Losing a lot of hair with Medifast?

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Ok, I know many have posted about this. And yes, I did a search. But unless I missed it, I didnt see anyone with lots of hairloss AFTER getting to goal..

My hairloss started around week 18, so when I was in transistion. Its been about 2 months now and it's not letting up..

I have always taken a B supplement and D, and I just added Biotin..

Anyone else have this problem? When did it stop? (Let me say though, I would rather be thin in a wig...)..

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Try the Super Biotin. That seemed to help a lot. I also noticed the thinning started to slow down as I added in more foods and began to eat more normally...

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Thanks De. I read your post from 2/2010 about Biotin, so I added it. Its not Super though. How many milligrams is the Super?..

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Its been 2 months since I reached goal and continue to have problems with my hair. I finally had it cut short on friday and am hopeful that since i've added everything back in that my hair will stop thinning. My hairdresser also told me to use folicure shampoo which I'm starting tomorrow..


Comment #3

Ok, going to check that out! I just want to say CONGRATS to your weight loss! AWESOME JOB!.

I am at about the same point as you are, and it's seems to be slowing down a there is hope!.

Anyway, Congrats on the weight loss and hope the hair loss STOPS SOON!..

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Ok, this is the "Folicure" Shampoo. Just ordered it. Its a "cheap" thing to try and see if it works. Thanks for sharing!..

Comment #5

Thank you! I have mine sitting here waiting on the morning wash lol....I wish you the best with it as well!! A fuller head of hair coming up!..

Comment #6

I recommend the Bosley line of products, or Nioxin. also make sure you are getting enough foods high in zinc,,,some of these foods are lamb, low fat beef,oysters,peanuts, wheat germ, sesame flour and tahini (sesame butter),roasted pumpkin and squash seeds, veal liver, crab,,,are just a few. of course, those still on 5/1 have to be careful which they choose, but those of you in maintenance already can start getting more of these foods. also have your B-12 checked,,,all b vitamins are important for hair, but especially b_12 and iron. also, as De recommended, the high potency biotin.Otherwise,,don't stress,,that alone can cause hair loss..

HappySWK,,,what a fantastic job you did with weight loss! congratulations!!..

Comment #7

I didn't lose any hair for awhile and the last couple of weeks it seems like my hair loss has rapidly increased. If it gets any worse I will definately look into something. I am lucky that I have really thick hair so it take me losing a ton before it's noticible...

Comment #8

I have been having problems with hair loss also. I have been using the nioxin for a couple months now and it does make my thin hair feel thicker but it has not stopped the hair loss. I haven't tried the super biotin yet. It is odd that it waited until transition to start. I am hoping mine will slow down soon...

Comment #9

Are you kidding me? Is this something we all have to worry about? I lost plenty just when I had kids. I don't need thinner hair from being on MF!..

Comment #10

I had major hair thinning when I did Medifast 3 years ago, and then I developed hypothyroidism and anemia, which contributed. My hair is still pretty thin. I am taking Biotin 5000 along with Nioxin. The Nioxin made my hair feel much thicker and fuller but did not regrow hair. My doctor said it'll be another year or two before I see a change.

Sadida, hair thinning happens to some of us, not all. I wouldn't worry about it much...

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Hair thinning can happen on any weight loss program when you lose weight quickly. It seems to start about the 20-40 lbs mark, from what I've read. I know it was high 30's for me. Hair grows back and if you take precautions (Biotin, Omega 3, etc) you can help minimize the damage. I wish I'd known about biotin BEFORE I lost more hair...

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Mine stopped as soon as I started eating a handful of nuts everyday. I get raw unsalted, almonds, cashews and pecans. Medifast says you can have them as a snack option now, so that's good...

Comment #13

I take hair and skin vitamins that have 3,000 mcg of biotin in them as well as other vitamins and I also use the Nioxin (System 3) products - shampoo, conditioner and scalp activating treatment. I love the way the products tingle my scalp, and I have noticed "less" of hair thinning when I use these...

Comment #14

I am a former gastric bypass patient and when I lost my weight I lost my hair. the docs told me to increase my protein and it worked, my hair stopped falling out. try increasing your protein alittle to see if you notice any difference. it worked for me..

Best wishes...

Comment #15

Keep in mind that we are taking in close to 200% more than the RDA of protein on this program. Lack of protein is definitely not a factor for most of us...

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My mother has extremely thin hair (she lost most of it after she had kids). I noticed mine started to thin out a few years ago, and lately it is just getting worse. After reading about the potential hair loss from dieting, I've started with Biotin, Omega 3-6-9 and Nioxin. Hopefully that will slow down the existing loss and prevent it from getting much worse...

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Please can you send am message to me on my page telling me the brand of super bioten you found helpful? I need to buy it. thank you..

Comment #18 more product that has helped me tremendously (but doesn't grow any hair back) is Joan Rivers Great Hair Day. I only need and use it at my scalp where I've noticed the most thinning. It's amazing!..

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A CAUTION for those of you losing hair at an unusually fast rate: hair loss can be directly tied to medical conditions. Thyroid problems can result in hair loss..

I worked for an endocrinologist for 6 years and most of his thyroid patients suffered from this condition. PLEASE seek the advice of your physician if you think your hair loss is more than normal. OTC remedies might work for some, if it truly is a nutritional cause, but sometimes it takes more to correct the problem. Your doctor can do blood tests to find out what is happening with certain hormones and if your deficient it's an easy fix...

Comment #20

I started losing hair on about week 8 of transition. I went to the Dr. about 6 weeks later. She informed me that hair is about 3 months behind. So, what your hair is doing now is related to what you were doing 3 months ago. She recommended some mega-vitamins (they had some in the dr.

If I don't see an improvement in 2 months, she said to come back in and we will look at other possible causes...

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Yeah, Ive been losing my hair like crazy and I know it has to do with rapid weightloss...and it can be frustrating but I do have thick hair and people say they dont notice a change in it but I sure can..

Also, you all only noticing it in the shower when you wash your hair? Thats when I do and well I can just put my hands through my hair and well it comes a lot...and they say we supposed t oshed a lot but this is A LOT LOL...

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I,m so happy to have found these posts about hairloss...I am losing mine awfully fast and I have really fine hair. So I am grateful to all of you ladies for the helpful information. I do wonder WHY.....

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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