Lost very little first week of Nutrisystem?

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I Get on my scale this morning for my first weigh in in the buff with an empty bladder mind you and my results are not good at all. After following the Nutrisystem for one week I lost .6 that was all.

My husband was sweet and supportive and encouraged me to give it time but I am re thinking if this is a good thing or not. I really like the program but .6 for a first week at this rate I will never get to a goaland $319.00 a month not cheap, So if anybody out there had a similar response to first week please post or send me a noteI really followed this thing I am not normally a whiner just really sad...

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Your question was: Lost very little first week of Nutrisystem?.

I lost 7 lbs my first week, but my wife only lost 1 lb.....everybody is different and keep with it. It does work!..

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I gained 2 pounds in my first week. I cried. At 245 pounds I thought Nutrisystem was my last chance. I called a counsoler and we talked about the food I was eating. She said there was no reason for the gain, just stick with it because our bodies react differently to the big change in diet. I continued Nutrisystem and will get my 4th delivery on April 2.

For two week straight I lost no weight then last week I finally lost a poundThis week I lost 3 pounds. Stick with it. It works and if I may ask a question: How much would you spend a week in the grocery store on junk foods. I think 75 dollars a week plus the add ins is a reasonable amout to eat healthy. Let us know how you do next week and call a counsoler..

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Mary, I have been on the plan since February 7th. This weeks weigh in I lost 0 but maintained. Some weeks are better than others. If $$ is an issue there are ways to do Nutrisystem without the Nutrisystem foods...

Comment #3

I know that we read on the Discussion Boards about people losing huge amounts of weight in a very short time, people who have even less to lose than we do and who seem to lose so quickly, doing the same things we are doing but we are the ones losing slowly. It helps to remember that we are all different and so many factors go into losing the extra "us.".

I didn't lose a pound, not an ounce, the first two weeks. I was 100% and walking a mile or more 3 times a week. I knew that NutriSystem worked, since I had lost weight on the "old" NutriSystem back in 1987-1988 and kept it off for years (until menopause hit and ran in about a day and a half, no symptoms, but 90 pounds gained...grrrrr).

So, I stuck with it, and now I'm down 105 pounds (and under GOAL!). The Dietitians have said that healthful, steady weight loss on the NutriSystem plan is 1-2.5 pounds per week, average. Mine was 1.18 pounds per week..

I have never eaten a lot of food, just the wrong choices (fried is good, french fries are better, you know what I mean?) and I've always guzzled water, so I didn't have the typical water weight to lose at first. Also, our age, race, gender, metabolism, past eating AND dieting habits, they all figure in our speed/ease of weight loss.

Exercise helps, of course, but many lose weight without being able to exercise at all. Check out NSMember Hazelangeleyes for an incredible story of someone who has lost close to 100 pounds while wheelchair-bound and unable to exercise at all. But, as she says, she would LOVE to be ABLE to exercise (even walk!) and can't imagine anyone who can exercise not exercising. I do SO agree with her! I started walking a mile every other day and, thank the Lord, now walk 20 miles a week...and love every step!.

Hang in work the program and you WILL lose on NutriSystem! Just stick with WILL work, and know that I, among everyone else here, will be rooting for you to succeed!..

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I gained 4 lbs the first week! I know part of it was PMS, but I could have cared less. Then I bounced up and down with the same 4 lbs for what seemd like FORever. After 6 weeks, I lost 1+lbs. 2 weeks ago and last week I lost another 1 lb. It's been super slow for me (which drives me nuts) but I've lost about 14 inches, my blood sugar has dropped by almost 100 points and I've reduced my insulin by 1/3..

I know this can be sooo frustrating - but you're not alone!.

Hope this helped a little...

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I don't have anything new to say other than what the other great advice has already been given, but just wanted to give some encouragement. It's been one week. I know it's frustrating, but stick with it. It WILL pay off.

My other advice is that in my one week time I've literally (no kidding) called the counselors EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! I don't know if they keep track of this but if so, I must be the most high maintenance person out there! but, I havea lot of questions and I figure I should get my money's worth. Point is: Call them. They're great & they will help..

Good luck!.


Comment #6

Good advice Jeanie! Calling the Nutrisystem counselors is a great tool!.

I know exactly what you are going through MaryGlynn! I have had weeks where I eat 100% properly, exercise until I can't exercise any more, drink my water, etc. and either not lose anything or even gain 1/2 a pound. Our bodies reject the changes sometimes, I think. Overall, if you stay with NS, you will not be sorry. It's a really good program with really good tools. Next week will be better!.

Good luck and hang in there!.


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The scale doesn't always instantly reflect results. Keep that in mind. Don't let it frustrate you. So many changes are taking place with our bodies when we begin. New foods, the intake of water etc. With that much water we finally allow our bodies it goes to those areas where it needs it the most, our cells, organs, muscles.

The very first time I weighed on Nutrisystem was 5 days into it, and the scale said nothing. Was I ever upset and hurt because I had followed it exactly. I got back on the scale 2 days later and had huge results.

This is a process, don't get discouraged. You can call the Nutrisystem counselors any time, they are wonderful. Make sure your getting in enough calories, some of us need more then 1200 calories to start with. I was eating that many and the Nutrisystem counselor said I was starving myself. I thought how could I and I eat more then ever. I bumped up my calories and results happened.

In the beginning they really made a big deal of telling me it wasn't just about calories but the correct portion sizes. That is what will keep you feeling fuller..

Many eat off and on through out the day. If your stomach gets the growlies that means your metabolism is going down. You want to keep that up. I eat every 2.5-3 hours all day long starting at about 7-8am and I'm done 12 hours later. You don't have to eat everything your suppose to at one time. Also don't eat within two hours of going to bed..

Hang in there don't give up and have some patience with yourself. Good luck!..

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We need more information. Your age, how much weight you're trying to lose, diet previous to NS. All of that can be factors. Plus, are you following the plan correctly (not blaming you, just asking). Are you on any medication. All of that can be factors..

Here's a good article. It may take awhile to get your metabolism going..


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Thanks Everybody , I really appreciate the encourgement and I am going to call the Nutrisystem Counselers in the morning and make sure that I am on track. I hope yall all have a great week and thanks again for the help. God bless you all..

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Don't become discouraged...My first week, I lost 7.2lbs, but after that, I didn't lose another lb until this week. I actually gained back 2.3lbs, before this week...and shoot...I didn't give up, and I'm glad that I didn't. Try to switch out any dairy that you're eating for a protein serving instead and see if that helps you. Keep your chin will be worth it in the end..and I'll leave you with my favorite quote: "The weight didn't get there over night, and it sure as hell isn't going to come off over night either!"..

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I didn't lose anything my first week. So I quit eating the fruit and instead eat sugar free jello and started dropping weight. I am insulin resistant and the fruit was really messing my body over...

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Sometimes, especially in the beginning, you may need to look at something else other than the scale for proof that it's working, like your clothes. Can you see a difference in something you haven't worn in a week? Is it a little bit looser? Hopefully it is!..

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