Lettuce and water or Nutrisystem?

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Quick question: Lettuce and water or Nutrisystem? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another question I got... Just wondering if anyone knows, as I keep hearing how terrific it is and although I order my food from the US, they won't send me frozen food. I sure hope the frozen foods are on their way to Canada...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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Gotta love the way the Canadian government restricts things for us, huh????! It drives me NUTS sometimes!!!! I thinkNutrisystemwould have to find a canadian source that would supply the frozen foods to their specs and I don't know of any frozen food manufacturers that do direct delivery in canada......the States have SO much more in the way of services that we have up's SO frustrating sometimes!..

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It is very frustrating that the two plans are so different. Maybe I will just have to move to the states...

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Yes it is very frustrating not to be able to order the frozen and they need to find a company here in Canada to ship it to us because we are just as important as their US customers...

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Hi there,.

Shauna here, your pal from the Portia thread. I saw your name and thought, I know you, but didn't realize that you are from Canada as well. Cool - where do you live? Nice to chat with a fellow Cannuck. I am in London, Ont. but from Cape Breton,Nutrisystemoriginally..

I too wish we could get the frozen Select food up here. Maybe someday. I am headed to Florida in March and while there I stock up on lots of US goodies, ie. 100 cal. packs to bring home. I buy lots of Yoplait yogurt (why don't we have those wonderful flavours here?), Weight Watchers or Skinny Cow frozen treats, etc.

Anyway, maybe if we keep requesting, they will eventually find a Cdn. supplier and ship it up here. I know that years and years ago, Weight Watchers used Heinz for their frozen meals, and treats. Not sure who does it now..

Take care, and talk to you later.


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Hey Shauna!!.

Heinz still makes WW frozen foods as far as I know, if you check out the different WW websites throughout the world....the UK one especially says that their foods are indeed made by Heinz. You should make ocassional trips across the border into whichever state is just south of you Shauna! I live about 45 minutes from the NY state border and go over about once a month with girlfriends. We go clothes shopping and grocery shopping for sure, for the same things you get down there. They also have a great selection of meatless products from Morningstar Farms that I really like. I'm not a vegetarian, I just don't like to eat meat very often. I'm from near Ottawa..

I guess we'd have to send emails to the Canadian site ofNutrisystemand just bug the crap out of them to get them to bring frozen foods and the larger selection of foods. They really don't have much selection compared to the US site. I tried the Canadian site a long time ago and stopped after 2 shipments because they just don't have enough choice(for me).....and the $20 for shipping is no big deal as it still gets here in 1 week. My first shipment should be waiting for me when I get home from work, so I'm stopping at the supermarket on the way home tonight and I'm off and running tomorrow morning!!!!!.


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I agree - that's a good idea. We should start bugging them. I too started ordering from the Cdn. site, but once I realized all that was available on the US site, I switched over and I have been much more pleased with the food selections..

I live close to both the Detroit, MI / Windsor, ON and the Port Huron, MI / Sarnia, ON borders and do go over sometimes with my girlfriends for a day of shopping. I never think to bring a cooler though - I should definitely do that next time. We will probably make a run sometime in the early spring..

Have fun with your BBB!.

Bye for now,.


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Hi guys,.

It's so nice to speak to fellow Ns members so close by. I'm from the West Island just outside of Montreal. Our closest US border is Plattsburgh to the south (1 1/2 hrs) or to the West 1 1/2hrs) Massena, NY. I also go shopping with a huge cooler and ice packs, & stock up on a ton of goodies I can't get here. I have a freezer in the garage and keep it fully stocked. It really helps that there is no duty on food.

I guess we will have to be more patient. This is my second time onNutrisystemand last time I lost 30 + lbs but messed up during maintenance. This time I'm older and hopfully wiser..


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Hi, I also am from Canada, actually madp, I am from the west island also and when I had called the first time, they suggested that I go through the US site for better selection...have been onNutrisystemsince October and have lost a little over 40 pounds and feel great!!! Yes we should keep buggingNutrisystemto get a way to get the frozen foods, they look so good that it would be great they come our way!..

Comment #9

Oh boy, Sylba, a fellow West Islander??? How great is that? What a small world! Congrat's on your wonderful loss since Oct. I think I will really enjoy this thread with all my fellow Canuks..


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That's kind of sad thatNutrisystemCanada actually suggested for you to go to the US site. Doesn't say much for their confidence in the product they offer up here. Sylba, AWESOME results!!! Congrats!.

Annie, I sometimes wish I had a freezer besides the one in my fridge, but I don't think I'd have the room for one. I have girlfriends who like to go pretty frequently if I need anything so, if I'm not going with them, I just ask them to pick something up for me. They have some veggie sausages that I like to keep stocked up on ....but won't be needing any for a while now with NS. There are other thing too of course but recently that is what I'd been buying and lots of the 100 calorie assortments, so many more than we have here..

Anyway.....I hope everyone has a great weekend!!.


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Is it still OK if a person from US stay on this thread? I'm kinda feeling out numbered here. Besides I live close to Canada, so soes that count? Our nearest Canadian entry point is Regina. Anyway, maybe if we south of the border also bug theNutrisystempowers that be we can get the frozen stuff up there for you all. Yes, you are just as important as we are...

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It's nice to see fellow canucks on here.I think I am the only one in Toronto using NS...feels like it anyway! I order on the US site as well, the extra 20.00 is worth it. Good luck you guys!..

Comment #13

Honey, anybody is welcome in this thread! It doesn't matter where you live! Just know(ekydrd) that I am completely jealous that you live in the States! I'm actually scooting over with a friend from work tomorrow morning. We're going to hit the beauty supply stores and Target, Khol's....etc! you guys have such great shopping in the states!!!!!.


Comment #14

Hey Cuddles! I agree that is worth it for an extra $ much more choice! You're doing really well!!!! Congrats!.


Comment #15

Oh, Jeannie:.

I love Target and Kohl's! I buy my Fage yogurt at Target everytime I go to the US and since I'm so short I take advantage at Kohl's because they carry a line of slacks for "petite short" that I can wear without shortening. Super Walmart has the Arnold thin little bread rolls (100 cal) that are great with theNutrisystemhamburgers. Cuddles, there are many people in Toronto as well as in Ottawa from what I have read on the boards that are doing NS. I love the convienience of the food..

Jeannie have a great time shopping!.


