Looking for a copy of the old Nutrisystem diet exchange program?

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My first question is Looking for a copy of the old Nutrisystem diet exchange program? Many thanks for any comment. My other question... I hope I can post this here since it is NOT using NutriSystem food..

Yesterday I took a regular chocolate cake mix, added 1 can of Diet Dr. Pepper, divided it into 18 cupcakes and baked them. They came out SOOOOO moist and yummy. Once they cooled, I put them in a ZipLoc bag and froze them for when I run out of NutriSystem desserts or when I wanted something different. I think it equals out to about 100 calories?!?! Somebody correct me if I am wrong..

I added a little Fat Free Whipped Topping. YUMMMO!!!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

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I NEVER would have thought of that!.

What an awsome idea. I'm going to try it!..

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Your comments are always so helpful. And based your success (congrats by the way) you know your stuff..

BUT, I don't want to eat Nutrisystem the rest of my life or bring my food to family holiday's. How do I learn to eat "regular" food?.

I posted on the Nutritionist site a question about what to eat at Applebees with my girlfriend on Friday. I don't know where to start - I'm not bringing my veggie chili in & asking them to heat it.

This issue (and cost) are the buggers for me on this program - but their are pluses & minuses to any weightloss program - I understand that...

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I understand, I rarely eat Nutrisystem foods myself and haven't since my first month or so, preferring to play "mix & match" with grocery alternatives I like variation and keeps having sales on lean cuisine & such like (lol, way cheaper than NS) when I first ordered, I had no intention of eating Nutrisystem foods exclusively for any extended period so, I read the boards and got a ton of good info on how to use the meal plan with my own foods I did have a small advantage in that except for the inclusion of the "low glycemic concept", the current Nutrisystem plan is almost identical to the weight watchers plan of the late 1980's that I liked a lot (this was when they did food exchanges and had more protein than carbs in the day - later they increased carbs, reduced protein and I didn't do as well or like it as much - then they went to points and I hated that - hence NS), so for me it was almost like "going home" with whole grain type stuff instead of white wheat/rice (which I knew was bad for me anyway - lmao)....

Soooo check the boards for info on doing Nutrisystem on your own there's a post I did (rather good even I do say so myself - lmao) with a condensed version of the variations on that theme and a bunch of links that are useful, check it out @.



Then, amysmithr & christinagray2003 have posted on their own web sites, (links included in post referred to above) a number of recipes, including a bunch of "NS friendly" desserts that DO include protein and use sugar substitutes check them out....

Good luck.


Ps I forgot to mention in my first reply that this IS the exact right place for your post... lol... that's what a recipe board is for.....

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Thank you, I have been reading alot of boards and I kinda caught that theres alot of replacements going on..

So here is another question. When you reorder do you have to have all the meals for the month or can you just order some of the things that are convenient for you?..

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If you get an autoship order it's 4 meals X 4 weeks X 7 days (unless you go with the no choice QVC "weekends off" package) - but you CAN delay it for up to 5 months.

If you only want selected meals - you're stuck with a la carte AND that means higher per unit prices as well as shipping charges they DO have maintenance packages with either fewer days per week (4 weeks of 4 meals by 2, 3, or 5 days) or selected meals (28 of any one meal or combo of 2 or 3 of them) AND they do have some sort of deal for members who want selected meals that is basically the maintenance package with a different name cause you're not at goal, but I don't know much about it because folks started talking about it after I'd hit goal , but I believe you have to have been on the full autoship for a certain number of months (no clue how many).

Call customer service and ASK - can't hurt and if you don't like the answer, either call again (dif reps often have dif answers) or delay your order and fill in with your own stuff there's got to be some foods you can find ways to use 28 of over the course of 5 months I keep my autoship account active by ordering every 5 or so months to get new stuff and the few things I like a lot and can't find indiv pkgs of at the grocery store....


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Can I eat the food in any order I want to and when I want to?.

Thank you.


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Within reason, yes, you can rearrange the foods in your meal plan to suit your life and needs.

Lots of people save the breakfast dairy/protein & fruit to have mid-morning... others switch lunch & dinner, no problem... and some have the savory snack-like desserts in the afternoon and the mid-afternoon snack of fruit & dairy/protein in the evening after dinner... rearranging the timing is fine....

You should try to have some protein with any fruit or carb to help keep your blood sugar levels from spiking. some people are not all that sensitive to sugar in fruit, but until you're sure you are one of them, best to be cautious....

You should not "save" too much from other meals to have one big meal in a day, the body doesn't like it and if you do it often it can cause problems (like slowing your weight loss because of metabolic issues) saving a dairy/protein for "use" at another time is not a problem, but as noted above, watch which one you save (example, having fruit WITH breakfast entree and saving the dairy/protein for later works well because of the protein in the entree "covers" the sugar in the fruit, so does saving the lunch protein to have at dinner - best not to do both in the same day though)....

Hope this helps.


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