GoDaddy customer service : Recommend I purchase GoDaddy?? Lost $4,000 to a scam development firm

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About a year ago I had hired a firm (Carbonon - to create a site for me. 11 months have now passed and the site is no where near complete. I fired them 2 days ago and requested a 50% refund. They refused. So I have created another site, where I have written a review of their service. You can read the full story there.

If you wish to help me out, please comment on this on your blog linking to with the text Carbonon or Carbonon Tech. I want to show up as #1 site whenever someone searches for their company name. Thanks...

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Yup..another person scammed by Indians. $4k ain't chump change either. I am in the USA and I would have done the work for half that price in half the time all by myself.

As for your you have backups? You might have changed the site password but if you didn't change the mysql password they most likely just deleted the sql from remote. That's likely to be what has happened. Let me know if you have backup and need some help restoring it.


Comment #1

Gives a terrible terrible name to the good Indian developers out there.

Name and shame, nice one..

Comment #2

Wow that is rough.

Hope these guys get out of business.


Comment #3

I checked and the database is still there, but the db user has been deleted. It doesn't really matter, the coding is worthless. I'll be getting someone else local to work on the site once I finish with another project I'm working on...

Comment #4

Why did you pay them 100% up front...most companies ask for 50% up front...then when you are completely satisfied..then you pay the last 50%.

I am in the u.s.a. and I get all my websites done from india...much much cheaper there....and never got cheated.

If they have a feedback system...leave Carbonon company a bad feedback so other people dont get scammed by these people...

Comment #5

I paid in portions. The problem is they refused to keep working until I paid them for the next part. There was a 3 month span where there were so many bugs that we were at a stale mate where they didn't want to continue until I paid them more and I didn't want to pay until they fixed the site. We came to a compromise where I paid 1/2 of what they were asking.

I found them through I didn't know but Guru as a 60 day limit to leave feedback after each paid balance. Since the last payment was 4 months ago, I can't leave feedback. Im still trying to get Guru to unlock it so I can leave feedback...

Comment #6

I saw the WHOIS info for, it was started only in 2005..

I thought of meeting those guys personally but they reside in another State: Tamil Nadu, the address and phone no. is of Chennai city.

May be someone from Chennai on NP could help...

Comment #7

Sorry to hear about this mate, not good at all.

How they can do this is beyond me, is there nothing you can do?..

Comment #8

Well there in India, so taking legal action would be too expensive. Basically Im just trying to get the site I setup,, #1 when someone searches for their company name. Maybe I can pressure them to refund me...

Comment #9

I saw on their website they have testimonials from other clients. One of them is Boxtrotters. It seems they did make their site (they have the same scrolling menubar as Carbonon's site with the same script mmLoadMenus).

So apparently they do sometimes actually create working sites. Maybe you should try to negotiate some more about a refund or them finishing the job before pissing them off like this...

Comment #10

Another reason not to pay till you see what they made.............................

Comment #11

I am looking to get a web site design for I of my domains and have had heaps of emails from india requesting that they do the design.

And there rules are 50 % deposit and the rest upon completion ?

It all sounds a bit sus to me.




Comment #12

Not to be rude but from Indians I usually tend to play before I pay..

If you wish I can blog about it toss me a nice article with anchor text i'll do it for free...

Comment #13

That alone should have made you change your mind about hiring them...

Comment #14

If payment was via paypal just file a paypal claim for the money back and they have to give it back or Paypal will get it back for you...

Comment #15

^^ Not necessarily. Paypal does not refund users for non-tangible goods unless the buyer used a credit card to fund the purchase...

Comment #16

I keep harping about;.

You can place your job up for bids there, include a price spread, and pros will bid on it. You can read their performance reviews from previous employers on the site, and payment is made through a secure escrow service - the funds are not released to the freelancer until you are happy with the job. The freelancers are from all over the world. The prices are great, and since they have to do a great job and treat employers well in order to keep high ratings on the site, you almost always get great work if you pick the ones who have high ratings..