Comment #16

Annie what do you like so much about Fage yogurt? Specific's please! I've never heard of it, but I've also never looked for it! lol Any other suggestions for what I should look for??? I'm making my list! I added the rolls too..


Comment #17

I'm from Ottawa. Where abouts near Ottawa are you?..

Comment #18


I hope you see this before you leave tomorrow morning. Fage yogurt is greek yogurt and it's quite thick. Make sure you buy the.


Fat and it has 20 grams of protein per cup but I have found a 6 oz serving to be enough. It really keeps you full for a longtime. It only has 9g of carbs. I'm totally addicted. It's plain so if you want you can add either fresh or frozen fruit if you want something sweet. You can also make a savory dip with it for veggies.


And that keeps you full as well. You can't get these here. I just went down to check my freezer for the actual name on the package of the rolls and it is "Arnold's select sandwich thins", multigrain. They look like flat hamburger buns, 100 cal. I hope this helps. Have a great time..


Comment #19

Madp: who sells the Arnolds sandwich thins? I have heard alot about them on the boards but haven't seen then in the stores..

Lol never mind, you said Walmart sells them. Thanks!..

Comment #20

Thanks Miss Annie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY appreciate all of your help! I'll look for those things today(I put them on my list)! I also need Splenda so, I'll just get some of that for the yogurt today while I'm there, I have a real sweet tooth!.

I'm from Smiths Falls, Sduquette.. I go to get ready for my day. Juli will be here for 10!.

TTFN ladies!.


Comment #21

That's Walmart in the States! We don't have those here in Canada...

Comment #22

Our walmarts have nothing compared to the American walmarts! One thing I did notice was that IGA here has started carrying the Vita Muffins tops. I guess that's a start. Alot of people onNutrisystemuse these as a dessert fill in for a change. They have 7 g of fibre, 100 cal, and 4 g of protein. The choc one isn't half bad with some PB2 on top for icing to make up the dif. of protein..


Comment #23

I got everything Miss Annie!!!!! Thank you SO much for telling me about those things! I got 10 containers(I left 2 for someone else) of the Greek yogurt and am going to have one with some blueberries as my afternoon snack in just a few minutes! I couldn't believe how much protein they have!.


Comment #24

OK.....just cracked open a container of yogurt and after adding a bunch of Splenda and adding my tastes like blueberry cheesecake!!!! YUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Annie!!!!!!.


Comment #25


I'm so happy that you like the yogurt especially since you wrote you bought 10 of them. Isn't the protein content great? Once you eat the greek yogurt you will be spoiled and it will keep you full much longer. I found out about it on these BB. There is so much useful info available for us and so many people willing to share their wisdom. I love to read Pamsb posts, she"s amazing and has taught me so much. This is my second go around on NS, I hope I learned my lesson and get to goal this time and keep it off..


Comment #26

I guess I am going to have to get myself some of that famous yoghurt, sounds great ladies! Is it available in Canada?..

Comment #27

Sobeys and Metro carry the Vita Muffins and boy are they good!..

Comment #28

Hi girls!!!.

No, that yogurt isn't available in Canada, you have to go tho the states for it. Although someone else said that Liberty or Liberte makes one that is similar. I'm going to look for it next time I'm in a Canadian supermarket..

Annie, you're right, PamSB is amazing....she has given me some good advice that has really helped me!. to excercise! ttfn!.


Comment #29

I have used the Liberty yogurt the times that I have not been able to get to the US but my preferred one is the Fage. I can pick it up at Costco here. Not sure where you are but I think that if Metro and Sobey's have the Vita muffin tops, they should have the liberty greek yogurt. We don't have Sobey's here although we do have Metro and Lawblaws. I'm looking forward to the day that Target comes around..


Comment #30

Hi gang,.

I have found the dark chocolate Vita top muffins and the Liberte yogurt at our local Costco. I have also seen the Vita Top muffins at both Walmart and Loblaws (they were in the vegetarian/vegan section)..

Good luck hunting....

Bye for now,.


Comment #31

Yes they do have the Liberty yohurt. Yes me too, can't wait for Target!..

Comment #32

Oh me too! We have a few Zellars locations here in London, and I am hoping the one closest to me will turn into a Target and not be sold off to another company. I live within walking distance of that location. That would make my shopping experiences so much more fun! Now, if we can just get a Kohls closer than Toronto (2 hours away). That too would be amazing!.

Off to get DS off to a bath,.

Bye for now,.


Comment #33

Is KOHL's coming tooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO??????????????? I think I just heard the angels sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!.


Comment #34

Shauna, there is a Kohls in Toronto????? Really??? I thought they were only in the US. I'm rather worried that Target will open stores everywhere in Canada except here in Que. We have that stupid French problem and that makes it more expensive for companies to open here because everything printed has to be bilingual. I keep telling my DH that we have to move to Ontario soon. My son lives in Toronto and I'm expecting our first grandchild in July. I can't think of a better reason to move..


Comment #35

Move Annie, move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What better reason than Target AND Kohl's!!!!?????? The grandchild is just a side line motivator!!! LOL. to excercise!.


Comment #36

Hi there,.

Yes, Kohl's is COMING, the others I mentioned in the subject line, plus I probably am forgetting a few as well. I have heard a lot of them will start in Toronto sometime in 2012 and work outward from there. I have never shopped at the other stores so I don't know what I am missing. But ever since Kohls opened up in Port Huron, MI, we shop there now instead of the Birchwood Mall..

For those of you know Florida, there is a great store called Bealls that I truly adore. They have the most wonderful plus-size clothing, nothing like we get here in Canada. I usually buy my whole summer/spring wardrobe there every year when we go visit my snowbird parents. This year my goal is to be the same size as last year (less than 20 lbs. to go) but next year, I hope to be shopping in the regular size sections which are even nicer..

Have a great day, all..

Bye for now,.


Comment #37

Shauna, pick up ONE top that you truly love in a size that is snug on you when you're down in Florida and it will be a bit more incentive to keep going! I can't wait for Kohl's!!!! My friend Lesa is going to have a stroke when I tell her.....she adores Kohl's!!!.


Comment #38

Hi again,.

That sounds like a great idea - will do. It is not like I don't have a closet full of clothes that are too snug already, but to have something new will be an extra incentive..

Bye for now,.


