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Before I started having websites, I always wanted to have a lyrics database site. Then one day I visited a lyrics site and when I searched for the lyrics for a particular song, the site presented me with an error page, that said: "We don't have the copyright for this song, please visit |this site| for they lyrics".

That's when it hit me that a lyrics site involves a lot of copy-rights.

But there are TONS of lyrics sites around, how do they get the copyright? Or are song lyrics something we can have on the site UNTIL someone tells us to take their lyrics off?..

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I believe you can have them up on your site until someone comes and tells you to take them down. I have seen 100000s of sites and never seen one have that type of error before.

You should be good to go ahead and make the site as wanted...

Comment #1

If I remember correctly, it was a Daniel Bedingfield lyrics.

Great, I'm already so excited! I'll go ahead and start it! I've also seen a lot of sites with thousands of lyrics...

Comment #2

Do you tell people it is ok to speed until you get pulled over? That is basically what you are saying here. No, it is not ok unless you have expressed written permission from the copyright holder.. You might want to read this thread a lil further before you get too excited...

Comment #3

Hey dnquest.I read threads here in the legal issues and disputes and at almost every thread you are saying something bad and in a rude manner to the thread starter.I am just wondering here do not take me wrong.Do you have any good knowledge on what you are saying?..

Comment #4, of course I'm still trying to find out more about this...

Comment #5

Im not a legal person and I don't know about the legalities of these sites but I think it will promote their songs and will encourage people to buy their cd's but not the full lyrics of course only a teaser...

Comment #6

Dont EVER come at me stupid like that again. Im just saying, you figure with the 10000000000000s of lyrics sites out there, not all of them could be in the wrong, and plus Ive read no where that you need consent first, Ive never even heard of a copyrighted song lyric before, if it's there, it's new to me...

But it's cool, Im not going to waste my time here in the legal forum no more, I try and help people with my knowledge and I get yelled at... Sorry Im not a lawyer.....

Comment #7

Dont take it personally mate, it's all about opinions, but DNquest is right, how can you not know about copywrite on lyrics, whats to stop any tom jones wanna be copying the song, well why not theres no copyright on the lyrics,.

No ones having a go, were just pointing the OP to what could happen as opposed to you'll be fine, until someone comes along.

Some of us air on the cautious side, some on the gunho side, which is what makes thie legal forum a great place to read...

Comment #8

Phil told it like it is. Whether you like the information or not is irrelevent. It's the truth.

Lyric sites are illegal and copyright infringment. You must have approval of the copyright holder to reproduce or publish lyrics. It doesn't matter there are THOUSANDS of lyric sites.

Just do a search for "lyrics sites shutdown" for a lot of results.

If you think lyric sites help sell albums that's your opinion and it's fine. However legally telling a judge this won't matter one bit.

To continue Phil's analogy. It's like saying to the judge when fighting that speeding ticket..."Sorry judge but I get better gas mileage driving 50 in a 35 zone". Oh grow up. Did you bother to conduct ANY research before posting? Where did you obtain your knowledge. Maybe you need to understand the difference between opinion and what you KNOW for fact. too...I'm just saying...

Comment #9

Of course there is copyright. Music publishing is big business. I see most lyric sites put up a disclaimer at the bottom of each lyric "This is the author's interpretation... to be only used only for research purposes" blah blah blah.

So your question could maybe be more channeled towards that question - where's the line between education/ research, and between someone trying to make a buck out of someone else's creative work.

I'd say if you are honestly making an original contribution - to the study of that person's work - (writing, comparing, analyzing) you are better than the guy with his eyes just on the CPC revenue. That's a moral not a legal opinion but it might get you thinking about what the relevant laws would be set up for...

Comment #10

Quite often "something bad" involves telling the OP or someone else in the thread that they have provided advice which is not only wrong - but is dangerously wrong. If I see someone lighting a match near a gasoline pump, I'm not going to embark on a polite discussion of hydrocarbon chemistry.

The issue here could not be clearer - song lyrics are subject to copyright, and if you are posting song lyrics without permission then you are violating the copyright.

To tell if something is legal by determining whether X number of other people do it is pointless and useless. And that is why DNQuest brought up speeding, for example. DNQuest often states things forcefully, but this one cannot be lightly stated - Posting song lyrics without authorization is copyright infringement. Period. No two ways around it.

Whether or not the licensing and enforcement agencies representing lyricists (in the US, it would be ASCAP) can practically deal with the volume of infringement, or whether they choose to selectively enforce against the "successful" lyrics sites, or whether some of these lyrics sites are hosted in difficult jurisdictions, has absolutely NO bearing on the underlying dead simple answer to the question - posting song lyrics without authorization is copyright infringement. (of course with the minor exception of lyrics for which there is no longer a copyright, and some other uninteresting edge issues).

There is no requirement for a warning, and the liability can be quite large. Furthermore, we have utterly no idea what the penalties might be in whatever jurisdiction the OP resides or intends to host this proposed database.

I, too, become annoyed, and this annoyance can be reflected in the tone of my posts as well, when someone asks a question concerning a proposal that is utterly and clearly unlawful, and uninformed others - to whom it is no skin off their back if the OP is sued - chime in with things to the effect of "It's fine, go right ahead.".

Those kinds of answers to a question to which the answer is as clear as this one earn a well-deserved smackdown.

Now, if this was some other sort of forum and someone was asking, "Hey, I see a lot of people selling and smoking weed. I'd like to do it too" the legal answer (in the US) is just as clear. That's entirely separate from the fact that, yes, a lot of others do it, and yes, the law doesn't make a whole lot of sense. But you can't just blithely advise someone to go ahead and do something that might result in serious legal consequences to them, and then be upset because someone has said you are crazy...

Comment #11

And John, Jesse and Philip, as usual, laid the smackdown. Wham!..

Comment #12

Bad?? someone asked about violating the law, so why am I bad? I am straight forward and to the point in hopes someone will research. As I written before, I tell it like it is and sometimes I do go for shock value (no shock value in this thread though). But to be honest, I reread what I wrote, I don't find it even close to being rude. I cite an example that people can relate to and applied it to the thread. But trust me, you will think I am Mother Theresa if a letter from a lawyer ever arrived...

Comment #13

I don't think what said was bad at all. In fact, I'm glad he's really helped straighten things out here.

I asked a question that required a factual answer, whether it's what I wanted to hear or not. +Repped to helpful posts...

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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