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Some of you may have heard about my ongoing dispute with McAfee regarding their falsified negative report of on their website. The full story can be found on my blog by clicking here.

A few other website /img/avatar3.jpgs have informed me that they have received the same treatment from McAfee. These false accusations by McAfee have caused an untold amount of damage to a countless number of business /img/avatar3.jpgs. After receiving a couple of recent communications from other victims, I've decided to take some initiative. I'm currently seeking lists of other falsely flagged websites to establish a class action lawsuit against McAfee, seeking damages and a modification to their policies regarding which sites are flagged.

To see if your domain names are flagged, visit Example URL:

Over the next few weeks, I'll be communicating with multiple attorneys with the hopes of finding someone willing to represent the class action suit. I encourage every single one of you to participate in this group effort.

Please send me a private message here on NamePros, or send me an email (matt [at] with any domain names falsely flagged by

I'll keep everyone updated as the situation progresses...

Comments (22)

I will send some names later today. I just found out that some where flagged for no reason..

Comment #1

Unless I'm mistaken, McAfee does not flag sites, it's McAfee users with their subscriptions who can sign up and flag these sites, a sort of user based review....or am I mistaken?...

Comment #2

The blog link has been fixed. I accidentally had http:// twice.

Here's a quote from the website: The quote was obtained from McAfee SiteAdvisor Software  Website Safety Ratings and Secure Search under the "Why Is a Site Rated Red?" section. They clearly take all credit for a website being flagged.

In my opinion, McAfee is attempting to push the flagged site owners to purchase their commercial security services for websites. This marketing strategy is extremely unethical and should be stopped immediately...

Comment #3

Uh, this was posted since last year:

While it's understandable it can cost business and what-not, you might have to demonstrate some kind.

Of "material damage" caused by this to make any kind of progress. Otherwise, it's all speculation.

This is essentially a civil dispute. Still, good luck...

Comment #4


Just a suggestion. Why not try posting a dispute at their website. This URL McAfee SiteAdvisor Software  Website Safety Ratings and Secure Search will help you go about it. If the issue still does not get resolved then proceed legally.


Comment #5

I mean I cant upload my new site untill it's fixed. It looks really bad if I upload my new company site to a red flagged name. So I'm also going to call or mail them..

Comment #6

Is there a reason to have Whois Privacy turned on for your domains? If no, turn it off - it may help.


Comment #7

I had a few of mine red, I emailed them and they turned them back green and others I didn't even bother and they turned back green after a month. It is annoying when they flag them red and don't provide a reason as who has time to keep contacting them every time you find a red one. They shouldn't mark them red unless they provide a reason. The good news is they seem to work with you if you contact them. The bad news is you have to contact them in the first place when they mark them red for no reason...

Comment #8

There appears to be a general assumption that there was no communication with McAfee on my part. I urge you to read the blog post fully to understand the circumstances...

Comment #9

I read your blog was just telling my side of how they do seem to change them green when I contact them. I do subscribe to their Total Protection virus software though so maybe that has some pull. I just contacted them about another one so I'll see how that one goes...

Comment #10

No offense, but it sounds like you are trying to point fingers for a lack of business. SiteAdvisor is the least of your troubles. $70 a month for a remote desktop? I understand that you are providing the remote computer (does the EULA allow this use?), but that is still an outrageous price.

SiteAdvisor provides a valuable service. If your hunch is correct that it may have been blacklisted when you bought the domain, then you should have checked that before you bought it...

Comment #11

You can have a green domain today and get a red mark tomorrow for no reason as I have emailed and gotten about 5 changed back to green so far and number 6 is in the works. I agree it's a good service if it actually turns them red and provides a reason but all 5 of mine were red without a reason provided which does affect consumer confidence as a big red button can scare them from purchasing. I think there is an issue with them flagging red on quite a few without a reason as I have already found 6 and talked to a few others that are seeing it as well. It's one thing to flag them red and provide the reason it's another thing to flag them red with no reason provided on 100% secured sites. I think a big red banner that is not deserved hurts any site regardless if you feel their pricing model is too high...

Comment #12

I'm just saying, it seems strange to be talking about some big class action lawsuit when the site in question obviously isn't making much, if anything at all.

At some point the question of actual losses has to come up. When you aren't making anything to begin with, I don't know how you estimate that...

Comment #13

The launch of EOH has been on hold for a while, I have other projects on my list of priorities. I realize that it reduces the weight of the claim, but does not eliminate fault. The lack of business in my case is not the motivation behind the claim. There are currently paying clients, along with individuals who refused service, not because of pricing, but due to the red flag. The issue has affected other companies as well.

On a side note, I happen to be a website security professional. One of my previous businesses provided services competing with McAfee. The company is no longer around due to a major partnership issue, so there is no competitive drive behind this claim. My point with this note is that I have personal experience with false positives and clearly understand the effects when the false positives are clearly associated to a legitimate and reputable business...

Comment #14

Whois Privacy may be a potential red flag for them. A long-shot, but something to consider.

Another possibility is they're scanning for older versions of software (ie. WordPress in particular; Joomla and Drupal) and various website features (ie. javascript, installers, files) that appear unsafe, but may not necessarily be - that might explain why they're not specifically saying what the problem is or isn't. appears to be running a somewhat outdated WordPress version that has known security issues. Update it, wait a day or two (they likely cache sites), and then request a rescan.


Comment #15

My suspicion about Whois Privacy being a possible red flag in some instances appears to be even more likely than I'd initially thought...

I just saw an article running on Slashdot Slashdot | Detecting Anonymously Registered Domains about a service that maintains a list of Whois Privacy domains. For more info see Anonymous Whois List.


Comment #16

Domagon - Regarding your statement about outdated software, the site was flagged for the second time while the software was current. As far as the whois privacy is concerned, I'm currently attempting to obtain a direct response from McAfee regarding the possibility...

Comment #17

I have been a user of mcafee site advisor for years.

Mcafee hasn't accused you of anything.

Anyone can download mcafee site advisor and sign up for a username and password and submit their own anonymous report for any site they want.

It wasn't mcafee, it was one of their users..

Comment #18

Notice how the report has 0 claims of reports from users. No comments listed. Regardless, McAfee should verify reports instead of publicizing false positives...

Comment #19

Sometimes you can be flagged if you have a link to a link to a link to a potentially shady site.

Are these domains parked? what kind of scripts are you running on them exactly? are you running adsense or something else? what are they linked to?..

Comment #20

Lol my sites are also flagged red (5-6 of them) and I have no links to other sites only a simple php form to subscribe to my newsletter. I'm going to deveIop a few of them (working on it atm). I have to call them asap to sort this out. If they can find something shady about me or my sites... I have a clear track record. all my customers are happy, I never spam or do anything even close to shady..

Comment #21

If you're going to Class Action the mugs at McAfee, you should also CA wackos like Wiki. Both of them apparently don't check what the heck their goofy users are doing or saying, which leaves the doors wide open for vandals.

And what is the reaction of such sites to vandalism? Instead of using common sense (or any investigative legwork) they take a bizarre "blame the victim" position, letting the vandals run rampant and unchecked, because they crazily claim "the subject must have attracted" all the bad responses!..

Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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