Comment #39


Marshall's too? OMG now I'm dying! When I'm in Florida I always go shopping there. They are like TJMAX only better! Can you tell I'm absolutely addicted to shopping????? I could shop for 10 hours straight without even stopping to eat. Drives my DH nuts! Oh my, now there are so many reasons to go to Toronto. Can you imagine, there won't even be duty to worry about when we buy there, ahhhh, heaven. Oh I love this thread with you guys!.


Comment #40

Annie, you make me laugh right out LOUD!!!!!! You're awesome!....get packing honey!!!!.

Shauna, that's what I meant, something up to date, really cute and something your friends won't be able to buy too! Not something SUPER tight, maybe just 1 size too small, then you can wear it this summer up here, that will fit you by summer!! That's mostly what I like about shopping in the states, you get things that you don't see on everyone else around here..


Comment #41

Yes, Marshalls too. I heard this on our local A channel news about a month ago, and then read it online on Yahoo news..

I do love having different things - people are always asking me where I get my clothes. I don't much enjoy shopping here in London, but certainly do love shopping down south..

Have a good night everyone, talk to you later,.


Comment #42

I'm the same Shauna, I do about 10% is my clothes shopping here. It annoys the crap out of my sister that I don't buy more things in Canada....I can't help it, I just prefer not to have the same thing as everyone else. I don't think I've ever been to a Marshall's. I think we'd shop well together!!.


Comment #43

I agree - I don't enjoy much plus-size shopping here. All the clothes seem to be too young, casual and revealing (bellys, muffin-tops, etc. - what's with that?), too formal, or way too professional for my job..

I think you would be a great shopping buddy. I suggest we all plan a little get together in Toronto with us Canadian "shopping girls" when the new stores arrive. I would be up for that!.

Bye for now,.



Comment #44

That sounds like LOADS of fun Shauna!!!!! You, me and Annie!!!!!.

OK....tomorrow night I'm officially 1 week on the programme and because I didn;t weight myself I have no idea if I've lost weight but I feel different, just better about eating healthier. I'm coming down with a cold which is a good thing because it gets me out of going to a friends' house over the weekend for a food marathon that she was planning for V-Day weekend. I think I'll just stay at home and eat myNutrisystemfoods(I have only told my friend Juli that I work with that I'm doing this) and stay on programme 100%!!!!...and hopefully get rid of this bloody cold, my nose was running like a faucet today and one of my lovely clients went to the Rexall to get some medication for sweet is she!!!!???? I don't really feel like eating with this coming on either, but I am because I know I should!. to wash my face, brush my teeth and get into bed early..



Comment #45

Hi Jeannie,.

It's a shopping "date"!.

I am sure you are doing well NS-wise. Eating healthier is the key, right? I am sure when you feel up to weighing yourself, you will notice a difference..

And what a great client to do that for you! My whole family is recovering from this terrible cold. My little guy Liam is the most miserable, I think. It's the first really big cold he has had where he is able to verbalize what is actually wrong. So sad..

Anyway, you take good care of yourself this weekend - the weather is supposedly to be warming up a bit so hopefully that will help. I am with you for staying in. It's safer to stay OP that way..

Hey everyone,.

I was at Costco last night and they now are carrying the Liberte Greek yogurt as well as the regular Liberte. I didn't buy it but will be sure to try it soon. Just wanted to let you all know..

Have a great weekend everyone, and chat with you soon..


Comment #46

Hi guys,.

Sorry to hear that you have colds! You would think with how cold it is, that all the nasty cold germs would be frozen! Get better fast!.

I've been running around like a chicken without a head as my sister and I have had to place our father in a senior's assisted residence. He has alscheimer's (I'm sure that is spelled wrong.) That has to have been the hardest thing I've ever done in my life! Thank goodness he is happy and liking the place. Would you believe he has made a bunch of lady friend's at 88 yrs old?? It's soo very cute!.

Ahh, a shopping trip all together, I am totalling in! I can't buy anything here, I'm really short, 4ft 11 and have big boobies to boot. The sleeves are always too long and the crutch in pants is never in the right place and the waist is too high. There is so much more choice in the states for odd bodies. I also am blessed with a muffin top. How can one be so lucky?? Could be worse, right? Take good care of yourselves girls and lets all hope we have a good weight loss coming to us..


Comment #47

I too am a petite, well, in stature anyway..

I stand 5' tall, and have a very short waist. I used to have the big tatas as well but I had breast reduction surgery in 2001. Best decision I ever made for my back, but unfortunately, it was the beginning of all my other on-going health issues. I have a full-blown muffin top so I still wear mom-jeans. I refuse to wear low-rise (not a pretty sight!). Oh well, I am a mom, right?.

Looking forward to our excursion, even though it is so far away right now...oh well, a good motivator to keep working hard..

Take care all, talk to you soon!.



Comment #48

Hi girls!!!.

I'm feeling better, I'm taking that medication, but I'm tired. We're all part of the petite group it seems. I always joke that I'm 5'2" with my shoes on....sounds like I'm the TALLEST!!!! WooHoo!!! LOL.

Annie, I bet you'd have luck shopping in the Juniors department, they make the rise lower there, I know just what you are saying and I shop in the Junior's section for my pants now and they fit really well in the rise. I'm blessed with a D myself and know what you mean in the boob-age department! lol I think that's part of the reason I struggle with my body image too, I stand in frotn of a mirror all day and see the biggest part of myself all day. I have wide shoulders, a big bust and narrow hips, but don't see the hips part in the mirror.

The curcumfrence of my hips is about 37 1/2(now) and my shoulders are 42....those are some wide line-backer shoulders!!!! and my bust(just measured) is down 1 inch to 43....YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! I thought my top felt looser this morning when I put it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It wasn't just my imagination!!!!!! Sorry....I rambled off topic....OOOOOPS!!!! I was talking about my big I wonder if the men read these things??? lol.

Shauna, if you wear a body shaper under your t-shirt you could wear a lower rise pair of jeans, they help to hold in the muffin-tops!!!....and they just give us a smoother silhouette! I wear them pretty often, not to make me smaller, just to smooth out my back bumps! HopefullyNutrisystemwill help in the department too! If you look at my "My Page" you can see in the 2 pictures I took recently, I wore a light colored top on purpose so they were visible and I'm going to do another side view at the end of the month too, to see the difference. I thought that would be a good thing to do because we don't usually see the difference like someone else would and with the pictures, even I would see the differences that way. Hopefully next month I'll remember to take the rollers out of my hair before I take the pictures, but I was just getting ready for work and thought of it and didn't even think of the rollers because it me it's "normal" to have them in in the morning..

