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First off, Looking for a Nutrisystem food companion like the one I used in 1993? Many thanks for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. Good morning, Losers!.

It's entirely too easy to get comfortable in your daily routine and let the little details slide "just this once". Before you know it, just this once turns into just for today, which can quickly turn into just this week, and that can unleash the just this month monster. Then all of a sudden the scale is moving the wrong direction, you're feeling guilty, your motivation has vanished and you're having trouble remembering where you left it..

What do you do when your motivation to keep going starts to slip a little? How do you regain that "I just received my first BBB and I'm so excited to get started" feeling? It's not easy holding onto that mojo for the long run, but it's necessary if you want to keep off the weight you worked so hard to lose in the first place..

What's going to keep you motivated and in a loser state of mind this week?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Bill, Good Morning!!! What a sweet thing to say!!..

Comment #2

Great opener Vicki!.

Great question too... what works best for me is jumping back on plan 100%, tracking everything I eat and getting my workouts in...

Comment #3

Gonna be pretty scarce with Barrett, Jenny and Christian here, this grandma gig ROCKS!! Having waaay too much fun! Hope y'all have a great weekend and I will catch up Sunday nite/Monday evening!..

Comment #4

Went on a 2 mile walk with Jenny and Christian last night, amazing how much harder the monster hill in our neighborhood is to conquer when pushing a mammoth stroller!.

Hoping we get in another longer walk today or tomorrow before they leave..

Having waaaay too much fun having 'deep' and 'meaningful' talks with Christian!..

Comment #5

LOL he is MINE all MINE!!.

Soooo much fun! Waiting for them to wake up, so I can grab him outta his momma's arms again!..

Comment #6

All I have to do is look at those 4 closets and 3 dressers full of skinny clothes to keep me on the straight and narrow. I have substituted one addiction for another, but at least clothes aren't bad for my health, and as long as there are good consignment stores nearby, the new addiction isn't hazardous to my economic health either. (It may land me my own episode of Hoarders if I am not careful)..

Comment #7

I woke up this morning feeling like I scratched a cornea - my eye hurts like hell!!! Hope this goes away so I don't have to go to the dr...

Comment #8

Sally sorry about the eye and hope it heals fast! LOLing at the new addiction.

I have that same problem! All the noobs who complain about the cost ofNutrisystemdon't understand that a) it is worth it and b) the cost of rebuilding your wardrobe is alot more expensive and soooo much more fun when you are thin!..

Comment #9

(i'm hearing Pink's Rock Star in my head!).

Bill, that was a very sweet thing to say. Stay motivated, stay on track and the plan pays off..

We're all here to encourage each other thru and have some fun while doing so...

Comment #10

He is a cutie!.

I bet he's all ears on these deep meaningful talks! Good for you putting good stuff in his mind at a young age...

Comment #11

I read you all and laugh most days too! Stopped here to try and get recommitted to losing again! Beautiful baby by the way!..

Comment #12

Morning Gutter! errr it's afternoon here already!.

Guess I better finish this coffee and go for a run and a nice steamy hot shower..

Comment #13

Morning Annie & Bunz and welcome Annie #2 :P I am definately head over heels with my grandson!..

Comment #14

Hi Annie! (btw, just love your name!.


Recommit! Or else!!! Just teasing. I have some recommitting to do myself. Finally feeling more ready to increase my activity level. It ain't much but it's a start..

Nice to see ya pop in. Door's always open...

Comment #15

Very thought provoking opening, Vicki. Sleep deprivation and Sir-Pukes-A-Lot inspired you! (Sorry, but that "title" made me giggle; so good to keep a sense of humor in the most stressful times.).

Well, like Sally & Beth mentioned, it is much more enjoyable to shop for clothes when you wear size 6-8 (petite) rather than 16-18 (wide petite). I NEVER want to go back to looking like a granny (unless I can look like Beth, who is about as sexy as a granny can get) well before my time..

Of course, there's always the whole fear about more discs in my back giving out (a very real possibility, according to my doctor), so I am motivated in a very practical sense too..

I am also pleased to report I had a very good week (in terms of my post-dinner stress snacking) and recognize my uncontrolled chip-n-pretzel binges were probably due to all the stuff going on with my FIL. My headaches seem to be gone for the most part too. Things are looking up..