We have nothing to do with the site, but we've used their freelancers, including from India, and have had great results, no complaints..

There are other freelancer sites out there, but we've found getaFreelancer to be the largest and best. Of course there are always going to be occasional bad experiences... but we haven't had one yet. We only hire those with considerable number of reviews and stars..

Hope this helps you and others.

P.S. If you want to try other sites for freelancers, even for non-web jobs, there's a site called that has a monster list, with different categories of freelancer sites. You have to scroll down the page, nail the link called 'monster list of freelance sites;...

Comment #17

One bad apple doesn't make the whole barrel so. I am based in India and take strong exception to the bottom feeder statements here. We have been providing services to companies from 14 countries since 1995 with nary a complaint. And some of the top tech firms worldwide like Infosys, Wipro, Satyam etc are from India. Not to mention development centers for MS & Oracle.

It is cheaper to get stuff designed in India for the simple reason that 40+INR = 1 USD. Other than that, quality remaining the same, it's only about 25% cheaper than getting it done in the US because of communication costs.

I have been conned over the last nine years by innumerable people from US and UK, I just don't go around trashing the whole country or it's people. Most cons have been on ebay. Some cons promise tens of thousands of dollars and then use your ideas without paying for them, this is one of the reasons we joined and continue to support no-spec!

Would you hand over your porsche to someone who repairs bikes? Similarly, getting the right people to make your site is just so necessary, irrespective of where in the world they are. And you won't find them on guru or scriptlance or gaf. Most of the people there are newbies trying to find customers. Established players have enough referrals and direct visitors to their own website not to bother.

It costs less than $100 to file a civil suit in India (though you would need a local lawyer) And costs $0 to file a criminal complaint, though I don't know if it can be in this case. This however, is an ideal case for the Consumer Protection Society in India, which delivers verdicts in less than three months, unlike civil suits which can take decades. This being a consumer complaint it just might fly.

For the kind of site you are looking at you should do it with Joomla! and Community Builder. That's your cheapest option forward and should not cost more than $1500, even with a pro developer...

Comment #18

I tryed the indian thing, they where no and thought I would give it a shot. Never again. lol.

You can read my event at:

Almost the same only I paid a deposit on getting something made (got made eventually see but not threw them) but these guys gave india a pretty bad wrap in my books. They showed me a tiny bit of progress I paid the deposit and they where never to be seen again...

Comment #19

Sorry to hear your bad words, just one thing, it is easy for them to change their name, it won't take much and they will have a whole new identity.

As for the paypal payment, I have, recovered money from paypal for non tangiable goods paypal do lissen so I would recommend you file a complaint, you have nothing to lose.

Next time you could try recuriting here through namepros, I have worked for people here and if you check the tr you should get a good deal. also most coders will show you the work in progress...

Comment #20

I use myself and have found that as long as your very specific about what you want, you'll get it for a reasonable price. I use their escrow service, and I dont pay until the job is completed, and completed in a satisfactory way.


Comment #21

I agree with MWZD. If you want to get get scam stats, go to Google and see the number of scammers selling snake oil with utter lies. 95% are based in the US...

Comment #22

I paid through via paypal. So all the paypal transactions are to a email address not directly to the company I hired. And since I didn't use Guru's "Safe pay" feature, as soon as I paid it was released to Cabonon by Guru, hence they can't help me get it back and filling a complain with paypal would basically be a complaint against Guru, which wouldn't really help.

Currently Guru is helping me with negotiations to try to get me a refund. I'll let you know how it turns out...

Comment #23

There`s alot of bad apples on those free lancer sites, take your money and run on completion...Pay peanuts get monkeys.....So now I am an invitation only contracter.

Alot of the developers dont even have there own websites or just own holding pages, some of there sites are complete rubbish and there bidding on your projects promising the world. This is one place you do judge a book by it's cover.

