies and meat in blender!..

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Oooh, you know what would be good? Egg drop soup, if you like it. You can do a really simple one by heating chicken broth, adding a little sesame oil/soy sauce if you want, and then just pouring in 3 scrambled eggs. There's your whole lean, and the eggs can be slurped as part of a soup. You could even add an egg to Medifast chicken noodle and split up your lean a little if you don't want to be eating as many times...

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Thanks for all the advice. It looks like eggs are going to be on the menu that week..

Freya, I like the idea of egg drop soup. I think I will most likely be having that at least one day. Thank you!..

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Oh I LOVE egg-drop Soup Freya-twin! What a good idea! I'm stealing it, even without wisdom teeth pain..

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If you buy the packaged egg whites in a carton, you could also blend some of those into shakes or soup. They are pasteurized, so safe to blend in even with cold stuff. (Not a whole Lean serving at once, but over a few Medifast meals, I don't think you'd even notice, and then you aren't faced with a big serving to chew all at once.) You could also probably blend up some veggies and mix them in with the Medifast soups or just some broth, especially if you don't feel like eating as much as usualthat way you sort of slip the L&G in over the day...

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Wow, at least you get yours done before me lol...i have to get braces and all that before I get mine out..push my teeth it's not going to be fun for me..wish you luck and fast recovery!! oh veggies burgers are easy to eat..they are soft.....

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I just had a tooth pulled.. I ate alot of eggs and cottage cheese.. even had cottage cheese in my eggs. For the green I did have the V8 juice, and that was also good in my eggs.. It may not be recommended, but it did give me the veggie nutrients..

Good luck...


Comment #11

Wow! I don't envy you... I had the same situation a few years ago - bottom two teeth were badly impacted and the top had broken through but also needed to be removed. All 4 at once. I couldn't feel the top two, but I was in horrible pain for the bottom two. I couldn't eat anything but sugar free jello for over 1 week. I don't mean to scare you, but that's all I could muster down.

I like Freya's egg drop soup idea - could be an excellent contender! Good luck!.



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I don't mean to upset you, however, this is a really big deal.

You will have stitches in your mouth, and be very sore. I doubt you will want to chew anything, or work your jaw at all. I recommend a cup you can pour stuff into your mouth with. Sucking a straw will be murder. You never realize how many muscles you use to chew and just drink a damn diet coke until you are sore like that.

A suggestion I have is baby food. I know not ideal, but it will not be too spicy, or hard to chew, and it will be nutritionally sound. (I liked the lamb) Eggbeaters, overcooked cauliflower (to make it mushy) Maybe blend up some veggies with some broth in the blender, Cottage cheese. Also, you will not want to have anything very hot or straight out of the fridge.

When I had my wisdom teeth out, I had mushy stuff until the stitches came out, which was early because I got all hopped up on percocet and decided Doritos were soft, DUUUUDE.

My family took pictures too, they are embarrassing, and thankfully have not surfaced for years. I looked like I was in a bar fight and lost with all the bruises on my face.

Good luck, take the drugs, eat mush, and I wish you the antithesis of dry sockets...

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Wow, is this timely. I am six days into recovery for oral surgery (bone graft in preparation for an implant). I had a piece of bone taken from my lower jaw and grafted into my front tooth root cavity. I guess I can definitively say, go with the cool, soft foods. Anything warm or hot may be uncomfortable and, the doctor advised against it for a few days because of bleeding. You will also not want to bite down or chew for a couple of dayscool and soft, cool and soft, and you'll be just fine.

Did just fine staying on plan. Good luck, you'll be back in action before you know it...

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If it were me - not saying this is the best solution - but I would just drink 5-6 Medifast shakes at room temperature until I could eat again. When I had my wisdom teeth out (all 4 at once, luckily none impacted) I ate broth for like 2 days. That was pre-MF, but I think adding a shake or pudding would be better then how I did it..

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When I got my wisdom teeth taken out they were impacted as well. not only did my teeth hurt but my jaw muscles did too. anything I ate I just cut up super small so I wouldn't have to chew and I would just swallow the food. worked pretty good for me especially since I couldnt chew for almost a month because I got a minor case of locked jaw. fun times. you'll be fine! just make sure to use the ice packs as often as possible and rest when you can. the first few nights I slept in the recliner to take the pressure off my face...

Comment #16

Good lord. I hope you end up like me. I had 4 out, 2 impacted, where they had to crack 2 in half to get them out, and I was fine. 1 day's rest, only took 1 Tylenol with codeine, and the next day I was off on a road trip...