Thanks everyone! (And a nod to Annie2 and Bill for their kind words about their lurking experiences here. Big smile!)..

Comment #16

I don't know how I get it back...been having a hard time sticking to it, I'll be honest. Scales not going up, but it's not going down either and haven't been eating horribly...just haven't been 100% on plan ALL day either. Just need to get my head in the right place again. I love coming to this thread it's a big motivator. I love all of you and have been missing my gutter time for sure..


He is absolutely gorgeous! What a doll baby!.

OUCH!! Hope your eye feels better soon~.


Hiya ANnie....

Morning gutter!!! I've found you!!!! Happy Saturday!.

Enjoy the run!.

I'm sorry to hear about FIL! Glad your week is getting better..

Obviously my head is not screwed on this morning because I just noticed I didn't finish my quote responses. SIGH!..

Comment #17

I've missed you too!! Haven't been getting home until late and would txt but figure it's too late..

Have fun running errands. Glad you're getting some you time. Make a pit stop and do something for you!.

Good motto...except the coming early part.

I can't believe I just said that but it was just too tempting!..

Comment #18

Hey Little Miss Spice!.

You don't need to get it back, it isn't gone..

You HAVE changed your ways..

The scale hasn't gone up for a reason, you are more active..

The weight will come off. you live smarter now and make better choices most of the time..

I know this spice girl who even though she is stressed, dead tired will go for a run. I didn't know that girl a few years ago. KWIM?..

Comment #19

Thank you KY! That meant alot. You got me choked up and teary over here! xoxoxoxo..

Comment #20

Seriously, be proud..

We can't be perfect all the time. Life is not a diet, it is about making changes that we can live with and ones that will give us quality of life..

You have changed. Would you have ever thought you would be signing up for runs?..

Comment #21

When the pitch is right down the middle sometimes it is hard to not try to hit one out of the park!!!!!.

Hello GingerLicious.

Happy St Joseph's Day for and Eye Talians out there!!!!!..

Comment #22

Ummmmm no. I was never much of a runner...I did sprinting in one season of track in my sophmore year of HS because DH joined (what a dope) but hated long distance running, in fact...still don't have the long distance running stamina but I can walk/run it. And speaking of running/walking, you my friend are doing amazing..

Comment #23

I was a runner all through school, they made me run with the boys because none of the girls were close to me and I could beat most of the guys. I didn't like the pressure of running, the attention freaked me out..

I still do not enjoy exercise that I deem exercise..

When I go for runs, it is usually 10 or fifteen minutes, I see how fast I can get a mile in. Brian and I go for walks, he loves to walk and run.. I am bored to tears. I would rather dance, I don't see that as exercise but of course it is. Throughout the day I do lunges, planks and other torturous things. I don't concentrate the exercise for me the cumulative works.

Now Brian makes comments on my behind.. they have paid off..

For years prior to 2008, I was lucky if I was getting 600 steps in, in an entire day. I don't enjoy the exercise but I hated how the lack of it made me feel. Also now whenever I have an ache from exercising, I wear it like a badge..

"We" have changed, there are going to be days where we don't feel like it and that is okay as long as it doesn't go back to being a life of not doing it...

Comment #24

I need to head out for a bit, get lunch, and try to enjoy part of my day off. Plan was to go to the beach...not in the mood after arguing with DH this morning ... Not sure if I want to waste a day off. Friday, Saturday/Sundays I was supposed to have off with the new position?? Was scheduled anyway (long storry), was told I WOULDN"T have to work it and to make my plans but NOW have to work it because of short staffing and people calling out so have to work it tomorrow because technically I'm still on the schedule...all in all...Feeling kinda cranky and emotional today lol. SO taking my cranky self and heading out...LOVE YOU ALL Have a great Saturday and will BBL...

Comment #25

I hear ya!!! I am so impressed and proud of you. I used to LOVE exercise...LOVED it!!! I just started to love food more and used it as a crutch...and should have used the other instead..

LMAO!!! I love you woman. You always crack me up...

Comment #26


......I've let it slide...more than once; the monster has been unleashed.....more than once; the scale has moved the wrong direction.....more than once; & yeh, yeh, yeh the guilt, vanishing-motivation all are close behind & I forget where I've put it.


The question remains.......What do I do then? Actually it's ....Where do I go then to find the old mojo & get motivated? The unequivocal answer for me is right back HERE! This place!!!....It's where my mojo is rejuvenated....(among other things.