OK....enough of me rambling along......I think I'm going to go relax in bed for a bit and rest..


Comment #49

Thanks for the advice - I used to have some old body shapers before I gained all this weight. I will have to look for some new, more modern ones. If they are comfortable, I wouldn't mind wearing one..

I took a look at your page, and I love the curlers..

What a good idea to take photos that way. Will have to figure out how to get them on my page. We have had a digital camera for years and I still can't figure out how to download the photos. I am truly techno-challenged..

Take good care, hope you have a nice rest of the weekend. I think I am going to try on some "smaller" clothes for fun and to get some extra motivation..

Talk with you all later,.



Comment #50

Shauna, there is a little cord thing-y that goes from your camera and plugs into a thing-y-do on the brain of the computer and when you connect them the computer does all of the work excpet you pick which picture you want to put on to the website. And you thought YOU were computer challenged....I don't even know what the things are called!!! I amuse Juil, the girl I work with almost daily with my lack of tech savvi-ness! We can't be good at everything!.

I'm glad you enjoyed my rollers, they are the newest fashion statement for volume in 2011!!!!! lol.

Ttfn ladies! Back to my book!.


Comment #51

Thanks for the laugh - I will have to try that when I have a chance. We got a new digital camera for Christmas and I have yet to pick it up. But one month today, we arrive in Fla. so I will taking and hopefully downloading some pics. then. If it works, I will make sure to get one on my page..

Happy Valentine's Day everyone,.

Bye for now,.



Comment #52

Hi guys,.

Happy valentine's day! My dh wanted to buy me chocolate for today...I told him if he did I would murder him! You realize that he's the one who really wanted it. Men! Good to hear that you are feeling better!.

We went to Plattsburgh yesterday and I got to do some shopping! I didn't buy any clothes though as I haven't lost enough weight yet. Having a health issue right now and have been put on pills that seem to be making me retain water. Everytime I drink all my water, my fingers turn into little swollen weird things. I would probably be gaining weight if I wasn't doingNutrisystemso it's still all good. Anyhow I found something new for us. If anyone of you likes cinnamon...

La tortilla Factory.

Makes smart delicious torrtillas that are whole wheat,.

50 calories.


7 grams of fibre and 5 grams of protein.

They taste much better than the ones that come with theNutrisystemwraps, so I throw those out and use these. I read on theNutrisystemsite that the ones included with the wraps are 80 cal so this is a win win situation..

As far as computers go, I'm in the same boat as the rest of you. Thank goodness my son is really good with these things as I must admit I rely on him to help me out. It's really a pain in the but since he moved to Toronto. He tried to show me how to download pictures but he is not very patient. He would make a really lousy teacher. I still don't know how to do it..

Maybe one day I will. Take care everyone and have a great valentine's day..


Comment #53

Hi Annie and Shauna!!!.

I'm here to amuse everyday, every evening....smoke 'em if you got 'em and don't forget to tip your waitresses!! LOL Seriously though, I don't smoke and don't care if either of you do! I'm pretty healthy, I quit smoking years ago and wanted to before I did but was afraid that I would gain weight back that I had lost years ago but then I got some Zyban and I was able to quit(about 7 years ago) and didn't gain ANY weight!!!! I think(alright,know) my biggest vice is chocolate!! Tha's one of my favorite thingas about NS, I get it twice a day, with NO guilt!!!!!.

I enjoy my tech savviness and glad you girls do too! You should take a picture NOW Shauna and just keep it on your camera, then do one in a month when you go to Florida and you can put them both up on your page and see the results 1 month makes!!!!! OK....I broke down and got on the scales and I think I weighed in at 157 before I started and was 153.6 this morning!! WOOHOO!!!!! 13 1/2 pounds to go!!! I hung my capri pants (that I REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY want to get back into) on my bedroom door as incentive to stay focused!.

Thanks for the new foods to look for Miss Annie, I'm making a list for the next time I'm over. I went to a supermarket in Ottawa and picked up some Liberty Greek Yogurt, it has pretty much the same stats as the Fage I got in the states. They are big containers though and I'll have to measure my portions so, I'm going to save a Fage container and do it that way..

I think that's all for now......Have a great V-Day girls!!!.


Comment #54

So glad to know that I am not alone in this. I got left behind with the creation of the MP3/iPod players and have never caught up!.

You both have a great one as well, can't remember if I already said that. The memory is going...must be the Diet Coke..

Talk to you soon,.



Comment #55

I'm addicted to Diet Coke too and I'm not giving it up either!!!!! Sister's United in DC!!!! I have a client who is a real 'Granola' and she always tells me how bad it is for me and I always say to her "I don't care" and she laughs she likes to bug me because she knows I don't care! For someone who eats so healthy she has a LOT of health issues so, I really don't care if Diet Coke is going to kill me! lol.

Ttfn girls!!.


Comment #56

Hi Jeannie and Shauna:.

Back again for a quick peek. I don't smoke either but I did for about a year when I first met my dh. At this point I don't even know why I started but I didn't do it for very long. I guess I was one of the lucky ones that never got hooked. There was never any coke in our house growing up. My father would not have allowed it.

I don't know how my mother ever put up with him. I know I would not have! My father is one of those health freaks that used to take tons of vitamins and juice carrots everyday and eat super healthy. Big deal, now he is 88 years old and his body is fine but his mind is totally gone! So there you go, what was it all for????? I have decided that it's better to enjoy life within reason of course so enjoy your diet coke! Life is just too short not to enjoy the ride. Wow, how did I get so serious!.

Jeannie, didn't you buy the big tubs of Fage when you went to target? They come out less expensive than the little ones. Do you have a Costco near you? If you do, you can pick up the Liberty greek yogurt which I do when I get stuck..

Shauna, I bet your anxious to get to Florida! We go to Deerfield Beach when we go. We have friends that moved there 5 yrs ago. We usually stay a week and then hop on a cruise ship for a couple of weeks. Have you ever been to Luxor in Bocca. I love that restaurant. That's been put on hold for this year but next year is a totally different story.

Well, I did well today and stayed on plan, I can pat myself on the back. I hope you did too. Talk to you tomorrow..


Comment #57

Hi Miss Annie!!.