Comment #17

Thank you for all the advice. I'm scared to death to have this done, that's why I'm almost 30 and still have them. I've literally been putting this off for over 10 years. Now I have no choice. I'm guessing that since they will be cutting bone for the impacted ones that I'm not going to be able to chew the first couple of days. I'm going to do my best to get my L&G in with eggs and probably V-8 even though it isn't recommended.

Oh, and I'm definitely making egg drop soup thanks to Freya. I think I'm going to be making that before I get my wisdom teeth out...

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Whatever you do: Do not use a straw or drink hot liquids.

Dry sockets suckeroo and both of these activities can lead to a dry socket.

Yuck. Been there, done that. I didn't do these things...I was just unlucky.

Good luck!..

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Pre-MF, maybe 10 years ago, I had two impacted and two "normal". Dentist had a knee on my chest to get the bottom two out (no lie) and the gas didn't take so I just drove home after. I had a bachelorette party to throw that night so after about a four hour nap I was good to go - lived on yogurt and pudding at first, but after a few days it was business as usual. I would suggest mashed cauliflower (fauxtatoes) as a green perhaps, and cottage cheese. I hope your story ends up on the positive side!..

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HeyI know you'll be hearing a lot of horror stories, so I wanted to at least let you know that when I had my four impacted teeth out, it wasn't nearly as awful as I expectedand I have a long painful history with my teeth (starting with needing every single one of my baby teeth pulleddarn things never got loose!), plus I had just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and was already having difficulties recovering from injuries or illness. It's good to plan ahead, but I also think it's important to try to think positively and not dwell just on the worst case scenarios.

I attribute some of my good results to hypnotherapyI don't really want to debate it in full here, but I began as a skeptic and my quick and easy recovery from surgery definitely made me more of a believer. I was seeing a very well-regarded hypnotherapist who gave me an individualized session the day before the surgery, with prompts for the morning just before I went under, but you can download some inductions specifically for dental procedures and pain reliefit might help, and it won't hurt..

Some links:.



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Had all mine out in my late teens and I don't remember that much pain...maybe because I was hopped up on drugs...I do remember looking like a chipmunk with a mouth full of seeds...It was ruff on eating...remember to rinse with warm water and salt often and if you live in a state that is getting cold...Don't breathe through your mouth...I also had my toncils out prior to wisdom teeth...If I had to do it all over again I would pick having my wisdom teeth out before toncils....

Good luck and take care......

Comment #22

Mashed caulipotatoes with cheese melted in it. Mmmm! I may need to try that tonight!!..

Comment #23

I used to work for an oral surgeon, so I'll give you the same advice we gave our patients:.

1. As soon as you get home after surgery, put an ice pack on one side of your face for 20-30 minutes, then switch sides. Continue alternating sides until bedtime. If you like, you can continue using ice packs for up to 2 more days, but no more than that..

2. For the first few nights (or while napping), sleep either in a recliner or in bed with your head and chest elevated. This will help with any swelling..

3. Don't drink anything through a straw for about a week. The suction can lead to dry sockets (very painful) or bleeding..

4. Do not rinse your mouth out for at least 3 days after surgery. This too can cause bleeding or dry sockets. After you brush your teeth (gently), just let the toothpaste and whatnot fall out of your mouth. Don't spit..

5. After 3 days, you can start rinsing your mouth after eating with salt water (about a teaspoon per 8 oz warm water. DO NOT USE MOUTHWASH! It's far to harsh on your damaged tissues..

6. Stick with cool or warm liquids and soft foods for about a week. Cold or hot stuff may be uncomfortable..

I hope the surgery goes well and you have a speedy recovery!..

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I'm all about preventing dry sockets. Ick again. They suckeroo.

Good luck...

Comment #25

This thread has given me the sweats!!! I have to get mine out too (luckily I only have three), but I've been putting it off. Given that I have a hard time chewing on one side lately because the wisdom tooth has actually pushed some of the bone out from my gums and is putting pressure on my back molar, my procrastination is nearing an end. Good to have the information provided here.

Good luck, Gabby, and let us know how it goes after your surgery!..

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For greens you can cook and puree in a blender and make them soft like baby food. You could really do it with many vegetables and add even mix together. You could do it with chicken and tuna and make it thinner than when you make it right out of the can.

I just found out last week my son needs to get his 4 wisdom teeth out-all 4 are impacted. The dentist did not want to scare him and said get it done on a Friday and by Monday he will be feeling fine.... He is only 14 so this will be a big deal to him...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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