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Anyone see the commercials for the new LG Chocolate (mp3 player and cell phone)?.

Apparently they have a TM for Chocolate... I guess Hershey's is out of business now, heh. First of all, why the hell would you name an mp3 player and cell phone "chocolate?" And secondly, why on earth would you ever lay claim to rights over the word chocolate?.

The arrogance of corporate america is baffling...

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Yes I saw it....I want it too lol....but I''ll wait for a bit before I shell out $300(non contract price) for a phone since my contract isn't up for another year But it is a weird name if you ask me lol..

Comment #1

I agree, it's a strange name for an MP3 player. But FYI for the trademark, it does not seem unusual or strange that they would file a trademark for it. Trademarks only apply to the category they are registered for, and by law cannot be purely descriptive. You can't for instance trademark the word 'chocolate' for the candy industry, but they can claim the exclusive right to brand their MP3 players 'Chocolate'. Kind of like what 'Apple' has done in the computer biz...

Comment #2

Chocolate is tasty...I wonder if the MP3 player will be a scratch and sniff coating?..

Comment #3

I understand the category thing for TMs, I've brought that point up many times myself. I wasn't really saying they didn't have a right to do it, I was merely stating that it was completely assinine I bet that meeting went something like this... Some guy, "Glad you all could be here today, now we're going to brainstorm on the new name for our Mp3 player/cell phone product. Try to think of something that everyone loves." Some girl, "chocolate." Some guy, "Good enough, meeting adjorned.".

Now that you bring up Apple... I'm surprised they never made a product named 'pie'.

Pretty soon we're going to be driving around in cars like the Toyota Ice Cream, and Ford Chip...

Comment #4

Unlike chocolate, Toyota and Ford aren't exactly generic, you know.

On the side, WIPO reminded the Easy Group they doesn't have exclusivity for.

The word "easy": Of course, it's anyone's guess whether a similar thing will happen if this occurs.

In the US. The only way to know is to possibly go through it...

Comment #5

I guess it would depend on where the person keeps his mp3 player... eww..

Comment #6

Chocolate is actually more of a cellphone that was revealed last year in Korea and has gained somewhat a massive popularity. Chocolate II is out now and selling. Never thought they would TM the word itself though.....

Comment #7

They cannot pursue anything that uses the name "chocolate". It is a dictionary word, and no dictionary term can be copyrighted by anyone, anytime, for any reason. The case would be different, however, if something such as "LGChocolate" or "ChocolateLG" was used...

Comment #8

Well, feel free to go ahead and make a software called "Windows", or computerparts named "Apple". You may also start a music lable called "Apple". You will never get any trouble...

Of course they can have a TM for Chocolate!.


Comment #9

Gee, that's really great. So if they can get away with that, then tomorrow I'm going to spray paint a whole bunch of big boxes white, and sell them to people really cheaply as storage containers. And what will I trademark my new product as? Why, "Vanilla," of course!.

(Later on, watch for some much smaller boxes in the line, which will of course be known as "Vanilla II"!)..

Comment #10

Wrong. It would be cool if you actually researched this before posting this. Chocolate can be trademarked in a category such as Phones etc...

Comment #11


Nothing surprises me anymore...I spend so much time at the .gov site trying to dodge TMs it is pathetic,,..

Comment #12

This is getting out of handThere needs to be some fine-tuning on this TM thingespecially on the internet..

People are just TMing everything.

Oh wellI own

Comment #13

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