I've stayed 100% since I started!!! No, Annie I just got the individual serving sizes of Fage but will definately look for the larger ones when I go to Watertown next time and I'll stock up! I went into Ottawa yesterday and picked up 6 large tubs of Liberty and kept one of the Fage containers to use for measuring. I didn't realise Fage came in larger sizes, not I do!! I don't have a membership at Costco, I'm single and it just doesn't make sense to spend money to buy things in bulk when it would take forever to use them but when I go with friends who have memberships I pick up TP, papertowels, napkins, that kind of stuff then I don't have to buy it again for a long time again!.

OK...I need to get ready for work to do some excercise!!.


Comment #58

Hi girls, Hope you are having a nice day. It's cold but sunny here in London. I really miss the sun....

Good for you! I did great all day yesterday, but DH brought me home some chocolate covered strawberries. I did indulge in a few but shared them with the rest of the family and don't feel guilty at all..

OMG - they were so good!.

Hurray for you, Jeannie! I tend to fall about 90% but I am really working hard to get to 100%..

Have a great day, both of you!.



Comment #59

Excuse me while I barge into this conversation!! LOL I am in Brockville ON, close to Jeannie actually. Just this past weekend I saw the Liberte yogurt at the local Walmart. I didn't get any as I am planning a trip to shop in the US and I hear the Fage is much better. There, my 2 cents.

Nice to have all this Canadian support!.


Comment #60

Hi Tracey,.

Barge right in - the more the merrier! Happy to have you..

Bye for now,.


Comment #61

Hi Girls!!.

Barge away Tracey!!!! Annie said you can get LARGE containers of Fage yogurt look for them! I didn't realise that and just picked up the 6oz ones, single servings which were nice too though. The Liberte ones aren't nearly as good as the Fage! Get as many as you can! I think I'm going to go over in a couple of weeks again just for grocery items..

I'm going to derail this coming Friday night Shauna...don't feel bad! I have dinner plans with friends after a favorite pub!:S.

OK....I'm just getting home from work and it's time for dinner. Type with you all later!!.


Comment #62

You deserve a little fun, Jeannie! And when it is planned in advance, you can handle it without going OP too much. Hopefully you will fare better than I did..

Well, after the chocolate and strawberries the night before, I guess I was mad at myself, so I gave in to temptation yesterday and ate out for lunch. Didn't make a bad choice - spaghetti primavera with tons of veggies - just not the right portion size. I did count it all (probably even adding extra, just in case) and my day came out to almost 1700 cal. I felt so full and even more mad at myself all afternoon, but I got back on track at supper and ate aNutrisystemlunch bar instead of a dinner and nothing else all evening. Today I am back on track and doing much better. No sense beating myself up like I used to, right? I only hurt myself.

Back to work - take care, and chat with you soon,.



Comment #63

Shauna I used to beat the crap out of myself sometimes too....BADLY! 1700 calories is about what we need to maintain our weight so no big deal, just no loss for that day that's all. Not sure if you've ever checked out PamSB's profile or not but she is sort of a spokeswoman for NS.....she's done a great job keeping her weight off and everything, but to me it sounds like she is affraid to eat 'normally'. She deny's herself everything still(and is proud of it), even french fries that she loves. I feel sorry for her that she thinks that if she has some french fries that she is going to weigh over 200 pounds again. She even has a ticker on her page telling how many years it's been since she has had a french fry.....that's sad. She said that she didn't have one day when she went off programme while she was losing weight, I just don't think that's any way to live.

I know that when I get to my goal(my jeans fitting properly again) I'll still have chocolate and pizza, french MODERATION. Not every can't live a normal life and I'm going to continue to excercise now because I've found a type of excercise that I really like and enjoy that I can keep up with. The one thing to remember when we have a day when we eat more than our programme says we should is that we're not going to do it every day....move on to tomorrow!.


Comment #64

Hi everyone:.

Before, when I slipped up I used to get mad at myself as well and now I've also come to the conclusion that this behaviour does more harm than good. I move past it and just continue op and this way it's easier to straighten my out. Let's face it, occasions will come up and as we all said, it's good to enjoy life within reason! It's my b-day on Sunday and my son and daughter-in-law are coming in to surprise me. My nincumpoop dh spilled the beans and told me, he's such a baby. It's going to be a crazy weekend as I have a boston terrier, Jill has a mini dachund, and Rob has a totally insane 2 yr. old victorian bulldog.


Come to mind? We will be going out for dinner on Sat. night and I will try and make smart choices but I will have a glass of wine no matter what, after all my b-day comes once a year! So Shaunna, I totally agree with you!.

Jeannie, have a great time with your friends as well. We can't stop living and friends are important. By the way, I also find that the liberty yogurt is not as good as Fage but sometimes I need a filler for when I get stuck and have run out Fage. I find I eat yogurt alot and rely on it as my go to snack..

Have either of you tried out any of the new foods yet? The wedding soup or the popcorn? I don't know if I'm going to try the new lunch bar yet. PamSB says it's really good and I find her endorsment is usually right on the button..

Tracy, welcome to our little group of Canuks. Better get cracking now and do some housework. Talk to you soon..


Comment #65

Jeannie, we must have been typing at the sametime. We seem to think the sameway. I guess this is why we all get along so well..


Comment #66

You know what ladies? I derail every Saturday for my supper, have whatever my heart desires including dessert (not NS) and I continue to lose every week and I do not worry about it at all. I haveNutrisystembreakfast and lunch and then have a dinner of my choice but no alcohol, not a drinker. Sunday morning I get right back on track an on my merry way,lol. I also exercise 4-5 days a week. Having a cheat meal has not hindered my weight loss and if it suddenly starts to I will stop. So go enjoy, it's a part of life just dont over indulge that's all..

Does anyone in his/her right mind think I will not be eating whatever I want on my 50th birthday in a few months? Hello!..

Comment #67

Thanks, Jeannie and Annie....

I have read some posts by PamSB and find her very inspiring, but I know that I could not realistically live without ever having my favs. again. I want to get to goal, having them in moderation every once in a while. Life is too short to never have fries again. But kudos to Pam for being able to be so diligent, and keeping the weight off..

Not yet, but will be trying them all the next time I order - once we get back from vacation. I have enough to last me through then. I bought some stuff a la carte a while ago. I personally love the lunch bars..

Bye for now - chat with you soon..



Comment #68

Very well said Jeannie!!! I totally agree with you and have sent you a private message..


