Medifast and soy allergies

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How are you doing strictly using whey protein? It seems there aren't many choices. I think I may be allergic to soy and I'm scared it may make it very hard for me to stick with this. I'm running my own experiment to see if only eating whey protein will stop the symptoms but I'm really scared if it does, it may seriously jeopardize this great weight loss program for me I don't want to quit MF...

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I don't have a soy allergy, but I did have some reservations about using SO MUCH soy. So I try to mix it up..

I have a hot cocoa or two EVERY day. They are good hot, iced, with coffee, as a shake, or as frozen truffle balls. So there's 2 easy meals at least..

The Chai makes great shakes or truffle balls too, and the Cappuccino is okay (not my fave)..

Tomato soup makes good pizza bread I have heard, or is decent as soup with a little salsa added..

Soft serves are good, and make excellent shakes, there are 4 flavors of those..

Scrambled eggs I also like (cooked in a pan)..

Iced Teas I have not tried but there are 2 flavors..

Cran Mango I really like blended with ice. Tropical punch is good too, also as a slushie or popsicles..

The Cherry Pomegranate shake and Dark Chocolate antioxidant shakes, I don't like but some people do!.

To me it seems like enough variety at least for a couple months..

Note: if you are actually life threateningly allergic to soy so you can't have even a trace, you have to avoid the ones with a teeny bit of soy lecithin in them, but usually people are not that allergic and can have those as well... see Medifast allergy sheet for listing)...

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I just found out on Monday that I have a high estrogen level and should avoid so much soy. I am sending a bunch of my products back to Medifast to exchange for the whey products.

I am going to try to have only one soy product a day (can't completely give up my brownies or pudding)..

Seems like there is enough whey products to hold me over. I will definitely be looking here for recipes to mix them up and keep it interesting...

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I really didn't think of soft serve as shakes, that's really going to help if soy allergies are what's at work here. Thank for for that idea! I don't like tea or coffee so those are a no-no for me, but I can definately live with PB flavored shakes They just shipped a month worth of Medifast meals, I guess I ma have to exchange them but still crossing my fingers that I don't have to give up my bars and pretzels!! to scratch some more, now =\..

Comment #3

I don't like coffee or tea either, but really enjoy the chai latte (go figure). I was really surprised. I need to avoid soy in the morning as it can interfere with my thyroid meds. So, I have chai latte or hot coco for breakfast most mornings...

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It's my understanding that true soy allergies (as opposed to intolerances or sensitivities) are pretty rare..if you can go soy-free for a few days and then add back one meal with soy at a time, you may be able to get a good balance that includes some of your favorites.

Last month I had just one "allergy" type symptom (itching around my mouth and lips), but after pulling back for a few days, it hasn't much bothered me; I aim to go non-soy at least one Medifast meal (and always if I'm doing meatless), but as long as I incorporate one of the whey protein meals at least every couple of days, I'm okay..

And the soft serve shakes are yummyI do it that way because a lot of the time I just don't want to mess with crushed ice, haha...

Comment #5

I am not allergic to soy, but I also try to limit my soy intake. I really like the cherry pomegranate and dark choc shakes (IF BLENDED with ice!). The soft serves as shakes is a great idea that I must try. Also, if you look up how much soy are in the products (see "allergen" guide), I believe the puddings and pancakes have a lot less than other products like bars and brownies, for example. The hot cocoa fudge/truffle drops are great...

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I have no issues with soy and haven't been trying to limit my intake at all, but I do enjoy soft-serve as a shake. It's thicker than a regular shake, and really yummy!..

Comment #7

Sounds like soy intolerance more than allergies indeed. Great advice! I'll stick to no soy at all for the weekend, see if it's the culprit and if so, I'll slowly re-integrate the soy meals. I haven't had a soy Medifast meal since yesterday afternoon and the itching has already gone done a lot, but I won't draw conclusions just yet..I'd much rather it be from the soy than from some of the things I have been imagining (I.e. skin cancer!). I was really happy to find that some of the cream soups are whey protein because I made a soup bread every night with my dinner and have a little bit of smart balance on it...yumyum!..

Comment #8

Please be careful! As someone with a couple of life threatening food allergies, I want to share that allergies can progress. If you have any doubts, you should check with a healthcare provider or nutritional support. Of course, it might be just an intolerance, but I'd hate to see you run into a serious problem.

At the very least, please call the 1-800 number and talk to nutritional support about your symptoms..

Take care...

Comment #9

Thank you constantgirl, I'll see if the itching completely stops after a few days and if it does, I'll call the number and see what they suggest. I'll have my health insurance soon so I'll be able to get tested for allergies, I think I'm mildly allergic to eggs too so it's time to check it out.

Sneaky- My biggest symptom started almost a week a go with rashes and extreme itchiness, so much so that I've been causing myself blood spots by scratching too much. It's definitely not because of dry skin but it could be because of extreme stress. I have also been having nausea on and off...