This is where I know I can come & be encouraged, inspired, entertained, humbled, built-up, accepted, & yup....even blessed!! And it's all because the Losers that hang out here care!.

They care about being successful on thisNutrisystemjourney but they also genuinely care about each other!! What kind of day it's been........what's the most recent struggle each one is dealing with.....what's going well today........maybe a major victory......or even a minor setback........the kind of stuff that fills each of our lives!!.

The fact is.....ALL of you Losers motivate me!!!.

.....Ya make me smile a lot too!!.

For me it's not so much about what motivates me......I do have a few reasons......but it's more about WHO motivates me!!! ....THANKS!!..

Comment #27

All of the motivators really hit home, but what Gene says here was an unacknowledged motivator as well. I confess, without the Gutter and BYOB, I am pretty sure I would have gone back to my old behaviors pretty easily (and gained all of my weight back by now). It is so helpful to see everyone struggle with the constant, nagging battle to make our new bodies into our permanent ones. As Kelly says, I too see myself as a chubbette. I may always have that self image. Who knows? But how I see myself and what I am are two very different things now, and for the first time in my life, I make excuses to run up and down the stairs instead of consolidating trips so I have to take fewer and fewer.

Yep. I'm a changed person, and you guys all help me from changing back..

It's a very good thing...

Comment #28

My eye is feeling better, but still sensitive - I think I can avoid having to go to the doctor though. Stayed on plan with eating but did not fare well fighting my other demons today. While running around with my BFF, she had clothes to drop off at a consignment store. They had a clearance rack....'nuff said..

I only spent $8.50, and got 2 blouses, 2 dresses, a skirt and a pullover (including Ann Taylor, Liz Claiborne, Jones New York, Petite Sophisticate). When A&E or TLC does a series on shopaholics I will probably be in the first episode...

Comment #29

Quick Bump and a Fly By to say GN Gutter..

Comment #30

Thanks for the warm welcome! You always seem to be having a blast! I have been OP for 3 days! I really want another skinny cow though! Have a great evening!..

Comment #31

Good morning Gutter! Rise n shine.

Who wants breakfast in bed?..

Comment #32

Hi Annie nice to meet you.

Welcome to the Gutter! Great job being OP and I know what you mean about being tempted! Us gutter guys deal with temptation in here everyday with all you Gutter Gals!.

And there's always room for one more.


Comment #33

Good Morning Gutter..

Glad you dropped in again Annie. Morning Rob. Tempting offer but I am about to get on some sort of exercise device...

Comment #34

'Morning, gutter folks. Hope you all have a lazy, relaxing Sunday!..

Comment #35

Morning gutter gang.

Such a nice day out. I've got a ton of yard work to do today and I've still got all this dang congestion(tho I do feel better)..

Hope everyone has a glorious sunday...

Comment #36

Happy Sunday Gutter!.

Brand new system upgrade goes mini live today. I only have to work if they have technical problems. So I hope things go really well..

Gonna be sunny and 50 s today. Gonna get some walking in. Maybe even my first double walk where I combine 2 of the walk routes we normally take. I know the hub won't do that..

Hope everyone has a wonderful day off!..

Comment #37

Good luck with the go live today Annie.

Sunny here too, gorgeous blue sky but chilly 30..

Comment #38

Bump for the cause..

Yard work is going slow..

Ain't gonna get finished today for sure...

Comment #39

Bumping after Roddyooh yeah!.

Off to try to run before getting on a plane tonight. It may be the last time I get a chance to exercise in the next week. Not sure I'd feed comfortable running around the streets of London looking so bloody American. I'm not even going to bother bringing any of my running stuff. Gotta be practical. I doubt there will be time..

Will try to pop in and out during the week if I get the chance, though. Hugs to all!..

Comment #40

Hav a safe trip Heidi! We will be thinking of you. {{hugs}}..

Comment #41

I wanna hug her too. Group hug!!!.

We'll miss you Heidi. Our thoughts will be with you, Joe and his family at this difficult time...

Comment #42

I did it. Just got back from doubling up 2 dog walk routes. I was a little rubber legged at the end but thankfully did not get short of breath. Strength is definitely improving..

Smelled 2 houses cooking out. Me and Slick sure wanted to follow our noses straight to the burgers..