Comment #69


So glad that works for you. I must admit that I have been indulging in some sort of treat on Sat nights with my hubby watching the hockey game or whatever, but I think it is holding me back. I will need to stick with some "free food" popcorn instead. I never seem to do well over all on the weekends. I think that all your working out must be a big help. I really need to step it up (pun intended).

I think you are making this program your own very nicely. Good job!.

Talk to you soon,.


Comment #70

Thank you ladies!!!! I agree Annie, that is why we all get along so well, we think the same way! I actually got a private email here from a lady telling me to expect some negative posts(didn't realise it was you until now Cuddles!) from people who agree 100% about how Pam approached her weightloss and I say more power to them. We all approach everything in our own way and Pam's way isn't mine, that's all and I hope people will respect me enough to express my opinion and not come down on me like a tonne of bricks. I just couldn't lose weight and not enjoy the ocassional meal out with friends and do exactly what Cuddles does. I'm not taking anything away from her, she did an incredible job with ehr weightloss. I've sidestepped outings with friends for the past 2 weeks in order to get focused on the program but that is enough for me of avoiding my friends. I miss seeing my friends and spending time with them and Annie is right, friends are very important!.

Enjoy your birthday Annie!!! I ordered 1 of the PB&J bars in my next order just to see what they are like..

Anyway....I'm ready to ignore the negative posts that may come to this board and I appoilgize in advance for them girls!.


Comment #71

I knew exactly what you meant - nothing against PamSB, just that her way wouldn't work for you personally. Nor me. I hope that everyone took it the same way. You don't deserve any negative comments for expressing yourself honestly. We are all different, and thank goodness for that..


Comment #72

Thanks Shauna! Yes it is about making this plan your own and finding what works for you. If I find that my way starts to hinder my weight loss then yes I would cut it out. A mistake that alot of people make is thinking that if they indulge once in awhile that will cause them to gain weight and that is not true it's every day or too often indulging that causes weight gain, not having an order of fries once a week and people need to stop beating themselves up when they do, that also causes weight gain because they get into the mindset of "I have messed up so might as well keep messing up", just brush yourself off and get back on it..

Oh yeah and Happy Birthday Annie!!.

Good luck Shauna!.


Comment #73

Maybe no one will look into the group from Canada and see what a 'bad' girl I've been!.


Comment #74

Morning everyone:.

Thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes.

The one good thing about getting older is that you develop a thicker skin and all the negative posts just slide "off". When I read a post that is negative I just feel sorry for the person who wrote it. This BB is absolutely full of really nice people who are willing to help us along our journey to lose weight so why waste time on the ones that just don't "get it!" I must say though, a.


Thing about getting older is that I really can't have a cheat meal on a once a week schedule and not gain weight! I might be able to do that maybe once a month or so because even if I don't cheat, I don't lose weight every week. As long as I lose eventually I will be happy. The first time I lost, it took me 18 months to lose 35 lbs. You would think I would have been more careful to keep it off. I understand where Pam is coming from but I know myself, I will have something I enjoy once in a while, just this time, I will know when to stop!.

I enjoy logging on everyday and reading the new info that has been posted! I find it helps me stay 100% and if I can contibute and help someone else, it makes me happy. Jeannie, so don't worry about a thing, we are a happy little group!.

Thank you all again for the the b-day wishes!.


Comment #75

Hi all,.

Hope you are all having a good day..

Thanks for the luck, Karen! Confession time: I had a "cheat meal" today. I decided after getting some bad health news from my Respirologist (sp?) today. It turns out I have Asthma, and have probably had it for years but it has been hidden by my other health problems. I will be fine with this news later - right now it is just a bit of a shock. more thing to add to the list..

Anyway, I went out to lunch afterward at Wendys with my BFF who drove me and did I get the $9.00 salad that would have been a better option??? NO! I got the Asiago chicken club sandwich with fries and ate every last bite. I certainly feel full but I don't feel guilty. I was "self-soothing" the best way I could before heading right to work after already having 4 hours off for the app't. I know there are better ways to deal, and later I will use some of those, but I enjoyed the meal, it did the trick, and I will get back on track with supper tonight and start fresh again tomorrow. It has not been a great week..

Me too!.

Bye for now,.



Comment #76

Hi Girls!!.

Shauna, I'm sorry you had such a bad day with your doctor's report. The positive is that you know know what your issue is and how to fix it!!!! No worries about a write off week....tomorrow begin fresh!!! Sometimes food is the only thing that will fix us and while we're 'supposed' to find new ways to do that here ...."sometime you just have to say(quote from Risky Business) 'What the F&*%'!!!"...and just do what you want! Unless you're jumping from an airplane without a parachute, we're not going to die tomorrow and we can get right back on the bandwagon. I am having my dinner meal off programme tomorrow night after work, hitting my favorite pub in town with a girlfriend and her son and I'm having NACHO'S and I'm going to enjoy every blasted one of them! Then right back on Saturday morning! have to live Cookie!.

Annie are you doing the Silver version of NS? Everyone loses at different rates and someone in the chatroom said that a healthy rate of weightloss is 1% of our body weight a week..

Anyway.....I'm just getting home from work, time to get my make-up off and brush my teeth. It was a good day but after 10 hours on Thusday's I'm usually a little tired. ttfn Girlies!!!.


Comment #77

You have not been bad, you have been honest and not in a mean way..

Enjoy your dinner at the pub tomorrow, you have the right attitude, we don't stop living because we are trying to lose weight. I will be having my off plan dinner on Saturday...

Comment #78

Thanks Karen! Enjoy your dinner tomorrow night! What are you doing?.


Comment #79

Thanks, Jeannie! Enjoy your night out with your friends and the nachos (I too love them!)..

Last night, I came home from work and did what I normally do when I have a problem (plus a whomper of a headache). I went to bed for a while. My family went out to Burger King for dinner and I hadNutrisystemtuna salad on a bun when I woke up. Being a librarian, I then went straight to the internet to read up on Asthma and found out (what do you know?), there is a connection between weight and Asthma. So I am going to turn this around, and take it as more motivation to lose this weight once and for all. I am so thankful that it is not terminal, rather just one more thing I need to add to my "medical" routine during the day.

Anyway, hope you are all having a great day and enjoy your weekend and Family Day on Monday if you get it. My husband doesn't but I do. Oh well....

Take care all,.



Comment #80

Morning everyone,.

