Lessons learned from Medifast?

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I have to say September was a rough month diet wise for me. In the last week of the month I went off plan A LOT, and gained 9 pounds. I also felt that "pull" of the foods, like I just wanted to keep going off plan..

Finally I had enough, buckled down and went 100% OP last week. And in 10 days I have dropped 10 pounds, gotten back my focus and it is just so much easier to stay on plan! I hit a new low today, 183 pounds, which I have not weighed in over 13 years..

Feeling great now. This program really WORKS if we work it...

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Good for you! Glad you got your focus back...

Comment #1

What a great story! thanks!!! that may be just what someone who is struggling needs to read...

Comment #2

Congrats on such a big drop and the new low!..

Comment #3

I am glad you were able to get things back in your control. Congratulations on your milestone. You can do this. Just take it one day at a time...

Comment #4

Awesome! I am glad you're doing well and feeling good about the plan!.

Selfish part - Did you remove the recipes from the sidebar of your blog? I love your recipes!..

Comment #5


Yes, I did remove the recipe index a few days ago, but may put it back. Thinking about it. There was a clear copyright notice at the top of the index, stating that anyone is free to use or reprint the recipes as long as they give credit and link back to my blog, as they are copyrighted. However it was pointed out to me that they were being copied word for word off my blog and redistributed as a file without linking back or credit given. So I removed the index while I decide what to do. But in the meantime, there is a search box at the top left corner of my blog and you can search for any recipe you're interested in and it should pop up pretty quickly.

Sorry for the inconvenience!..

Comment #6

Way to saddle up!!.

Food is so sneaky!..

Comment #7

Well Done! I'm having a rough time right now staying op and your post was helpful!..

Comment #8

You pulled yourself back from the brink, and you learned a valuable lesson. Many people aren't able to ever regain their focus after that first (and for them, only) deviation. Now that you have survived the first one, be on your guard so that it doesn't happen again. We never know which Off Plan Bite is going to be the end of our program altogether. And it's just not worth it as you know!.

Thanks for sharing...

Comment #9

This on a billboard!!!.

Lyn, huge congrats on getting back solidly OP and reaching a new low. Your post was a real encouragement to me..

Can you post anything more specific about what you did to get yourself back in gear? Thanks!..

Comment #10

I basically told myself I was going to eat the 5 Medifast meals and a L&G and THAT. IS. IT..

Kind of like when I tell my kids they are NOT getting anymore computer time!.

I then ate them, planned easy L&G's like eggs, rotisserie chicken, tuna. I did start looking up OP recipes using Medifast packets to try and get a little more interesting food into my day too. Once you power through the first 3 or 4 days, it gets easier...

Comment #11

Good for you, Lyn!.

You're on your way NOW!!!! (A BIG THUMBS UP FOR YOU!)..

Comment #12

Thanks, Lyn. That's where I keep getting stuck just powering through the first few days. Starting today, I'm doing it!!!!!..

Comment #13

You don't owe me any recipes, especially conveniently indexed ones. You have already given me so much inspiration with your blog.

I can understand why you removed the index - dang people bogarting your hard work!Thanks for the update...

Comment #14

Hey girlie! Glad to see you're back on track and have hit a new low!..

Comment #15

Congrats on pulling those reins back in and regrouping. I know it gets tough sometimes.......

Comment #16

Good for you!!!! That's the right attitude. You said, "lesson learned". Tell us the lesson, please...

Comment #17

I actually wrote a blog post about this.

Here it is: Better..

Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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