4K is a pain in the pocket but probably the best learning experience you will ever have.....

If it makes yeah feel better I once lost about 20 times that because I didn`t double check a point somebody swore by.....

Tip: A good company won`t want full payment until your happy, when opening projects it's best to spend some time looking at other peoples project requirements especially their terms and conditions of work. Don`t list a job until your fully certain of exactly what you want to the letter. If a comapny tells you, they can do exactly what you want and then half way through the job inform you that they cant build it that way, when in the first place they said they could, "alarm bells" they obviously didn`t know what they were talking about in the first place.

If a company tells you they can start straight away, look at them a little closer, must be doing nothing, alot of the best guys on these sites have waiting lists and charge that little bit extra for there time, but from experience it's best paying a little extra to get quality, instead of being left high and dry...

Get information on there after service.

Some will ask for 50% upfront and 50% on completion, which isnt that bad if the job is only $200.... but if the job was like this and was 4k not a chance of 50/50. Remember they work for you they want your money, set out the terms they must work too, dont let them set the terms. If they dont agree it`s there loss.

The rating system is easily scammed on alot of these sites, read the jobs they have done as alot of the jobs scammers have done you will find are site graphics and logo`s, look at how much other people have paid for the job`s done if possible....

I find not setting a budget on the job is better than setting a budget....

Once bitten twice shy..........

Comment #24

There are bad appales everywhere..

Some of the best work done for me was from India..

The difference is that it is easier to track doen someone from the US and get your money back (although not always the case)..

As for where to get a good project done, I still havent found a decent place..

Have tried all mentionened above except GetAFreelancer..

My biggest problem is describing the project without having copy cats see it and ask for the same thing..

And of course, once it's done, not have that person/company just sell my idea as a template to others.....

Comment #25

All three covered, get in touch and feel the difference!..

Comment #26

Like nobody was ever scammed by 'Americans'?.

Very quick to denigrate an entire nation ... Maybe you should look in your own backyard before doing so.....

Comment #27

I have used Get A Freelancer and have only had terrible experiences. The feedback system is easily frauded and their escrow policy offers close to no protection. They're escrow policy is that if the provider doesn't respond to an email with a CC to GetaFreelancer within 3 days they'll release the money. Even if he/ she has gone months over their time quoted but they reply within the 3 days the escrow will not do you anything. Paypal will not help either as the transaction to the escrow company was valid and it was not the escrow company that ripped me off but the provider...

Comment #28

If something smells like shit and looks like shit it probably is shit..

If on the other hand it looks too good to be true, it probably is not true!.

What you should do is :.

1. Ask them to show you working examples of the work they are promising you.

2. Ask them to show their portfolio (actually link should be on their site).

3. If you are paying 1000s of dollars for work, pay not more than 25% as advance and the balance against pre-defined milestones.

Do be suspicious of people selling rolex wathces from a soap box. Even if they tell you it's stolen, it's probably not, just a fake, like some companies...

Comment #29

I had a deadbeat developer through Guru was more concerned with me cancelling my dispute with paypal than helping me. They kept reframing the issue back to ME breaching the agreement with them than one of their developers breaching their contract with me.

It was all very disappointing. I do not recommend I've tried getafreelancer too. I think it's very difficult to find a developer who actually can do what they say and at a reasonable price too. Some developers embelish their CV and some developers think their keystrokes are worth their weight in traffic.

That's my $0.02.

Oh, now I NEVER EVER pay in advance. If we can't agree on that, then I walk away from the proposal. Screw me once, shame on you. Screw me twice, shame on me...

Comment #30

For those who blame entire nation /community for just one person/organization's fraud, either american/indian, whoever it is......sorry to sound harsh...

"if you are ever cheated by someone in internet business, you are worth it !!" [meaning, you got to be smarter].

Learn from mistakes and take the necessary actions to recover from the loss...and ...move on...

