Made my first Medifast goal!

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So I did it!! I made my first goal of 135 this morning!.

AND (HUGE NSV!!) this is after 1 1/2 weeks in Jamaica in an all inclusive resort (early Christmas present courtesy of the in-laws). While I was not OP, I tried to make sensible choices and exercised portion control. I stayed away from most dairy and fruit and all grains - my one concession is I loved having a small plain yogurt with a tablespoon of fruit in it for breakfast. and I came back....drumroll please...2 pounds lighter than when I left!!!.

So here is my conundrum - I need the opinions of my fellow MF'rs!!.

I was able to get back on 5 & 1 and back into ketosis and I made my "first" goal this morning. My second goal would be 130, third goal 125 which would put me smack dab in the middle of a healthy BMI.

However- mentally, I am done. I don't know if I can do this much longer mentally or financially. I am determined to see transition through (I know to wait one more week before starting) and I am also determined to maintain this for the rest of my life. I know the choices that I have to make to keep me healthy..

Here is my question - has anyone else met their highest goal weight and called it "done" only to feel like a quitter like they should have gone the distance to the "ultimate" goal? I have modified my goal weight twice now and I feel like I have cheated more than if I were to have eaten something off plan! I guess I just needed to cry on the shoulders of people who know what I am going through. Any input is much appreciated!..

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Well I made my highest goal and then went for another 15 so I am at 135 at 5'4". I thought I wanted to go a little further and my body just couldn't. When I say couldn't I mean I truly had no issues getting to 135. After that it become a HUGE struggle, mentally, physically, emotionally and I decided then my body was happy where it was and that I could maintain this weight. I flex between 135 and 138 and my body feels really really good. I didn't want to force myself down more just to regain it because maintaining was too difficult..

BTW glad you had a great time and lost in Jamaica. We go for 8 days on Saturday and I am hoping to be active enough to allow some additional meal choices...

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GOAL!!!!! W00t!!!! So thrilled for you!.

If you're done, then transition well and keep it off. Don't force yourself to keep going because of some made-up number in your head that isn't what you or your body actually want. Forcing the issue can only lead to not transitioning well, right?.

You're already at a healthy BMI. If you like your body and feel good, then call it a victory!..

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Congratulations on reaching your first goal! I reached my final goal today. Only you can decide what your final goal should be. Personally I thought I would reach my goal over a month ago, but the last 5 weeks have been extremely slow losses. I wanted to start transition the first week of November so that I would be finished with transition by Christmas. However, I decided that I MUST reach the goal I set in the beginning. Last Monday I was one pound from goal and I continued to do 5&1 because I would have felt like a failure if I gained a few pounds in transition and never saw that magic number on the scale.

It was well worth it. Today is one of the happiest days of my life! I've never been this thin or felt this great! I wish you success with whatever you decide...

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I just answered you over on the T&M forum. Congratulations for getting here!! WOOT!!!!..

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GREAT Work! Congratulations! How awesome will it be to be starting the NEW year at Goal?.

You worked hard, enjoy the rewards my friend...

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Congrats to you! You know yourself better than anyone. Listen to yourself...

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Thanks everybody! I will complete the week before transition and see how I feel then, maybe I will have enough "oomph" by then to go the distance.

(HUUUGGGGSSSS!) I really appreciate this you guys! I know I couldn't do this without you!.

Lynne - have an amazing time!!! Yes, part of my plan was to do something every day other than just lie by the pool or the beach. I went horseback riding, swam in the pool everyday and was able to run on the treadmill three times (2 treadmills for 400+ people at the resort = waiting line ). My additional food choices included the best jerked chicken I have ever had in my life!! It was after the Chukka horseback riding tour if you happen to go. I gave away the fried corn fritter to my cousin, but went to town on that chicken!!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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