So now of course we're grilling burgers later for dinner. Smelled like a good idea to me!!..

Comment #43

Thanks, Bunz. Will try to make the best of a sad situation..

Thanks, Sally..

I'll always take a hug from this group. ya!.

Well, after much burger talk around the boards, I broke down and bought bison burgerscan I just say, DE-LICIOUS! Had one last night (they're tiny and lean) and another today for lunch, and I must say, I did miss the taste of beef. I have two more in the freezer for the next time I have the urge.....

Run was nice. I started out a little chilly, but finished up quite warm. It felt REALLY good out there. And my new pedometer seemed to be much more accurate than any of the previous ones, so maybe I'm not quite as slow as I thought? I doubt I'm at the three mile mark, but I think I'm pretty close to about 2.75 in 30 minutes. Heck, it's better than nothing..

Need to shower and wait for my DS to take me up to the airport...

Comment #44

LOL Annie we had BBQ burgers for supper and Mmmm it smelled SO nice out on the deck!.

I'm sure the neighbours were enjoying the smells too hehe..

Comment #45

My bad - I vegged out on the fact that trip is not for fun. Do have a safe one...

Comment #46

It's okay, Sally. I will try to make it fun anyway. You have the right spirit!..

Comment #47

Y'all do know you had me craving a burger tonight? Went to make one and realized I'd already used the lastNutrisystembeef patty. Booooooo!!!!!.

Day's been pretty good so far. DS2 is still stick (doc tomorrow) and it's pouring down rain. Nice day to curl up with a book..

How's your day been?..

Comment #48

Awww there's a lot of that flu going around here too. You've had a hell of a winter for that. Knock on wood we've dodged it. Pretty good weekend here, sunny at least, the heat will come eventually lol.. went out shopping a few times and spent too much but got some nice shirts/shorts that are badly needed for our trip. I also got a.


Deal on a pair of Asics running shoes, regular $169 for $49 so I grabbed em! You know me, if I see something I like......

Comment #49

LOL. Yeah, we all have the fingerprints on our tushies to prove it..

Did ya try out the shoes?..

Comment #50

Oops! Sawee..

Just finished dinner. Yum! Meat! Iron!.

One burger leftover. That might be breakfast...

Comment #51

Watching Americas next great restaurant. Pretty cool show. Whoever wins will have 3 restaurants open up after the end of the shows run...

Comment #52

We had burgers on the grill yesterday and I thought we were having steak tonight but had forgotten DH wasn't going to be here for dinner tonight...

Comment #53

Mmmm hmmm I could say the same thing.

No I didn't try them yet. I was going to run tonight but my knee is a little swollen (nothing major), might have something to do with my ummmm over exuberance yesterday lol. Not sure where my burst of energy came from! My initial goal was to do 6K but I did tell CC that I was going to up my running to keep up with her but I wasn't expecting 10K that soon lol..

Comment #54

Pretty good weekend. Could have lived without the winds that are howling here tonight though...

Comment #55

We had skirt steak and short ribs on the grill yesterday. mmmmmmmmmmm.

I am convinced you can cook anything meat on the grill and it is awesome...

Comment #56

LOL. Don't wear yourself out too quickly. Stamina counts...

Comment #57

Howling Winds????.

You know what that means to me. And if the winds last for 3 hours I am supposed to get some sort of medical attention!!!!.

You still have the Nurse Outfit I hope LOL..

Comment #58


We put all our veggies on the grill too. Dh is planning on smoking some ribs and I'm pushing for skirt steak to make fajitas or fajita salad. Too many choices and not enough weekends...

Comment #59

Was great. Everytime I do WO I know how good I feel, but then the work week comes along and I have every excuse that could be written in a book as to why I am not doing it..

You would think I may be smarter but NOT..

Comment #60

Hi Annie. I knew you would come back. The Gutter is like a magnet!!!!!!!..

Comment #61

I do the same thing with my workouts. Everything and everyone else gets put ahead of making time to workout...

Comment #62

Ginger has lots of nurse outfits. You'll be safe...

Comment #63

Nurse Licious reporting for duty! Turn your head and cough and please excuse the cold hands...

Comment #64

It was too nasty outside to grill tonight so I roasted asparagus and red peppers in the toaster oven instead. Heavenly...

Comment #65

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