M starting Nutrisystem tommorrow does anyone here who is already on it or?

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My first question is M starting Nutrisystem tommorrow does anyone here who is already on it or? Hoping for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Hello,.

Does anyone use the manual planner that comes with your food? I love my computer but I was finding that journaling that way was making me cut calories and not eat all my food and then bad things happened!! Today I am starting to just use my manual planner, check off all my food (of course the grocery items will be within the guidelines, like 6 almonds for fat) and not see the calories. The calorie count was messing with my mind. Does anyone else just use the manual method???..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

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I use both manual and computer (iPhone) - but manual for planning, computer for tracking. A little different than what you're asking, I know..

When I'm putting together my breakfast & lunch for work, I plan out what I'll eat via the manual book (I tend to forget to put dinner and dessert in, though). My main tracking is done via iPhone or computer, unless I don't have access for a while. I just don't look at the calories until I'm done for the day. Mine are usually around 1200, but I don't tend to track the 3 free items (because I haven't added the things I like to my iPhone), so it's probably 60 cal higher. I tend not to believe the calories because I think some things I eat have higher or lower calories than the "standard"Nutrisystemgives. For example, my yogurt is not the same as the standard one...

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I do both, but I like writing it down in the manual!..

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I use the manual booklet. I have not used anything online. I don't keep track of the calories though, since as long as I'm checking off everything I eat, I should be within guidelines. I have made my own little boxes for carbohydrate and fruit (since I started with more than 100 pounds to lose) and also made boxes to check off for water and taped those in each page. I think I'll add a box for the Daily Dose, never thought of that, good idea!.


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I only used the booklet. I didn't like using the on-line planner. Got tired of "adding more food" to the thing. It was much easier to fill in the dots. When the dots were filled in, I was done eating for the day. Plus, I could carry the planner with me no matter where I went...

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Using the booklet is easier for me. Just checking off the boxes and writing in my add-ins works well...

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I lost 105 pounds and never used anything but the planner. I marked the circles as I ate the item and when the circles where all filled in, I was done for the day...

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I only use the book & so far love it!..

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I use both; I find the online planner is actually a bit quicker for me (two clicks instead of writing out the food) and has the advantage of listing the calories. Once you've logged in the "extra" foods, you can use the column of "recently added" foods so you don't have to look them up again. I use my manual planner as a rough guide, but the computer planner is complete. Also, since I'm just getting started and don't fully have the routine down yet, I find it helpful to put approximate times for each meal/snack to help me spread it out over the course of the day. When I get hungry, I look at the planner and see there's another meal not too far away, so it makes it easier to "tough it out"..

Whatever works for you is the best way...

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The first year onNutrisystemI used only the book planner. I know the plan by heart now. I keep track of my food on Livestrong because I want to record and keep track of my sodium. I love salt but it is my enemy...

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I only use the on line planner and I love it!..

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I have only used the online planner up until the Android app came along. Now, I just use the app on my DROID phone..

I would love to have the booklet style planner available for my phone app.

- because, like the online planner, the phone app does not have most of the foods I actually have and I constantly have to define new foods. Plus, the information of the online version is not current and the stats are way off on some items...

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I myself love the booklet. I have tried both & prefer the book, much easier to grab & write in and at work I just take it to lunch with me...

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I did not keep up with the ones that were off, I just defined new foods to correct the problems. Even some of theNutrisystemitems did not match the labels (I guess due to reformulation). Two examples that I do remember are:.

Hebrew National 97% ff hot dogs.

Yoplait Light yogurts (some ok, some not)..

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Yup! I like having it in my purse at all times. My laptop might fit into the bag I carry, but it's just too cumbersome & heavy to pack around...

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I too am user of only the paper Meal Planner that comes with the food. By the time I am sitting down to a meal my booklet is marked - done - over - & my trusty #2 pencil - thats all I need...

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