Shaunna, I so understand how you felt when you found out about your Asthma. I did exactly the samething in Nov. when I found out I had to have surgery to take out my adrenal gland. I headed straight to the nearest restaurant and ordered chinese food and ate and ate. I never eat that because of all the salt and fattening ingredients. I was suposed to have it at the end of Jan.

Keeps sending me for all kinds of stupid tests. Today I'm going for an MRI which I have been waiting for and finally decided to go private because I'm just tired of waiting to get called and want to get this over with. On a bright note however, I've been told adrenal glands control our hormones and that is one of the reasons I have been gaining weight and that should start coming down after I get this taken care of. Isn't that great?? Anyhow, today is a new day and forget about yesterday's little slip, we are only human..

Jeannie I was thinking about switching to silver but found out that basically, it's really only a lower sodium issue which I watch on a regular basis when I order now. Enjoy your nachos tomorrow..

Karen, enjoy you dinner tomorrow night!.

I'm going to have to pretend to be surpised when my son and daughter in law show up to "surprise" me on the weekend. It's going to be really nice and we will also be going out for dinner on Sat. Haven't decided which restaurant but one thing is for sure, I'm not cooking it!.

Got to go now. Talk to you soon..


Comment #81

Enjoy your birthday "surprise" Annie!.

Talk to you soon,.



Comment #82

Annie, I love you!!!! lol You're the best! I hope you've been practicing your surprise face in the mirror!!!.

I'm just getting home a few minutes ago from dinner out and my other best friend and her daughter joined us too so I was glad they were able to accomodate them, I had made the reservations for 3 about 2 weeks ago(very busy pub) and they were really cool about accomodating 2 more people, which was wonderful!! I have an extra in because I know most of the staff so they were super about finding room for Lesa and Alicia too! Alicia and I split the chicken nachos, something we always do and we all had such a GREAT visit. Jacob and Alicia go to the same highschool and Alicia has a bit of a crush on him, but alsa he has a lovely girlfriend named Emma, she's really sweet. I'm sort of an honorary Aunt for both of them and I LOVE spending time with them! I took Jacob to an Iron Maiden concert last summer and we had a wonderful time!!!!!! Alicia likes it when we got out for movies or just to come spend the night at my place and we curl up on the sofa or in my bed and watch movies together! She really likes the one-on-one time and so do I! She's heading off to college in the fall and I'm sure Lesa and I will be going to visit her often together for girlie nights!.

Shauna, I'm glad you're picking yourself up by the boot straps and moving on in such a positive direction!!!!!! You've done SO well withyour weight loss already, you've lost over 10% of your body weight. Never forget what a great job you are doing and are going to continue to do!. to wash my face, brush my teeth and enjoy the rest of the evening! I have a new movie to watch called "The Lost valentine" with Betty White. Have either of you seen it? I'm looking forward to it, a client told me about so I found a copy of it online and it was waiting for me when I go home tonight!.



BIG HUGS!!!!..

Comment #83

Good Sunday morning everyone!.

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend, so nice to see the sun today.

Been some crazy swings in temperatures, it was like Spring on Friday, barely needed a coat, then back to the deep freeze yesterday! Gotta love living in Canada eh?.

Jeannie, I am so glad you enjoyed your night out! Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I have only gone out once since starting, and that was with my parents, they love Swiss Chalet so it was easy to make choices there..

Shauna, glad to see you are taking an active approach to your asthma. Knowledge is power! Too many are complacent and content to sit back and let whatever happens happen. I believe we do have control of our destiny, with a touch of fate thrown in for adventure!.

Annie, have you tried the new foods yet? I just unpacked a new BBB and have yet to try any of it. Its nice to have the selection again though, I was getting down to the choices I don't like so much!.

Sunday is my weigh day and I was shocked to be down 5pds this week! I thought I had hopefully lost 2. I know I was retaining water the week before due to good ole Mother Nature, but wow!! so happy.

Enjoy the day everyone!..

Comment #84

GASP!!!!!!!!!!! Tracy you were down another 5 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good for you!!!! I hope you aren't heading over to Price Chopper today I took ALL of the Fage yogurt!! lol.


Comment #85

Congrats Pinky on your 5lb loss!!! Wish I could get a week of that! Been increasing the exercise this weekend so maybe next week, but I will be thrilled with a 4 lbs loss. I so want to get below the 200s!.

Anybody else tired of this long winter? I am starting to get cabin fever, need warm weather and baseball!!! Apparently another storm due here overnight, oh joy..

Just had the cheese tortellini, changed it up a bit, threw it on top of some veggies with laughing cow cheese, it was delicious!.

Enjoyed my cheat day yesterday but back in the saddle today..

Have a great Sunday ladies.....anyone else watch Amazing Race? It returns tonight,,,,woohoo!.


Comment #86


I'm just getting home a few minutes ago from dinner out and my other best friend and her daughter joined us too so I was glad they were able to accomodate them, I had made the reservations for 3 about 2 weeks ago(very busy pub) and they were really cool about accomodating 2 more people, which was wonderful!! I have an extra in because I know most of the staff so they were super about finding room for Lesa and Alicia too! Alicia and I split the chicken nachos, something we always do and we all had such a GREAT visit. Jacob and Alicia go to the same highschool and Alicia has a bit of a crush on him, but alsa he has a lovely girlfriend named Emma, she's really sweet. I'm sort of an honorary Aunt for both of them and I LOVE spending time with them! I took Jacob to an Iron Maiden concert last summer and we had a wonderful time!!!!!! Alicia likes it when we got out for movies or just to come spend the night at my place and we curl up on the sofa or in my bed and watch movies together! She really likes the one-on-one time and so do I! She's heading off to college in the fall and I'm sure Lesa and I will be going to visit her often together for girlie nights!.

You sound like such a cool "aunt". My bestfriend (over 20 + years) is my Liam's honourary "aunt" too, and he loves her so. Glad you guys had such a good time on your night out..

Shauna, I'm glad you're picking yourself up by the boot straps and moving on in such a positive direction!!!!!! You've done SO well withyour weight loss already, you've lost over 10% of your body weight. Never forget what a great job you are doing and are going to continue to do!.

Thanks so much for the support! I am having a better weekend than week, and look forward to a new and better week next week. I am so glad that I am off tomorrow for Family Day. Unfortunately, my DH has to work tonight and sleep tomorrow but Liam and I will have a good day..

I have a new movie to watch called "The Lost valentine" with Betty White. Have either of you seen it? I'm looking forward to it, a client told me about so I found a copy of it online and it was waiting for me when I go home tonight!.

