Looking for drop-down menus similar to the ones on the front page of

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My first question is: Looking for drop-down menus similar to the ones on the front page of

My next question is: 19388. 18600. 15600. 15500. 8820. 8001. 7700. 7102. 6200. 5350. 5000.

These are current bids for some of the auctions endings within the next 24 hrs (if there are no further bids of course).

Think these prices are already vindicating investors who made a play in .asia. Perhaps those reg fee purchases aren't quite such a waste of money as some people have stated.

Mind you, for over $15K??? Wow!..

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Your question was: Looking for drop-down menus similar to the ones on the front page of

Who are the buyer(s)?.


Thanks much for any insight..


Comment #1

Must be the starting bids... more pertinently, who are the sellers?.

Why are so many .asias not resolving whois.

Its an unholy nexus over an unnecessary tld...

Comment #2

Not sure Jeff. It is definitely buyers in the plural. Each auction currently has a winning bid from a different user ID.

I guess there's always a chance that the sales won't go through do you think?..

Comment #3

Like what? Starting bids at $10. This is the landrush auction, you understand? Where there have been multiple applications for the same HostGator name. Also the auctions (some have closed now) are still in progress, hence the whois will not resolve. like what?..

Comment #4

Landrush = all money goes to registry right?.

How does this benefit the guys with millions of dollars in reg fee names...

Sale of a few domains does NOT ensure all domains will be sold at high prices... remember .mobi?..

Comment #5

I continue to be surprised by the prices for some of these domains. I understand "water" is a good generic, but the problem is most people in asis don't speak english. I would be focussing on the .asia names that have relevance to people who speak english. Some would be,, etc.... What english speaking person is going to be looking for water in asia?.

Seems people must be predicting that everyone will speak english in asia in the not too distant future...

Comment #6

Remember Australia is included within .asia and a bottled water company worth millions would maybe like the generic term in english...

Comment #7

That's the trick my friend. Someone suggested in another thread that .asia is actually geared toward non-Asians, but those very people are plain ignorant about what Asia is and isn't.

In the Kingdom of the Blind the one-eyed are kings..

Comment #8

Do Australians really consider themselves part of Asia though? I am an American though assigned overseas in the UK for a year and I can tell you for sure that the UK does not consider itself part of europe and they even refer to going to mainland europe as "I'm going to europe next week.".

Water may not be the best example, is at $3,000 right now and I just don't see the end users for it. Sites like,, etc... I can see the interest in but I just dont get it for many others.

For the record though I do have names but would not drop so much money on non relevent names for english speakers looking for something asian related or pick up hundreds of questionable names that you have to keep for two years. I almost got but in the end figured that dirty hippys who go to hostels might not be paying enough to make it a worthwhile site to develop at the asking price...

Comment #9

As an Austalian, I myself do not call myself Asian. I was just happy when Australia was included in the participating countries of .asia. I think it's a great opportunity to advertise your company to the fastest growing and soon (if not already) largest market in the world. I believe developed sites will have to be multilingual if they are to succeed but the potential will be enormous. Nice one...

Comment #10

350 million out of 1 Billion people in India speak English. 300 million out of 1.3 Billion people in China can speak English and is growing rapidly. 45 million people in the Philippines or half the population can speak English. Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, plus millions more through out the Middle East also speak English. I'm sure we can find more statistics, but the point is that there are more Asians who now know English than North America and the UK alone so I am sure there are many English speaking Asians looking for "water" every day throughout Asia...

Comment #11

Incorrect - I have lived and worked in several locations in Asia over the last 10 years, having lived or visited major cities to small villages in the middle of the jungles of Southeast Asia and have never had an issue finding someone that speaks English. English is the international language of business and while it might not be widely spoken, I wouldn't say MOST people don't speak it.....

Comment #12

.asia - only the registry will make money.

All the rest of you investors will be left holding the bag.

Thats jmo and I'm done with .asia, good luck...

Comment #13

You are getting very close to the crux of the issue. It is not what people understand or can cope with, it is what they intuitively identify with that matters.

Most of this dot Asia thing, residents of Asia would be able to grasp, but very unlikely to use...

Comment #14

True. This has also been my experience. English is the international language of choice in Asia. China, Japan, Korea, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia Fillipines etc etc - English is taught in school as a mandatory language. To say MOST people in 'asia' dont speak english is plain incorrect. 'Most people' that use the internet do speak english. It may not be their language of choice necessarily though...

Comment #15

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