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I have a question. Everyday I see medifast ads on my browser saying "does your diet taste like this?" and they always show cupcakes and cake and things that are not part of the diet. So no, my diet does not "taste like this." Why wouldn't they show the brownies or pancakes, something that is actually part of the diet? Don't you think the ads are a little misleading? I mean don't get me wrong I love MF, but if I didn't know anything about Medifast and ordered expecting to eat cupcakes on this diet I would be disappointed...

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I've recently seen those ads too. I agree, it is misleading. I love the program, but am curious why they would put foods in an ad that certainly are not part of the program. Kind of odd.....

Comment #1

There's a theory here on the board that what they really mean is that if your diet tastes like cupcakes, then there's a chance you need to lose weight and might want to look into MF.

I tend to agree, though, that it seems kind of misleading since the above interpretation isn't really the first thing you think of when you see the ad...

Comment #2

Maybe it is a way to get prospective customers to call and inquire about diet..

The commercials are odd. Ill give you that...

Comment #3

I have seen one of the ads that shows brownies...

Comment #4

They may be odd, but the Medifast ads on FB are what got me!.

Here I am not quite 6 weeks later, and 35 pounds lighter! I like to think that while Medifast "fuel" doesn't quite taste like a cupcake or icecream, there are sweet options, chocolate, vanilla, brownies, etc. God bless Medifast for helping me get my life back...

Comment #5

"Does your diet taste like this?" With the use of "like," this comment relies upon a simile, a kind of metaphor, to compare two otherwise dissimilar things. If I were to say, "Donna sings like an angel," no one would think that I was saying Donna IS an angel, only that there is a shared quality between Donna's voice and what we imagine an angel's voice to sound like. The Medifast ad is playing off the fact that the taste of diet food isn't suppose to invoke any similarities with something like a cupcake, meaning that diet food can taste sweet, for example. The ad isn't saying the food that you eat on the Medifast plan IS a cupcake, just that there is a shared quality between these two otherwise dissimilar things...

Comment #6

Hehe. I always read it as them asking if eating cupcakes is what your diet consists of now, then you should try MF..

Funny how everyone interprets it differently. I also don't really understand why some people get so worked up about these ads. Not necessarily on this thread, but past threads, people were actually arguing over this!..

Comment #7

[quote=dherschberg]hehe. I always read it as them asking if eating cupcakes is what your diet consists of now, then you should try MF..


Exactly how I read it...

Comment #8

I've always thought of it as "your diet could also taste like this..". To me, the foods are fabulous and I have very few that I don't like or even if I don't like them at first, I do when I try them again. I guess my Fluffy's Brownie Pie is the new "cupcake"...

Comment #9

I have often wondered if they just meant does your diet TASTE like this? sorta on the same line as Jennifer.

You know like the pictures of cupcakes and/or puddings, etc? Most diets don't 'taste' like that. They are bland and not filling. Or they are tiny mouse sized portions of carbs that don't fill you up, but do make you crave more and more. Hence the amount of sodium and pasta in packaged WW, Nutri system, Jenny Craig, Lean Cuisine, etc. Just looking at the cheese pizza on the box of WW pizza or the desserts in the frozen section, and I gained weight. Then there are the diets that are all celery and bird type food.

I can almost smell it and ewwwwww!.

The point I took from the New Medifast add campaign was: If you eat Medifast , this diet will allow you to eat brownies, pudding, ice cream, soups, shakes, oatmeal, pretzels, candy bars, etc.

Kinda like saying you won't be on a 'liquid' diet as so many people seem to think Medifast is..

I dunno, but I never expected gourmet outta packets, but after being here awhile, I've come to appreciate the taste of the food..

I can see how someone totally new to Medifast might think it was a bit misleading, tho..

The new ads came out after I had already been on Medifast awhile, so I never gave them too much thought...

Comment #10

Good morning!! Great question!!.

We do have an advertisement campaign running currently that does show a cupcake. I believe the premise of the advertisement is "Does you diet look like this" (show cupcake), "if so Medifast is healthier alternative", these are not the exact lines, but the basic premise. The cupcake represents "sweets" and "junk food", both of which Medifast does not recommend, our 5 & 1 Plan is the healthy portion controlled meal plan. So, we do not recommended cupcakes or have a new product..

I hope this answers your question. Have a great day!.

Thank you,.

Matt RD, LDN..

Comment #11

Matt's reading would have more credence with me if brownies, ice cream, candy-like bars, pancakes, and puffs were not staples of the Medifast menu. Obviously these substitutes are much more nutritious but they do a good job of masquerading for junk-like food...

Comment #12

So the ad is using the "dictionary" definition of "diet"....

Diet - What you eat, not calorie restriction. For example, my dog eats a diet of dog food. He's just eating his food daily but not attempting to restrict calories..

This ad bring up another interesting point - In our culture, we are so used to the word "Diet" as a calorie restriction or something we are on, not things we just "eat"...

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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