Don't waste your valuble time in taking 'revenge', instead spend that time in finding a suitable company for your project.. so that you can atleast get your project completed, that gives more satisfaction.. IMO..

Comment #31

Mallikrao79, I agree, however, I am out $700 and have a broken site that will probably need to be rebuilt. While I regroup my funding, it makes me feel good to put my boot on the neck of The only reason I haven't outed the developer is that I got the files. I will divulge it on an individual basis if you PM me...

Comment #32

I'd like to add that it's disappointing that some people draw conclusions about a whole nation from one person's bad experience. I've been mugged in the US, cheated in the UK, shot at in Australia, and had my wallet picked in France. What kind of conclusions would those same people draw about all these countries?.

Mikez99, good luck with the refund...

Comment #33

I will agree.... but I am compelled to point out that America is a make up of all nationalities. When we look into our backyards we see every nation.

I would venture to say someone in India/America has posed as an American/Indian only to scam another person in India, China, Germany, America etc...... That said I would include that morals are an intangible ..... a flag isn't. A thief is a thief and borders are not coincidental. The thief could be living next door and posing to be on the other side of the world.

I'm sorry to hear this has happened to a fellow NPs member, or any one else, no matter what nationality they are.


Comment #34

Sorry to hear about your loss. 4k is a lot of money and where I am from it's more than what a typical worker makes in a year...

Comment #35

It's a total shame.

$4k is more than most entry level workers make in India too.

Why don't you go after these guys? As in file a case or something?..

Comment #36

If I see a thief in my backyard I call the cops. If you get ripped by Indians you whine in a forums. I think there is a difference. There are certain countries which I refuse to have anything to do with them until they can show prosecution of internet scammers..those are India, Russia and everyone favorite...Nigeria.

How many of you bother to do deals with Nigerians? So don't tell me I am denigrating an entire nation. It's the lawlessness of the nation that's the problem. I am sure there are a lot of innocent people in these countries but since scammers can run rampant...why take the chance. One only has to read sites like DP to see how many are getting scammed by Indians. They don't bother to even hide their identity or country of origin. I think it's time that domainers wise up and boycott India until the innocent Indian web developers get their country to enact laws to punish scammers. There should be recourse to get a scammer into the hands of the law...

Comment #37

I will tell you, or maybe you have a selective memory? Let me refresh your selective memory ... Yup..another person scammed by Indians..

So you tell me what that means? And the laws in the good ole US of A stopped that kid going on the rampage at VA Tech? A typically blinkered outlook, lets punish the millions just so we can be sure to punish the few..

Comment #38

Subscribe to Thread: Lost $4,000 to a scam development firm. Get him Jesse..

Comment #39

Sorry to hear that, I just went threw the same thing with a India company.

I think they do it because they know no one can do anything about it because it's so far.

But India is just making a bad name for themselves and there country in the design world. They have become nigerian scammers.

I wish there was something you could do?.

Only thing you can do is never use someone from india, Most likely there not even certified anywase.

Use this next time, then it ensures the person who is working on your website actually knows something. Plus you can find someone local

Comment #40

That's part of the problem. People who suffer in silence are as responsible for the problem as people who cause them. Less so in India than most other places. And I will not name names. So I assume you don't buy shares either, since enron... Even easier to go after them then?! India has fairly stringent Cyber Crime Laws.

However, legal redress is available to everyone. So it is better to go via the legal system. Can you quote one specific instance of this not being the case? Have you ever tried or know someone who has with documented evidence to prove it, as opposed to hearsay?.

= comment removed by self =..

Comment #41

Great and good luck.

When I readed first post it shows me that they know nothing since why they takes more than a month to develop a site.

Here most offices have topay advance $10,000 above to take rent their office.

Have ou ever called to that company ?

I dont know that the office exists or not but I beleieve the ofiice may be not their since scammers never give thier identity and even they use fake CC like VCC..

Comment #42

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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