GoDaddy user reviews : Should I pick GoDaddy?? Lost my domain what to do?

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Long story short, my previous host let my registration of executive coaching pocket clothing accessory at run out and it was bought by who want $1,500 for it.

The thing is I use pocketlama as a user name across the internet, I own and, and I eventually plan to use it to make some money as well.

Is there a way to make give me my domain back? I've asked nicely but haven't gotten a response except to negotiate ransom.

Thank you in advance. I did try searching the forums but I don't even know what I'm searching *for* so it didn't help me much...

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The domain's renewal date is april 9th. It's over 6 months past that now, well past any grace redemption/auction periods. Also, it still shows it's original registration date in 2001, so if it expired, it wasn't publicly released; since it's registered at eNom, it would have gone through the NameJet auction house.

When did this happen? Did you just not notice your domain was gone for like 5 months? And who is your "previous host"?..

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I dont really think you can get it back without paying the asking price..

It is your responsibility to renew the name, not your host.

PocketLlama is available if you want it??.

Good luck..

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My previous host was I waited because I didn't think I had any recourse but have only recently heard that there might be Post added at 10:00 PM Previous post was at 09:58 PM Thanks..

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I own a house..

I kept getting these envelopes from the county saying I owed them money for something, but I just ignored them..

Anyway, I went on vacation and when I returned, I found that my house had been sold! It seems I had to pay taxes to keep it! EVERY SINGLE YEAR?@?@!.

I went to the family who was now living in MY house and asked them- politely- to leave, but they wouldn't. They said they were willing to sell me my house back, but I don't want to do that. I just want it back.

Is there any way I can get my house back without having to pay?.


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Unless you're able to demonstrate trademark rights and so on, unfortunately you have no enforceable.

Claim towards the domain name. Only other option is to try to buy it.

And to expand on what amoeba asked, was there any attempt to renew the domain on your part?..

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Well, I don't think you may do much for it. Just wait for the reply...

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99% of domainers will tell you that once a domain expires and is picked up by someone else, there is nothing you can do to get it back. The only reason they say this is because anything different would rock the domain name world. Just imagine if every domain you bought carried the risk of it's former owner taking it back.

That risk probably does exist under certain conditions even when there is no registered TM, but the only domains being unintentionally lost are domains that the owner didn't care too much about. If you can't at least demonstrate use of the domain in commerce then it's going to be difficult to get it back IMO. Besides, it would cost more to pursue this than what they are asking anyway...

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Seems they acquired the name legitimately.

What you need to look at is that the price they are asking for you to purchase the name outright from them is definitely less than the cost any of the other options you could possibly pursue (and still not be guaranteed to get it).

Pay the $1500 and maintain your own registration instead of letting some hosting company do it.

Lesson Learned. Post added at 08:59 PM Previous post was at 08:55 PM umm... that's not even remotely close to any of the many reasons why that is the answer...

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