I watched this a couple of weeks ago - it was WONDERFUL! Have some tissues on hand, if you are a "mush pot" like me (that's what DH calls me). I would really like to see Betty White up for an Emmy for her role in this movie. Let me know what you think... Enjoy!.

Best of luck with your weigh in!.

Hi Karen,.

I love the Amazing Race and am really looking forward to watching this time around with the returning teams. It will be so neat to see how it all plays out..

Bye for now, my friends,.

Chat with you later,.



Comment #87

Hi Girls!!!.

Shauna...I LOVED "The Lost Valentine" and was a MESS when it was over!! Hell, I was a mess when it started!! lol What was your interpretation of the end? Did Betty's character die or not? I thought she did because her husband 'showed up' when she was dancing with him and the roses started blooming again and it was like at the same time her grandson and JLH were reliving what they had done 65 years ago. I'd love to know what you thought..

Back to 100% and losing .....I hope everyone has a great day!!.


Comment #88

I am so glad you enjoyed it, Jeannie. I was a complete puddle on the floor during the military funeral procession in the train station..

I agree - I think Betty's character DID pass away when she was watering the roses, and the soldier came to her. I think she was just waiting for her husband to "come home". How very romantic!.

One of my very fav. movies of all time is a early 1980s time travel movie starring Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve called "Somewhere in time". I have seen it at least 100 times and still love it. If you haven't seen it, and can suspend your disbelief, I think you will like it. Very romantic as well..

How are you enjoying your Family Day, assuming you are off as well? Liam and I are still in our pjs, him playing the Wii and me on the computer. We got about another foot of snow last night after having a lot melt last week. I even saw some daffodils poking out of my front garden yesterday. And now they are covered in snow, again..

Anyway, off to do some laundry. Staying 100% as well. Only 3 more weeks until my vacation and I still have some more to lose before I leave..

Bye for now,.



Comment #89

Wow, so much has been going on here this weekend! I had the best birthday in so many years and my surprised face was academy award worthy! My dh couldn't believe I was so good at it. My son and daughter in law spent the whole weekend and it was great! Her tummy is so cute as she is starting to show quite a bit. I love it! They went home today as they get to celebrate family day which we don't have here. Unfortunately, we went out for dinner on Sat. and Sun. night.

Thank goodness I'm not a desert person or it could have been so much worse..

I went for my MRI on fri. and got a nasty surprise. I had done this a few years ago without a problem but this time I had a really bad allergic reaction to the dye they give you. The 45 min turned into a 3 1/2 hour process and my dh got all upset. Oh well, at least it's over with..

Jeannie, ah ha,so your the one that got all the Fage! I'm happy you had a great time Sat. You are a really cool aunt! Jacob and Alicia are very lucky to have you in their lives. I have a problem watching sad or scary movies. They seem to stick in my head and then I dream about them and wake up a mess. I'm a sucker for romantic, funny and action movies..

Shaunna, 3 more weeks until vacation, I bet you can hardly wait especially with all this snow falling! We don't have Family Day off here in Que. Have you ever seen a movie called Serendipity. That is my fav. movie. with Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack. I am hopeless romantic and I can also watch this over and over.

Things seem to be so much easier when we feel good. I know you feel the sameway..

Tracy, you lost 5 lbs in one week? That is totally amazing! You must be so excited. I haven't tried any of the new products out but I have an order that went out this morning. I should get it on Friday if all goes well. I have some of the new soup coming as well as 1 of the new bars and some popcorn in my order. I'm curious to see how they taste. I will tell you when I try them..

Anyhow, we are all back 100% now so lets start losing. Good luck everyone and talk to you tomorrow..

Take care.


Comment #90

Hi girls!!!!.

Shauna, I LOVE "Somewhere in Time" and watch it everytime I see it on television....although, I won't be doing that for much longer, I cancelled my satelite subscription at the end of the month, as I rarely watch tv and I'm just wasting my moneyIt's something I've been thinking about for a couple years and I have a really large dvd collection so, I'm sure I won't miss it. I do have an old 13" in my guestroom with bunny-ears so I can watch CanadaAM when I want to know what's going on in this country. make a long story short(too late, I know!) I think we'd get along great having a movie day!! lol....all 3 of us!.

Annie, I have "Serendipity" and Love it...I have a HUGE crush on John Cusack and have since I was a teeneage and saw him a a movie called "Sixteen Candles". My sister got my a container of "Frozen Hot Chocolate" mix from that store, not sure how she scored that but, It's AMAZING!!!! I drank it hot though, I still have loads of it left and will drink it in moderation after I lose this last 10 pounds I want to lose! I'm glad you had a good time for your birthday and enjoyed visiting with your family and that you made your surprise face look "effortless"!!!.

Are you back to normal after your reaction during your scan?????.

OK....I need to start getting ready for work, I already did my excercise on my bike so, now I need to shower and figure out what I'm going to wear and pack my breakfast and the list goes on and on. ttfn!.


Comment #91

Hi there,.

How are you all doing? This week is flying by for me - it's already Wed. afternoon. How did that happen???.

I think we should definitely plan this someday. We could watch all our favs. and have an old-fashioned "girls nite in"..

Bye for now, chat with you soon,.



Comment #92

Happy Humpday All,.

I am feeling anxious for my weigh in tomorrow, just not feeling positive about it after only losing 1 lb last week. Dont feel smaller I guess,lol. I have increased the exercise so hope this helped, will see tomorrow. Hope you all are losers this week!.


Comment #93

Karen, don't get so caught up in the number on the scale. Think about how your clothes are fitting too. The numbers are only 1 part of NS..

A girlie movie night would be loads of fun Shauna, we'll have to keep that in mind!!!!.


Comment #94

Hi all,.

Did any of you see the new Presidents Choice commercial last night featuring their new line of Fat free greek yogurts? I just went online and checked it out. Here is the website address:.



The new Insiders Report is out..

There are a few flavours of the greek yogurt, including peach and passion fruit, strawberry and plain that I could see in the flyer. The stats look really good..

O fat.

18 g. protein per 3/4 serving (cup?).

I will check it out this weekend when we do our grocery shopping, and let you know how it tastes, etc..

Back to work, chat with all soon..

Have a wonderful weekend!.



Comment #95

Seems I was being anxious for nothing, lost 3 lbs,lol...

Comment #96

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