Comment #10

I started developing a really itchy rash that wasn't going away and I couldn't attribute it to anything else (and I have a skin disease, but it didn't present the same at all). I backed off to 2 soys a day, and the rash started going away and it's not itchy anymore..

Medifast, if you're reading this, please do add more non-soy products..

Comment #11

HI Dolphin.

I was so releaved to find your post. I too have developed an itchy rash that pops up and I catch myself scratching the itch. To my surprise there is another whelp that has developed. My body is covered with these whelps. I went to the doctor and he said more than likely it is a food allergy. I dont understand why though since I have been on Medifast for six weeks and just now I get this rash. I so do not want to quit MF...

Comment #12

I have a soy intolerance that causes extremely painful heartburn and reflux (so bad that I had to go off soy entirely for a year about 6 years ago). So by day 5 of Medifast I was in serious pain. I stopped soy for a day and started Prevacid and now try to limit my soy to a couple of meals/day and so far it has worked well. I'm so happy about it! Day 13 OP!..

Comment #13

I'd to go soy-free, because the itching was unbearable, that was month ago; I've not had anymore itching since...

Comment #14

I would definitely recommend that go with mostly whey protein. I did Medifast before and never had a problem, then on my second go of it, 4 weeks into it the crazy itching started. I quit the soy protein entirely for about 4 days then gradually re-introduced soy. I was absolutely fine for another 3-4 weeks (can't remember which week i'm on anymore) and this week the crazy itching has started again since I've been eating more soy than I should, so back to Soy detox. I would recommend that you be really careful with the Soy. I was told it could turn into an actual allergy if you expose yourself to it too much and that's when it becomes dangerous to even ingest a little bit.

I found that the ice cream makes excellent shakes which helps with the "detox"..

Comment #15

I'm so glad I found this thread. Today is my first non-soy day on Medifast. About a week or two after I started I got horrible eczema on my eyelids (I've never had eczema before) and the skin on my eyelids got all red, puckered and swollen, then started peeling, scaling and itching horribly. Nothing I've tried over the counter has worked, and I'm on a prescription hydrocortizone cream temporarily until we see if taking me off the soy works..

I can't keep using the cream for more than a couple of weeks, as steroids are bad for thinning out facial skin and causing premature aging (yuck!), especially on the eyelids. Hopefully switching to the non-soy foods will work, because I don't want to give up Medifast because I've lost so much weight, feel so much better and am no longer pre-diabetic..

The only bad thing about the non-soy foods is there's nothing you can just carry with you in your purse on the go without having to prepare, like the bars, pretzels, and puffs. That's a real pain in the rear. There's no real solid foods except the scrambled eggs either, which is a bummer. I really hope they start making more non-soy foods. Hopefully after I detox from the soy I can at least have a brownie every couple of days. I already miss my daily brownie break at work...

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Count me among the intolerant from the looks of it. Started Medifast about a month ago, about 7-10 days later, noticed some dry skin on right calf, then bumps a a couple days later. At the 2 week mark (or so), the bumps were on both calves, and started getting a few on my neck and arms. Itching started a few days after that, so at the end of 3rd week, stopped all Medifast meals (except eggs since they do not have Soy). A week later, still bumps and itching, tho the redness of the bumps seems to have diminished and the itchies come and go. It's driving me nuts, especially how with how well Medifast was working for me..

If I could just the get itching to stop and the bumps to disappear, I would try to ease back into the Medifast plan but dam... when will it end?? aauugghh.... Taking Benadryl for the antihistamine and applying cortisone cream but covers such a wide area, it almost feels like I am applying a coat of paint every day. Maybe I should buy stock in anti-itch creams while I am at it...

Comment #17

Do you get up in the night to use the bathroom? That is when I take my thyroid meds...

Comment #18

Interesting idea. I hadn't thought of doing that. I take mine at 5:30 when the alarm goes off, and never eat for an hour or 2 after...

Comment #19

I have had unbearable itching at the top part of my left leg. It is a very very painful itching. I used Monostat to alleviate and it helped a lot. I never thought about it being from Medifast, but the first time it appeared was 4th week on medifast. Now that I am reading your posts, I wonder if that is what it is...

Comment #20

Looks like a whole lot more of us have soy intolerance than I thought! I haven't been able to keep from the soy completely because of that lack of portability and like the bars and pretzels (plus I get sick of shakes) I really wish they would come up with more non-soy options...

Comment #21

By the way, what is it in soy that causes the itching? Is it just plain allergy or is it a quality to the soy. I am highly allergic to tea but it may be the tannins more so than the tea..

Also did any of you have itching issues before Medifast? I am just so curious why soy does this..

Do you think in those allergic to soy (rash) that soy could have a stronger effect hormone-wise than in those non-allergic? What do you think?..

Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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