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My goal is to not only change my bad eating habits, but also those of my spouse and hopefully start showing my children how to make better food choices. I'm hoping to make a L&G every night for dinner that the entire family will enjoy and then adding in a starch for my DH and kiddos (some type of bread, noodle, rice, etc).

My DH is completely for the idea, but I'm afraid my only-want-chicken-nuggets-for-every-meal children are going to be a little bit harder to sway. My 1 year old could care less as long as she is getting fed, my 4 year old LOVES green veggies, but my 6 year old...well lets just say he is picky and stubborn..

What are some ideas you have utilized to incorporate this into a full family lifestyle change?..

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I make one Lean for the family to eat and then my kids only like certain Greens so they eat that and I eat my green. Then they usually get an apple. Maybe a little baked potato or mac and cheese.

Like tonight we are having fajitas. I bought low carb tortillas for them. I will have the flank steak on a salad.

I sometimes will still do chicken strips. If I am eating tuna or an omelet then they get Chicken nuggets or pizza night..

Good luck...

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Thats a hard one...I dont have any kids but me and my boyfriend kinda do our own thing right now food wise for the time being..

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My husband is a type 1 diabetic so we have to watch the carb count on things anyways! Makes it nice to just have to make one meal! I'll usually make him some baked red potatoes or give him all the carrots from my mixed veggies so he has a few carbs. He has to eat some or it makes his blood go crazy.

One meal we both love is Zuchini Lasagna. I make a marinara sauce from fresh tomatoes and add in a few spices, oregano, parsley, and basil, I also add in some sauted onions, garlic, and mushrooms to the sauce. I brown ground turkey with a little salt and pepper for seasoning. I shred the 2 medium zuchinis, just like you would shred cheese. Then I layer zuchini, meat, sauce, low fat cottage cheese, until I either run out of zuchini or I fill the pan and then sprinkle some parmasean chese on top. For my husband I make him a few pieces of garlic bread and we're set with a great low carb meal.

I've had my 3, 4, and 7 year old neices and nephew over for dinner and they kept asking for more!..

Comment #3

I have done the same thing. My DD is a bit older, 12 and therefore she is a bit more reasonable and we can discuss food issues. My DS is in college and does not live at home. However, I am of the mindset that a child will not starve and eventually will eat what is put in front of them - eventually.

First off, I would not make an announcment, I would just slowly change what you serve your family. DH and I did/do discuss it to some degree and he agreed to get onboard to healthier eating but if there is something they really want I still offer it just maybe not as often or maybe not as a standard but something we only see once in awhile. Also the portions I offer have changed dramatically..

Example, this past week DD wanted Hamburger Helper. Okay, no problem, I can do this. In years past, I would make 2 boxes w/2#'s ground beef and a loaf of hot bread slathered in real butter along with maybe a iceburg salad. I made 1 box using 1/2 turkey/ground beef and only 1#. I then made salads with cucs, celery, peppers, bean sprouts and carrots. I have left dressings alone, DD likes ranch and DH 1000 Island.

Then I added a plate of halved cherry tomatoes w/fresh minced garlic and a sprinkle of parm cheese on them (we like them that way!) No bread, way smaller portions of the hamburger helper. I had the ground turkey tossed onto a salad and some of the cherry tomatoes.

Last week DD asked if we could have white rice w/dinner. I asked her what days she had PE? She said "Tuesday and Thursday" and I said "ok, on Tue/Thur this week, I will make rice".

Some other changes that I have made:.

I no longer add a starch or carb just because. They are an exception, not the rule.

Add a plate of sliced fruit instead of a starch/carb.

Add cut up veggies and dip plus maybe a steamed veggie. The dippers become the extra side that used to be a carb.

I shake and bake zucchini spears, I make veggie scrambles for breakfast and have cut way back on the sausage and pancakes. They are not gone, just not the daily norm.

I roast lots of veggies.

Make your own nuggets and dipping sauce.

Salads no longer contain iceburg lettuce, they are romaine and spinach w/lots of chopped veggies.

I serve black olives in lew of french fries.

Mayo and butter are no longer staples on the table, ketchup and mustard are..

Mix ground beef and turkey for a leaner meat in tacos', spaghetti, meat loaf and burgers.

I make strawberry freezer jam, I found a low sugar version on the back of the Ball Pectin packet. No more store bought jam..

Now I am working on switching everyone over to a high fiber bread.

Fast food really has become a very rare treat.

Dessert has never been a staple in our house so that is not an issue.

This is a lifestyle change. I fed my family like football players in training year round, I did them a big disservice, but I can turn it around and teach us all how to be healthier and make better choices...

Comment #4

I have to admit that so far I have not incorporated my L&Gs for the rest of the family. Although, I do make them healthier food (always have). But, the stuff I make for them really doesn't equate well for a lean and green. I cook a lot of Italian...pasta bakes, etc. My son is 2 1/2 and all he seems to love are chicken nuggets and pepperoni pizza. I bake his chicken nuggets and serve them with veggies or pasta. My husband really likes to grill, so he'll grill my chicken and his steak; I'll make him a twice baked sweet potato...

Comment #5

My kids love it when I do the taco salads. They also love steak so they have that when I make it also. They will eat any kind of salad but they pick their own dressings usually honey mustard. I also usually add a starch for them to have with dinner. It is tough when you have a family. Some days I feel like a short order cook.

It's hard to do much else...

Comment #6

I have done a lot of the same as mamacatnv. My children are younger and one is even a type 1 diabetic (she needs to have carbs).

I also have my girls take part in planning their lunches/dinners. We discuss what is a healthier food choice and what a "treat" actually is...I tell them it's not a *treat* if you eat it at every meal Friday nights are designated as pizza & movie night. Although, it might not always be pizza (sometimes it is panda express with the veggies instead of rice). Even with pizza night I have cut down on servings of pizza and made sure to add a non-iceberg lettuce salad.

When transitioning a child's diet, I think you need to involve them in the process, mix the "unhealthy" with the healthy (like a mix of iceberg with spinach, whole milk with lower fat) until they become accustomed to the healthier food item and then make exercise (aka play) fun...

Comment #7

My daughter was the picky eater in our family. I made dinner and also put a plate of whole wheat bread, a jar of peanut butter and homemade jam on the table every night. There was also some kind of fruit or 100% fruit juice served every night along with veggies and milk. If she didn't want what we were eating, she could make herself a pb and j. Luckily, she liked fruit. Doing this helped cut down on the frustration for me and I didn't become a short order cook.

It took the struggle out of the situation and worked for us...

Comment #8

I do the same thing for my husband and 4 year old son. My husband loves it, my son not so much.

The only meat my son will eat is chicken. Sometimes fish. Oh and lunchmeats and hot dogs of course (but only Hebrew National). He does not eat any veggies. At all. Loves all fruit though.

So we have implemented a plan where he has to take at least one bite of whatever green we are having for dinner.

So, I get the lean and green. My husband gets the lean and green and starch, and my son gets a mish mosh of it all..

It works for us...

Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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