Lip Blisters/ Blisters on lips from Murad Acne Complex

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I've got quite a few blisters on my lips even though they are being vasaline'dAnyone have any ideas/help to sort them?They're bloody painful...

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Your question was: Lip Blisters/ Blisters on lips from Murad Acne Complex.

Unfortunately this is going to pursist throughout your course of treatment. But the good news is that it gets better when you finish. I have been off drug for a week, and my lips are healing already.Try aquafor rather than vasoline, the mineral oil is very soothing...

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Aquaphor and vaseline wont do much once blisters are there. Been there. U need to go to derm and get hydrocortisone cream. This should knock it out pretty good on the other hand the dryness does not go away. Ive tried everything and the 2 that work the best are lypsyl find at most walgreens and walmarts and bag balm. Bag balm comes in green container and can only be found at feed stores.

I live in a city and drove 30 minutes to get it. Its intended use is for cows to keep nipples from chapping during feeding their babies. Keeps lips moist and feeling normal, unfortunately makes the lips shiny so if you are a guy you would have a tough time wearing it during the fay, but at night I smear it on and it lasts all night. During day lypsyl with or without sunscreen One more product if you cant find the bag balm is lansinoh which can be found in breastfeeding section at walmart. Also lasts all night and if you r female you may be able to get away with these 2 during day..

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Unfortunatley I'm in the Uk so we havent got a walmart etc.Do you know any Uk brands?They're now so swollen I look like a bad pammy anderson I cant eat ANYTHING that contains the smallest amount of salt as it sets off the most painful experience i've ever encountered and I'm loosing too much weight (being very slim anyway) having to live off very little to stop any pain.I'm on my 8th week and so far have been really lucky with my side effects but this is rapidly becoming unbearable. I have some hydrocortasone cream already (not related) I'm unsure if I should try it?Help!..

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Yeah try the hydrocortisone cream. My lips are a nightmare at the moment also - it totally sucks!..

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I hope what your experincing is not cheilitis.......I would call your derm as soon as possible. The book says that is is usually dose related, most were reversible when therapy discontinued; however, some persisted after cessation of therapy. It would not be fun to have lips that way permantly.....It has been known to happen. call your derm.......

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Don't use the hydrocortisone cream without talking to your derm. It may be an infection and hydrocortisone will just make you susceptible to more infection!Call your derm as it does sound like an infection. If you get it treated and then follow your derm's recommendations it's likely that you will not have to suffer with the effect for too long...

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What is chilitis (im now worried)I went to the out of hours doctor and she's said they are basically a huge cluster of cold sores due to having cracked lips and they've got infected.I've been given some cream and some pain killers..I cant see my derm until Tuesday as it's bank holiday.What should I do?..

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Use the cream and take the pain medication as ordered. You have your diagnosis; cold sores. Murad Acne Complex can activate them because of the very dry lips. See your regular doc Tuesday and perhaps you can get an anti-viral prescribed to you...

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I have been doing the cream and painkillers for the past few days and it's still very painful although I cannot see any blisters anymore.I never knew coldsores could be this painful!..

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Blisters? are you sure they arent puss-filled acne near the lip (not on the lip). Are these blisters directly on the lip? Do they sometimes leak out puss?You may have herpes.. id seek a professional.. we are not.Herpes can cause cold sores in the soft tissue inside the mouth and lips.. these things are ulcers, can sometimes leak puss crusting over...

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The problem has already been diagnosed by a professional and treatment prescribed....They can be VERY painful; they like to hide dormant in nerves and just poke needles in those nerves (so to speak). But perhaps your other doc will be able to prescribe an anti-viral on Tuesday. There are all sorts of anti-virals that are helpful for the cold sore virus.In the future, please try to follow your derm's recommendations as much as you can to prevent such dry lips again and it's highly possible you won't have to experience such pain again. Also use sunscreen as sun exposure can trigger an outbreak; you're at increased risk because of the dryness due to the Murad Acne Complex (as you've figured out painfully for yourself, unfortunately!)..

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